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  1. Spinneyhill

    Oil pressure low to 0 at idle when engine is hot

    The motor honey is the problem. It is Snake oil. Try and find any technical information about it! A viscosifier. It will thicken the oil. Thick oil is harder to pump. Just use plain 10W-30 oil. It has plenty of additives in it. If your engine is a bit rattly or smokey, try something like a 5W-40. If you want thick oil, use higher viscosity oil and don't guess with additives with pretty labels and high-hype advertising.
  2. Spinneyhill

    Spark Plug Wires

    So the rubber insulation from the 1920s and earlier hasn't broken down? I had fun with insulation on wires in my 1969-built house; it had broken down and shorted phase to earth. Mind you, it was an add-on circuit, so the wire might have been 10 or 20 years older.
  3. Spinneyhill


    Bumperettes are the short ones on the back of a car with a luggage rack. Those are more correctly called bumper guards. They look very good.
  4. Sludge. Just what happens to oil with no or few additives.
  5. Spinneyhill

    1913 REO - Remy 4 Starter Motor

    I made a screwdriver because I wanted the screw to look as-new. Only a properly fitting screwdriver will do that.
  6. Spinneyhill

    taper angle on Chrysler product rear axles

    Another way would be to measure the ID of the hub at each end and the distance between these locations, accurately of course. Then (large dia. minus small dia) divided by length between measured diameters.
  7. Spinneyhill

    1913 REO - Remy 4 Starter Motor

    Remove the pole shoes. They will have large screws from the outside. I made a perfectly fitting screw driver out of a grade 8 bolt, drilled a hole in the centre of the head and set it up in my bearing puller with a large ring spanner on the bolt. Pressure from the puller (in the wee hole in the centre of the bolt head) keeps the screw driver engaged in the screw and you can figure out the rest. I have a picture somewhere... See post 9 in this topic:
  8. Maybe it is a similar idea to the seat "adjustment" in the 1939 Studebaker Coupé Express. The seat base is fixed. The bottom of the seat back can be brought forward over the cushion; from memory there are three positions. To adjust it, lift the seat back, bring base forward, drop the horizontal pin into a slot which is part of a sawtooth rack. So short people can pull the base of the seat back forward to have something to lean on but they are pushed forward on the seat as a result.
  9. That is about all it does! The oil already has those additives in it, whatever they are. The only one they waffle on about on the web site is ZDDP. It is in the upper part of the SAE 20 viscosity band.
  10. Spinneyhill

    1939 Overdrive Trans

    LoL! Yours are paling from lack of sun and ours are bleaching in the sun!
  11. Spinneyhill

    1939 Overdrive Trans

    Swede is what we call a type of turnip, short for Swedish turnip. They are yellow fleshed. Turnips are white fleshed. I think you might call them or something similar rutabaga. They are a variety of brassica napus. They are grown as winter forage for cattle, for the tops and the roots and of course a perfectly edible by human beans. They hardly need cooking. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Turnip can refer to three vegetables, which are described under the articles Turnip, Rutabaga, and Jicama. The confusion results from the following regional differences of usage. Scientific term Brassica rapa rapa Brassica napus or B. napobrassica Pachyrhizus Southern England, most Commonwealth countries turnip swede (from "swedish turnip") yam Scotland, North East England, Ireland, the Isle of Man, swede or white turnip turnip, yellow turnip or "neep" yam Cornwall swede or white turnip turnip United States, South Yorkshire turnip rutabaga or yellow turnip jicama Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines turnip also called white turnip or summer turnip yellow turnip or winter turnip sweet turnip
  12. Spinneyhill

    Tail light lens wanted DG8

    There is a pair right now on Ebay. $30.
  13. You may have higher pressure with higher viscosity oil, but not necessarily as much flow. It requires more pressure to move higher viscosity fluids. In my opinion, SAE 50 oil (which is what 20W-50 is) is too heavy for an engine that was made with SAE 30 oil in mind, unless it is really stuffed. The first number describes the behaviour when the oil is cold; 20W behaves like an SAE 20 oil when cold. 5W- behaves like an SAE 5. See the viscosity graphs in Widman's paper or elsewhere. It is cold performance that most influences wear and in general, a lower number is better. I changed from 20W-50 to 5W-40. The oil pressure is more stable, especially between startup (cold) and hot, and is certainly not lower.
  14. Spinneyhill

    Oil pressure low to 0 at idle when engine is hot

    What oil are you running and how long has it been in the car?
  15. Spinneyhill

    Ring Gear RIvets

    About 20 years ago my Dodge 8 broke a crown wheel bolt head off. Luckily it went down the back and not through the pinion. I found ALL the bolts were loose (hand tight or looser) and all the locking tabs were bent up in their correct place! They were the original Dodge Brothers bolts. A few teeth were damaged on the crown wheel and it punched the bolt through the back cover. I put the replacement crown wheel on with Unbrako cap screws, torqued as much as I dared into the carrier and wired in pairs with isocyanate thread locker . I put them in the lathe to drill the caps for the wires.