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  1. Anyone know about setting up a museum?

    Let me add to what Matt left out. Call your insurance company, and call your insurance company again. The first person to "slip" in your "museum" will own a couple of your cars.
  2. What were all these License Plate toppers for ? ?

    If you look on E-Bay under license plate toppers, you will find dozens for sale.
  3. If it was a commercially made hitch, the company has probably been gone long ago. It looks like any decent metal shop can copy and fabricate one very easily.
  4. Pipe Motor Cars

    Good point 37, with no windshield and front fenders it must have been an adventure driving during a rainstorm.
  5. Pipe Motor Cars

    The Pipe automobile was fabricated in Brussels from 1898 thru 1922. Ironically the company also fabricated metal pipes so they called the car "The Pipe". It had an electric transmission and a Jenatzy Magnetic Clutch, what ever that was! Production paused in 1908 and 1909 but resumed in 1910. From what the Encyclopedia of Motorcars states they were a well made car but they just couldn't manage to be successful.
  6. 15 minutes to get out of Manhattan? They were lucky, could have been an hour or so!
  7. Artillery wheels

    As Modeleh states, hot rodders love those wheels. Put an ad on the HAMB site and you will easily sell them.
  8. ANFSCD - Innocenti

    Early VW may work.
  9. Are there any Drexel cars left?

    The Drexel Motor Car Corp. was based in Chicago IL, between 1916 and 1917. Only two models were offered. A Model 5-40 Touring car and a Model 7-60 Roadster. At $985 it was hard to compete with the Model T. It doesn't list production numbers but they probably were very small.
  10. ANFSCD - Innocenti

    Any chance that you could have a mold made, fabricate them and offer them for sale? How many of the Innocenti cars were produced, you can't be the only one that could use a set?
  11. Antique tie rod?

    Purchase a metal detector and a shovel, start digging.
  12. "One Shot" Chassis Lubricator info needed

    A company called Bijur makes a system similar to what you describe. It's basically a grease gun or cylinder with a pump type handle with numerous tubes going to lubrication points. They are used on machinery to lube them with one shot. They might have fittings and other parts that you need.
  13. What is it

    Well, one clue is that Coolangatta, is a city in Queensland Australia. Flatbed speedster sounds correct.
  14. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    Go onto the McMaster Carr website and look up "safety harness" and there are dozens to choose from.
  15. Boatmobile

    And it looks to be 4 wheel drive, so it can drive right down to the shore line and into the water!