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  1. Wanted. 19" tire lock(snap) rings

    I'm confused Mike, I paid you $125 to ship via FedEx but you used USPS. Why? Oh and the tracking number doesn't work.
  2. Wanted. 19" tire lock(snap) rings

    I am looking for some good 19" tire lock(snap) rings for my 1930 Franklin that has wooden spoked demountable wheels. I'm not worried about the finish but must be solid with no cracks. I believe drawing number 26481 is correct but using specs for 34768. Would need to be shipped to the UK 26481 TIRE RETAINING RING TAPERED FOR 32X4 RIM.PDF
  3. Mike, do you have any good 19" snap (lock) rings for my 1930 wooden spoked demountable wheels?
  4. Gearbox and Diff oil grade - 1925-25X

    You have a point there, I guess most of us after knowing that it leaks a little would tend to overfill just to compensate for the leaks.
  5. Gearbox and Diff oil grade - 1925-25X

    Just as an update, I have filled my diff with Penrite 250 and strangely it appears to be leaking more. I think a closer look at all/any seals is on the cards.
  6. Gearbox and Diff oil grade - 1925-25X

    Hi Ben Just been reading your post about the 250 Penrite oil and was wondering how you got on with it in your diff? Have the leaks reduced?
  7. 1929 Series 116 29-25 head gasket

    Could I also ask for the torgue settings on the 116 " head bolts and the tightening sequence? if known. From my searches it looks like 60lbs of torque with a standard tightening sequence
  8. 1929 Series 116 29-25 head gasket

    Thanks Mark, I am now not sure what engine is in my 29-25 so going to strip down a bit. The car was restored back in 1977 and made up of 2 cars.
  9. 1929 Series 116 29-25 head gasket

    Hi Leif Thank you for your detailed reply. Basically no, I am not 100% sure. I have not taken the head off as yet. When I compare the cylinders on the block (photo attached) they appear to match the first picture with regards to distance from each other. Looking at the bolt pattern on the pictures you supplied I think I need to compare them. Martin
  10. 1929 Series 116 29-25 head gasket

    I am looking for a replacement 1929 head gasket if anyone is selling. Not a 1928 one which has evenly spaced cylinders. The 1929 one has extra spacing (about 1/2") between cyl 2&3 and 4&5.
  11. 1926 Franklin spark plugs

    Hi AK When I first got my 11b it had Champion W16Y plugs in and I changed to W18 as the reach was slightly longer. They are burning quite nicely. I noticed that the W14 is a shorter reach. What issues did you have when using W18?
  12. Tire squeak on vintage car

    Just to update on my wheels, I took the car out yesterday for 2 hours in the pouring rain and out again today in the dry and I couldn't believe it but the squeak had gone. Rusty was right. This only confused me more because of when I rotated the tyre 180 deg on the wheel. This has also raised another query in that my spokes are varnished and whilst I have seen others paint them I wonder if they shouldn't be oiled thus preventing them drying out so quickly. Too much water would surely slowly encourage rot.
  13. Tire squeak on vintage car

    Thanks Rusty I will give that a try just to eliminate the wheel itself.
  14. Tire squeak on vintage car

    Thanks Matt It never occurred to me that it might be a faulty tire, its been driving me crazy. The tires were imported from the USA by a dealer here so I will have a word with them. Many thanks
  15. Tire squeak on vintage car

    Thanks for your reply Larry. I thought it might be the artillery wheels but I rotated the tire and the squeak was at the same location on the tire so the artillery wheel was 180 deg away from where the squeak was.