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  1. 1928 Packard Six 526 5 Passenger Sedan

    Gosh that's nice!
  2. March April The Antique Automobile

    PEACE everyone please - it's the old car hobby - not life and death. Love the magazine honored to have had articles in it many times over the years. We all mark mistakes - (See what I did there?) I Appreciate West and Steve and Steve, the HQ gang and all involved. Don't make me summon President Melton!
  3. Fantastic car - and imagine what the "Arthur Tooth and Sons" dealer tab would have looked like - probably a cartoon Molar? Seriously a special car - hope it finds a deserving home.
  4. Bought a Barn Find 1977 Cadillac Seville!

    Congratulations - one of my favorite cars too. They are still out there aren't they!
  5. A Philly Weekend of Emotional Highs and Lows!

    Wayne- We had to miss this year. Always enjoy Philadelphia when we can make it. I would have liked to have seen the Eagles parade and all too. Thanks for sharing your trip highlights! I expect I'll see you around soon. YES, you will Mr. Fuhrman!!
  6. Looks great a "Beautiful Buick!"
  7. In 2008 with 1931 Packard 840 - 2018 - note the LeVine Restorations and Grand Nashional t-shirts! Cole and Clay Fuhrman - my awesome sons
  8. Did You Ever Own.....

    I grew up in Upstate NY - there was a family in our town that had a Citroen DS - pretty uncommon for our region. Another family drove a Checker sedan as their everyday car. A gent I worked with had a Renault Delphene, (sp?). We were a GM family so an AMC was pretty exotic for us!
  9. Bugle Article - Promoting 1929 Buicks

    Yes still there a dark green one - displayed with a Curtiss 'Jenny' of the same era, (when I saw it last.) They recently had some updates and the place continues to be great! The Bennett's have been supporters of the museum for years. You will have to make another visit sometime!
  10. Bugle Article - Promoting 1929 Buicks

    As an aside - sharing the photo of Guy Bennett's 37, 40 and 42 Buicks on display at the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY.
  11. Our worst nightmare

    Sounds like no one was hurt - but still terrible news.
  12. How warm is it where you are?

    13 F 7:am as I was filling up a soft tire on my Montero - here in Virginia - (windy too.)
  13. Tucker Club merging with AACA Museum

    Let's not go down this road again. It's an outstanding museum and AACA is an outstanding club - now we both have great buildings and both will continue to welcome antique car hobbyists from around the world. This Tucker collaboration just brings more auto history to the area - good for everyone. Hershey is the Sweetest Place on Earth - no sour feelings please. **OK - I've edited this reply to Trimacar - I don't know who can or cannot be on the Museum board - I was just hoping for peace.
  14. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Who loves you Baby?
  15. My mom collected old postcards - once in a while I share one here. Merry Christmas AACA Pals!