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  1. I'll bet zero from North Korea. Wow 52, I was way off with 18. Although if you walk around Hershey for 4 or 5 days it's obvious that there are a lot.
  2. I'm going to go with 18, but don't ask me why I picked that number, I have no idea!
  3. Wow, look at the twist in that chassis. That crash is going to take tons of work to repair.
  4. Great pictures! I noticed the absence of safety glasses and safety shoes.
  5. bob, I fully understand what you are saying, but the shift lever not being a transmission related item, give me a break.
  6. My VW Passat had about 11,000 miles on it when my wife called me and told me that the shift lever literally came off in her hand. I purchased the extended warrantee so I figured that there wouldn't be and issue. Well I was wrong. The shift lever is considered part of the "interior" and interior parts aren't covered by any warranties. Mind you I purchased two cars from this dealership in consecutive years. As much as I complained they would not budge. The service manager even told me that the extended warrantee is basically worthless. Well I learned the hard way NEVER purchase the extended warrantee. Two years latter when I purchased another new car I made the point of stopping by the dealership to show them my new car, from another dealership.
  7. I would simply tell the seller, "produce the title and call me when you get it". I have read and heard about numerous issues regarding lost or no tittle purchases, that always seem to end badly.
  8. The "clues" are the shape of the radiator and the hubcaps. Hopefully it survived and is restored somewhere. If not it probably was scrapped and turned into a battleship or a tank for the war effort.
  9. Can you submit more pictures of your vehicle? I wondering if the Lacrosse Plow Co. built your car with intentions of going into the car business and decided not to after all. Perhaps the engine will be a clue.
  10. Humm, I have a book that is about 2" thick and lists every car ever built and your vehicle is not listed. I'm puzzled. Perhaps it is a one of a kind. I would contact the A.A.C.A. Library. Very nice vehicle.
  11. X2, Keep the patina!!!
  12. F&J, ABSOLUTLY no whites on that Model A. Model A's look better without all the accessories some feel they need. In fact I don't even like fender mounted spares but they look good on this car.
  13. In 1946 Ford did not have a whitewall option. It was just after the war and rubber was scarce. I however like the way my '46 Station Wagon looks with whitewalls. At almost every car show, someone comes up to me and tells me "you do know your tires are incorrect for your car". Yes, I tell them BUT, it's MY car and I like them! Very cool car Xander.
  14. A bit off topic but in line with what John is saying. I was a huge baseball fan until the steroid era. I still consider Hank Aaron as the home run record holder, not Bonds. Then they nominate the "juicers" for the Hall of Fame! How can any team justify paying a .220 hitter $25 million dollars?, Lou, Duke, Mickey, Roy, Joe D. and dozens of others must be rolling in their graves. Money ruined ALL sports and now they want to pay college athletes a salary! They get a free scholarship education for taking useless courses and still want more.
  15. One simple think I carry, aside from the required tools, are three or four large garbage bags. They fold absolutely flat and come in handy if you need to get under your car for some reason. A lot cleaner laying on a plastic bag than the road.