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  1. Turn signal retrofit.

    Jim. I think the lights look great where you mounted them. Are those cowl lamps new and easy to get ? I need to do a similar setup on my '28 Chandler.
  2. Mystery Horn... info needed

    Well, the vane pump came apart nicely after soaking for a day and the motor now rotates the cams freely. Now it's a matter of cleaning it all up and making a gasket. Maybe put even power to it tomorrow night!
  3. Mystery Horn... info needed

    Thank you for posting that, Larry. This forum is a wonderful resource for all of us.
  4. Mystery Horn... info needed

    Wow. Great info, Walt. The air pump is seized but I have it soaking in my ATF/acetone mix and I'm sure I'll be able to get it moving again. I take it that different songs could be played by installing different cam sets on the drive wheel? It really caught my eye in that store!
  5. Mystery Horn... info needed

    I did find out, by looking at pictures online, that it is a Spartan Chime 4 Trumpet.
  6. I came across this horn today in an antique store and couldn't pass on it. I've never seen one like it before, and man do I hope it will run on 6 volts! It appears to send sound to the individual trumpets in a sequence as controlled by a cam mechanism. Any info would be greatly appreciated. It has no name plate.
  7. Here's the pump and one of the manifolds
  8. Thanks guys. I'm thinking that I'm going to start this project by pushing acetone thru the lines with a pressurized can, followed by diesel fuel and finally oil. Hopefully, if I see diesel fuel appearing at the joints, I won't need to get into pulling the kingpins, etc, apart. This is a running car and I have pulled the spring shackle pins out to oil them. Should be a pretty interesting project to get it all working correctly again.
  9. I'll take plenty of pictures.Those 4 and 5 way fittings on that website sure look correct and might be exactly what I'm after. Thank you.
  10. Our 1928 Chandler Royal 85 has an intact chassis oiler system. These cars, along with other upper price range cars of the period, came with, I believe, a factory installed setup of an oil reservoir/pump and an elaborate layout of tubing and check valves and metering devices, that was manufactured by the Bowen Company and marketed as the "One Shot" Oiler. The t-fittings and elbow fitting on my Chandler have rotted away to nothing, having be made of some sort of pot metal. My question is, have any of you a source of parts for these fittings. The tube appears to be a bastard size and many of the runs included a short rubber section near the axles to allow movement. The rubber hoses are a melted mess also. I'd really like to revive the entire system and use it. Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I was looking thru the Restoration Supply Company catalog tonight and saw that they offer a chrome plated brass Halogen Reflector kit. It's a new reflector, made to accept a Halogen bulb, bulb and power socket for $102.00. Has anyone used it? What might it cost to have my 9- 1/4" reflectors redone?
  12. So, is anyone offering the 25 watt 6 volt Halogen bulb in a base that fits in place of our 32/50 bulbs? I'm working on improving the ground path by doing independent ground wires from each headlight bulb socket and am going to polish the reflectors. The relay is also in my list.
  13. Excellent advice, fellows. How would I go about having my reflectors resilvered and what might I expect to pay?
  14. Vapor lock with our modern fuel

    Thanks Marty. I'll look into that gasket.
  15. Yep. The tail is well lit with full stop/turn/tail lights. That relay idea is very interesting. I do have a 6 volt alternator on my A, but this Chandler's generator is driven by the timing chain and is the means of tensioning that chain... not going there.