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    Ford Cunningham Limousine 1935

    Price depends on condition. Show us some pictures or tell us more. Does the motor turn over?
  2. Spinneyhill

    Exhaust smoke and oil consumption

    Arrr. Yes, that is enough! So since you bought it, the consumption has not decreased? Have a look at @hchris's suggestion to check for blow-by. If there is blow-by with that much oil consumption, you should see a bit of smoke and under the car would be a mess behind the bottom of the breather tube.
  3. Spinneyhill

    help diagnosing a '29 std powertrain problem

    1929 Std Six = series 116? Chiltons show that drive axle used in 6 models, 5 of them Buick. The 116 plus 1928 series 115; 1930 Series 40; 1931 8-60; 1932 32-60; 1929-30 Viking V-29, V30.
  4. Spinneyhill

    Exhaust smoke and oil consumption

    You will order rings after taking off the head and measuring the bore. Give it a bit longer. Go for a couple of 100 mile drives, with lots of hills along the way.
  5. Spinneyhill

    Need help on id

    What is the case number? The photo is not good enough to be sure. It looks like T85E-1? If so, that is not in The Hollander 1952. T85 was used mid-late '30s. Here is an article on the T85 in the '50s and '60s. https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hmn/2006/12/Warner-T-85-T-89-Three-Speed-Transmissions/1382444.html
  6. Spinneyhill

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    DUFOR say that one would fit 1931-33 8-50, 8-60, 32-60, 33-66, a TE9 in their numbering. Also fits 1928-30 Std 6, 115, 116, Series 40; 8 cylinder 1935-37 Chryslers (exc. C8); Fargo trucks 1929-30 K1, Freighter, 1ton; 1927-32 Reo; 1928 Reo trucks. TE9 is a female 7/8x18, 0.747-0.630 bolt taper over 15/16" with 9/16-18 ball bolt.
  7. Spinneyhill


    The rusty tacks will have degraded the wood around them and rust will have expanded into the wood (a.k.a. "nail sickness"). If you can grab and rotate them ±180o before pulling, they should come out easily. You might find a pair of round nose pliers with cross hatch pattern on the jaws good for this. My round nose pliers are the result of breaking a pair of pointy nose pliers.
  8. Spinneyhill

    ID center/grille guard

    Um, hu noze. How about a photo?
  9. Spinneyhill

    Pontiac rear fender ID

    LoL! when I first looked at this I wondered how the military would use an accessory anchor fixed to a car!
  10. Spinneyhill

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    For the OP's question on the LC, this is what the Automotive Publishing co said in 1942:
  11. Spinneyhill

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    This one is from 1942 Interchangeability handbook by.
  12. Spinneyhill

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    I have a 1933 Motor Specialties Replacement Parts Reference Book. There are no tie rod ends after 1930-31. What is interesting is the changeover from tie rod bolts and bushings to what they call Eccentric type and Ball type. With the eccentric, they give the "sockets" and the "inter-rods" numbers, which I think are in the series Bud gave above - probably the same manufacturer. Bud gave the 1930--31 Reo; this one gives for models 20, 25, Flying Cloud 1930-31, the socket is ES 1 and the inter-rod is ET13. I wonder if the inter-rod is the tie rod? For interest, these ES 1 ends were also used on Reo Flying cloud 1927-28 and master 6 in 1929 with inter-rod ET 3; the same config. was used on the F-G series 1.5, 2, 3 ton trucks 1928. The ES 1 ends were also on FC, FD, FA, FB, FD trucks. DUFOR don't go back this far.
  13. Spinneyhill

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    Yes, I have noticed that too, especially when there are a lot of makes and models involved. The DUFOR catalogue is a fairly late one and I think they have rationalised in saying that TE11 (say) will fit all these models although small design details may not be as original. For example, the Dodge 8 ends were long with two clamping bolts. The DUFOR ones are short with one clamping bolt. Will they work? DUFOR says so but I wonder if the tie rod will need to be longer. In general, I wonder if later catalogues are as accurate as earlier ones because the market is much smaller for parts for older vehicles, meaning they might be less assiduous in their checking of the entries. With tie rod ends, I suppose the important parts are the bolt taper and the fitting thread.
  14. Spinneyhill

    Aussi John 1

    Are those wheel nuts visible? If not, would they be chromed anyway? Maybe Cadmium plated?
  15. Spinneyhill

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    1956 DUFOR catalogue. DUFOR is an Australian company. After finding the Reo, I searched through for TE11.
  16. Spinneyhill

