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  1. Bugle Article - Promoting 1929 Buicks

    As an aside - sharing the photo of Guy Bennett's 37, 40 and 42 Buicks on display at the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY.
  2. Our worst nightmare

    Sounds like no one was hurt - but still terrible news.
  3. How warm is it where you are?

    13 F 7:am as I was filling up a soft tire on my Montero - here in Virginia - (windy too.)
  4. Tucker Club merging with AACA Museum

    Let's not go down this road again. It's an outstanding museum and AACA is an outstanding club - now we both have great buildings and both will continue to welcome antique car hobbyists from around the world. This Tucker collaboration just brings more auto history to the area - good for everyone. Hershey is the Sweetest Place on Earth - no sour feelings please. **OK - I've edited this reply to Trimacar - I don't know who can or cannot be on the Museum board - I was just hoping for peace.
  5. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Who loves you Baby?
  6. My mom collected old postcards - once in a while I share one here. Merry Christmas AACA Pals!
  7. Please tell me about the blue sedan with the black fenders - 3rd photo down I think?? Thanks!
  8. Rare 1968 Eldorado Find - Paint Code 00

    Phew - I'm glad you saved it and that there are unusual $500 cars out there still! I like the color and the houndstooth interior - they were sharp cars all around. Good luck with it.
  9. I would have to dig for a picture - but here goes... My family would visit New York City at Christmas - The General Motors building, (which later had the FAO Schwartz toy store in it,) would have an 'under the tree' display in the lobby using a new GM car or truck as a 'toy' along with a to scale Raggety Ann doll, teddy bear, toy soldier etc. Maybe someone else remembers these displays?
  10. 4,000th post - A "Thank You" to our forum members

    And 4000 more Marty!
  11. Another Home Run For The Magazine ...

    Its growing on me! And the neighbors are nice!
  12. Another Home Run For The Magazine ...

    PHEW! Had to run out quickly to check mine just now - in sunny Virginia!
  13. 1931 Chevrolet Independence Series AE Special Sedan

    Still looking - how is the top insert?? Thank you - (gosh it's nice.)
  14. Buck Hills Inn - PA

    Great photos - thank you!
  15. AACA Badge for Model T

    Maybe work backwards through owners names or cities - start with who you got the truck from - then keep going back? Someone might respond with a "hey that looks like John Doe's Depot Hack, I was parked next to him at Hershey in 1970," etc etc. We had a 1931 Chevrolet, (common car,) eventually found 3 previous owners of it just by asking car people from the area we got the car from. You never know.