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  1. Model A Fords didn't come with an air filter on the carb or an oil filter. Most roads across America when your car was built in 1930 were dirt. Can you imagine all the crap that motor inhaled in it's life. Obviously the owner didn't change the oil and all that junk just coagulated in the pan by sitting for 50 years. You owe your friend a beer.
  2. 46 woodie

    Ring Gear RIvets

    I agree that the grade 8 bolts are sufficient. If you are worried about the gears "shucking" (new to me also), after you get it bolted, I would drill the gear and carrier and press in three or four 3/8" dowel pins.
  3. AJ, I agree with you about the trophies but there is a reason they do it. The reason that some people lug every trophy they won is first, to show the judges how many trophies my car has won, so I should win another at this show. Second, is to show the judges, that if my car doesn't win a trophy at this show you don't know what you are doing. One local guy must bring 20 or 30 trophies to every show he goes to, 3 or 4 boxes. We all call him a "trophy whore" because if he doesn't win something he pulls a tantrum.
  4. 46 woodie

    collector cars in California fire

    MrEarl, I hope you are mistaken. Rodders Journal did a spread on the restored car and it was spectacular, one of a kind.
  5. 46 woodie

    Stolen 1967 Morris Minor in Police Chase

    Well the good thing is that it is in England, so the thief might get jail time. If it was in the States, they would just give the thief a desk appearance ticket and let him go.
  6. A lot depends on location. I see that you are located in the northeast so weather will be a factor. I don't think anything you can purchase for $500 will stand up to a NY/NJ winter. First Nor Easter or Blizzard and it's trashed.
  7. 46 woodie

    Remembering our Veterans

    Two weeks ago I spent a day and a half in the WW II Museum in New Orleans. What an experience, all Americans should see it.
  8. 46 woodie

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    I own a Model A and you can't find another car with the amount of parts available. As to what Frank suggests, I saw a beautiful Corvair sell for $8000 on one of the TV auctions. If I was at the auction, I would have bid on it, it was that nice. That car would have been a great driver/show car, you can't get any sort of collectable for $8K.
  9. 46 woodie

    Security certificate for website is expired ?

    Well, hopefully the AACA web coordinator has seen this post and is on the case.
  10. 46 woodie

    Security certificate for website is expired ?

    Are you referring to the "Not a secure website" that pops up when we log on? Because I'm basically computer illiterate, should I be concerned?
  11. I have a collection of several aftermarket, accessory, hood ornaments for my 1946 Ford. When people ask me about the ornament that is on the car now, I find it easier to just show them the collection. Many people don't realize that there were aftermarket hood ornaments and when they see them they are surprised.
  12. 46 woodie

    Knudsen Sixty-tell me more

    I don't see anything in any of the antique car related books I have. It might be some sort of gift that the people that built the car for Bill Knudsen gave him. He might have had it cast himself and could be one of a kind. Wonder what happened to the real car?
  13. 46 woodie

    Height of 1930 Model A Station Wagon

    It's very possible that the gentleman that originally posted the question is looking at a classified ad and simply asked how tall the car is before he purchased it. Thanks to Bob for answering his question.
  14. 46 woodie

    Height of 1930 Model A Station Wagon

    Dave, are you talking home made, hot rod or "phantom" bodies. The only companies that produced '30/'31 bodies for Ford were Murray Body Co. and Baker-Raulang, both to exact Ford specs. I believe the question is for an original car.
  15. 46 woodie

    1900s Sightseeing Bus

    Hard rubber tires and what looks like a solid front axle, makes hitting a pothole an adventure.