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    Old car fan for a long time. Started with a 1951 Pontiac in 1970 and moved up to a 1955 Chevy in 1972. Had a 1937 Dodge MC 1/2 ton for a while until 2010 and then a 1964 Plymouth with 49,000 miles since new up until Aug 2012. Currently have a 1964 Vespa and 1970 Yamaha Enduro 90cc. Retired / disabled from a car-mc crash in 2012.

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  1. 1924 White Yellowstone bus Help

    December 2017 Hemmings Classic Car magazine ran a story about the White bus from 1936-39 model years. Nice read on the history of White buses used in the national parks.
  2. Carburetor Identification and Value

    Using Google I found an old thread from Carb King about these carburetors. Doing a search on the site's search tab did not find it. Try Google if you can't find it directly from here.
  3. 1924 White Yellowstone bus Help

    Yes, but that was for busses made 1930s to 1940s.
  4. Carburetor Identification and Value

    Rayfield is the manufacturer. If you do a search on this site you should find more info. Not the best carb and not the worst out there from what I have read. One comment was it makes a great base for a really cool lamp. Terry
  5. Just Wondering

    It's not open yet. Will be over close to the Giant Center.
  6. Nice car! Not many around in that good of shape.
  7. Cadillac flower truck?

    The dreaded ran when parked disclaimer!
  8. So whats under the hood?

    Great photos! Thanks for posting them. Certainly not like today where all you see is a big piece of plastic starting back at you.
  9. 1937 LINCOLN K 4 DR SEDAN - 58k - RESTORED

    Very nice car! I think it would benefit from better photos of the body as they come out dark when viewed. More side profile photos would hilight the body lines. Check out cars for sale from users Brass is Best and Matt Harwood on this form for photo methods comparison. Best set of luck with the sale. Terry
  10. I like it! Not off topic as it may have been used for road repairs.
  11. TESLA

    Check out the history of the Electrovair, an electric battery powered Corvair in the mid-1960s. It was a test car for the technology used in the lunar rover vehicles.
  12. TESLA

    Well there IS a new Tesla sports car roadster "on the horizon" so to say, so your comment could be misinterpreted. However, I do appreciate the humor ( took me a little while to get it too). Sometimes I just overthink the obvious.
  13. TESLA

    That's one that won't end up on Craigslist at a discount price! They are still not making money but having a great time shaking up conventional thinking about what automobiles should be like.
  14. 1928 REO Speedwagon 3 Ton Heavy Duty

    Helps if you are in the trucking world and have the room to work on it. Prices can be reasonable due to limited audience for this type of vehicle. His price seems optimistic.
  15. 1960s Lincoln grille piece?

    C4 usually means 1964 in Ford parts jargon. No idea of what it might go to.