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  1. Does that mean the pistons on one side are less free (or seized?) than the other?
  2. These wheels can be hard to paint because of the body oil impregnating the material (from drivers' hands). Shrock Brothers build Studebaker steering wheels. Maybe they can do REO too? http://www.shrockbrothers.com/steering_wheels.html
  3. Yes. '35 Dictator certainly had the add-on trunk (boot, we say). I know of one near here with side mount spares, same fancy catches.
  4. Leaving Google out of it... http://www.shorpy.com/node/18929
  5. Can't help with the Fitzgerald number, but the 4 cyl. Victor number is V26 to 1927 then V672 for '27-28, if anyone has a cross reference. What would be the bore size from those gaskets?
  6. Picture of the written-off member?
  7. The Studebaker 8s had 9 main bearings and are fairly strong. If I remember correctly, a 1929 President was prepared for that trip or one similar. The question is, why is that rare Chrysler 8 you are looking at so cheap?
  8. I would have said those are 1938 handles, but I don't have a 1939 Commander to compare, just an L5 with handles like that.
  9. 1938 Commander, K5 and 1939 L5 have the same handles. They are smooth, clad in stainless steel. The 1939 Commander handles are not clad in stainless as far as I know and I think have a number of vertical grooves in the outside edge.
  10. Not too much vinegar. If it gets on any metal work, it is acid remember. Is there a chelating agent for lime? What is CLR, is that a chelating agent? Hopefully something that won't attack the fabric. Test a small area first!
  11. OK, thanks Bob.
  12. Another way round it might to be slip on an appropriate length of brass, put a (double) flare on the pipe, solder the brass on behind the flare and do up the nut! Perhaps the flare would be too small. Then flare the larger pipe end after it is soldered on.
  13. Coolant is coming from the rear oil hole in the water pump on our 1935 Dictator 1A. This indicates to me some kind soul has put in a bush with a hole in it, as were fitted later for grease cup lubrication. The pump was repaired not that many miles ago by the P.O's garage, but the account just says "repaired water pump". Anyone know of a source for the rear bush, p.n. 510235, or even the repair kit S-341?
  14. In my opinion, it is YOUR job to make sure they are close to OEM. You can buy any number of plug wire sets purporting to be for the engine. The hard part will be the plug connectors: what were they originally? Was the wire braided black, lacquered or not? I think you can't rely on anybody else for authenticity. Have you tried the likes of Bernbaum and other Chrysler parts vendors?
  15. it might be foundry sand from the day it was cast!