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  1. Daves1940Buick56S

    Looking for a copy of Jan 1979 Bugle

    Bill: Yep, that's it! Cheers, Dave
  2. Daves1940Buick56S

    Looking for a copy of Jan 1979 Bugle

    Apparently my 1938 66S was the cover car on the January 1979 Bugle. Does anyone have a copy and can confirm? Also, I would love to buy a copy or at least look at a scan of the cover and article. Related, I have found out a lot of cool things about my car, including original purchase date, all owner history, etc. Will be sharing soon. Cheers, Dave
  3. Daves1940Buick56S

    Fun with Distributor Breaker Plates Part I

    All: Thanks, I had not heard of it until now. Yeah, it is great and very well made. Definitely single point. Cheers, Dave
  4. When I got the car I went ahead and picked up a junker distributor on ebay as a hedge. Good thing too because the vac advance on it was good and I needed it. Anyhow, it has another unusual breaker plate design. On this one the points are mounted as 2 parts and the plate stays fixed. The vac advance actually adjusts timing by moving one side of the points in and out, effectively opening or closing the gap and thus change the timing and dwell. This is a supremely bad design as max advance will lower the dwell to the point on an 8 cylinder that the coil primary will not have time to build the proper B field. Anyhow, presented for your enjoyment. Anyone ever see one of these? Listed as from the Synchromatic Co. In Jackson Mi. Cheers, Dave
  5. I pulled the distro on my 38 66S today to clean it up and set up new points etc. I had previously bought the upgraded breaker plate with the slides rather than the awful 3 balls, figuring that I was going to have to do that first thing. Well, I was in for a surprise. The breaker plate had already been replaced with an aftermarket thing called a Dyna Flite 880. Man, this plate is built like a tank! Heavy duty metal with the 2 plates riding on about 60 small ball bearings. Extremely smooth action. Pix attached. After seeing this, I cleaned it up and am going to stay with this. Anyone else ever seen this? Patent number indicates 1952. Cheers, Dave
  6. Daves1940Buick56S

    Brake Hoses....

    When I lived on Cyprus we had a saying regarding local construction practices: Beat to fit, paint to match! Cheers, Dave
  7. Daves1940Buick56S

    1938 320 Plug 47 vs 47S?

    I have come into possession of some NOS AC R47S spark plugs. They differ from the 47 in that the electrodes are "extended tip" and protrude about 1/8" or so into the combustion chamber. Has anyone used any of these plugs into the 320 1938 or later? Cheers, Dave
  8. Daves1940Buick56S

    Questions for Those Early 50s Buicks with AC

    Thank you Fr Buick! That's what I was looking for. I actually was suspecting that was the case. Thanks also to Old Tank! Cheers Dave
  9. Daves1940Buick56S

    1940-41 dash engine turning

    On mine the "engine turning" is actually a decal called Di-noc. Mine is coming off a bit near the bottom but otherwise both panels still look pretty good. Cheers, Dave
  10. Daves1940Buick56S

    Choke Unit 1990101 for 1938 66s 320

    Matt: That's it! As they say, PM sent. Thanks, Dave
  11. Daves1940Buick56S

    Choke Unit 1990101 for 1938 66s 320

    Matt: According to the parts book, either 1990101 or 1990102 were used. I think the difference might be in which start switch was used since they bolted onto the unit. The one that came with the car is missing some internal parts and the switch. I got a switch but it has the square interface so it would be unusable on mine as it is the oval interface. Tell you what - I will post some pics later today of what I have. I am primarily looking for the internal parts so I can regain automatic choke operation. The start switch working would be a bonus. Cheers, Dave
  12. So as I was doing errands today in the 100 degree heat in my nice comfortable Lincoln MKX, I started thinking about how well the early trunk evaporator units worked. I think Buick started with AC in 1953? And I recall they ran the ducts thru clear tubes into 2 plenums over top of the doors, with vents over each door. When did Buick go to under dash evaps - 1959? Or earlier? So for you that have these early jobs, how well do they work, especially compared to modern cars? Just curious... Cheers, Dave
  13. Daves1940Buick56S

    Choke Unit 1990101 for 1938 66s 320

    I am looking for the choke unit that sits down on the manifold. Working or parts only. Cheers, Dave
  14. Daves1940Buick56S

    1938 66s Manifold Drain Elbow

    I am in the process of overhauling the carb and I noticed the drain assembly on the intake manifold. Apparently there is a check valve that closes with manifold vacuum. I have no idea currently if it is functioning correctly. I suppose I can unhook the metal drain line and try a pressure test from the drain side, or remove, clean, and test it. Anybody have any experience with these? Do they ever stick, hopefully in the closed position? Cheers, Dave
  15. Oooh, Hy Drive! 26 quart oil changes! But at least you didn't have to do it as often! Very interesting car! Pete, I just want to compliment you on your car ads. Lots of pics and info. I also like the way you take a pic of the dash lit at night. I collect dash pics and always add yours to the folder! Cheers, Dave