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  1. trini

    parts wanted

    I am looking for a sun visor for a 1928 Dodge Brothers Senior 6. Also a 19 inch wood spoke wheel split rim . 41/2 inch wide. The tyre size is 600/650 x 19. Harry @905 889 0621,
  2. I do not know of high flow or lo flow. Thermostats comes in different heat ranges. My 28 Dodge senior carries a 150 degrees thermostat. Although there is a machined seat in the thermostat housing,,size nearly 2 inches in diameter these are not readily available. I installed one inside the top hose.. At first it would not go into the hose so I boiled the hose in water for about ten minutes. The thermostat went in like a breeze. My 1995 Cherokee had a slow coolant leak which was difficult to find. After a hot run I noticed around the lower hose connection was damp. This was happening frequently , the coolant vaporising . There was a buildup of crud between the hose and pipe.
  3. Replace the thermostat while you are it. Also good idea to boil/clean the rad at this time
  4. Do not waste time and money. Sell as parts car. If you really bent hell on VW get a pre 1966. More simple and lots of parts from Cipl VW parts dealer.
  5. trini

    Misfire Teaser - straight flathead 6

    There are a few checks you can perform. Remove the distributor cap. With the rotor on have some one turn the crank pulley clock wise. That will tell the direction of rotor and will help to determine #1 plug. Rock the crank pulley back and forth an look at the movement of rotor. ( delay ?)That will give an indication of wear on distributor gears and timing gears. Remove all spark plugs and stuff all holes with paper or cork. Turn the engine slowly clockwise by hand . The corks will pop out according to the firing order. Shadow install the distributor cap. turn the crank shaft until the rotor points to the wire and terminal that goes to the # 1 plug . Interchange #1 spark plug with another. Sometimes sparkplug fires outside.By using metal brush to clean spark plugs causes metal tracking on the ceramics. I may be wrong . I am subject to correction.
  6. To check to see if water is getting into the engine oil take a few ounces from the sump, put on a tin sheet and heat underneath with a torch. The water will pop under heat. If that is the case the problem could be a leaking head gasket or a cracked head . Read up on Rusty-OToole.
  7. trini

    Exhaust smoke and oil consumption

    Breather tubes can get plugged up too and make the smoking worse. The reading on the odometer may not be accurate, most likely more than it says. Given that the engine sat for a long time it is most likely stuck rings and not so much worn guides. Sometimes by removing one quart of oil from the sump and replacing with a quart of transmission fluid and run engine , may be for a fifty miles helps to dislodge the rings. Also idle engine at about 1000 R.P.M while feeding transmission oil through the carburetor works. The spark plugs will give a good indication of the condition of the engine. If all fails tear the engine apart and do a complete rebuild. Do not forget to look for a reputable rebuilder.
  8. trini

    Replacement radiator for ''29 Graham Paige?

    Good morning, Graham man. Is there any possibility of selling me a split rim for a Graham Paige ? If I am not mistaken it is the same size for the 28 Dodge Brothers Senior . !9 inch wood wheel . The width is 41/2 inches. I would appreciate it. About you radiator problem. You need a large capacity rad. At least 4 tubes. These flat heads runs at high temperatures and it needs cooling . It is cheaper to replace the radiator than the engine. The rad man who rejected your rad because you cut flaps on the tank is not being truthful. The flap can be silver soldered. There are tube manufactures who can use your old tank and make a new core to fit the header. The only difference will the shape of the tubes and fins. Some of these guys advertise in the Hemmings Classic Car magazines Forget about the aluminun made in China garbage.
  9. trini

    Wooden Wheel assembly

    Can you explain if the rim is collapsible or the tyre is mounted on the rim and a locking ring is mounted on the outside to keep the tyre in ? Similar rings were used on heavy duty transport vehicles . It now illegal to use them in Canada. If you have this style of assembly make sure the ring is seated properly. If it is a collapsible rim, the one that use a clamp to collapse it, installing the flapper , tube and tyre, it is a tricky operation. Requires lots of patience
  10. trini

    General question

    14 AWG is normal size for the coil to distributor . 12 AWG is a bit of overkill. Generator output wire should be 12 AWG.
  11. trini

    Is This Worth Saving?

    There are some parts you might be able to sell. The rest is for the dump. Do not waste time trying to restore that your self.
  12. trini

    Motometer Red Line

    Thank you very much, Restoration supply has refills @50 dollars but for the larger Motor Meter only. I can try and remove the insert on my 3 inch motor meter but where can I buy a refill ? The next move is to get a good used large housing with a bad insert and get a new refil from Restoration Supply.
  13. trini

    Motometer Red Line

    On Ebay there is a motor meter for sale, price 110 dollars. The description says it fits D B Senior from the years 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, and 1927. From what I know the D B Senior was made only in 1928. I stand corrected. What is the correct size of the Moto Meter for the 1928 Senior ? This Motor I have is 3 inches in diameter and the stem fits in the hole of the dog bone rad cap
  14. trini

    Need an ID on a hubcap

    According to the AACA Antique bi-monthly magazine that is a wheel cover, not a hubcap. Hubcaps are the ones screwed on like on pre-1930 cars to keep the grease in.
  15. trini

    Motometer Red Line

    The pictures I emailed to Keiser 31 has returned . Address changed. At the back where the hole is there is the Dodge Brothers Logo. On the face there are a few instructions and parallel lines. There are no silver ring , no barley surround. Just plain.