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  1. harvest

    Is this horn from a antique car?

    That is possible.
  2. harvest

    Is this horn from a antique car?

    curti & mercer, thank you. Would the "w" perhaps be something from Willys ?
  3. harvest

    Is this horn from a antique car?

    measures almost 5" diameter
  4. had a neighbor tell me this might be for an old car. I was also thinking possibly old motorcycle? the housing has a "W" stamping. anyone know what that represents? maybe then I can get more from internet. I tried google and I find similar units without the "W" and don't have this horn cover design. thank you
  5. found these on a stone row at a friends house. there is 2 different style drums. the wood spokes are gone. I think these might be dodge 1920's heavy duty truck? hate to see them go to junk pile, maybe someone has a need but would like to know what they are from? thank you for your time.
  6. harvest

    need help identify 1920's Headlights

    28 & Dave, Thank you.
  7. harvest

    need help identify 1920's Headlights

    viv & keiser, thank you for the identification. im sure I'll be asking for more help , I have several different lights I have no clue. If i cant figure something out, I look on google for help and then to AACA. thanks again.
  8. Im trying to find out what this pair of headlights are from. my neighbor looked at them and he thought Buick? Thank you kindly for any knowledge.
  9. harvest

    is this a Automobile Clock ?

    Dave, thanks. really appreciate the identification.
  10. trying to figure out if this clock is for a car, it was thrown in with a tote full of parts I fetched. It might be for a boat console? Any help much appreciated. Thank you
  11. harvest

    Help Identify 18" Wooden Spoke Wheel

    Keiser, I think you nailed it again. thank you for the knowledge
  12. I got this wheel with some model T parts and I'm pretty sure its not from a model T. it measures 18" diameter and has a 11" i/d drum. Thank you for your time helping to identify this wheel.
  13. harvest

    unknown tail light housing

    Keiser31, Thank you for the knowledge. What a nice car.
  14. anyone possibly know what this rear light housing might be from? Thank you