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  1. Thanks, Kreed, for posting it to BCA clubs and meets. That’s where I first looked but didn’t find. Too late for this year, maybe next time. Cedar Rapids is where my grandfather made it big almost 100 years ago. Here is his delivery truck, one of the first in Iowa. He was very proud of it. Notice the tire chains and the 4 digit phone number.
  2. Rivdrivn

    Riv Driven 2

    My Step-father was very proud of the blue 1965 Riviera he picked from the dealer showroom. In the '70s, I crashed it for him. Lesson learned: never let your friends do your brake job for cheap. My all black well-preserved, early-production super wildcat is well optioned and recently refreshed. It's also got a new hot rod motor (the original numbers-matching motor is in storage). And, yes, I've upgraded the brakes.
  3. Must be a secret meet. I’m only one state away and can’t find any information on it.
  4. Could be a typo. In your situation I think I’d be happiest to see a PZ code based on this chart. But I’m no expert. Tom! Where are you?
  5. Everything I know is on this page
  6. Rivdrivn

    Riviera Custom Built For you

    I’m rebuilding another car. It’s a silver ‘65 GS. But I’ve dedicated it to the real genius that made it all possible
  7. I think you can swap for one from an 80s ford ranger. Check out Yardley’s page: http://www.1badriv.com/
  8. The only first gen that I saw for sale was a gold ‘63
  9. I think the catalog is very nice. Of course it is the only nice thing they seem to have.
  10. Thanks. I never was a big fan of wheel covers, preferring instead the road wheels. But these have really grown on me. They are rare (one year only, and only on the Riviera Gran Sport, and only if the road wheel option was not selected) and I do like to be different. The spinners are very cool but my favorite thing about them is the virtual image (reflection) of what looks like a preview of the upcoming 2nd gen center cap.
  11. I have Hankooks and am generally very happy with them. But here you can see what Winston is describing. The sidewall pattern is visible at certain angles when the light hits it just right. Usually it’s not noticeable. So they’re not perfect but still a good value.