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  1. Identify Tie Rod Ends

    I found these in a large lot of parts that I bought. They appear to be NOS tie rod ends. They are marked 109L and 109R. Can anyone help me identify what they might fit? Thanks!
  2. Series 14 Generator Removal

    Thanks. It finally popped out. I just had to wrestle with it for a while.
  3. Series 14 Generator Removal

    I don't think the generator is charging on my 1930 145. I attempted to remove the generator for cleaning, inspection, and bench testing. According to the manual, you just remove the two bolts and one nut on the generator flange and it will slide right out. Mine, however, isn't sliding out. There seems to be something holding it in there. Am I missing something? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance. Andrew
  4. Locomobile

    I can't help but say it; I think Locomobiles, even later model juniors, are just grand automobiles! I hope this one finds a good home.
  5. 145 Spark Plug

    Thank you very much! Andrew
  6. 145 Spark Plug

    Can somebody tell me what spark plugs work well in a 145? Thanks! Andrew
  7. 145 Spark Plug

    Can somebody tell me what spark plugs work well in a 145? Thanks! Andrew
  8. My '15 Buick uses one by Delco.
  9. 145 Oil Filter Conversion

  10. Painting a not quite antique

    I suggest that you consult the manufacturer's guidelines for the specific brand of paint that you are using. The primer that I use does not require sanding if overcoated within a specific time window; after that sanding is recommended.
  11. Beware of hi-jacked Buicks-for-Sale ads

    Ran into a similar scam on an enclosed trailer on Craigslist recently. The old adage that "if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't" applies.
  12. 145 Oil Filter Conversion

    I want to change the original Purolator oil filter setup in my 145 to the NAPA 1035 canister style filter. I just want to double check that the line from the pump should go to the inlet side of the filter, and the outlet side of the filter would go to the front of the crankcase. Correct? Thanks. Andrew
  13. Painting a Car

    I agree with the post above; go to local cruise-in or cars & coffee events and find the paint jobs you like. Then ask the owners who painted them. Members of your local AACA Region or other local car club would be a good source of recommendations as well. I am sure that there are some good local shops from which to choose. My experience is that the best ones stay busy without advertising, so they can be somewhat obscure. I generally avoid the shops that primarily do collision or "insurance" work, as they tend to charge more, and also treat the collector car projects as a lower priority. Good luck!
  14. So whats under the hood?

    Here are two I took in Cuba several years ago. I believe the first is (or was) a '58 Ford, and the second a '53 Bel Air. Cuba Car 1.emf cubacar3.emf