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    Old car fan for a long time. Started with a 1951 Pontiac in 1970 and moved up to a 1955 Chevy in 1972. Had a 1937 Dodge MC 1/2 ton for a while until 2010 and then a 1964 Plymouth with 49,000 miles since new up until Aug 2012. Currently have a 1964 Vespa and 1970 Yamaha Enduro 90cc. Retired / disabled from a car-mc crash in 2012.

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  1. You have to wonder how they ever amassed such a huge collection of stuff and still found time to farm! Some of the cars and trucks look like good project vehicles that are in solid shape. Sure glad I don't live close by. Terry
  2. Top looks like Triumph. Terry
  3. You have to be quick about it! Terry
  4. The door lock was on the passenger side, at least on my '37. I believe you were expected to exit on the passenger side so the drivers side would make sense for the rack mounting.
  5. Thanks for the info! I had a 1937 1/2 Dodge pickup model MC. My fuel fill was under the driver seat. I don't think that's how it came from the factory but I was never sure. Seeing your truck had no visible outside gas cap prompted my question. Thanks for posting the photo too! Terry
  6. Nice truck! Is the gas cap under the seat? Terry
  7. Out of necessity, my dad introduced me to auto repair, junkyards, and all it took to keep a car running in the 1950s to 1970s. He could only afford the "third row back" used cars, the ones that needed quite a bit of help to stay road worthy. One of his real joys was finding a junkyard that had several of the same cars he had at the time. That insured a steady supply of used parts and a long life with that car for him. He was a big fan of Chrysler product cars, especially the Chrysler and DeSoto brands. My mom would always ask "how big of a car did he get this time?" when another one came home. He and his brothers all liked big cars, even if they were well used by the time they got them. Thanks, dad for showing me the way!
  8. Here's a real picture postcard from my collection advertising the Cartercar.
  9. Nice cars! It's a shame to see them functioning as extra storage shelves in the garage. From what I read there were novel cars of the day. Terry
  10. John, I'm going to move to your part of the country, you have been spotting some fine cars recently! Terry
  11. One of the photos from my presentation today.
  12. My investment in these is negligible as I acquired them years ago in a bunch of stuff I got at a public sale of all types of early literature and books. I will be contacting the library soon. I had been working on another project for the senior services day program I attend and presented to them today a pictorial view of South Korea and of Tesla autos thanks to info my son gathered during his recent trip there for work. I also did a brief show on antique auto pics from real b&w photos from the 1910s to 1940s. The folks really enjoyed those photos as you might imagine as they remember many of the cars as their daily drivers. Sometimes we have more to offer for the wellbeing of others than we realize at times. Terry
  13. For the mate in Australia as you may not be as close to Hershey as the rest of us. Enjoy! Terry
  14. Thank you all for your inputs! I like the idea of contributing the diagrams to the library for all to have easy access to them. Also, if that works out there is NO NEED to offer any monetary compensation to me. The ability to help out a hobby I have enjoyed for all of my adult life is more than enough compensation for me. I greatly appreciate your concern for my disability and recovery status. The time I spend here is some of the best therapy I could hope to find. I wish we could all get together for a big Cars and Coffee gathering someday! Terry
  15. Close, 1956 based on the location of the V under the emblem.