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  1. Best not tell your wife that story. It a pretty sexist thing to joke about. Expect to get told off! In about 1973 I was doing topographic surveying to provide data for an irrigation scheme. For a while my truck was a J1 Bedford twin cab, probably about a 1971. I was heading across a paddock and we ran into some irrigation water - this paddock had border dyke irrigation already in place and it was flooded. We hit a water race at about 60 kph and bounced our way across. The windows were open about 1" and we all got soaked (4 or us). Later I was crossing another paddock with a larger ditch, this time dry. It was too deep to go straight across without bottoming front or rear on the ground so I went diagonally. Halfway across, the horn came on. One front wheel was up, the other down in the ditch. I suppose a wire had been pinched somewhere. I couldn't see it. I drove on and the horn stopped immediately that wheel came up. It never happened again while I was driving that wagon. Damn good truck too.
  2. '40, '41, '41 Champion?
  3. I would be interested. I have just been bending die cast fuel pump tops to straighten them so the glass bowl fits and doesn't rock in the stirrup clamp. I do it with boiling water.
  4. Could it be that fuel at the base of the carb. means it is flooded and that is leakage through the bottom gaskets?
  5. What make, model and year of car? Mechanical or electric fuel pump? What do you mean by "base of the carburetor"? Is the pump pumping fuel?
  6. Hasn't there been a thread about this not so long ago? I don't know about bending, but I have watched people making motorcycle fuel tanks annealing the aluminium. They coat it with carbon from a low oxygen flame, then burn the carbon off with a flame and allow to cool. That seems to be what was required.
  7. Where did you get to on this? Just wondering, if you have an adapter on (i.e. a thick gasket) under the pump, maybe the arm stroke is too short and it doesn't pump enough. I have looked at many rebuild kits at various locations on the www. Pretty much none of them offer the arm. The main items needed are the diaphragm for your ethanol fuel and perhaps the one way valves and gasket (I make my own gaskets). The pump you showed looks like one that fits several makes, apart from the arm. I think the top is 855261, fuel straight in-straight out? Studebaker used that top, amoung others. That Model B base has top-bottom holding screws on each side of the number pad at the top of the mounting flange; the other variety has one in the middle of that number pad. So if you can find a good Model B bottom and an 855261 top (keep an eye on EBay?) and your original arm, you should be good to go. And it will look right to boot.
  8. Jerry is Vice President of the Antique Studebaker Club. Ask the www and it will take you to his photograph and email address on the Club's web site.
  9. I think you are right. The price is close to gouging. No one else have it? Can't reseat the needle valve and seat in lathe?
  10. Try buying it from NZ or Oz and see what the shipping charges are! You don't know how lucky you are.
  11. It looks like you don't have the Instruction Book. Here is the section from the Dodge Brothers Eight (DC) Instruction Book.
  12. Our bark is worse than our bite. We are really all fluffy and cuddly. I am assuming the CF is basically the same as a Dodge DC - engine is the same except for stroke. In fact I have a spare engine with DC-CF cast into it. Here are some notes on the points. I made up a divider (drawn on Word or Open Office Writer) and pasted it onto a bit of cardboard. It fits on the distributor. I use a bent nail taped to the rotor for the pointer.There are cutouts for moving the second set of points. There is a long paragraph in the Dodge Brothers Eight Instruction Book, "To Set Igniting Timing". It should be pretty much the same in the De Soto Eight book. Do you have a copy? I have put marks on the vibration damper that I can use with a timing light. Early on, it showed the timing wandering around = worn distributor bushs and shaft.
  13. Might be struggling with the technology or something - it is only their third post. Give him or her the benefit of the doubt for the time being.
  14. Um, there is nothing here? Do you want instructions or are you telling us you did it? Synchronising the points is an act - I can post a doc. if that is what you want.
  15. Um, the spark plugs are over the valves so this doesn't work so well in a side valve, does it? Maybe you could lay it down as far across as you can and when it goes DOWN on the outside end it might work?