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  1. Dave, sounds like you had a nice road trip--Tom
  2. 1939 LaSalle Bohman Schwartz

    John, I agree Rick does excellent work--he did the headliner in my 32 St. Regis Studebaker--got the job in & out --Tom
  3. 1939 LaSalle Bohman Schwartz

    John, great car--you used all the correct people in the city, but failed to mention trim work--just wondered if it was also done in Cinti. ? Tom
  4. Leather belts for side mount tires

    my shoe repair man made mine for my Cadillac--he liked doing something different--Tom
  5. Chrome questions

    that's a buyer beware market--I can tell you, you get what you pay--I'v heard pros & cons about each--i'd talk to as many people that you can & get all opinions, then make your decision--I just finished a situation where the plater told me that's the best they could do & i'd have to live with it--so good luck--Tom
  6. Classic Cars at Salvage Auctions

    something no one has mentioned, since I was a salvage dealer, most of those type cars end up going out of the country--makes it hard far us to compete--Tom
  7. 1931 Studebaker President wheels

    Dave,my 32 st. regis has 18 in. 5 lug--Tom
  8. Lump, is this the Stutzman that does the wood spoke wheels ? Tom
  9. AACA Auburn Meet

    got my aaca magazine in the mail today--the form was inside--Tom
  10. Cord, that car came out just great--your dad would be proud--your price is right on, if I didn't have mine, i'd send you a check--mine is all black with a gray cloth--Tom
  11. Fitting window frames

    so your trim panel only tucks under the bottom edge ?? with my Studebaker I had to fit trim all the way around the mldg---Tom

    have you done anything with wood spoke wheels ? Tom
  13. found one nice cab in my collection--plenty of bent ones--this 1 needs buffed & polished, but good starter--$50.00 shipped to you---Tom
  14. Stoddard-Dayton Project Wanted

    i'll send you a p.m.--tom
  15. Stoddard-Dayton Project Wanted

    is a 1906 to old for your choice ?? Tom