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  1. Catbird sent you a PM
  2. playswithbrass

    Pre war cars insane prices

    I don't know how old your kids are but you need to be laying some groundwork so that they go Ooh and A ah and think dad getting some old weird car is the coolest thing. Take them round the Science and Tech museum in Ottawa, particularly on Open Doors Ottawa weekends that you get to go in the storage areas. Ask them what they would buy! You might be surprised by how enthused they get and it all helps your case when you finally find something that fits all your criteria. Good luck!
  3. playswithbrass

    Pre war cars insane prices

    So our 1930 Chevy was pulled from a field after the tree growing through it had been cut out. The 1912 arrived in tea chests, mouse nests and all, and it was because of the generosity of an older collector that we were able to buy it. 13 years later it was on the road. The 1909 was totally dismantled and the owner overwhelmed and I think that was 5 years . The last one 1906 was road running! None of these cars were publicly advertised. My point is you do best if you are willing and able to invest sweat equity. Buy something you like, regardless of the brand and make sure your family is with you. My children’s fondest memories are being in shops and garages while older craftsmen taught me how to use a lathe, pour babbit and generally make things I needed. I even reproduced my own wood bodies. So that is how I got into the hobby. As to why people don’t seem bothered that they don’t sell at their asking price? They can always tell the wife that they are trying to sell it but there doesn’t seem to be any buyers.
  4. playswithbrass

    How to install a temperature gauge in a '70 Chevelle?

    Different pound rad caps do matter.For every pound increase in the rad cap pressure the boiling point of the cooling system is raised by three degrees.
  5. A genuine early Cadillac body has a body number inside the left front sill. This will be matched by the number on the heel board and turtle deck cover. However if the floor board that you lift up to get to the battery box has been misaligned, it will have worn the sill at that point. Our 1906 numbers are 1/2 “ font. Maybe more info than you expected but there would be some joy in knowing what something definitely is!!
  6. playswithbrass

    Indy 500 and Hershey

    Indy back in the day was one race not part of a series. Guys worked for 11 months building a new car to win,new ideas and innovations and bending the rule book to build a car nobody else could copy. We had turbines,diesel and who can forget the sound of a Novi .Everybody experimented to get the edge on the competition. Now we have 2 engines and 1 car body is that not what the IROC series was all about many years ago? I am sorry there is no cheating like there once was! But hey it was only cheating if you got caught.
  7. playswithbrass

    Car collectors knowledge needed

    Well done,you deserve A+. Thank you for letting us read your report!
  8. playswithbrass

    Gerat Chadwick Six

    The rest of the field is No 12 Thomas 115 hp No 20 Knox 40 hp No 2 Knox 50 hp No 19 Thomas 115 hp No 7 Matheson 60 hp No 15 Matheson 85 hp No 5 (behind no 4) Mercedes 90 hp If anyone can make out any other numbers I can tell you what they are
  9. playswithbrass

    To pay or not to pay?...

    Actually it’s not to do with any financial benefits. It just seems cockeyed to say you can pay $10 to display your car and create our show and everyone can come see for nothing.
  10. playswithbrass

    To pay or not to pay?...

    Good day all I'm up here in Canada reading the car show listings in a popular old car newspaper. Now I am not a show car guy(lawn chairs behind the car watching people look at my car) sometimes it is nice to have a destination when out for a drive i.e.local car show in a 30 mile area. However it really winds me up when I have to pay to display my car at a car show and the spectator gets in for free.We are talking low key shows no prize money or trophys ,just a get together.Am I just getting old and cranky?
  11. playswithbrass

    When does an antique vehicle become a hot rod?

    Real hot rods do not have a/c. Cheers
  12. playswithbrass

    Car collectors knowledge needed

    I have submitted my survey
  13. playswithbrass

    GAS Head Lamp Question BRASS ERA

    On a lamp on another site the letters are clearer and say “Made in U.S.A by Hawthorne”.
  14. playswithbrass

    Is this peeling my fault

    Never leave masking on longer than required.That being said O.e.m. has some tricks to speed up production which in turn bites us in the butt.Your mirrors were not prepped in the way we would do it I.e. sanding to give on good mechanical bond,they would spray on a adhesion promoter and clear which should last the warranty time period.You did nothing wrong!
  15. playswithbrass

    Cigarette Company Car Collection in Canada

    Welcome aboard