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  1. Valve covers

    Although, they do look pretty good all polished up
  2. Right, same here. I think I’d prefer it to be a ground issue. I’m not looking forward to further bending and hammering to make a new part work correctly.
  3. I’ve had the same issue. The new replacement sending units just don’t fit right
  4. That’s a nice pair of playmates you have there, Rodney. Here’s mine
  5. Why choose between 1st and 2nd gen?
  6. Headers

    TA has the shorty headers KenneBell originally made. They are very nice. I had mine ceramic coated. I also recommend TA exhaust pipes
  7. Saw a couple of interesting Rivs today. A turbo convertible and a Rivy Wildcat. Tried real hard to not buy anything.
  8. Yes, I noticed the console lens too. Great pictures of a very striking color combo. Somebody should grab this one and bring it to KC
  9. Another one on eBay right now for only $375 so far. Also a '65 for $600.
  10. Drop base, otherwise clearance will be an issue
  11. Mystery part

    Yeah, same inner fender. I feel compelled to mount something there too
  12. Wintering in Florida with the Gator
  13. Verde green with a black interior and top