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  1. Watch out for the prospect of flooding. My green ‘69 almost went underwater with hurricane Irma last year. I had 6-7 inches of standing water inside the garage for a week afterwards.
  2. What was this guy smoking when he wrote up this one ? Kona Gold? Just a guess...
  3. No. Long story short, the seller claimed to know a lot about buying and selling collector cars but didn’t believe me that there should be numbers to back up her story that everything was original to the car. I finally convinced her to have someone clean up the engine and look. Eventually she says they found it but she wouldn’t share it with me via text or email. So I said I’d come look again in person. Oh no, let’s talk... I gave up. I no longer believe anything she said, low mileage, original, etc. To me, it’s a parts car with no floors or trunk bed. Looks like it sat in a Georgia swamp for 20 years. Just a shame.
  4. Thanks Gabriel. I’m in the hunt. So far we have a TA motor and a GS rust bucket of a body. If they were born together it might be worth buying and eventually restoring.
  5. So, exactly what color gray is that? I think I like it a lot.
  6. Can anyone please confirm for me that the engine serial number for a ‘71 is indeed on the driver side between the front two plugs as pictured here? Thanks
  7. Not mine. Looks like a good one for $650 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-nailhead-401-425-dual-quad-intake-manifold/232890835397?hash=item36396021c5:g:1kUAAOSwGVJbZ4gU
  8. Cream City BCA meet at Matty’s Bar and Grill
  9. Rivdrivn

    Buick cookies

    We did actually eat them. They were Buicklicious
  10. I think I might have the best girlfriend in the world. I tell her we’re going to a Buick party, and so what does she do? She bakes Buick cookies to bring along. What a gal!
  11. I love custom Rivs. It’s a high art form all to itself
  12. Rivdrivn

    1968 Riv Power Antenna

    Just an inexpensive aftermarket unit. Of course it stopped working. Some day I’ll get a better one
  13. Rivdrivn

    1968 Riv Power Antenna

    Two versions? Unlike Pat’s car, my ‘69 had an original power antenna that did not fully retract (5-6 inches left, I think) which is why I eventually changed it out. I bought the car more than 40 years ago and I’m quite certain it came from the factory that way. Here is a photo of it mostly extended back in the ‘80s.
  14. Stock can be cool, too