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  1. harvest

    1915 & 1917 Saxon 4cyl Engines For Sale

    your welcome. I also have a teens 2 cyl autocar engine that needs work if your interested.
  2. barn kept. engine is stuck and missing parts. best offer accepted. I can load on your truck or trailer. located 2hrs east of Hershey in Bangor PA 18013. message me if interested. thank you
  3. barn kept. solid wood. minor surface rust on the metal. $150 for both pickup 2hrs east of Hershey in Bangor PA 18013 Message me if interested, thank you
  4. harvest

    1915 & 1917 Saxon 4cyl Engines For Sale

    George, good eye. what you see in foreground is a 46 flathead v8 that is spoken for. Also have a 33 ford AA block if anyone needs it. Might have the cam, crank and pistons in a different container for the AA. Bad when you start forgetting where parts are
  5. btt. PRICE LOWERED TO $400 for all!
  6. pair of old blue glass lens for antique car. measure 9.5" to 8.5". 1 lens is great and the other lens shows a chip which would cover itself with your bezel. asking $35 and $15 for S&H. PM me if interested. Thank you
  7. I have 2 old saxon engines in my barn I would like to sell. one is from 1915 and the other is from 1917. both are projects. the 17' engine is more complete. both engines missing carburetors and manifolds. good tags on both. asking $500 for both. Pickup at 18013. Located 2hrs east of Hershey, or 30min north of Easton PA. Possibly can assist for a Fastenal delivery. Buyer to make all shipping arrangements. PM me if interested or call 6IO7six24o04
  8. harvest

    need saxon engine info

    if anyone is interested, I would like to sell these engines
  9. harvest

    few unknown parts

    Mike, thank you. I never thought the last pic would be a mirror bracket. Would you think its from a 1920's or early 30's car?
  10. harvest

    Fender mounts? Help!

    I have this set of hangers/mounts. they seem to remind me of a fender mount? very curious to what they might fit. There are no numbers or tags to be found. Appriciate any knowledge that can be shared. Thank you
  11. harvest

    few unknown parts

    like to know possibly what these parts may be from? The wiper arm is toast but I think its early model T? the little bit of chrome might be sunvisor trim? I have no idea what the last pic is, possibly something from a convertible top? Any help much appreciated, I have a lot of this trinklet stuff in storage and I hope to get it in the right hands. Thank you again for your time and help.
  12. im hoping someone here can tell me what this water pump may have been from? I was thinking aftermarket model T car or possibly from an antique tractor? There is a label that I can reads "Milwaukee 550 Bluebird" any help much appreciated. thanks
  13. harvest

    Chrysler Ashtray ?

    Keiser, them numbers do mean something! LOL.. I found it it be a 1951 Chrysler. Thanks
  14. harvest

    Chrysler Ashtray ?

    Keiser, these are the only number I could find. 2A10966 & 1286314 Thank you for reaching out.