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  1. 46 woodie

    71Riviera exhaust?

    I gotta agree with Rocket. There are several companies that build mufflers other than "Cherrybomb". I also think they will be way too loud for your application. After driving a few hours with that noise, it gets really old.
  2. 46 woodie

    Ouch, bought in Hershey

    Very sad situation! This should serve as an eye opener for anyone wanting to have a car shipped overseas. I have read something about "marine insurance" somewhere. Lets hope the carriers suggest that you purchase it when you do ship a car overseas.
  3. 46 woodie

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    As Bill points out, most of these cars look to be in fairly nice shape. The other issue is that with WW11 on its way, most people held on their cars. They might have had inside information from the Government that war was coming and traded in these cars knowing that they would not be able to get a new one soon.
  4. I also saw that episode of Chasing Classic Cars when Wayne Carini had a new top put on the Kissel and had the upholsterer remove the "portholes". Why would he do that, he of all people should know better.
  5. 46 woodie

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    I would go back and purchase Apple stock and buy my own junk yard.
  6. As Terry mentions, pictures can tell a lot.
  7. 46 woodie

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    Well, it wasn't me, it was my wife and son and it isn't car related but it was at HERSHEY, so I hope this counts. In the mid 70's we were walking the aisles in the flea market and my wife and son stopped to look at something. I kept walking and stopped at the end of the aisle. A few minutes later they came walking down the row with a 2'x2'x2' cardboard box in our wagon. When I asked what they purchased they answered "baseball and football cards". We took the box back to the car and didn't look thru it until we got home. When we went thru the box I was stunned to see the cards they purchased. Literally thousands of cards from the '40s, '50s and '60s. It took months to sort thru the cards and I can not tell you how much the box was worth. All for a $15 investment.
  8. 46 woodie

    47 Town & Country on Ebay

    Something doesn't sound right. I have been involved with Woodies for 50 years and 20K for this car is a downright steal. I for one am skeptical.
  9. 46 woodie

    47 Town & Country on Ebay

    Under what was it posted? I surf all the Woodie sites and didn't see the T&C. $20K does sound low, how was it described?
  10. 46 woodie

    Woodie Show

    This Saturday, Sept. 8 is "Woodies on the Green" in Wareham, Mass. It's held on the grounds of the A.D. Makepeace Cranberry Co., on Tihonet Rd. Should be about 30 to 40 Woodies there.
  11. 46 woodie

    1935 Indy Pace Car color

    If you google 1935 Indy 500, click on pictures and the '35 appears to be Blood Red or a Maroon.
  12. 46 woodie

    Triple plating over JB Weld????

    No, plating will not adhere to any type of epoxy. A plating shop will fill the holes with solder or in some cases weld. If the holes are very small they will copper plate and sand it as many times as necessary to level the holes. Do the job right and you won't regret it.
  13. 46 woodie

    Creating A Successful Car Show

    All very good suggestions. The Judging issue seems to be a thorn in the side of every car show. I attended a car show once and the event organizers thought it would be nice to give a member of the town city council a pick of her favorite car. Well, her pick was a "Bugatti" kit car, built on a VW chassis. Needless to say, this did not go over too well with some beautiful restored car owners, that did not receive a trophy. It got out of hand real fast and some owners have never attended the show since. I have seen fistfights over some lousy $10 trophy.
  14. 46 woodie

    What is it?

    Wow, what a beautiful art-deco car. The windshield is gorgeous. The only thing the car needs is a front bumper to protect those chrome or ss trim pieces. They would last about a day on Long Island with the amount of drivers that use the Braille system of backing up.
  15. 46 woodie

    Give the people what they want

    How about a USA made station wagon, not mini van. If you want a wagon today, you have to get a German or other Euro car. I know I'm not in any "focus group" because I have so much computerized stuff, in my car that I don't know how to use, don't know what it's for and afraid to touch. I couldn't figure why my RPMs were so high and found out that my car was in "sport mode". Re-set it to "normal driving" and cut the RPMs in half. Also, I can't do my own oil changes anymore. The oil drain plug is now a one time use part, when you remove it it need to be replaced with a new plug AND it requires a special tool to remove it. I need a '57 Chevy!