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  1. GAS Head Lamp Question BRASS ERA

    On a lamp on another site the letters are clearer and say “Made in U.S.A by Hawthorne”.
  2. Is this peeling my fault

    Never leave masking on longer than required.That being said O.e.m. has some tricks to speed up production which in turn bites us in the butt.Your mirrors were not prepped in the way we would do it I.e. sanding to give on good mechanical bond,they would spray on a adhesion promoter and clear which should last the warranty time period.You did nothing wrong!
  3. Cigarette Company Car Collection in Canada

    Welcome aboard
  4. Funny car stories

    In the late 70's I was the mechanic in a 3 bay shop in a small town. One day in the middle of a carb rebuild a elderly lady came into the shop and asked if I could repair her tire. No problem just drive it into the center bay. I returned to the carb rebuild and kept listening for a car to pull in. My back being to the bay's what seemed like quite a time with no sound of a car pulling in I finally looked around to find the lady and her shopping cart in the middle of the hoist waiting patiently for me to fix a tire. Cotter pin that went through the axle was missing and the wheel had come off. It was common for kids to bring a bike in with a flat tire and say Dad says he will be in after work to settle up. Lastly a young couple were trying to get a start farming they had bought some gravity boxes cheap that had the axles off a Conestoga wagon .somebody had removed the wood/steel felo and cut down the spokes and installed Lancaster bomber rims and tires ( this is what I was told) however young farmer did not own a tire pressure gauge and only found out he had a flat tire when he loaded the wagon . Now it needed to be repaired yesterday. it would take two people to lift the wheel on to the very antique tire machine to hold the assembly before the fight would would take at least a hour to repair a tube in one of those monsters.
  5. At the age of 18 I could not get $1000 together quick enough for a 1940 Laselle coupe which was drive able.Still haunts me. cheers pete
  6. Identification help...

    It’s a 1930 Chev. I could use the knobs for mine if you don’t want them
  7. Actually an American gallon is 128 Fl oz. British and Canadian gallons are the same and 160 fl oz. but the British gas prices are horrible!
  8. Heirloom Tools

    Roger. I love that old wrench. Early humorous postcards featuring broken down autos usually had the driver clutching one like that
  9. Scintilla Lights - Reproduction?

    IMHO reproduction the "S,s" Do not seem to be all the same font. Cheers
  10. Has anyone used a Spokeshave by Veritas

    Mark , Lee valley tools are the snap-on equivalent in wood working tools,the best.We have one of there stores here in London. However to remove a eighth inch of wood my go to is sandpaper.cheers pete
  11. Princeton Auto Show Al Garganigo Brass Autos/Zimmermans

    So it should not be underestimated how many early cars were preserved by first being in the Princeton collection and then in the Automobilorama collection of Zimmermans in Harrisburg PA . My interest is a little selfish. I have the Model k Cadillac, identified as a 1905 but actually a 1906, and because it was really not as impressive as most of the other cars, no one seems to have photographed it. I would love a shot of this car when it was in either collection!! You can see the lettering that Princeton put on the side of the body. There is a photo on the Historic Society website of a car with the same lettering.
  12. Princeton Mass Historical Society are doing a talk and slide show on June 16 to document the history of the Princeton Antique Auto Museum from 1935 to 1962. They are inviting owners of cars from1900 to 1941 to attend and display their auto. It would be neat if some of the cars that were in this museum were brought back for this event! Seems to still be in the planning stages but details so far are on their website
  13. EBAY, 40 years and the last Locomobile hubcap story

    A few years ago now, but this was my ebay prize. There is no way I would ever have found this otherwise
  14. Hemmings had an article on this association in their Jan 12 2018 daily e mail. Apparently AACA is a sponsor, and separately the AACA library. Does anyone know anything about FIVA other than can be found on the web? Do they matter or just think that they should?
  15. Seeking advice on the assembly sequence of straight 8

    What size is the seal.I used a 76ish 350 Olds rope seal in a 29 Studebaker ,that I had left over from when I worked at a Olds dealer.If using a rope seal like that the trick is to compress the block section of the seal with the crank installed by using a pin punch and driving the ends of the rope into the block section so you have about a 3/16 pocket,cut your main Bearing cap section of rope seal long so it will go into the pocket.This is what we did in the 70,s on cars that had leaking rear mains.Never had any comeback.