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  1. Is the TC and the literature one package or is the TC separate?
  2. Bought my 1st TC..

    sounds like a broken or stuck thermostat. Happy New Year from my driveway to yours.
  3. Wiper Motor Linkage

    Report post x #1 1989 Chrysler Maserati TC I have replace the wiper motor and linkage bushing. reassemble the the wiper motor assembly back into the vehicle. My problem is the wiper (left) arm goes past the windshield pillar. Try to adjust by moving wiper arm a few spines but now when the arm is in the park, it is off the bottom of the windshield onto the cowl cover. the Right linkage arm is facing right and the left arm is facing towards the driver's door. Any help will be appreciated Posting this for a friend.
  4. Window air-leak adjustments

    Hemi, Does the 1/4 window glass have to be removed to swap out the weather stripping? It looks like it is made of rubber set in a "U" shaped metal piece on the window. Can just the rubber piece be swapped out or does the metal piece have to be removed from the glass? Bro
  5. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati

    It would help if you told us what state the car is located in.
  6. Okay Larry you are correct using the steel wool could cause rust spots but I would hope a good cleaning be done following the use of the steel wool. I have not had any rust to appear in 5 years and I have done 3 of my 6 TC's that needed the lettering sharpen up. I have removed portions of the text that referred to individuals. The below is from the author. Bob The items necessary to repaint the lettering is a can of Rust-oleum Paint Oil- Base Gloss Black, #000 steel wool and a small artist paint brush. Please do not substitute as these its work. It is not necessary to remove the tail reflector from the trunk but you can if you wish to make it handier to work on. Buy the smallest size can of paint as you can as you will not be using much paint. In the pictures I did not restore all the lettering in the same pass to show the difference of before and after. Now let’s get started. Shake the can of paint to get it well mixed. Using the artist paint brush apply the paint in the recessed area of the lettering. Don’t get concerned if some of the paint gets on the higher portion of the tail reflector. When apply the paint do not be afraid to get to the edge of the lettering so that there will be a sharp distinction between the black and stainless steel will exist. You can see in the second picture that at this point in the process I went beyond the lettering almost everywhere. Now let the paint thoroughly dry, I waited a day. Now using the steel wool polish off the paint that got on the high portion of the tail reflector and the steel wool will also remove the luster from the paint and leave it a flat finish look. You can polish the entire stainless steel and lettering area as the paint in the recessed area will be protected from being removed. During the polishing step too much paint may get removed in the lettering area and you may want to go through all the steps again. The last picture shows my finished work, good luck to you and it is really a very simple task.
  7. Top Pull-Down Motor Replacement Gear

    Check this out to see if it is the part you need.
  8. Wiper Motor both arms not moving

    The picture shows the base of your wiper arm as it attaches to the drive. Please be careful as you are playing very close to the windshield. The tab circled needs to be moved away from the arm. Be gentle. It will only move so far at which time you then need to lift the tip of the arm away from the windshield about 2 inches and the tab will move a little farther from the arm. At that point you should be able to pull the arm off of the drive. The tab will not come completely off of the arm and don't force it.
  9. Car Show Sign

    So John did you win?
  10. removal of center console

    I should have asked why/what the problems where under the console. The power seat switches are connected to the underneath side of the console on posts with screws. More than likely the posts are broken and no longer hold the switch in place. You will need to remove the face plate around the radio which as I recall are a screw on each side of the face plate. I'm getting old and forget if there are other screws on the console to remove the console. It will have to be removed so that the posts can be rebuilt. If the posts are not broken off a part of the post may be broken away with the screws. Check all the electrical things while you are under there such as cigarette lighter and light at the back of the console. When you put it back together make sure you get the seat switches in the correct side. I also hope that the gray block used to connect the wires to the switches is not broken as they are impossible to find. People have not taken them out of scrape cars and I have not found a 3D printer that can recreate them.
  11. Casualene

    Gentleman, Thank you for the response. Mensa , you are correct in that it is a b---h to remove. I am preparing my latest acquired TC for a AACA concourse d'Elegance and between other house hold chores including cleaning up after Irma, I have spent weeks and am not done yet. Been removing parts and cleaning those engine compartment parts also.
  12. Casualene

    There is a product that car dealerships sometimes spray on the firewall and fenders in the engine compartment to protect the metal. I don't believe this spelling is correct. Is anybody familiar with this product and what is the correct spelling? The product is like a wax. My mechanic gave me this spelling and he admitted he did not know the correct spelling.
  13. removal of center console

    It is a 2.5 MM Allen wrench on the shift lever that faces the radio and you need to remove the bolt in the white plastic piece seen from the passenger side and unloop the green wire.
  14. Leaking heater coil

    Here is a picture of the firewall showing that the hoses have been removed. There other end needs to be capped off for both lines. These lines are in front of the driver. Sorry don't have a picture of the other ends.
  15. Leaking heater coil

    Depending on where you live you can disconnect the heater in the engine compartment. If you live up north this puts your heater out of commission.