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  1. Would any of you guys be up for doing a wedding drive in Wilmington, Delaware on June 24th, 2017? If so, contact Monica Howard (the Bride), monicahoward@gmail.com. It's too far away for me.
  2. Mine are now installed and fit perfectly. Thanks again, Paul.
  3. Tin Indian. Could show a picture of those wheel tools? I did grab a rusted up device at an estate sale a while back that has 3 legs and a screw crank for collapsing split rims, but I don't know how to use it. My Chandler has 6.50x20 tires. Big boots! I live on the east coast and have never been to Chickasha. Maybe someday.
  4. Well, after speaking to George McMultry on the phone, I went ahead and ordered a custom made puller. What an outstanding member of our hobby George is. We are all very lucky to have men like this willing to keep us moving along on our projects. George is 82 and is no longer driving, due to failing eyesight. Yet, he is still willing and able to run his lathe and his machine shop to make parts that we need. He sells these hub pullers world wide. I am proud to support his efforts and contribute money to his daily routine. Made in America by American craftsmen!
  5. Glad to hear that McMurty has a good reputation. If I don't succeed in finding a used one, I will go ahead and send him a hub cap. I did buy one on EBay last night, but that doesn't mean it's gonna fit. Huptoy, I'll take you up on your offer if the one that's coming doesn't do it. I tried the "beat on it" only twice, with a brass chunk as a cushion, but not with having the wheel on the ground and the other side on a jack. It makes sense.
  6. I'm looking for a 2-5/8" hub puller for my '28 Chandler so that I can get the back drums off. Borrow or purchase. If any body has one, I'm in southern NJ. I just bought one on EBay that is "about 2-1/2", but I'm not holding much hope of it actually fitting my hubs. There is a fellow advertising custom made to any size for 200 bucks... but I'd rather spend a lot less than that. Thanks.
  7. That information is fantastic. Thank you very much! It is actually far superior to the Dykes manual and now I clearly see how to set the anchor pin. Success is looking very feasible.
  8. Thank you both. I will contact the DB club and try to get a newsletter. Tin Indian, if you could copy that info, I would greatly appreciate it. Your description of the process is excellent. There is a lot going on with these old buggers. My vacuum booster is non-operational, as most are by now. I plan to tear into it this weekend. The wheels have to come off to get at these adjustment points.
  9. I'm having a tough time adjusting the external brakes on my '29 Chandler. There are 3 points of adjustment on these, and they seem pretty much standard equipment on most of the larger 20's autos. My trouble comes in finding the sweet spot of minimal drag for freewheeling and effective braking at full application. The midpoint "keeper" of the band has a threaded stud and a cotter pin to hold it at a particular spot. I just can't seem to get my head around the function of that adjustment. I've got the Dykes manual, which does into great detail, but still can get to a satisfactory setting. Has anyone got any good advice?
  10. Here's a very good contact for snubber shock belting: Andy's Garage, Ellendale, Delaware. 302-245-7276. www.wiseandysgarage.com
  11. Eric. Can you post a picture of your Chandler? I have 2 of them. Both are late 20's. Dave
  12. I just put a Zenith 63 series on my 28 Chandler, in place of that damn S-3 Schebler... and she runs BEAUTIFULLY!!! The Stromberg turned out to be too wide to fit in the allotted space. Thank you all for the advice. I got the NOS Zenith on EBay for 100 bucks. What a great change for this old girl. I fussed around with that Schebler for a year. It can sit on the shelf and collect dust now!
  13. If any of you Chandler guys are interested, I have a fellow in New York making new discs for me. He can make more from my measurements.
  14. The cat's paw worked perfectly and I popped all of the plugs out in a matter of minutes without even using any heat. Jon, thank you for the picture of the Carter plug removal tool. Great forum.
  15. The tool that carbking shows is perfect! Thank you Jon. I can get a mini cat's paw or mini flat bar ( carpenter tools), apply some heat and pop those buggers out. The taper makes perfect sense. I've had the 3 carbs soaking in a 5 gallon pail of acetone/ ATF for the past month now and have been shaking it up daily. And yes, the bucket has a lid. I use that mix for everything, but these looked so bad when I got them that the bucket seemed the only recourse. One looked like it was buried in a junkyard, covered in oily dirt, another looked like it was buried in the desert, fillled with dry sand, and the third was just rusty as hell from being on a boat. Luckily, these are huge Strombergs, cast iron, maybe 10 pounds each and the passageways are BIG. WIth all the work that it's going to take to mount this on my Chandler manifold, I just can't not clean those areas. It's got to be done.