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  1. Interesting Railroad car

    "Riding Shotgun". Protection from bandits.
  2. The universal joints in my friend's Dictator are pretty loose. He has to fix them to obtain a Warrant of Fitness (i.e. pass the safety inspection). I haven't found a source of parts. What are people doing to repair them? I am hoping we can short circuit the process to come up with a cost-effective repair. Twenty years ago I looked for needle bearings for my 1939 Overdrive; they were not available, other than as a full complement caged set. The needles are shorter in a cage than without, meaning less support in the joint.
  3. Just another 1920s street scene but with a difference

    And neither of the blokes on the bare-bones T are wearing a hat, which would be pretty unusual for the time. One is even in a suit or sports jacket and holding on to stay on.
  4. Just another 1920s street scene but with a difference

    Is that a Studebaker Duplex c. 1925 on the near left?
  5. Before and after photos of a 1907(?) Cadillac

    And the tire valve on RR is in the same place. The two black spots on the road under the car are in both photos!
  6. does anyone know what this stewart warner pump is

    Might it be a compressor from a refrigerated room, again with the cylinder removed?
  7. 28 dictator fuel pump

    This is the series A or model A fuel pump. Does the mounting flange shape match the car? The top may be different to yours, this is a "typical" pump of the series. To get a base, you might need to rat something from another car brand. They will most likely have a different arm and maybe a different top: Auburn 1929-30 used a model A pump, as did Buick 116, 121 and 129 of 1929; Franklin 1930; Graham Paige 615, 621, 827, 837 of 1929; Graham Spec. 6 1930, Cust. 8 1930; Oakland 212 1929; Oldsmobile F-29 1929; Pierce Arrow 1929 & 1930. None of these are common, so good luck! The top goes through to 1940: and has the inlet and outlet in line across the top. Here are the repair parts: This came from an ebay listing. If you bought it, you would know which models used the same arm etc. and could easily find the parts you need. https://www.ebay.com/itm/United-Motors-Service-1942-AC-Fuel-Pumps-Repair-Kits-Svc-Parts-Catalog-A-2001/292322745614?hash=item440fcb1d0e:g:Y1wAAOSwke9aAyO-&vxp=mtr
  8. 28 dictator fuel pump

    The GE Dictator '28-29 1,410,001 up used an AC type A pump #855088. as did the 1930 GJ Comm. 6, which also used #855089. The 1928-29 GB, GH Comm. 4,039,801 used #855089. The 1929 Comm. 6 4,070,501 up used either #855088 or 855089. I expect the correct pump to have 5088 stamped on the surface at the top of the mounting flange.
  9. Brass Era Mystery

    this 1913 Cadillac has a similar odd windscreen mounting on the cowl:
  10. Brass Era Mystery

    Looking at the cutout on the RHS, it looks to be bashed up around the bottom. It also looks to have a "flare" to make that section vertical as the body bottom curved inwards. This might suggest that the mechanism came down from inside with the lever (?) mounted on the outside with minor cutout in the wooden sill. The might even have been a steel plate around that cutout to strengthen the sill. So does that flare look like it was always there? The rear door is narrow. Hard to imagine it being a taxi?
  11. What is this part go on?

    My mother would have said "it is a wigwam for a goose's bridle".
  12. 1930s radio identification

    Is there a label or anything indicating what model Philco it is? There are Philco radio documents for sale on eBay at the moment and they often show the model numbers.
  13. What are these headlights from?

    Do the lenses have a number cast into them on the edge? There are headlight lens books out there.
  14. 3rd Kelsey Rims

    I had my Dodge 8 wheels powder coated 20 years ago. Last year I replaced the tires and found rust on the rim under the paint coat where the tire contacts the rim base. This time I had a zinc undercoat put on before the powder coat. I have also found that one should NEVER put a tire on using any liquid for lubrication. The liquid doesn't evaporate, it just stays under the tire (and tube) and any pin holes in the paint will allow rust to start under the paint with the electrolyte put in there during tire fitting.
  15. Can you identify these items? (More will be added)

    I have a National Service Data book. That number, 1539971, does not show up. The years covered are 1936 to 1949 or 50. So they must belong with post-50 vehicles. They include a vacuum pump for the windscreen wipers (the part on the RHS in the photo). That is the bottom pump in the photo. The top pump seems to have something like 403(?)2 on the flange - I can't see that number either, so again, post '50. The Hollander 1952 does not list those numbers either. But Ford had its own numbering system, different to the AC numbers (which I think 1539971 is).