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  1. Is the ‘71 GS carb different than a non-GS?
  2. I believe it was a lime green ‘64. Owner wore a matching green outfit and a big handlebar mustache
  3. Saw this one at BCA Milwaukee. High scoring car but I’m not sure if the position of the light is correct
  4. Kinda like this... just follow the green wire
  5. I think this is from a ‘65
  6. Rivdrivn

    ‘90s convertible

    It’s all sooooo confusing!!!!
  7. Same here. All my Buicks are insured through Hagerty. But fortunately I haven’t yet had to file a claim.
  8. Yes, very satisfied, ceramic coating is recommended. Very tight fit on the passenger side, so try your best to not scratch it much during install. BTW, TA exhaust is awesome. But no room for the H-tube with the Riviera X-frame
  9. Rivdrivn

    ‘90s convertible

    According to the seller who bought it from the original owner, this one was sent out for conversion by the Buick dealer in Akron Ohio and then sold as a convertible. It still has the Akron dealer’s decal on the trunk lid and original paperwork including the warranty from Coachbuilders Ltd. but unfortunately not the bill of sale or window sticker.
  10. Rivdrivn

    ‘90s convertible

    Thanks, gentlemen, for the feedback. Apparently only a few were made, and then only for a couple of years. This one has 36K miles and drove like a new car, so I’m adding it to the stable.
  11. In the 1990s, a few Rivieras, Eldorados and others were sent out by the dealers for conversion to a drop top configuration. Work was done by Coach Builders Limited in High Springs, Florida. Anyone have experience owning or driving one of these?
  12. Waiting on my paint and body guy to recover from his recent brain surgery. Hope he regains his strength by Spring. In the meantime, I’ll be in Florida
  13. My project car is tucked in for a long winter nap
  14. Rivdrivn

    BOPC meet

    Turns out this was their 40th annual event (Always the on 4th Saturday in October). Plenty of nice Pontiacs and Olds. Not enough Buicks or Cadillacs showed up so we all got trophies. Well run, beautiful cars, perfect weather.