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  1. Make sure the driver switch is completely plugged in and the wires are in good shape. Also the cardboard backing can deteriorate over time but new ones are available.
  2. Probably not. This one has a Long Island pedigree. I rescued it from hurricane Sandy.
  3. And that's how it's most useful -- as a display piece. By the way, what color is that interior? Looks gold in the photos. Was this car always black or was it more recently blackened?
  4. I'm partial to 1st and 2nd gen. Each is beautiful in its own distinctive way. Naturally, 2nd gen is the superior road car.
  5. I bought 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch for my heater hoses. I've been told one or the other should fit. Four would be necessary.
  6. You're right, Ed, Ace is the place!
  7. I think I recognize the writing style, phrasing, and word choice. Vague niceties are often repeated but no details are given even when pressed. I was chasing down a car on Craigslist Orlando a couple of months ago. I said I wanted to see it while I was in Florida. Suddenly, its in Washington state and the owner is overseas and there's a long story. Be careful out there, my friends.
  8. Feels like Christmas!
  9. I rather enjoy mine.
  10. I am ordering tower hose clamps from CARS. Is it four of the 2 inch for the radiator and four of the 1 inch for heater hoses?
  11. Safety check: lights? Check horn? Check fire extinguisher? Check spare tire? Check bumper jack? rut roh... anyone have an extra bumper jack?
  12. Would they have me open the clamshells? I can't remember if I have matching T3's. Glad about not looking under the car since I have a nice but incorrect set of mufflers.
  13. I've decided, not without some trepidation, that I'm going to drive to BCA in Milwaukee in July and subject myself to their 400 point judging for the first time. Sure I have a modified '65 but most of it is hidden and some can be reversed. I can put the proper air cleaner back on once I reroute the fuel line. But what about a correct looking battery topper and period hose clamps. What's the best source for these obsolete gems? By the way, I'm not changing the radial tires.
  14. Well, what in particular are you looking for? I just finished one and started another. There was a yellow one on eBay recently, and before that, a black one. I know of a white one in good driver condition for $25 K