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  1. AC Fuhrman

    Passing of Jeff Locke (TRAACA)

    Will miss him terribly - he and Pat were more than 'car-friends' to us, shared good times and bad with them. Recently spent a couple days with him at an I-VAN meeting - so glad I did too. He was also a great influence on my son as they worked together on an large estate project just last summer. Look out heaven - here comes Locke!
  2. AC Fuhrman

    1930 studebaker President Reduced 32500

    It's a beautiful car - keep and enjoy it!
  3. AC Fuhrman


    I'm going - been looking forward to it!
  4. AC Fuhrman

    1933 Chevrolet Master Eagle 3-Window Coupe

    Gosh that is nice Matt!
  5. AC Fuhrman

    1931 Chevrolet Independence Series AE Special Sedan.

    Gaaaah! There it is - love this car. Where is that lottery ticket?
  6. AC Fuhrman

    1964 Thunderbird 390 V8

    Red hardtop with white interior - AT/V8 - hidden CD player - Vintage Air - Swing-Away steering wheel, looks good, runs good. Ashland, Virginia - (near Richmond) More photos coming soon. Asking $21K OR MAKE AN OFFER PLEASE. Call Andy with questions 804 833 1576 or email.
  7. AC Fuhrman

    Chemung Valley Region AACA Show-Arkport, NY

    Great show coming up next month!
  8. AC Fuhrman

    Car dreams

    I am so sorry about this - so hard on the family and friends when the patient says things like this!
  9. Please check out attached flyer for Chemung Valley Region - and Alfred State College Chapter - Annual Car Show July 8th, 2018 - Arkport, NY - (Between Rochester and Corning) Lots to do - held in conjunction with Arkport Summerfest! carshowss2018.pdf
  10. AC Fuhrman

    A few Caddys, 1918 Buick, & several others

    So sad - hope they find good homes.
  11. AC Fuhrman

    Clean tyres with white wall

    Do you mean the Mr. Clean magic eraser?? (The rectangular pad thing?)
  12. AC Fuhrman

    Suggestions for wind wing glass?

    A friend lost a wind wing from his early roadster - (plate glass broke into a million pieces.) Luckily he still has the other side! Can anyone recommend a glass cutter/shop to reproduce these, (using the remaining one as a pattern?) I think it best to have these made from safety glass - could have been worse if it fell inside the car and broke rather than outside! East Coast US would make life easier. Thanks in advance.
  13. AC Fuhrman

    ODMA 2018 Old Dominion Meet - 27-28 April 2018

    Looking forward to it! Bringing my Buick.
  14. AC Fuhrman

    1952 Kaiser Virginian for sale

    Hi Nick - Can you tell me about the blue Audi?? Thank you!
  15. AC Fuhrman

    for sale 1931 chey

    Great car - one of my favorites! Good luck with the sale.