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  1. Cord, that car came out just great--your dad would be proud--your price is right on, if I didn't have mine, i'd send you a check--mine is all black with a gray cloth--Tom
  2. Fitting window frames

    so your trim panel only tucks under the bottom edge ?? with my Studebaker I had to fit trim all the way around the mldg---Tom

    have you done anything with wood spoke wheels ? Tom
  4. found one nice cab in my collection--plenty of bent ones--this 1 needs buffed & polished, but good starter--$50.00 shipped to you---Tom
  5. Stoddard-Dayton Project Wanted

    i'll send you a p.m.--tom
  6. Stoddard-Dayton Project Wanted

    is a 1906 to old for your choice ?? Tom
  7. Antique Mall Finds

    I called this morning, they answered the phone--they promised delivery in the next 2 weeks--Tom
  8. Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    I hope their still in business--they have my money , just waiting for delivery--I went through the same problem , but talked to him at Hershey , then called--everything worked like it should--got the impression it's a small business, like a one man shop--
  9. this is a great posting--your work is excellent--I feel like i'm working right next to you--thanks, Tom
  10. 1923 Chandler Chummy

    does a chandler have a clutch brake ?? Tom
  11. Steering Wheel Control Lever Linkage

    The Antique Auto Shop in Hebron Ky is doing a 29 or 30 president eng overhall--you may go look,but call first-I know the motor is still out of the car
  12. OEM parts found!

  13. Vapor lock with our modern fuel

    been getting mine at the local boat marina--some small private airports will sell it too--just get yourself a couple of 5 gal gas cans--that's my biggest problem , you can't get close to the pump,without walking---good luck --Tom
  14. New Scammer?

    you all forgot, he does pictures too

    I wish you guys had posted the measurements sooner , i'm still in the sanding stage, trying to get it through the opening--of course it's probably my fault, since i'm putting in my 19 Studebaker---- Tom