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  1. So whats under the hood?

    Here are two I took in Cuba several years ago. I believe the first is (or was) a '58 Ford, and the second a '53 Bel Air. Cuba Car 1.emf cubacar3.emf
  2. Vent Window Restoration Questions

    I would try polishing out the marks with some type of abrasive and a buffing wheel. Heat buildup is a concern when polishing glass, so a wet slurry is better than a dry polish. Toothpaste or a cleanser as mentioned above would work as an abrasive. Lower RPM is better. I would avoid steel wool myself, though others may have had success with it. Years ago, Eastwood sold a polishing compound for glass, as well as a felt wheel that you could use with a drill. I had some success with it on a similar project back then. Good luck! Andrew
  3. Baby Boomer Impact on the Old Car Hobby

    Thanks for posting the link. It is an interesting article, and those of us close to the hobby have already noticed the trends it describes.
  4. Many people slam eBay for one reason or another, but I think it has been the best thing that has come along for our hobby since I have been involved (45 years); buying or selling. Last year I pulled the engine on my 22 Marmon to find that the fiber cam gear was hopelessly worn out. I thought I was going to have to have a replacement drawn up and custom machined from aluminum, and was mentally preparing for the huge price tag on that. Then, out of the blue, somebody posted a NOS gear, exactly the one I needed, on eBay with an opening price of 99 cents. I won't say what I had entered as a maximum bid, but imagine my joy when the auction ended and I was the only bidder, winning the part for a whopping 99 cents!
  5. Here I go again...Another New TV show

    This type of show could attract interest to our hobby. I look forward to it.
  6. FS - 1930 Franklin Grill Shell Louvers and .....

    I am interested in a nice U3 carb. PM sent. Andrew
  7. WTB 34B Clutch Spring Cap

    I am missing one of the eight metal dust caps that fit into the flywheel and cover the clutch pressure springs. You can see seven present and one missing on the attached photo. This part is about 1-1/16" in diameter, and 2-1/8" tall. Please respond or private message me if you have one to offer. This is for a 1922 Marmon 34B touring car. Thanks. Andrew
  8. WTB 34B Clutch Housing

    My cast iron clutch housing has a small section broken out. You can see it at about the 7 o'clock position in the attached photo. Otherwise it is solid, and functionally, I can probably use it as is. I want to see if there might be a better one available, though, before I send this one out for rebuild. Please respond or private message me if you have a nice one to offer. I only need the housing; I have all of the disks and plates. This is for a 1922 Marmon 34B touring car. Thanks. Andrew
  9. My Car Resolutions for 2018

    Mine is similar to yours: replace 6 tires and refresh brakes on '30 Franklin, fix transmission leak on 1914 Maxwell, and maintain momentum on long term 1922 Marmon restoration. Good luck to us all in 2018!
  10. Maxwel Model 25 Carburetor Experiences

    At some point in its history, my 1914 Model 25 had been converted to a side draft Stromberg Model OF carburetor. I had to improve the jury-rigged linkage, because the change from the original updraft involved moving the carb from the left side of the engine to the right. It also involved raising the height by a good 6 inches or more, so a GG vacuum tank had been added as well to provide sufficient fuel pressure. I have no idea where the right side intake manifold came from; maybe a later model 25. In any case, the Stromberg OF performs excellently. The car is a great runner!
  11. 1923 Franklin

    Heck, I'd go $20 on this one.
  12. revets

    You might try Big Flats Rivet in Big Flats, NY.
  13. A brass car - this Pierce Arrow?

    Perhaps you should direct your question regarding HCCA acceptance to the HCCA discussion board on the HCCA website.
  14. Thanks, I enjoyed reading that.
  15. I just paid 1.25 per mile for personal door-to-door haul of a CCCA classic in a single enclosed unit half way across the country. I had to pay for unloaded miles as well, but I the end, was still about $2.00 per loaded mile. I could have gone the normal broker route and had enclosed haul for somewhere around 1.70 per mile in a max 3-car unit. The value question is: What would you offer that would be worth an extra dollar or more per mile? (Another $1250 or so in my case)?