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  1. Here's mine. One of many custom features that came on my new project car
  2. I like the seat belt holders on the console. Very handy. My silver Riv has them too. I figured it was a one-off but now there are two. Was this a dealer add on?
  3. I've never seen a '65 with so many factory options. And what is that switch on the wood part of the door panel, power door locks?
  4. This one looks like it has just about everything
  5. Works fine, just takes a hammer to make it fit and then it doesn't read correctly. I tried all the different sources; its always the same manufacturer. So, the original poster for this thread should ask if his was replaced as well.
  6. Chris, I had the same experience. The new sending units look great until you try to get them to fit. And now a full tank reads 3/4 on the gauge. It's reading 1/4 now but I didn't know where empty is. So, thanks.
  7. More pics? Sure
  8. Here it is, Ed... BTW, I never had any trouble with my hide-away wipers in my Riviera or my Corvette. Of course I don't use them in snow and ice
  9. I got your '70s music right here. Need an 8-track player? I got an extra.
  10. You could easily dye it black. But the buttons are still round instead of square
  11. Not mine but they are 17 inch and say American Racing. I like the 245/50/17 tire size as well.
  12. That's a fair deal. Somebody should buy it. I spent more than that last year for a similar item.
  13. Old school or new, it's hard to go wrong with a Rivi
  14. I briefly tried this look. Maybe with chrome beauty rings?
  15. I've driven my '69 cross country with no problems going 80-100 mph all day. Well, I take that back, finding gas can be a problem in some states. And I can hardly stand up once I get there, but otherwise it's all good. Haven't tried it in the '65 yet.