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  1. Accumulators back on the car transmission ...I put them apart, cleaned and they are working fine. Tomorrow I will reassembly the torque ball. Big day!
  2. In this one (1957 Buick?) you can't see the piston...it's inside the accumulator and will not operate when you push the accelerator... but if I remove the top nut, works ok...maybe it's the wrong top nut?
  3. one is 1957 Buick(8 small holes, this one was installed in the original Dynaflow that I replaced) the other (six holes) 1956 Buick from the spare car.
  4. Today I decided to rebuild the Dynaflow accumulators.... I search in the web for information, couldn't find anything of" how to"...so I took my spare transmission and I did it myself. Took lots of pictures in case somebody else need this information. Also I rebuilt the high accumulator in the " original" transmission and I find out why the transmission didn't work..... the piston in the valve was frozen with rust....the accumulator wasn't working so the transmission was not getting in gear...I think that somebody use the wrong stop nut, when I tight the nut ,it will depress the valve and the valve will not come back up. Please somebody look at the pictures and tell me if something is wrong. Should be a hole in the stop nut, allowing the axel of the valve to go up? Because when I tigh the stop valve the valve get depressed inside the body of the accumulator so it does not pump. The other one( first pictures )is working fine. Both accumulators are a little be different. Thanks Daniel
  5. Half of the job is done......pulled rear end and removed ball torque seal...and I think I found were the seal was damaged..now I will replace the seal and put everything back together .also I just notice that the torque ball has a direction ( I didn't noticed it before....maybe I placed the torque ball in the wrong position, may be that was the leak?
  6. Thanks Ben...I think it has a brake fuel line connection....but I will ground it anyway Have one to sell? Sell now 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 Buick Gas Fuel Tank Sending Unit NEW
  7. Anybody!!! anybody??Advise will be appreciate!!Tips, tricks, know how, etc, welcome.....thanks in advance!!! Daniel Quote Edit Options
  8. the staff floating in the tank, clogged the sending unit, making the car(or pump)starve of gas....
  9. Well, I think I found the problem..... I was going to install the electric fuel pump, when I decided to tray something else(I really wanted to find what was going on!!)...so I pulled the gas tank down (I ordered a new sending unit) when I empty the tank, nothing estranged, but when I removed the old sending unit....oh boy!!!! big surprise.....something was at the bottom...so I shaked the tank up and then I discovered the source of my problem.....some rat ( or mouse) built a nest in my tank!!! Using the material from the seats Remember....this was a brand new tank...it set in my garage for sometime ( maybe a couple of years) but it was in a box...inside a plastic bag....anyway, the "critter " found the way....it was my fault that I didn't check it out...I assume that " new tank...will be clean" big mistake!!! With the tank down, I cleaned it very well....used a hose and a lot of water .....dry it out with a garden blower and I used a bottle of alcohol.I'm waiting for the ordered new ending unit....I can wait to reinstall the tank and drive the car....
  10. It was vapor lock!!!! Today I removed the cheap fuel filter before the pump, connected a solid metal line to the pump and run the car.....once again 15/20 minutes and the car starved of fuel and quit on me.....I got frustrated and walked away, very upset.....4 hours later returned back(car cooled down) to get the car and tried to start the engine and.....it worked!! the car runs fine.... so tomorrow, I will install an electric fuel pump with a off/on switch under the dash(I got a pump from ebay) ...will see
  11. IMG_0077.MOV
  12. Willie, I posted before but I don't see it in the forum so here goes again...what kind of fuel pump do you use? airtex, Mr Gasket, Carter? do I need to spend a lot of $$$?where do you get the power to it?do you use a relay? what size of wire for the power? 16g, 12g? can I get the power from the switch that go to the starter (my started in the accelerator it's not working, I connected a cable with power in a push bottom under the dash...only works when I turn the original switch on). Can I ground it to the frame?Thanks for the help, Daniel
  13. What kind and brand of fuel pump are you using in your cars?do I need to spend a lot of $$$?what do you think about airtex or Mr Gasket or Carter? do you use in conjunction with your mechanical pump? do I need a inline pressure regulator ? do you use your pump wit a on/off switch?. I will change the sending unit....it's not working and I will need to know if I got gas or not....also, I will buy a 25" roll of fuel line and I will make a solid line....remove all the cheap plastic filter and connect the mechanical fuel pump with a metal line( I got it connected with a rubber piece)...Today I will start(AGAIN!!!) to the replacement of the torque ball cover....hope doing this will stop the leak ...do you think I should replace the seal at the end of the universal joint at the torque ball inner and outer retainer(it's such a seal? in the diagram I got from the torque ball kit show a seal before the sleeve?(Attached photo of diagram) where the transmission fluid can be leaking other than the torque ball? Sorry to ask so many questions, but your knowledge and expertise(as many other people in this site!!) is very important ....I wish more young people get into this hobby, but unfortunately it's not happening...Thanks for your advise!!! Daniel
  14. I will remove the fuel filter and I will replace the fuel line from the pick up tube tank( it's in three pieces...I couldn't work with a long piece...the fuel line roll was 25' long) but , this time I will use one piece(it's about 8 feet long).....also I considering replacing the fuel tank sending unit for a new one.... 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 Buick Gas Fuel Tank Sending Unit NEW (Fits: 1956 Buick) $80.00 Buy It Now Free shipping
  15. It's a new tank. I'm using the old sending unit, but I cleaned it thoroughly....I did put it apart and removed all the rust and gunk. The sock was gone, so doesn't have a filter at the pick uk tube.