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  1. Insurance... can you get a normal policy?

    Wheelmang, we do have a $1M "Drive other Car" endorsement on the company policy to cover the two of us. JC Taylor wasn't willing to meet the requirement of the AC Boardwalk Engineering Office so I missed their deadline to obtain a permit to be in their parade. So, the Grand Marshall of the St. Patty's day parade was pushed along in a Rolling Chair. Whatever. I'm over that. I reached out to Hagerty and they had no problem whatsoever with policy limits of 100/300/50 and I would be able to drive my cars to whatever tier level of coverage I was willing to pay for. The Boardwalk required the 100/300/50 and would not accept the 35/5 that I have a this moment. I'm going to moving all 4 of my cars over to Hagerty this week.
  2. Insurance... can you get a normal policy?

    Thanks for all of the advice. My situation is a bit unusual in that over the past year, my wife and I have each now drive company cars full time and no longer have a personal auto policy nor have any modern cars in our names. I have had my antique cars with Taylor for a number years but now have run into this issue. My idea is to put a full policy on one of my cars, but certainly not drive it as daily transportation. Just getting feedback from all of you is helpful.
  3. I realize that I need to speak to my insurer about this, but is it possible to get a full-on personal auto policy on an old car, such as my 1929 Chandler? I would like to drive it whenever I want and to wherever I want without having to be concerned about being covered or not. I currently have 3 vehicles with JC Taylor and came upon an issue with the Atlantic City Boardwalk permit office regarding having my car in a parade there because of inadequate liability limits. Out to dinner, out to yard sales, grocery store or overnight trips are my goal. Driving to a car show is pretty low on the list.
  4. Where might I try to get a piston from?

    Thank you.
  5. Where might I try to get a piston from?

    Bob, may I ask what the set of 8 cost you from Arias?
  6. Where might I try to get a piston from?

    I like how this is getting narrowed down. I have reached out to both Ross and Arias through email, being a Saturday. Does anyone know of any old hoarder who may have this stuff in a box in a shed somewhere?
  7. Where might I try to get a piston from?

    No one has said anything about the crack on the piston in the photo.
  8. Where might I try to get a piston from?

    This is all excellent information. Thanks to everyone.
  9. Where might I try to get a piston from?

    Curti, who is Ross? I think the chances of finding one are about as low as chances can get...
  10. I need one standard piston for a '29 Chandler Royal 8. This is a 3-3/8" cast iron with 3 ring groves. Old stock would be my preference. The hunt is just getting underway as I saw a hairline crack on one of them as I began the reassembly process. I wish I could just look away and run it with the crack.
  11. 1920 Cleveland six model 40 parts

    It looks like you're in for quite a project! Best of luck.
  12. For Sale 1927 1928 1929 Chandler Red Fan Belts!!!

    How old are these belts? I have a 29 Royal 85, but NAPA has belts that fit it. Black, of course.
  13. Rear Main Rope Seals

    I need a rear main rope seal for my '29 Chandler. Is there a good/better/best with what is available and where should I get this from? I did a quick online search and came up with a product name of Graph Tite. What about NAPA or Tractor Supply? Thanks
  14. The job is going along nicely by poking the piston out the top of the block and installing the rings, then pulling them back into the bore. I tried making up a ring compressor to use inside of the block along with the bottom tapers, but it was just too cramped in there to be practical. Now, I realize that I haven't got the rear main seal on hand. Any tips on rope seals? The ones I have tried to use on my Model T's have been rather annoying.
  15. Your mention of a taper on the bottom of the bore made me go take a look at my block. Indeed, it also has the taper. Do you suspect that the factory pushed the pistons in from the bottom with rings attached by using some sort of ring compressor that would come apart and clear the big end of the rod?