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  1. new 1956 Super owner

    does anybody know whats the best way to replace the upholstery for my 1956 Buick Super(complete...headliner, seats, dash, doors panels,etc)? upholstery kit?Probably I will be able to do the flat parts( doors panels,etc)....have anyone replaced, by a professional ,a total interior from a 1956 Buick or similar size car? any idea a job like that will cost? $ 3000? $ 5000?....more? thanks....
  2. new 1956 Super owner

    hi everybody, do you think that the instalation of a replacement rear glass in my Buick is a DIY or should I pay a professional glass installer?Any tricks? easy or difficult task?how can i softner the rubber weather seal or stripper? something like that will work?. Thanks, Daniel
  3. new 1956 Super owner

    Thanks old-tank for found the information....very helpful!!(Yesterday I purchased a 1954-1966 Interchange Hollander manual myself!! lots of information )Daniel
  4. new 1956 Super owner

    Once again....thanks John!!! After a very "brutal" Fl summer(hurricanes, heat, rain, humidity, mosquitos, etc!!!) I'm ready to finish the car. I stated to work last week, hoping to restore it before my birthday (February)...will see!. Thanks again, Daniel
  5. new 1956 Super owner

    wndsofchng06, Do you think your rear glass will fit my car?it's similar at the glass in your profile car?your profile car glass looks different that my car...Maybe I can make a paper template and send it to you to compare glass size, to be sure....will you ship it to me in Fl? How much are you asking for?thanks for your help! Daniel
  6. new 1956 Super owner

    my car is series 50....i think...maybe it's better for me to make a paper template....I contacted two or three glass store and its a lot of wrong information. They talked about Special, Century etc but nothing about Super. I found one in the computer that give a part number for a Buick Super series 50, # 2935 2935 1956 Buick SEDAN - 4 Door - Series Super 50 & Roadmaster 70 Models 52, 72 & 72R Style No. 56-4519, 56-4719 2951 1956 Buick HARDTOP - 2 Door - Riviera Series Super 50 & Roadmaster 70 Models 56R & 76R - Style No. 54-4537 & 54-4737X. 2960 1956 Buick HARDTOP - 2 Door - Riviera Series - Special 40 & Century 60 - Models 46R & 66R - Style No. 56-4437 & 56-4637. 2963 1956 Buick HARDTOP - 4 Door - Riviera Series - Super 50 & Roadmaster 70 - Style No. 56-4539 & 56-4739X. 2957 1956 Buick CONVERTIBLE & SKYLARK - 2 Door - Series Special 40 & Century 60 - Models 46C, 66C & 100 - Style No. 56-4467TX & 56-4667X. 2948 1956 Buick CONVERTIBLE - 2 Door - Series Super 50 & Roadmaster 70 Models 56C & 76C Style No. 56-4567X & 56-4767X. 2962 1956 Buick HARDTOP - 4 Door - Riviera Series - Special 43 & Century 63 - Style No. 56-4439 & 56-4639. 2363 1956 Buick ESTATE WAGON - 4 Door - Series Special 40 & Century 60 Models 49 & 69 Style Number 56-4481 & 56-4681 2954 1956 Buick SEDAN - 2 Door - Series Special 40 - Models 48 & 48D - Style No. 56-4411.
  7. new 1956 Super owner

    Searched Ca...no luck! e-Bay, Google it.....nothing! still searching for a rear glass replacement......I found two doors. convertible, but nothing for a 4 door sedan 1956 Buick Super.....any help? anybody? suggestions welcome!! Thanks, Daniel
  8. new 1956 Super owner

    anybody knows were I can purchase the rear window for a 1956 Super? Thanks
  9. 1956 Buick Super *price update again*

    love your car!!! love the color!!! so classic.... but, you will have a hard time to sell her......people don't appreciated the beautiful lines of this car. I tried to sell my (took it to car show's, swap meet,etc)(my was not as beautiful as yours) nothing!!! so I decided to keep it and restorer....wish I could buy yours!!! I hope you find a nice home for her.... $7.000 its a great price, Daniel
  10. 1956 Buick Super *price update again*

    I will probably (no probably....for sure!!!)pay more to restore my......good luck with the sale.
  11. new 1956 Super owner

    Body work almost finished!!!
  12. new 1956 Super owner

    Car is running great!! No leaks!! Fuel pump working fine.....very happy!!. Monday I started to work fixing some rust spot. Using my Hobart 140 MIG welder I managed to patched some holes...looking good...I hope I can finished before summer time. Start to get really hot in Fl!
  13. new 1956 Super owner

    ooohh yeah!!! that's for sure.....I got one of those digital inspection camera from HF....also the sending unit that I got, have a filter or sock...I hope it will catch anything floating Digital Inspection Camera
  14. new 1956 Super owner

    DONE!!!! Finally, ball torque seal replaced....tomorrow I will reinstall the gas tank with new sending unit.
  15. new 1956 Super owner

    Accumulators back on the car transmission ...I put them apart, cleaned and they are working fine. Tomorrow I will reassembly the torque ball. Big day!