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  1. EBAY, 40 years and the last Locomobile hubcap story

    A few years ago now, but this was my ebay prize. There is no way I would ever have found this otherwise
  2. Hemmings had an article on this association in their Jan 12 2018 daily e mail. Apparently AACA is a sponsor, and separately the AACA library. Does anyone know anything about FIVA other than can be found on the web? Do they matter or just think that they should?
  3. What size is the seal.I used a 76ish 350 Olds rope seal in a 29 Studebaker ,that I had left over from when I worked at a Olds dealer.If using a rope seal like that the trick is to compress the block section of the seal with the crank installed by using a pin punch and driving the ends of the rope into the block section so you have about a 3/16 pocket,cut your main Bearing cap section of rope seal long so it will go into the pocket.This is what we did in the 70,s on cars that had leaking rear mains.Never had any comeback.
  4. Junior membership

    Just got confirmation that the junior membership we bought for our 5 yr old grandson has been processed. He gets his own newsletter and membership card and hopefully this fosters his love of grandpa’s old cars
  5. Multi-classic insurance?

    Try Chubb. They gave us a much better deal than our previous insurer with a discount for multiple cars and a lower premium with higher insured value.
  6. Did anyone get any snow.. ??

    More like 21 inches?
  7. Does selling on eBay give you heartburn? ;)

    Larry up here in the frozen north a wench is different from a winch.
  8. Does selling on eBay give you heartburn? ;)

    Larry - has the guy that bought your wench told you if he was happy with his purchase?

    Keiser31. Did you take that photo? It’s beautiful
  10. How were Ford Model T cars delivered to dealers?

    I am pretty sure that the railway museum at Smith’s Falls in Ontario has one of the rail cars used to move Model Ts. They explained how they were packed to get the maximum in. It is typical in that what now seems a very small town was at one time a very important point on the cross country rail routes. But the museum doesn’t mention it on their website
  11. Yes that is the body I would say is EMF cheers pete
  12. The outer door handle is definitely EMF and the inner door pocket flap is EMF. Even the large wide grommet is used on very few cars. is the website for the registry and has a clear picture of the earlier style body. Ours is actually in winter storage but Am trying to find a photo for you
  13. In 1909 there was an early and a late body style. That is the early, ours is the late. We have a later body but the vehicle still has the band clutch.
  14. These headlamps use acetylene but are made of cast aluminum. They have AL in a star and are very heavy. Can anyone tell me what car they might be from or anything about the manufacturer ?
  15. Hi there starting in the first post 9th picture down is 1909 EMF. Cheers pete