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  1. Who needs traffic lights?

    Great video, thanks for sharing.
  2. 1925-1927 Chevrolet Carburetor and Intake

    Carb and intake not available as of now
  3. 1925-1927 Chevrolet Carburetor and Intake

    I'll check and get back with you.
  4. For Sale 1925-1927 Chevrolet Carburetor and Intake RX-0 Carter Carburetor Missing needle assembly and strainer Fuel bowl cracked $25 plus shipping, USA only
  5. mid-20s? Dodge Brothers speedometer housing and cable $50 plus shipping
  6. If you currently own or have owned a 1932 Chrysler CP-8, please contact the registrar at the e-mail address below. An attempt is being made to locate existing CP-8s and their history. By providing this information you will receive a list of existing cars and have the opportunity to have contact with current owners. Information on these cars is difficult to find, and parts even more so. Please contact the registrar at the email address below. No fee is involved. Contact Bob at rschlesier@cox.net
  7. Hood latch for 1932 Chrysler CP

    Dave, I'll get some pictures today and send them to at your email address. Joe
  8. Hood latch for 1932 Chrysler CP

    Thanks Mark, but I located one since our last contact. And I have not yet found the part you need . Thanks for your response.
  9. 1934 Plymouth tail lights

    The taillights have been sold.
  10. Here is a pair of 1934 Plymouth tail lights, for sale for $50.00, plus shipping. The tail light buckets are good, no dents, the lenses are blue-dot.
  11. Hood latch for 1932 Chrysler CP

    Thanks for that bit of information, keiser. That doubles the chances of locating one. (Have you got an extra, by any chance?)
  12. I need one replateable hood latch for a 1932 Chrysler CP. A photo of the correct hood latch is below. Thanks for any leads on this part. Joe
  13. Reproduction 1932 Chrysler tail light bracket

    Now that there is a source for the tail light brackets, the proposed project will be discontinued. Thanks for letting me know of your product. Joe
  14. Since I can't find an original tail light bracket for my 1932 Chrysler CP sedan, I'm considering having a few made. Is anyone interested in having some made at the same time? These would be made from billet aluminum. Externally the brackets would be the same shape and size. They would be stronger than the originals. The price for 4 brackets would be about $250.00 each. There would be a price break if more were ordered. According to the Chrysler Master Parts List, these fit the Chrysler CH and CL models as well. If interested in learning more, contact me at josfsharp@aol.com If enough people were interested, it might be possible to have tail light lenses made too.