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  1. Thanks Hemi! Is the change from stock to a SMEC from a 5 speed Shelby worthwhile? I didn't see the "pictured above" .
  2. Reaper1 - I just got back and looked for the restrictor near the waste gate solenoid. I have the service manual and was able to locate the waste gate solenoid. A scan page showing the solenoid is enclosed. I also enclose a couple of pictures of my waste gate solenoid. Where is the restrictor? The two small vacuum lines go into a loom that goes towards the left side of the engine. Scan_Doc0027.pdf
  3. Thanks Emmett. Where can I get information on a ball/spring type manual boost controller?
  4. That sounds like a good place to start. I will try the timing change and the remove the restrictor as soon as I get home. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Gary. I guess I didn't word my questions properly. I wanted to know whether the 89 Daytona Shelby SMEC upgrade was worthwhile. My car is running fine now. From previous posts I gather that the Daytona Shelby SMEC would give me better performance by increasing the turbo boost. It seems like that is the first and easiest step to improve performance. However, it has less than 11 K miles and I don't want to do anything that might damage it. 1. Is it a "plug-and-play" type installation? 2. Could there be harm resulting from this change? 3. Are there any other SMECs that would give the performance improvement and are they a PNP installation? Any advise would be appreciated.
  6. I have an 89 TC 8v. Is there any downside to using the 89 Daytona SMEC? Is it a simple install that requires no other modifications? I am in South Texas now and there are a lot of pull-a-part yards that I don't have back home. From other posts I got a part no. 5235069. Is that the only one to look for?
  7. When I replaced the gasket on my 85 Turbo Lebaron, I was advised to use the Felpro gasket, run a tap into the block to clean out the threads and use new head bolts. I did this and ran the car for 8 years without a problem. I unbolted the manifolds and pushed them back but it was difficult and I think Turbo Kane's method is probably better.
  8. Congrats! You will enjoy it. You will find that this forum is invaluable. You will be able to get help from the members as I have. I have an 89 that I bought 2 years ago and I have gotten help on many occasions. Mine is a low mileage car but it is 27 years old and I have done a lot of work on it and there is more to be done. ENJOY
  9. Thank you! Reaper1's instructions couldn't have been better. I was able to clean the throttle body easily. The forum came through again! I installed NGK plugs as my local Advance did not have Champions in stock. Easy to change if I see deterioration performance. Cleaning the throttle body and replacing the plugs has made it run better.
  10. What brand of plug did you use?
  11. I have an 89 8v. I started to clean the throttle body and found there are many hoses and mounting studs that hold the air box very firmly in place. What is the best way to get access to the throttle body? Also, I plan to change the spark plugs. It has the original RN 12 YC champions in it now. (10,800 miles) Should I replace them with the same champion plugs or is there a better plug?
  12. OK - Thanks! I will check the bolts on the steering rack and then put in a new inner tie rod end.
  13. I have a 1989 8v TC with 10K miles. It feels to me to have some play in the steering. I replaced the struts and looked over the steering at the time. The only thing I saw was a little play in the inner tie rod. Maybe about 1/16". Is there any adjustment in the steering rack? I would appreciate any input on this.
  14. I got a kit from Rock Auto that included everything. I installed it and test drove it in November. Big improvement. I will not drive it until Spring when I get it aligned. Part Number Part Type Price EA Core EA Quantity Total 1989 CHRYSLER TC MASERATI 2.2L 135cid L4 Turbocharged SOHC MONROE KITSMB276 Strut & Mount Kit $ 106.79 - 1 $ 106.79 MONROE 63622 [Kit Component] Strut Bellow $ 9.33 $ 0.00 2 - MONROE 901908 [Kit Component] Strut Mount $ 12.71 $ 0.00 2 - MONROE 72589 [Kit Component] Strut $ 31.36 $ 0.00 2 - Shipping Ground $ 17.30 Order Total $ 124.
  15. I took it apart, again, and removed the motor and the paddle switch to look at the actuation tabs for the switch and the plastic arm that actuates the paddle. Since I wasn't sure how to proceed, I put it back together using the old paddle switch, AND IT WORKED FINE. The plastic arm that actuates the paddle switch is held on with a rivet and it was turned slightly. Don't know if that was the problem.