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  1. 46 woodie

    closing hole on top of a model A

    I can see the commercial now. "Not only does Flex Seal waterproof your gutters and repair the boat we cut in half, but now you can even restore the roof of you antique cars". Call now!!!
  2. 46 woodie

    Clean tyres with white wall

    I use a product called Bleach-White and a small scrub brush, has worked fine for me. I have also used something called Magic Eraser.
  3. 46 woodie

    closing hole on top of a model A

    Well that certainly explains why it doesn't look like a Model A. I really should pay more attention!
  4. 46 woodie

    closing hole on top of a model A

    Everything you will need for your project is available from LeBaron Bonney, 800-221-5408, they specialize in early Ford. It looks like the bows and "chicken wire" are in good shape. You say your car is a '29 Ford but the door tops don't look like Model A, any more pictures?
  5. 46 woodie

    Dangerous hydraulic jack

    Whenever I am working under a car, I always place it on jack stands, of course. I also have an additional jack stand that I keep near me, so in case the car falls, the additional jack stand will prevent the car from crushing me. As I move around, I move the jack stand with me. I'd rather be safe than sorry. As a retired Firefighter, I have responded to calls of people trapped under cars. Sometimes it's not pretty.
  6. I can see that baby taking laps at the Fall, HERSHEY, Race Car Conditioning Run now! I would love to find a vehicle like that. What are your planning to do with the car? The early pictures look like they were so eager to get on the track, that they didn't even paint the car. I would guess at some time they "tweaked" the front axle and an early Ford axle was chosen. Do you have any race history on the car?
  7. Very cool George, any more pictures of the car as it is now?
  8. 46 woodie

    ID the cars in the artwork

    I think that a lot of "artistic license" was use in the art work. Some of the car's look sort of '50s Mercury, Chevy Nova, Early Jaguar, the one in the middle looks like VW Bug, etc.
  9. 46 woodie

    Letter from the "aaca" museum

    I spent the last week in Washington, D.C.. When I went thru the Lincoln Memorial I couldn't help but notice a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln, "A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand. Thought it apropos.
  10. 46 woodie

    47 Ford

    Another suggestion is a company called McMaster-Carr they have plastic and other material, flanged bushings/bearings. Check out their on line catalog.
  11. Bubba, I had the same issue as you a few years ago. I couldn't give my old auto related magazines away. I tried everywhere. My local schools, hospital, retirement homes and library could not accept them because of (I'm not making this up) "liability issues". On a cross country trip, we visited the Speedway Museum in Lincoln Nebraska. I mentioned about my magazines and they said they would accept them all. The Museum sent me pre-paid UPS stickers for the boxes. Give them a call, hate to see them trashed.
  12. 46 woodie

    47 Ford

    Have you tried, info@vintique.com?
  13. 46 woodie

    1925 starter generator attachment to engine

    Looks like Brian to your to your issue. That eliminates the drill bushings that I suggested. Any machine shop can fabricate the tapered bushings for you.
  14. 46 woodie

    1925 starter generator attachment to engine

    You might be able to use a "drill bushing", McMaster-Carr has just about any size you can need. If it is indeed from a Buick perhaps someone from the Buick Club can answer your question.
  15. 46 woodie

    Reo Dealership in Tiffin Ohio any Information ?

    Mark, I would contact the Chamber of Commerce in Tiffin Ohio and see if they have any info. Depending how big the town is they might also have some sort of museum that may be helpful.