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  1. Maxwel Model 25 Carburetor Experiences

    At some point in its history, my 1914 Model 25 had been converted to a side draft Stromberg Model OF carburetor. I had to improve the jury-rigged linkage, because the change from the original updraft involved moving the carb from the left side of the engine to the right. It also involved raising the height by a good 6 inches or more, so a GG vacuum tank had been added as well to provide sufficient fuel pressure. I have no idea where the right side intake manifold came from; maybe a later model 25. In any case, the Stromberg OF performs excellently. The car is a great runner!
  2. 1923 Franklin

    Heck, I'd go $20 on this one.
  3. revets

    You might try Big Flats Rivet in Big Flats, NY.
  4. A brass car - this Pierce Arrow?

    Perhaps you should direct your question regarding HCCA acceptance to the HCCA discussion board on the HCCA website.
  5. Thanks, I enjoyed reading that.
  6. I just paid 1.25 per mile for personal door-to-door haul of a CCCA classic in a single enclosed unit half way across the country. I had to pay for unloaded miles as well, but I the end, was still about $2.00 per loaded mile. I could have gone the normal broker route and had enclosed haul for somewhere around 1.70 per mile in a max 3-car unit. The value question is: What would you offer that would be worth an extra dollar or more per mile? (Another $1250 or so in my case)?
  7. Headlight lenses changed by time and sun

    I saw some old (1920s) lenses for sale at Hershey that were turning like this as well. I wondered whether a UV resistant clear coat would prevent that. Adhesion to the glass would probably be an issue, though.

    Plenty of used trailers for sale in western NC on craigslist. For a new trailer, I would recommend L.B.s trailer sales in Harmony, NC. Golden Gait Trailers from Charlotte is a regular exhibitor at the AutoFair. Good luck!
  9. Auxiliary driving lights?

    I wonder whether an LED bulb conversion would be worthwhile for you.
  10. Scranton-Area Question

    Not cars, but trains. Steamtown National Historic Park.
  11. 1923 Paige Touring on CL

    Saw this 1923 Paige on craigslist. Looks like a nice car at a reasonable price. Not mine. https://asheville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1923-paige-7-passenger/6363507917.html
  12. Minerva 1929

    You don't see one of these for sale every day. Seems like a reasonable price for a Minerva, even though not the most desirable body style. As they say, "You'll be the only one at the show that has one". Don't know that I'd go for the hassle and risk of importing, though. Good luck selling! I enjoyed seeing the posting.
  13. Museum needs info

    I suppose you could just weigh it....
  14. Deep Discount for STANDARD CATALOG 1805-1942

    Great tip. Just ordered mine online. Thanks!
  15. Thanks! I stopped by the Franklin Club tent at Hershey, and joined on the spot.