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    Old car fan for a long time. Started with a 1951 Pontiac in 1970 and moved up to a 1955 Chevy in 1972. Had a 1937 Dodge MC 1/2 ton for a while until 2010 and then a 1964 Plymouth with 49,000 miles since new up until Aug 2012. Currently have a 1964 Vespa and 1970 Yamaha Enduro 90cc. Retired / disabled from a car-mc crash in 2012.

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  1. TerryB

    Buying a new car or truck in Canada?

    Are their any physical differences between Canadian and US trucks? For example, would the 2018 F150 for Canada have any differences in equipment or trim compared to a US market truck. At one time the Canada models all seemed to have engine block heaters, understandably so, but anything else?
  2. TerryB

    1960 Thunderbird

    Maybe it’s a 352 hipro engine?
  3. TerryB

    Bishop and Babcock in line thermostat

    Neat item! Never saw one like it. The patent numbers may help date it.
  4. TerryB

    Sears Allstate tires

    The orange colored Allstate tins with the map of the USA on them for oil, tire repair etc are quite collectible. Maybe the tires are too for man cave use. Living in a small town as I did as a kid meant Sears was your go to place for most everything. We also had some auto supply store, can’t remember the name, that sold some really bargain basement tires under their house brand. The really big sellers were the recap tire places. They were popular into the 1980s. As a poor college kid the recap dealers got a lot of my business!
  5. Short for Bugatti. A big and expensive bug if ever I saw one. Carl hangs out in classy circles!
  6. TerryB

    Wanted ANY Pre-1929 touring car (Please read for insight)

    I’m in PA too so I’ve been looking in the weekly farming related newspaper I get as they have a for sale section that includes some really unusual stuff. For example 1999 Lincoln runs & drives for $2500, a Chevy S10 for $2800, lots of old tractors for $3k or less and a 1936 Ford Woody wagon for $55,000. No touring cars in the range the poster wants. Many times Ford T stuff shows up so I’ll keep looking.
  7. TerryB

    Help request for year of a fire truck

    I’ve seen the old DB logo on a 1950 B series firewall ID plate I once had so I guess they continued its use for a long time after the logo disappeared on the front of cars and trucks. I really like the job rated slogan they came up with after the 1930s.
  8. TerryB

    Help request for year of a fire truck

    Dodge Brothers emblem was last used on 1938 trucks from what I found over the years. I had a 1937 DB MC pickup for many years and the research I did indicated that 1938 was the end of the traditional DB emblem on the radiator emblem.
  9. TerryB

    Looking for 1950 Ford F1 to restore

    1950s trucks are very desirable. Vintage Truck magazine is a good place to look along with Hemings Motor News. Don’t be shocked at the price they bring!
  10. TerryB

    1952 MG TD

    Nice car, very sorry to hear the owner did not have a lot of time to enjoy it. It’s one of my favorite cars from my youth. Always wanted to own one but never did. Like Keiser, retirement and for me, physical disability means I can only look.
  11. TerryB

    Wanted ANY Pre-1929 touring car (Please read for insight)

    Some early cars will show up at lower prices because they don’t have much of a following and parts for them a hard to find. Early Fords are your best bet for cars available and ready access to parts. Dodge Brothers seem to have a good following too. Good luck with your search!
  12. TerryB

    Chevrolet 1940 TC Coupe "Fangio"

    Seller says car is in Florida. Not sure why the information was not posted here.
  13. Some had the insignia of the make, others just filled the hole. I think this one just filled the hole.
  14. TerryB

    Chevrolet 1940 TC Coupe "Fangio"

  15. Thank you all for your photos!