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  1. What is it?

    It all depends on the asking price. The "buckle" in the hood scares me. As mentioned it's a fairly rare car, so not too many parts are available. As dibar mentions, the wood structure in this car will cost a bundle to replace. It's not like a Model A where wood kits are available. Don't let your heart over rule your wallet. If you can get the car fairly cheap then you might want to pursue it. The last thing you want is to get over your head and give up on the project. It all comes down to time and money and what the finished product will be.
  2. White Cars

    I did read in a Henry Ford biography that the reason he painted the Model T black was because black was the cheapest color paint to formulate and the quickest drying. I know it has nothing to do with the color of white paint in later years but leave it to Henry to figure this out. I guess if the color red was cheapest then we would have red Model T"s.
  3. Nickel

    As John states, Mothers makes a good product. That being said, nickel is like copper or magnesium. The only way to keep it looking good is plain old hard work. Hey Willie, where can I get Powered Rouge?
  4. Henry Ford?

    Henry was known to fire any employee that smoked cigarettes. Not Henry and not a "T".
  5. Cars That Made America

    I agree, you can not compare any of the Ken Burns documentaries with this poor excuse for a show. I just finished watching the rerun of the documentary on the Roosevelt's, outstanding!
  6. Woodie Show

    If anyone happens to be in the Wells, ME area on Saturday there will be a small (about 35 to 40) Woodie Car Show. It will be on Route 1, next to McDonalds.
  7. The show was filled with errors. I don't understand how someone could produce a show without first fact checking what they air. They had to know "gear heads" would be watching and some of us might know a little about early automobile history.
  8. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    Tom, I neglected to suggest the **** Museum for a reason. If you have been reading these posts, the last few months, you will know what I mean.
  9. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    Bush, don't worry about parking, plenty of parking available. Bring comfortable shoes as Hershey is all on blacktop now. Car show on Saturday is on grass. If you are interested in antique race cars then check out the Race Car Run in the stadium on Friday at 11:00 AM. This Hershey will be my 49th year of attending.
  10. What's your thought ?

    I agree as to stop using the ether, all you are doing is "washing" your oil from where it needs to be. I would first disconnect the fuel line from the tank and carb and make sure it is clear. Over the years sediment can build up. Also, as has been stated, check all rubber fuel lines. I had one that looked perfectly fine but when I took it off the inside expanded and would not allow fuel flow. If all checks out I would remove the fuel pump and check the diaphragm, could be cracked from sitting or rotted from the fuel. Don't use compressed air from the line back to the tank because all you are doing is pushing junk back to the tank. I'm betting fuel pump.
  11. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    Bush, I would strongly suggest that you make your Hershey reservations for a hotel NOW. If you can't get one ask and someone on this site and we can suggest lodging. I make my reservations for next year the day I check out.
  12. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    The Simeone Collection in Philly is great.
  13. Does this sound familiar? (Humor)

    How about one to ask if you put dielectric grease on the base of the bulb when you installed it.
  14. Hershey 2016 Fall Meet dash plaque wanted

    How far back does your collection go. I don't have a 2016 but I can give you one from 1973. It's not mint but it's free.
  15. Very Sad (and I'm not talking about the car)

    Leaving at 4 AM, hope all I need to dodge are the 18 wheelers. Was going to go over the Verrazano Bridge but was warned about MEGA construction.