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  1. 13CADDY

    Any interest in 2 Austin Healey 3000 roadsters?

    the roll-up windows make them 1963 models--the 62's had plastic windows
  2. 13CADDY

    NOS ignition parts

    do you have a inventory on all this ??
  3. 13CADDY

    Studs Bolts and Nuts suppliers

    I had good luck with the caterpillar dealer--when I had the salvage yard I was always needing 1 or 2 of something--if it wasn't in stock, they had it the next day--I also agree with David---Tom
  4. 13CADDY

    Water pump packing

    Matt,when I did the one on my 23 Studebaker, I used the old body man pull rod to get it in--it was about 6 in long with a 1 in hook on the end--it solved the problem--good luck---Tom
  5. 13CADDY

    1957 Ford Thunderbird for Sale

    tomcarnut, that would fit in well with your collection--you need one--
  6. 13CADDY


    try N.C. industries--301 S. Thomas Ave.--Sayre Pa. 18840-----570-888-6216--they made the one for my 31 Studebaker---ask for Bob--good luck--Tom
  7. I was a little guy-don't remember how old--laid out flames on my Buick pedal car--wasn't versed in the paint area, so went to good old mom for help--so she listened, as she always did--lo & behold she cane back with all her old red fingernail polish--I was in heaven, but finished the Buick--grey car with red brushed on red flames--Tom
  8. it sands so easy too--being someone who built totals for years that really didn't care what the final result looked like or how long it lasted--Tom
  9. been there & done that--chrome shops are real tuff to deal with--they have their way of doing things & don't care--hope for your sake you can match it with something else--like Spinneyhill said, maybe the handle man can help you--Tom
  10. just got to add my 2 cents worth--isn't that dolphin glaze good stuff--I've great results with it--used it on my 13 caddy wheels,which I painted--car's looking good--Tom
  11. 13CADDY

    For Sale 1911-14 Cadillac parts

    what part of the state ? Tom
  12. 13CADDY

    Please ID stainless trim

    Keiser, you get a gold star for this one--Tom
  13. 13CADDY

    Pre-war paint question

    love the dogs--they add so much--my goldens enjoy mine too--
  14. 13CADDY

    1924 Studebaker Roadster for sale

    how about some engine pictures--you didn't mention the gas tank, any problems with it- is it still running on a vac. tank ---Tom
  15. 13CADDY

    "Mini Ductor" Removes Stuck Bolts

    rental time is a killer==with the operator & the machine