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    Old car fan for a long time. Started with a 1951 Pontiac in 1970 and moved up to a 1955 Chevy in 1972. Had a 1937 Dodge MC 1/2 ton for a while until 2010 and then a 1964 Plymouth with 49,000 miles since new up until Aug 2012. Currently have a 1964 Vespa and 1970 Yamaha Enduro 90cc. Retired / disabled from a car-mc crash in 2012.

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    They don't get much cleaner than yours! Haven't seen one that nice in a long time. Good luck with the sale. Terry
  2. Help ID this Commercial vehicle from York County

    FWD is an all wheel drive truck, one of the first to have it. I suspect it might have been used for road building or maintenance. Great photo!
  3. Old Car Picture I need Identified

    I like how the picture of a restored car from the Internet never seem to match how the cars "back in the day" really looked. In this case, the whitewall tires really seem out of place. Terry
  4. Amp gauge reading too high, car runs normally.

    Item, old batteries can be a problem. You have a great car, one of my favorites. In 1983 I bought a new z28, red, 5 speed, 305. Terry
  5. Amp gauge reading too high, car runs normally.

    You are getting normal voltages so that is good but not the whole story. You need to get a load test done on the battery to see what it amp output is. The amp gage is showing the battery may have issues with delivering enough power to keep everything running. Terry
  6. Anyone seen this exhaust deflector

    Similar item was sold by a MoPar parts dealer back in the 1990s. He also had keychains with the metal emblem. Terry
  7. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    You are in Wright Brothers turf so be careful what you say about others! Terry
  8. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    You may want to add the Glenn Curtis Museum in Hammondsport NY to the list if you enjoy early motorcycle and aviation history. It's one of my favorite smaller museums. The local wines are great too. Terry
  9. Alternator/generator

    Generators typically do not have much charging output at idle and low speed operation. Alternators are better in this operating range and are therefore better at keeping the battery charged. Cars that do long distance drives typically are fitted with alternators for peace of mind operation during these runs. For the short drives I did with my 1937 Dodge I ran the original generator and I carried a spare just in case of problems with it. Terry
  10. 1916 BRISCOE 4-38 8-38 Instruction Book

    I'm passing on the book as the total with shipping is more than I planned. I don't own the car and just wanted it from a historical interest in the make. Thanks for responding Craig. Terry
  11. 1916 BRISCOE 4-38 8-38 Instruction Book

    I'm interested in the book. My zip is 17543 for shipping. Let me know what you will need for it shipped. Thanks, Terry
  12. Is my ammeter burned out.

    In the good old days of analog gauges it was not unheard of wrapping the gauge needle around the stop pin at the extreme ends of the gauge range. Terry
  13. Garage Find

    Looks like a wrap around windshield from the late 1950s or later. Clean it up and look for any I'd on the glass like GM, Ford, MoPar. Check the trim pieces for I'd numbers too.
  14. Out from long team storage

    I'm a little late to this thread but I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the picture of your clean up crew. Great way to introduce them to old cars and their history, especially with a car as unique as a Case. Terry
  15. car show fun

    I used to go to this show all the time. Only negative was the hot and humid August weather and the storms it sometimes brought with it. Not sure how it is today as it's been about 6 years since I was there. Terry