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  1. They are all lined up for a Demolition Derby.
  2. I hope you can get the input pinion in without removing very much?
  3. Spinneyhill

    Identify car from picture

    It looks staged to me. The man and woman appear to be up on their elbows, the woman looking to the right (her left) and the man looking back under the car.
  4. Spinneyhill

    38 Buick Glove box clock blows fuse

    When overhauling a mechanical clock, one never oils any wheels ("gears"). One oils the pivots - the wheels run on axles called arbors and the ends of the arbors are usually smaller in diameter and called pivots. The pivots run in holes in the plates. One puts a drop or two (NO MORE) on the pivots. If you put too much on, it runs down the plate and pulls oil out of the hole, leaving the pivot basically with no oil. So, if you have oil running down the plates, wipe it all off (carefully) and re-oil with one drop only. I used to oil mine with the oil held in the eye of a needle. I expect the clock will have a platform escapement with a balance wheel and hair spring? Anyway, if the fuse is blowing, it is more likely to be caused by a problem (short?) in the electrical system, such as the wiring (e.g. lack of insulation due to it cracking and falling off) and not a stiff clock mechanism.
  5. Spinneyhill

    Help with old GM part number to application

    If The Filling Station have this stuff, do they show part numbers?
  6. Spinneyhill

    What are these taxis?

    Is there no tread or is it full of mud? The conditions don't look very good underfoot.
  7. Spinneyhill

    1927/1928 king pin bush/shim

    OK, so you don't need to do it up real tight. Just enough to allow the thrust bearing to turn without any lumpiness or binding.
  8. Spinneyhill

    Switch purpose and identity

    Blind rivets were developed during the '20s with a patent in 1927 and further developed in the '30s. There is a bit about it on Wikipedia under "Rivet".
  9. Spinneyhill

    1927/1928 king pin bush/shim

    OK. What stops the bolt from turning?
  10. Bother! the Master Parts List does not show the 128/129 in the drag link parts lists. On the Dodge8, the dust cover over the drag link ball is a piece of leather with a hole in it and two metal covers held on with springs that go right round the drag link end. You need to try the drag link ball in the end with no spring pressure on it. If it can pull out without much movement sideways, it is no good. For the ball, you will need to measure the o.a. length, the bolt diameter and thread and the taper to see if the Chev or Then & Now items match.
  11. If the ball is 1" diameter and the same as the Dodge 8, it is the same as a Chev ball. The Filling Station have them and so do Then & Now. I got mine from the latter, along with Chev seats and spring kits to fit both ends.
  12. Spinneyhill

    1927/1928 king pin bush/shim

    The shims should be on top of the thrust bearing. Using my funny logic, I would have though it should be shimmed with the bolt finger tight. When you tighten the bolt, you are squeezing together the ends of the axle (the sort of Y shape), putting them under stress. My thinking is, it would be better for the life of the axle if that extra stress were not there. Before tightening, the amount of up-down movement should be no more than a couple of thou', I would have thought. What is the tightening spec. for the bolt?
  13. Spinneyhill

    motor and flywheel prob

    What do these numbers say? I think it is 2-18-38?
  14. Spinneyhill

    Correct coil for Chry 1926

    Looking through my interchange info.... I have a 1927 Chry 50 showing. The coil is DR and is interchangeable in 203 models. These are some of the models: all Chev's 1927-32; all Chandler 1927-28 and some 1929; Chrysler 50, 60, 70, 80, 62, 72, 80 Imperial, 1928 65, 75, 77W; DeSoto K 1929; 1927-30 Erskine 50, 51, 52; some Franklins; Graham-Paige 1929- 615, 612, 621, 837, 827; 1930-32 Graham (including 8 cylinder cars), 1933 6; Marmon 1927-29; some Nash 1927-28; Oakland 1927-29; Packard 426, 433, 336, 343; Paige 6-45; Some Peerless; Pierce Arrow 1929-32; Plymouth Q; Studebaker 1927-32... that will do! So based on the first of these, you should be able to look them up at The Filling Station, for example! National Data Service (starts 1929) says Chev's 1929-32 used the DR 528B or C; DeSoto K had a 525E as did the Chry 65 1929; 75 had a 525E or 528E; Studebaker 1929-32 used a 528E; Graham-Paige 1929 used a 528C. I wonder if the letter suffix has something to do with the mounting arrangement? Hope this is useful.
  15. The visible ball hole in the drag link looks very warn. Can the ball pull out of it?