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  1. Ditto. Well optioned with power vents and cruise control. Very nice catch.
  2. I actually use Mobil 1 synthetic in the '65 hot rod Riv with the new build and put the 50 weight VR1 in the high mileage '50 straight eight. Both are about $25 per 5 quarts at O'Reilly's.
  3. 1950 Bias White Walls

    Presumably, this is the correct look
  4. It's getting a bit easier to find the right oil at the local auto parts store
  5. Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    Here's mine
  6. Dave built my engine and it works great. He said he built it "to terrorize the countryside". It's very torquey with the performance mods that were employed, yet reliable as a street engine so far. Of course, due to the high-lift cam, a vacuum pump is required to make the power brakes go. A small sacrifice, I'd say.
  7. Long Term Interest

    Yes, exactly, a radial custom direct from the factory. I bought my first Riviera when I was 21 and it was a big step up from my Chevy. In the 1970s they were just used cars, so prices were very affordable. Here I am with my first speeding ticket in hand. "The car just got away from me; I swear, it has a mind of its own! The judge was not impressed.
  8. Buick Straight Eight Engine ID

    Oh good. I wasn't sure if it was the correct engine for this car. Thanks
  9. Buick Straight Eight Engine ID

    Any idea what this straight 8 came out of? Number 57402224. Appreciate the help.
  10. Apparently so. Come on in, the water's fine
  11. I also have a set of road wheels but I put the hubcaps on since they are such a rare sight these days. And since then, I've grown to appreciate them very much. Al (dark blue '65) and I ( black '65) both had a lot of fun at the meet in spite of voluntarily subjecting our cars to the nerve-racking 400 point judging process. After an extremely thorough examination we both received awards albeit not the highest ones. Still, it was a great meet with lots of interesting cars and people. Oh, and a nice 1950 Special Deluxe Jetback followed me home!
  12. Make sure the driver switch is completely plugged in and the wires are in good shape. Also the cardboard backing can deteriorate over time but new ones are available.