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  1. Ignition? Breakdown

    Might double check that the plug wires are on the right terminals of the coils.
  2. Been for sale a couple weeks now, not mine:
  3. Custom Wheels

    These look close to me
  4. My new 1990 Convertible

    I wouldn't run the tank dry, you may ruin the fuel pump, not fun to change ;(
  5. My new 1990 Convertible

    Very nice, I always like black Reattas.
  6. You might try dental floss using a sawing motion to cut the tape between the ornament and hood to loosen. Remember to go in from all sides since you cant cut thru the metal pins.
  7. 88 hood ornament/emblem

    Hi all I am still looking for a nice hood ornament for a 88 Reatta, 2" diameter for my project. You can PM me or send me a email at Thanks!
  8. 1990 Convertible in Rock Port, MO

    There is a Black/Tan for sale here in Omaha, I have not looked at it:
  9. 1990 Convertible in Rock Port, MO

    I found my old postings on this car when I looked at it in 2014, you can find it in the Buy/Sell section.
  10. 1990 Convertible

    Here is an older posting of the convertible for sale again in Rock Port.
  11. I just finished fixing the vent arm on my car. I tried to get at it from underneath, but gave up and pulled the dash. Sure enough, broke just like the others pics I have seen. I decided to repair the arm myself. Everything reinstalled now and I now have working dash vents. I found some steel plates at the hardware store, 2"x1/2", The plates already had 1/4" holes on each end, which fits over the hook. then I drilled a 7/16 hole on the other end to fit over the shaft. I also cut a groove on one plate to fit over the reinforcement coming off the shaft running down the arm. So the original metal is sandwiched between the plates with some JB Weld to seal it together. After it dried for a day I drilled a hole in the arm and put a screw in to clamp it, (head ground off), Since the plates were rectangular, I took it back to grind it to the same shape as the original arm. Here are a few pics. After taking these pics, I filled in the circumference with more JB Weld to seal it. The repaired arm seems very solid and hopefully will last a long time.
  12. 1st Driftwood convert?

    Thanks Barney, just wanted to make sure I was reading it right.
  13. ALDL connector cover

    Here is a pic. The cover flips up,so looks looks like the jumper connects last 2 pins on the right, bottom row
  14. 1st Driftwood convert?

    While researching my convert in the Reatta database, I came upon a fun fact I didn't know about. It looks like it may be the first Driftwood convertible made. Is there anywhere else I can cross check this? Here is a pic of my service label with the VIN:
  15. Park ave no crank condition

    Maybe the neutral safety switch, usually mounted on the transmission by the linkage.