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  1. Single car club decision

    You could stay with the AACA & go with a antique Ford club & just keep those two.
  2. 1970 AMC Rebel SST Wagon

    SST is Super Sport Touring & its in pretty good shape needs some body work but not bad just floorboards. Its 360 2bbl 3 speed column p/s p/b factory A/C & original color was Matador Red & Frost White it has black vinyl seats not bench. An original owner added blue to the bottom section of it so it is red white & blue. Red on top white on center & blue on bottom. I know 70 was last year for Rebel & according to www.classiccardatabase.com there were 6846 made in Rebel SST Wagons for 1970. How many with my options & color dont know. The car is not in bad shape needs little work to get it back on the road. The guy I got it off of said guy he got it off of took the trim an stuff off of it need to put that back on & get a driver side rear window & replace front floorboards, battery, alternator, filler neck & A/C compressor. Everything else looks good on it.
  3. I just traded a 85 Dodge Ram B350 van for a 1970 AMC Rebel SST Wagon. I cant find much on these cars. Was wanting to know if anybody could tell me anything about these cars?
  4. 1955 Desoto vs 1955 Dodge

    They are both 2 door cars. I am looking more at the Desoto than the Dodge just something different & plan to make it more driver friendly over time update trans engine etc.. I plan to drive it every day except when the weather gets bad then use the 85 Dodge van it does great in the winter time.
  5. 1955 Desoto vs 1955 Dodge

    ok yea looking to sell my 64 tbird landau with 390V8 auto an buy one of these chryslers products. I am leaning toward the desoto like the car were it is big etc.. looking to make one of them a daily driver in about a year. I currently drive a 85 dodge B350 sportsman with 318 auto. Looking to fix the car up an use the van for the weekends something better on gas than the van as long as i stay out of the gas with this hemi.
  6. Help identifying Desoto

    See if FCA could tell you who the first owner was or dealership sold the car. Also is it a left or right hand drive car?
  7. 1955 Desoto vs 1955 Dodge

    I am looking at buying a car its between 2 Chryslers. It is a 1955 Desoto Firedome 2 door & 1955 Dodge Royal Lancer 2 door. Was wanting to know what is the difference in the factory options on these cars & which car was the better one to have?
  8. I am looking at buying a 1950 Hudson Commodore Super 8. Was wanting to know how these cars are in general & how good are the engine & trans on them? Also what would be a good upgrade if I have to rebuild or replace the trans? I am looking to make one a semi daily driver.
  9. info on woodies

    The car I am looking at is on ebay a 1949 Ford Woodie in Rhode Island an in bad condition & they was talking bout crushing it if not sold soon it is on ebay for $200. The thing I am wondering bout is using it for a daily driver an how would it be driving?
  10. info on woodies

    I am looking at buying a old ford woodie from a guy. It needs everything replaced floor, all wood missing rotted away except the back & frame rotted. I was wanting to know were do you go to find replacements for the wood on these cars an body parts in general? I am not new to old cars currently I have a 64 T bird Landau being redone, 74 F250 Crew waiting to be finished come spring an 70 Cougar XR-7 convertible with Hurst 4 speed going to be long term project no hurry with it. I am planning to probably buy this car or one like it an drive my T bird then sell the T bird an make this car or one like it a daily driver.