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  1. Packard Ornament but What Year?

    I agree with Brass, aftermarket. I have a collection of aftermarket hood ornaments for my '46 Station Wagon. One looks like the "Goddess of Speed" and comes in red, green, blue and clear. Another is shipped like the Buick "Torpedo". They were sold by companies such as Pep Boys, Western Auto and J.C. Whitney, to make cheaper car's like Fords to look like the more costly model's.
  2. Radiator rock screen

    Can you get a micrometer on the wire to get a size?
  3. Radiator rock screen

    Also, as to the McMaster-Carr Catalog. I always had junior engineers coming to my office to borrow my copy. I eventually kept it locked in a file cabinet. Every time I received a new catalog I had several people asking for the old one. There is so much info, that engineers love them when they are designing something. Have you ever looked at E-Bay to see what some people get for a copy. I buy everything from them. What I pay for a box of Stainless Screws, I get six or eight from a hardware store.
  4. Radiator rock screen

    What is the gauge of the original and are you looking to replicate an original? I would lean to a heavier gauge to prevent wind from causing it to pulsate back and forth against the radiator. McMaster usually ships the same day, if I order something, I get it the next day. I don't think shipping to Canada is an issue.
  5. Radiator rock screen

    Restorer, isn't the catalog great! Sometimes when I am looking for something I find something else that would be a better fit. Just paging thru it is fun.

    50 jetback, I just read the document you provided. Believe me I do understand the concern by the Australian Government. There is a huge difference between asbestos that is totally encapsulated in a head gasket and a mechanic that uses an air gun to remove brake drum dust when doing a brake job. I believe education and enforcement would be a better track, rather than ban all items that have asbestos in them. Any materials expert will tell you that asbestos is safe if handled properly and is still being used in industry.
  7. Radiator rock screen

    I would also used McMaster Carr. I have been using them for 50 years and they are great. For a reference, I would look at McMaster PN 9656T17 or 9241T45 both are Stainless. McMC, has several varieties listed under "Stainless Steel Mesh".

    Larry and Rusty are 100% correct. My job required me to attend a three day asbestos abatement seminar. I learned if it's not airborne, with a chance of inhalation it won't hurt you. There are millions of houses with asbestos insulation on their heating pipes and if you leave it alone it is fine. People seem to think that if you are in the same room with it you will die. it's just like the lead hysteria, every house built before the early '80s has copper piping that was joined using 50/50 lead solder.
  9. Wet climate, no glass in the cars, could mean lots of rot. Probably parts cars at best.
  10. Bumper bracket paint

    Well, I'm sure you got your topics mixed up. Most cooling issues are because of a missing fan shroud or missing sheetmetal pans or parts that duct cool air into the radiator. If all are intact and the radiator is in good shape you shouldn't need a pusher fan. There are cooling additives you can use, but if the car never ran hot, why the concern now?
  11. The O.S.H.A. inspectors would have a field day with that baby!
  12. MG magna f type brass rad shell

    Hello Paul, I'm really not that familiar with the welding rod designations of Europe but it looks like what you are using is a mixture of Phosphor Bronze and Tin. I have seen Phosphor Copper filler rod used in AC compressor copper piping. Can't wait to see your final project. I hope you will be able to take some pictures when it comes back from the plating shop. Speaking of plating shops, do you have many in the Netherlands? Many in the US are closing because of environmental issues.
  13. MG magna f type brass rad shell

    Hello Paul, what are you using for wire, is that Silicon Bronze?
  14. Selling titles

    The reason the gentleman in my town was forced to purchase a title was that he was too honest. When he went to the NY, DMV he had a file of Bob Drake, Dennis Carpenter and other purchases. When he was asked about all the receipts he made the mistake of telling the DMV agent that he built the car from parts. That's when they wanted engine numbers and proof of where he purchased it. That required a "paper trail" that William could not produce. Every person he talked to, including supervisors, told him it was impossible to issue a new registration with out engine documentation. He even went to three different DMV offices with no help. He realized too late that he should have just said that he restored the car and made no mention of an engine replacement. When he purchased the title and went to another DMV, he had a new registration and license plates in less than an hour. One thing I learned is, unless you have absolute proof of the engines history, never tell someone from the NY, DMV that you changed the engine.
  15. Selling titles

    John, that's exactly my point. Why should it be easy for someone like you in PA, but be nearly impossible for me in NY? Unless you live in downstate NY/Long Island you have no idea how it is to try to deal with the DMV. The attitude with the NY, DMV seems to be, "how little work can I do for the most money". They could care less about your problem.