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  1. Long before Amazon and others were in the home delivery business, Watkins products brought the goods to your door in a Model T truck as seen in this old photo. Kids seem thrilled to have their photo taken next to the truck! Terry
  2. Isn't it wonderful that rust and degradation is now called nice patina! We can certainly get creative when selling something. At least it's not another "barn find". Terry
  3. Ford Ad from 1926

    Great ad showing not all Model Ts are black and the text of the ad was directed to women drivers.
  4. Great looking cars, and that's coming from a Chevy guy! Always liked them and the Mercury models of the same year. It's too bad they are not seen as often as the 1960s cars these days, at least in my part of the world. Terry
  5. source for window regulator springs

    We just recently had a discussion on this. Someone mentioned regulator Roy as a source. He has a website.
  6. Carburetor

    There is a guy on this forum called carbking, send him a personal message or look for one of his posts here for contact info.
  7. Seems this is a common problem. Some recommend a torch and heat it up and pry with a long lever, others say to cut the pipes off and chizel out the rest. As I suspected, the aluminum head and steel pipe "weld" themselves together. I was never one to put aftermarket headers on any of my motorcycles. Couldn't stand all the noise and having to play games with the carb jetting required to compensate for the header change. That's me on the right in the photo MANY years ago! Terry
  8. The interaction between the aluminum cylinder head and steel pipe might have made a rust bond that's going to take some doing to separate. The various methods to make a concoction to cut through the corrosion might help loosen the bond between the two metals. It will take time for the fuilds to do their stuff so be patient. Terry
  9. Cus we are a bunch of smart dudes on this site and we are known to be friendly and helpful too! I also think there is another fastener or two hiding out of sight somewhere. Those Japanese cycle guys like to do things like that! Good luck with your project. Terry
  10. 1930s radio identification

    Yes, Ford owned Philco at one time but they were in the radio business long before that happened.
  11. 1949 Packard Super Eight Sedan

    If you have a direct line to Santa put a good word in for me and tell him there is room in the garage and my wife won't mind, really that's the truth and I've been a good boy. Ok as good as I can be for someone my age! Terry
  12. I really appreciate all the replys received, great information indeed. I will have to do more research on the car in the photos as I thought it was a 1917. Now that it seems it is earlier, like 1914, I'll have to dig through all the papers I have to see if it shows up when it might have been purchased. I have receipts from a nearby Ford dealer in Manheim PA that might be for this car. Terry
  13. 1949 Plymouth special deluxe

    With spark and fuel it should do something, do you get any cylinders to fire? Is it original engine and 6v system. Can you post a photo of the engine bay?
  14. Is this the same car? License plate is post 1915 for PA.