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    Probably... 1933-35 Flying Cloud S, 2S, 3S; Royale 7S, 6 cyl takes a DUFOR TE11, which is a male thread 13/16x18, bolt taper 0.703 to 0.609 over 3/4", ball bolt 1/2x20. Also used on lots of Reo trucks 1932-39. White trucks 1940-49 WB20, WB20T, WA20, WA20R, 32DG, 37DY, 37DZ, 64DA, 64DB, 54DA, 54DB, front axles 6 cyl. Chevrolet truck 1935-50 Q, R, SA, SB, SC, SD, TA, TB, TC, TD, VA, VB VC, VD, WA, WB 4X2, YR, YS, YT, MR, MS, MT, OR, OS, PJ, PK (exc. heavy duty), QJ, QK, SJ, TJ, RJ, RK, SK, TK, Series 4103, 4104, 4105, 4107, 4109, 4409, 1.5 ton 6 cyl. Chevrolet truck 1935-36 Maple Leaf, HX, HY, 2 ton. Chev truck 1938-42 Series 15 1.5ton. Chev Truck 1946-52 DS, ES, FS, GS, HS, JS, KS 1 ton commercial. 1946-52 sERIES 11 1947-52 Series 14 1958-59 Series 38, 41, 44 (exc. with HD front axle - not used with 2-speed axle). Essex 1932 Super 6, 6cyl. GMC truck 1935-38 T16 , T16H (1936) GMC truck 1938-42 series 95 GMC truck 1939-51 AC300, CC260, CC300, CCS300, EC280, EC300, ECS300, FC150, EC250, FC250, FC280, FC300 GMC truck 1946-52 Series 91 GMC truck 1947-54 series 94 Graham 1930-35 companion 6, 58; Std 6, 65; Std 8 64, 67; Special 8, 67, 69; Custom 8, 57A, 69; Blue Streak 57, 72, 75, 79 Hudson 1932-33 Super 6, E; Great 8, Greater 8, T, U, L A number of International Trucks (I am running out of oomph) 1932-37, 1934-37, 1937-40, 1940-49, 1950-56 Nash 1932-39 1120, 1220, Advance 6, 3520, Ambassador 6, 3620; Std 8 1130; Special 8 1170; Advance 8 1280, 3580; AMbassador 8 3580, 3680, 3780, 3880, 3980. Oldsmobile 1932-33 F32, F33, L32, L33. Oldsmobile Truck 1936-38 C131, C157
  17. Spinneyhill

    Need help identifying a chassis

    to post a picture. Start a post. Put in some text. Scroll down a bit till you see the paper clip. Either drag and drop into that grey area, or click on choose files. Choose a file or two and select Open or whatever at bottom right. They will appear in the grey area. Put your cursor where you want the picture in your post. Left click on the thumbnail in the grey area and the picture will appear in your post. To put in another, press enter (go to next line. Pictures are treated as characters in your post). Left click on the next picture. Done!
  18. Spinneyhill

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    A machine shop should be able to make one fairly easily. It is just a piece of heavy wall pipe with a thread in each end, albeit one of them left hand thread. They may even be able to straighten the one you have.
  19. Spinneyhill

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    All the same drag link ends are: 1933-39 HC, HCL, KC, KCL, LC, MC, MD15-16, MD20-21, RC, RD10-11, RD15-16, RD20-21, TD15, TD20-21, ½-3/4-1 ton 6 cyl. 1930-32 Dodge DD, DH, DC, DG, DK, 1933 DP, DQ, 1934 DR, DS, 1935 DU, 1936-38 D2, D3, D5, D8 1931-32 UF10 after no 8002596, F10 after 8101140, ½ton, 4-6 cyl. 1929-30 DeSoto K, CK, SA, SC, CF, 1935 SF, Airstream 1927-29 Chrysler 50, 52, 1929-33 66, CJ, CM, CI, CO, CD, CP, CQ Imperial, CT Royal, 1934-35 CA, CB, C6, CZ, Airstream 1929-30 Fargo KC, QC, 1938-39 FG1, FH1, FG2-20, FG2-36, FH2-20, FH2-33 1930 gRAHAM special 6, 45 (some) 1930-31 Hudson Great 8, Greater 8 1928-30 International Special Delivery, 6-sp. special. 1931-34 A1 (some), A2 (early), B2 (early), 4WB 1929-32 Nash 1931 Olds F31 Plymouth 1929-38 including drag link end on PE, PF, PJ, 1937-39 PT50, PT57, PT81 ½ton commercial Maybe they are not hard to find!
  20. Spinneyhill

    V-12 or dual ignition six? Distributor cap

    Autolite made a number in this configuration, all with 1003 in their number: IGE, IGJ, IGK, IGM, IGO. (IGL 2003 is not this configuration.)
  21. Spinneyhill

    V-12 or dual ignition six? Distributor cap

    If this is a DR cap as you say, it is the same as your other topic. Autolite made four or five in this configuration.
  22. Spinneyhill

    another V-12 or Dual ignition cap?

    I think this is what you are after: As far as my info goes, DR only made one cap with this configuration. Autolite made four or five, some of which were used on Nash cars.
  23. Spinneyhill

    Valve adjustment

    We do have a small advantage over your DL @Taylormade, with a downdraft carburetor! But in my case, I have to work around the steering column and linkages. Of course with a warm engine, you are working around a hot exhaust.
  24. Spinneyhill

    Wooden Wheel assembly

    You will have to show us the wheel or make sure you use the correct terminology. "split rim" means a rim that comes off the fallow and collapses to remove the tire. A locking ring rim has one edge that comes off. It sits in a groove in the side of the rim. I think this is what you mean. If you can post a clear photograph it would help us help you.
  25. Have you given a torque specification? Do they know what might be reasonable for that engine?