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  1. Packard Rebuild Input ??

    Don't touch the Cormorants wings as suggested on post 13, you know that as soon as you try to press them closer together, one will break.
  2. "She"?

    I can only say that the National Woodie Club uses the feminine spelling, (ie) rather than woody. I think that it dates back to the ancient mariners. Every car show that I go to has a "Peggy Sue", "Angel Baby" or other name painted on one or more cars.
  3. As a retired firefighter I can attest that sprinklers do save lives. Yes, you will probably get a reduction of your insurance, but if it's only the garage, it might not be as great as if the entire house is protected. Is the garage heated? You might need a dry system if it gets too cold. You also can get recessed heads if the ceiling is finished to minimize the chance of an accidental discharge by hitting it with a ladder or something else in the shop. Well worth it. Most high end homes now have sprinkler systems.
  4. 1929 Ford 5 window inside cab wood

    Bratton's, 800-255-1929, www.brattons.com. They have any Model A part you can want and a great catalog.
  5. Number 12 Screws, Aaarrgh!

    carb king, why shouldn't stainless steel screws be used on carburetors?
  6. What are your thoughts on this car?

    I agree with Mark, the fenders look out of scale for the rest of the car. If that's the effect he is looking for well so be it, but I think they should match the size of the rear fenders. Also agree with Restorer, I hope that the cars that he cut up weren't restorable.
  7. How many are still around today?!

    Annie, I always wonder the same thing. My first year was 1968 and I still have the Official Program. It lists over 200 Model A fords on the show field. This year there were about 15 or so. Where did they all go, hopefully not to hot rods.
  8. Number 12 Screws, Aaarrgh!

    As Joe states, McMaster-Carr has any size bolt, screw and nut you need. They are a lot cheaper than most hardware stores.
  9. Running Board Rubber Mats

    Pat, you should be commended for your commitment. I know your primary objective is running board mats, but if you ever do interior floor mats I have a suggestion. The rear "cargo mat" used in '41 thru '48 Ford Station Wagons are non existent. I took me a couple of years to find one and I am always asked where they can be obtained. All the suppliers don't list them anymore so it might be worth looking into.
  10. A trip back to 1903--sort of

    WOW!!! Steve you are having way too much fun, what a great car. You probably spent days cleaning sand and salt water from the car. Good idea to install an air cleaner!
  11. 1920s window shades

    It looks to me that the fabric was slid into the track and then the two ends were dimpled to hold the shade in place.
  12. Drone appearance!

    Well the pilot broke two of the rules. First by flying over people and second, it was out of the pilots sight. When it left the show field it headed over the tree line and disappeared.
  13. Early Ford

    Len, every 10 or so years I re-read the book. Henry was quite a character wasn't he. I can't understand why his son didn't just walk out on him after putting up with so much of his nonsense. Henry was down right mean.
  14. Don't let your lack of mechanical skills stop you from your desires. Sure, there will be some things that you can't repair yourself, but as others have stated this site is a wealth of info. Join the AACA and learn to enjoy the hobby!
  15. Sitting garaged for 33 years

    One of my favorite sections of the Hershey show field is the Preservation Class. I can't believe the condition of some beautiful "barn finds". Why can't I find one?