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    Long time car collector since youth. I like all years and models, not just one make. One of the greatest hobbies in the world is car collecting. You meet some of the nicest people in the world. AACA Historian. Was also past president of NJ AACA. My first word spoken was ESSO.

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  1. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    Ok, just for fun, here is a super rare machine that was sitting out in the woods under a tarp for well over 50 years. 39 Plymouth Convertible sedan. Just a few were built and a small number exist today. I sold this one a few years back and the new owner had a full frame off restoration done. He sent me photos and it looks outstanding. He wanted this car for a long time. Back in the 50s, it was on it's way to the junk yard and now it's a show car. I think it was worth saving a car like this. One year only Plymouth convertible sedan. Enjoy the photos.
  2. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    I hear ya. The 29 fenders, rumble lid and hood are totally repairable. Believe it or not, the car is in better shape than it looks. The frame and wood in the floors is remarkable. As far as finances, I am just a regular working class guy like most of us only I have alot of cars. If I were loaded, I would restore most of them and open up a non profit museum to the public. I always wanted to do something like that. Here are a few photos of my 32 DeSoto roadster, a photo of my 30 Chrysler roadster, I got it running great in 2 days after sitting for 60+ years and a neat 32 Pontiac which was stored inside. All have since found new homes.
  3. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    Well, I'm not so sure about that Greg. The cars are moving, however, I must say that very few buyers have come from our AACA forum and that is a shame. Many buyers are from the US. Buyers have also come in from all over Europe and Asia and some of the cars are going overseas. As for your DeSoto comment, a Desoto is not just a DeSoto when it's an open roadster. I also have a DeSoto open touring car. When was the last time any of us saw one, if ever? Collectors will pay for the right cars, rough or not and the demand will always be there. The Economy does not effect the old car trade the way you might think it does. Good times or not, people look to buy old cars as an investment or just for a good feeling inside the soul. My 32 DeSoto roadster was in worse shape, it was very rusty but it still sold for over 20k to a happy buyer because it is very much a wanted car by collectors all over the world. If it was a 32 Ford roadster, it would have sold for twice that amount, rust and all. The best offer I had on the 29 roadster so far was 6100. That was the final Ebay bid and the top bidder did offer 6500 after the auction ended. Close but not quite enough to do all the hard work that is involved just to get the car out. I will get it running/driving in the spring and offer the car again where it will bring 10k or better. I have been doing this my whole life so far. I know the market and exactly what I am doing and I know what I have here. Many people seem to forget that if it was not for guys like my family members who were smart enough to grab hold of all these cars 75 years ago, they would not even exist today. We should thank them, not fuss over how much work the cars need now. Hey, we did the best we could to keep the cars inside. The ones that were left out were covered well and coated with cosmoline which did help. Places like mine just do not exist anymore. Would I like the cars to stay in the USA? Heck Yes, however, the one who shows the bread, gets the meal from King Tut's Tomb of rare cars.
  4. 1936 Pierce-Arrow

    Ah, this car I go back and forth with the thought of selling it. However, I guess something has to go. I can't keep everything. This one does not have to go, it's not really in my way, however, I will say it again, it's accessible for now but not forever. It will not be available again for a long time if I have to rebury it in order to get other cars out of storage.
  5. 1930 7-45 sedan. Only one known?

    There is a dark blue 30 745 4 window Club Sedan floating around but this car is a 6 window. What makes the owner think it's the only example left? Oh it is an outstanding survivor for sure! Here is my unrestored original including the original paint 31 826 model. It's been in my family since the early 60s.
  6. 31 LaSalle convertible is still available. 26 Coupe sold. For all who have been sending me a PM about the 27 LaSalle roadster, it's still buried deep in storage where it has been for the last 75 years and will not be available for some time yet. Thanks for the PM questions and strong interest in the 27.
  7. 1954 Dodge Royal 500 Indy Pace car convertible

    It's available, however, if it does not go within a reasonable time frame, this one can just stay put. My boys would like to keep this one.
  8. 29 DeSoto Rumble Seat Roadster just pulled from storage since 1952.

    Another open body rare DeSoto will be available after this one moves.
  9. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    Two 1920s Hudsons are out and available. Get your chance now because this is a one time deal. I am not going to be listing cars here forever. Stuff is moving fast. Whatever sells within a reasonable time will be fine but after a point, the rest will just stay locked away and the next generation can deal with them. I must say however, not too many serious buyers from this site. Mostly overseas interest. I would like to see at least some of the cars stay in the US and I would also like to see some of our AACA club members have first chance. You are not going to find rare barn find original cars like I have been listing just anywhere....
  10. Brass Era Mystery

    You could be right. Although those hubcaps do look like Cadillac, where is the Cadillac badge? In any event, are you going to sell me this car body Mr MacDonald because I want it.
  11. Brass Era Mystery

    I just spent an hour looking through my old Antique Automobile Issues because I am 95% sure I saw this exact car body in question, listed in an issue from the late 50s/early60s for sale at 850 in the Chicago area. It was uncovered in a storage room of an old time service garage as I recall the ad saying. It has to be the same body. In the meantime, I found this ad in the January 1963 issue. I tried to take a clear photo with both my camera and my phone but this is the best that came out. This may not be the same body but it sure looks very close. The ad says, "Limousine Body for large quality car from 1907 to 1912. Measures 102" from the firewall to rear base. Believed to be a custom built body. Fine condition". Price, 650. A little hard to tell in your photos but do I see alot of metal in that body? Many early car bodies built for expensive cars were solid wood.
  12. 1933 DeSoto Parts C/L MN

    From the way the ad sounds, it looks like they are going to make a streetrod out of it. Talk about messing up a rare car.... What a dummy.
  13. Another mystery roadster

    I understand completely. You should come see my cars, I have some really oddball wild stuff stashed away. There might be something here I could tempt you with and we could do a little old fashioned horse trading. I am very impressed with all the Kissel cars that you own. I always liked the Kissel.
  14. Brass Era Mystery

    Boy that sure looks like the same limousine body that was advertised, also in the Chicago area as I recall, in an old issue of Antique Automobile Magazine from the late 1950s or early 1960s for around 850. I have the issue and was just looking at it several months ago. I don't think the seller knew even then what the body was. I will pull the issue out tomorrow and post the page here. You never know, it could be the same body. Sure looks like it.
  15. Another mystery roadster

    I am in the process of selling off alot of cars and I need another car like I need a giraffe but I want that 24 Kissel. Send me a PM when you can. I would like to talk with you about your Kissel collection. Thank you.