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  1. new 1956 Super owner

    anybody knows were I can purchase the rear window for a 1956 Super? Thanks
  2. 1956 Buick Super *price update again*

    love your car!!! love the color!!! so classic.... but, you will have a hard time to sell her......people don't appreciated the beautiful lines of this car. I tried to sell my (took it to car show's, swap meet,etc)(my was not as beautiful as yours) nothing!!! so I decided to keep it and restorer....wish I could buy yours!!! I hope you find a nice home for her.... $7.000 its a great price, Daniel
  3. 1956 Buick Super *price update again*

    I will probably (no probably....for sure!!!)pay more to restore my......good luck with the sale.
  4. new 1956 Super owner

    Body work almost finished!!!
  5. new 1956 Super owner

    Car is running great!! No leaks!! Fuel pump working fine.....very happy!!. Monday I started to work fixing some rust spot. Using my Hobart 140 MIG welder I managed to patched some holes...looking good...I hope I can finished before summer time. Start to get really hot in Fl!
  6. new 1956 Super owner

    ooohh yeah!!! that's for sure.....I got one of those digital inspection camera from HF....also the sending unit that I got, have a filter or sock...I hope it will catch anything floating Digital Inspection Camera
  7. new 1956 Super owner

    DONE!!!! Finally, ball torque seal replaced....tomorrow I will reinstall the gas tank with new sending unit.
  8. new 1956 Super owner

    Accumulators back on the car transmission ...I put them apart, cleaned and they are working fine. Tomorrow I will reassembly the torque ball. Big day!
  9. new 1956 Super owner

    In this one (1957 Buick?) you can't see the piston...it's inside the accumulator and will not operate when you push the accelerator... but if I remove the top nut, works ok...maybe it's the wrong top nut?
  10. new 1956 Super owner

    one is 1957 Buick(8 small holes, this one was installed in the original Dynaflow that I replaced) the other (six holes) 1956 Buick from the spare car.
  11. new 1956 Super owner

    Today I decided to rebuild the Dynaflow accumulators.... I search in the web for information, couldn't find anything of" how to"...so I took my spare transmission and I did it myself. Took lots of pictures in case somebody else need this information. Also I rebuilt the high accumulator in the " original" transmission and I find out why the transmission didn't work..... the piston in the valve was frozen with rust....the accumulator wasn't working so the transmission was not getting in gear...I think that somebody use the wrong stop nut, when I tight the nut ,it will depress the valve and the valve will not come back up. Please somebody look at the pictures and tell me if something is wrong. Should be a hole in the stop nut, allowing the axel of the valve to go up? Because when I tigh the stop valve the valve get depressed inside the body of the accumulator so it does not pump. The other one( first pictures )is working fine. Both accumulators are a little be different. Thanks Daniel
  12. new 1956 Super owner

    Half of the job is done......pulled rear end and removed ball torque seal...and I think I found were the seal was damaged..now I will replace the seal and put everything back together .also I just notice that the torque ball has a direction ( I didn't noticed it before....maybe I placed the torque ball in the wrong position, may be that was the leak?
  13. new 1956 Super owner

    Thanks Ben...I think it has a brake fuel line connection....but I will ground it anyway Have one to sell? Sell now 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 Buick Gas Fuel Tank Sending Unit NEW
  14. new 1956 Super owner

    Anybody!!! anybody??Advise will be appreciate!!Tips, tricks, know how, etc, welcome.....thanks in advance!!! Daniel Quote Edit Options
  15. new 1956 Super owner

    the staff floating in the tank, clogged the sending unit, making the car(or pump)starve of gas....