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  1. Spinneyhill

    Headlight adjustments

    They are pre-focus head light reflectors. To work properly the bulb filament must be in the right place in the reflector. The screw on the back should move the bulb holder in and out and thus focus the beam from a ragged edged beam to a tight one.
  2. Spinneyhill

    Summer of Exploration

    I am a cheeky Kiwi, so I would drive up and ask if they would like my car in the show!
  3. Looking in my Republic catalog.... The '38 series 40 diff's were either 44-10 or 39-10. So just count the teeth on the ring gear? They are both the same diameter. Series 60 ratios were the same, but it is interesting that the order is opposite in the catalog - 39-10 first, whereas the series 40 is 44-10 first. You probably already know all this, however.
  4. Spinneyhill

    Crop touring

    Re corn, my Grandfather grew maize. It was harvested and put in "cribs", which were a tall timber frame covered in heavy wire netting. The harvested corn cobs were fed in by conveyor and a corrugated steel roof nailed on. It sat there until the moisture content was right I suppose, then it was shelled. I imagine the crib was elevated so when they opened the "doors" at the bottom the corn could come out onto a conveyor. I never saw this of course, I lived 150 miles away. But I remember the cribs empty and full and probably when I was very small a harvesting day.
  5. Spinneyhill

    Are all 6 volt coils created Equal?

    Wood is a good heat insulator. If you put enough on, maybe the pipe couldn't heat up coz it wasn't exposed to the heat?
  6. Spinneyhill

    Crop touring

    Wrapped bails like that are not what we would traditionally call hay. The grass is cut, winrowed, bailed and wrapped all generally within a few hours. The grass ferments inside the air-tight wrap and smells very sweet when the plastic is breached. The cattle love it. It is mostly called "bailage" here, being silage in bails. We have the wonderful smell around at the moment as the cattle over the fence get a bail every second or third day. P.S. At least they are not PINK! .........some here are..... in support of Child Cancer charities.
  7. Spinneyhill

    1913 Buick Model 25 oil site glass needed

    As a last resort, if it fits, you might use an upturned glass fuel pump bowl, after drilling a hole in the base.
  8. Spinneyhill

    Drilling and Tapping Holes in Chrome Plating

    I would suggest a little zinc paint on the cut threads afterwards. A couple of layers at least. Make sure there are no oily residues on it first. When specifying corrugated steel pipes we always specified at least 2 coats of cold galvanising paint for repairs. You could even use a tiny rubber o-ring around the screws to keep water out, like the ones that come on Tek screws. The chrome will likely be damaged first by rust of the exposed steel.
  9. Spinneyhill

    Are all 6 volt coils created Equal?

    They performed as heat sinks, perhaps.
  10. It looks more like the rubber is setting as it runs into the mould to me. Like cooling lava. If it is a heated pressure mould, maybe they are not hot enough.
  11. Spinneyhill

    Summer of Exploration

    I used the oxalic acid method. I left it in about a week. It was dirty when it came out and the panty hose foot in the top hose was pretty much clogged. The change water was fairly clean after a couple of changes. But I got far more out when I put a sodium carbonate mix in to neutralise the acid. It took four water changes to get the signs of rusty water out. I have now pulled four of the five core plugs; the engine was fairly good inside, with a bit of loose sediment in the middle two openings. The problem was the compacted or cemented muck at the very back. I have probably removed about a cup of sediment. Now ready to take it outside and put the flush on before refitting core plugs.
  12. Spinneyhill

    Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    One on the right looks less worn but it has been rusty. If you refit the original, would it work if you put it in the other way round?
  13. Spinneyhill

    Headlight bulb

    Dodge 8 had 19 cp bulbs. I don't recall the fitting. I think they are prefocus so the position of the filament is important. Look at the fitting and hunt around the www for its name, then look for LED bulbs with that fitting and 6V positive earth or ground. Matt Harwood gave some good information in his topics about it - they are either in Our Cars and Restoration Projects or General Discussion, if I remember correctly.
  14. Boy that is a big pair of pliers. Very nice work. It always excites me to see the change between raw and painted parts and as the little frilly bits are added, like decals etc. Xclnt work!
  15. Spinneyhill

    1933 Dodge DP Six Transmission Mount pictures

    Urethane is too hard. I think everywhere such bushes are used, they rely on crush into a housing of some kind to make them work.