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    Long time car collector since youth. I like all years and models, not just one make. One of the greatest hobbies in the world is car collecting. You meet some of the nicest people in the world. AACA Historian. Was also past president of NJ AACA. My first word spoken was ESSO.

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    53-56 Caribbean

    You keep telling me to build a garage, I thought I said this before, I already have a garage, it's huge, I must have at least 40 cars inside and they are still well preserved. The reason so many cars have been stored outside is because the inside building is already packed with treasures. As more cars came in, there was no more room inside. The general rule of thumb was and still is, valuable open full classic cars and brass cars went inside while more closed cars stayed out. However, some convertibles like this fine Packard never made it into storage. It was just a 10 year old used car when we got it and we were not about to kick out open body Packard 12s and open body V16 Cadillacs to put this late model Caribbean in and nobody would ever consider this just a parts car. Think about it guys. You have to look at the big picture. Yea, it's a shame it stayed outside but it's complete and not a rust bucket. You know, I have been showing you guys photos of cars that nobody knows even exist anymore for everyone to enjoy a real treat so you don't have to pick all my cars apart ok? How many other cars like this are just sitting in the woods? None? I did wash it down and the after photos show how decent the car still is. That is the way it goes sometimes. Grandfathered in? You bet and then some. It could sit for another 50 years.

    53-56 Caribbean

    Well guys, here she is. Now I know I am going to hear the riot act on how we left this fine machine to sit out in the woods since the early 1960s. Keep in mind, back when it was parked, this was just a 10 year old used car. Hey, it is what it is.... The Packard was under heavy tarps so it stayed pretty dry. I jacked the car up and the underbody held up well. It's complete. Possibly the only Caribbean to be left to fend for itself.... Shame shame. Somebody save her.

    53-56 Caribbean

    Yes, the car is complete. It has held up pretty well considering how long the car has been sitting. Every piece of trim is there. Most likely it will run fine again. Same Gulf Green color as your car. 25k which is more than fair. If you are interested, send me a PM and I will foward some photos.

    Has anyone ever seen an original 32 Plymouth Woodie Wagon before?

    20k will buy the woodie. I feel that is more than fair for a car like this. The underbody is still strong. The car held up much better than we hoped for. I do not believe the original wood has to be replaced. The wood is not all rotted away, the frame is good. floors are good. Doors open and shut tight. Engine turns over. Most likely, it's going to run again. Drove it into this spot maybe 60 years ago and it's been jacked up on blocks. The car was wrapped up very tightly which helped save it. There is not another one to be found, anywhere.

    Has anyone ever seen an original 32 Plymouth Woodie Wagon before?

    They sure look the same to me. I would say 95% this is a Cantrell Woodie. Thanks for the photo. I was searching online for a correct Cantrell sticker and here it is.

    Unidentified early wood brass car bodies and other parts.

    I just found another very early seat section, it looks to be well before 1910 and it's in remarkable original condition as it's been kept dry. I found it in the back of the 32 Plymouth Woodie wagon when I uncovered it a few days ago. Did not even know it was stored in the wagon. The wagon has been sitting for at least 60 years so I would assume this car seat has been stored in here at least that long. Any ideas on what this is from? Look how the back of the seat curves in and it looks like it hinged upward.

    Woodie for sale 1949 Chrysler Royal Best Offer Must Sell

    You guys will enjoy this one. How is this for a one of a kind original woodie wagon? My 32 Plymouth wagon. Most likely the last of it's kind to exist today. It held up pretty well considering it's been sitting for over 60 years.

    Has anyone ever seen an original 32 Plymouth Woodie Wagon before?

    Here are some photos of my 32 Plymouth Wagon as requested. I did include a photo of what looks like a body builder name on the inside door post. From what is left of it, I think that is the Cantrell Coach badge. In any event, it's most likely the last of it's kind.

    88 Bentley, 86 Rolls Royce and 82 Rolls Royce for sale

    The 82 white Silver Spur is available at 8k. It looks very nice and you can drive the car anywhere. The other Rolls Royce and Bentley sold.

    Unidentified early wood brass car bodies and other parts.

    I finally took some measurements from several of the car bodies/seat sections. The first body in the photos above, suspected to be a Winton is 4ft 5in long by 4ft 10in wide at rear of body, 4ft wide by the doors, 3ft high at back of body and 1ft 10in high at front of body. Second body which we believe is an early EMF, 1909/1910 era is 5ft wide, 2ft 10in high in back, 4ft 5in long and 1ft 10in high in front. Third rear seat section, possible ID as a Simplex is 5ft 5in wide, 2ft 2 inch high in back and 1ft 5 in high in front. Forth body seat which we always believed to be a Cadillac is 3ft 6in wide, 1ft 8in long by 2 ft long. Another body is 3ft 4in long by 3ft 4in high. Another large wood body which I can't move because it's so big, I have to winch it down from the attic is 8ft long by 6ft 5in wide by 5ft high. It's large. I measured several doors, which are not part of any car bodies that I have as follows.... 1ft 9in by 1ft 7in, 1ft 7in by 1ft 10in and 1ft 6in by 1ft 4in. Maybe this will help a little more. Thank you.

    Has anyone ever seen an original 32 Plymouth Woodie Wagon before?

    Ok, I will take a few photos and post them. I am pretty sure it's the only 32 Woodie Chrysler product to survive today. The car is available if the offer is fair enough and I have the old title. I have been looking around for a long time and have not found anything like this. We have had the car at least 60+ years.

    Has anyone ever seen an original 32 Plymouth Woodie Wagon before?

    I have never seen one. I recall reading the first Chrysler Product factory wood wagon was offered for 34, only a handful were made and none survive today. However, mine is a 32 and it's not a custom aftermarket job. This car was built like this when new.

    Has anyone ever seen an original 32 Plymouth Woodie Wagon before?

    I guess it's rarer than I thought. Nobody on here has seen one?