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  1. I have an extra nailhead, but so do a lot people much closer to you. Russ Martin is a very special resource and is at nailheadbuick.com for your more sophisticated nailhead needs. He's very good but not inexpensive.
  2. Yes, it was originally a 3646 S (1964 rear carb) which makes perfect sense as it came with my very early production 1965 dual quad car. I imagine recycling leftover parts could have been common practice on early cars. Have you seen much evidence for this?
  3. As Tom said, the 7,000 rpm tach was only made in 1962 and is very rare and desirable. Most will max out at 6,000. But you can flip any mounting cup 180 degrees and make it a knee knocker. It's still the same tach.
  4. I also have 3645 S AF3, so they were apparently making dual quads as early as June of '63
  5. Went out and took a better photo. It's CB5. February 1965.
  6. So Ed, educate me on carb date codes. Here's one of my dual quad sets with what looks like 3645 SB C25 and 3925 SA AM3
  7. It's back again. Too bad about the lack of clear title http://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Buick-Riviera-GS-/142535152226?vxp=mtr
  8. I must have a thousand pictures of that car but none apparently showing the rear console lens. I'll be sure to take one next time I'm down in Florida again
  9. I made mine from an old fluorescent light..
  10. In the 40 years I've owned my '69, I have never seen this item offered, new or used. So, I made my own from an old lighting fixture
  11. So Tom, as an aside, the second day of production was when do you think? 8E or 9A?
  12. Not absolutely certain but I believe this photo shows the horn guts in proper order