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  1. What year are these hub caps

    could be a 29
  2. Oxford Sedan?

    I have been researching the proper leather in a 32 Oxford for over a year now and am still lost. I have found a original untouched sedan in Tenn. the leather in it is a very dark oxbow in color. (dark brown with very red highlights in it. Very rich looking but also very dark. I have been given 3 samples of 32 coupe leather from original seats. After cleaning and bringing the leather back to life it seem that it was a gray tone. Is it possible that the purchaser could have picked the leather and color for the car at the time of purchase?
  3. Most Usable Franklin?

    I have a series 13 model 130. cruse all day at 45 and the brakes will lock the wheels after good adjustment.
  4. Original 1930-33 crank hole cover

    The early bird does get the worm!!!! Good find Hook I hope your having fun at the trek
  5. wheel covers

    that is rough ones. Dam spell check!
  6. wheel covers

    I am looking one or a set of the wheel covers that go on the side mount spares for a 32 series 16. I can fix fought ones so let me know what you have.
  7. Franklin Steering boxes

    They are NOT 1930 or later. Do they Say ROSS on them?
  8. 1931 franklin photos

    waiting for my OD grinder to open up. Its on a big job The box looks OK to rebuild though.
  9. 1931 franklin photos

    these are my 29 I did it myself so it may not be correct.
  10. distributor screws

    Are the screws that hold the high post to the block lock washers type or wired??I have 3 motors with all 3 having modern hardware in them. I have both type of screws but not sure what is correct .
  11. wanted

    i know of one lion But do not know if it is for sale. I will pass on your number.
  12. FRANKLIN photos

    Its a deep George Washington blue. Over a dark blue
  13. Chrome plating 1931 Franklin

    I will be looking for it
  14. FRANKLIN photos

    From rags to riches a 32 is on its way
  15. Chrome plating 1931 Franklin

    I use Paul's chrome and they have not let me done so far.