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  1. '50 Special with a single auxiliary light?

    Correct, but I've never seen a picture of a post-war Buick with just one fog light
  2. '50 Special with a single auxiliary light?

    No wiring, so I guess flagpole is in the lead at this point. It is a great car. Bought it at BCA in Milwaukee and had fun with it all summer. Still learning about it, though.
  3. Thanks, Ed. I've been studying that possibility too but I prefer the stock look whenever feasible. While Black Bette is already highly modified, to the casual observer she doesn't look it. And I like it that way - a stealthy sleeper. That said, I do like the idea of hydroboost. Do we have any members who have actually tried it on a Riviera?
  4. Thanks, Winston. I currently have 9 inches with a reservoir canister located next to tranny where the trunk release usually goes. I thought I'd remove it and put the pump there (Can't find any other place to put it). With the addition of a pump I thought some extra vacuum capacity would still be prudent, and why not use a stock item. Not sure if my 4-note horns will still fit, however.
  5. The reason I'm asking is I have very little power assist at lower rpm due to the big cam I am running. It's kinda scary navigating a parking lot. So, I'm thinking of adding the reservoir. By the way, the judges at BCA thought I was missing that piece, and pointed to the mounting spot on the inner fender. Lol
  6. People pay good money (>$800) for those numbers. Especially an owner of a '65 Riviera Gran Sport that's missing its original posi. I know I did. Just don't mail it in a styrofoam container. Very messy. A 3.23 posi would be better all around, especially on the highway (and probably less expensive to acquire).
  7. Did any post-war Buick (or any other post-war car, for that matter) come with a single fog or aux driving lamp? I have evidence of something having been mounted on the passenger side of my very original '50 but nothing at the corresponding driver side location. Trying to figure out what was attached there.
  8. So, why does '63 require an auxiliary vacuum reservoir on the driver-side inner fender and the others don't?
  9. Pontivera

    A couple more shots
  10. I have an extra one. But it's up north and I just left for Florida
  11. '65 Window Sticker

    Ken Nelson sells just about everything now, but mostly trucks I think. I drive past it every time I work in Dixon. They also host a classic car show each summer.
  12. 65 dashpot

    By the way, the term "dash pot" had an entirely different meaning for me back in the day. Just saying...
  13. Sounds like an unavoidable opportunity for a cross country road trip in a nice old Riv...