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  1. 57 caballero project

    dash before and after, ready to be installed
  2. 57 caballero project

    the wagon lives again!!
  3. 364 motor brake-in

    thanks for the feed back, I have been told by some old motor heads that buicks ran hot back in the days this is why I wanted some feed back, thanks
  4. 364 motor brake-in

    ok thanks, rebuilt motor starts up great, motor was rebuilt and pre lube was used on engine parts, installed 180 thermostat, not registered yet so cant drive on open road I just ran the motor for a short time revving the motor slightly, will fine tune carb next
  5. 364 motor brake-in

    can some one tell me is a rebuilt motor is supposed to be broken in hot or cool temp. what is the best thermostat to use thanks
  6. 57 caballero project

    yes, that's the wheels that are going on the wagon, spin-on filter leaked so went back to stock can, yes that's gm blue auto parts store didn't have buick green that's the problem living in a small town
  7. 57 caballero project

    just got back my chrome and moldings from el paso plating, interior trim painted, thinking about two tone brown for the seats
  8. 57 hood springs

    can any one tell me where I can get hood springs? will any other hood springs work or do I need to get only 57 hood springs, I would like to get new ones,
  9. 57 headlight parts

    looking for headlight mounting rings also light retainer rings for my 57 wagom
  10. dyna-flow trans

    took car back to the guy who rebuilt it, he pulled trans and found one of the pumps not working, waiting for parts, once he gets them hill put trans back in and test to make sure its working right. he could not ck before because motor was not running
  11. dyna-flow trans

    I have a 57 buick, should the wheels start to turn when full of fluid? I have the rear wheels up on jack stands, do I have to wait tell trans fluid warms up thanks for replies
  12. dyna-flow trans

    can anyone tell me how many quarts of fluid to put in a rebuilt trans, some say 9qt. at what point should I see the wheels move. thanks
  13. glove box door

    i need just a painted one no padding just steel thanks
  14. Various year buick parts 56 2/57 61

    yes its a 57 wagon sherwood
  15. Various year buick parts 56 2/57 61

    im looking for a solid glove box door, also the outside driver side rear cargo window ss trim