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  1. playswithbrass

    What to material to use between a wood and metal joint?

    Twenty years ago I had a similar problem.I used urethane windshield setting sealer and painted over it.Still has not cracked.
  2. playswithbrass

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    Finding the sales brochure for my 1912 McIntyre in mint condition.
  3. playswithbrass

    How do you undo early pre WW1 universal joints?

    You will probably have to disconnect the rear end from the leaf springs and and move it rearward to gain the required clearance to remove the driveshaft. Pete. Ps brake rods etc.
  4. It would be what is referred to as a similar fluid grease.Most early cars run this instead of the steam cylinder 600 oil.I use a ESSO product Marvelube grease EP 9F in the transaxles of my early cars.
  5. playswithbrass

    Arnold Levin old brass lamps Hemmings? Gray & Davis #113

    Arnold Levin advertises in Horseless Carriage Gazette. His phone no is 847 564 2893. Email is
  6. playswithbrass

    Oil Pressure

    Oh so true!
  7. playswithbrass

    Calculating compression ratio... Here is some interesting reading on compression ratio,s hopefully it explaines it better then I can. Cheers
  8. playswithbrass

    1915 Hudson kingpins needed - who would have these?

    the steel was 4140 ,then heat treat and grind. Cheers
  9. playswithbrass

    Calculating compression ratio...

    Batwing the more important factor is the valve timing.Compression ratio is the volume of the cylinder at bottom dead center to top dead center then squeezed into the combustion chamber.Right? But what about the valve timing are both valves closed when the piston starts upward on the compression stroke? No the intake valve depending on the engine will be still open so you must subtract the amount the piston moves upward from your stroke length.Example a 4 inch stroke of piston movement may only be 3. 3/4 of piston movement with both valves closed. This is tricky and difficult to find understand at first but a good head scratcher. Cheers
  10. playswithbrass

    1915 Hudson kingpins needed - who would have these?

    Marty king pins are one of the easiest parts to make or repair. If you do not have the equipment get a machine shop to make them,depending on we're you live getting them heat treated before grinding can be a challenge. I made new ones for my 12 McIntyre and repaired the ones in my 06 Cadillac by having them hard chromed and ground to a size larger then the loosest bushing thereby keeping all original parts cheers
  11. playswithbrass

    Are the hobby members getting that old?

    I’m getting confused. Are the replacement parts for the cars, or for the owners who might need the services of the funeral home?
  12. playswithbrass

    How do I select a replacement spark plug?

    There are a couple of sparkplug vendors at Hershey by the stadium,and ebay buy them one at a time ,may take a couple of months. I have bought from Don McKinsey. Great guy 765-785-6284 has probably the most plugs of anybody around,tractor trailers full.
  13. playswithbrass

    How do I select a replacement spark plug?

    I like running old n.o.s. plugs form the era of the car.What I do is measure down the spark plug hole and measure what clearance I have in relation to the piston and valves in the open position and then get a plug that will put the electrode the deepest into the cylinder.I do not worry about heat ranges like in modern plugs because the compression ratio of older engines is not hot enough to cause worry.I don't even know when spark plug manufacturers started making different heat ranges for the same application.Also index the plug so the ground electrode is opposite or away from the combustion chamber--old drag race tip--but it works for more complete combustion. Hope this helps. Cheers Pete
  14. playswithbrass

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Bob Roller what ever happened to Teds duesenberg power sprint car? Ted sold it out to the west coast Canada about 35 years ago. cheers Pete
  15. playswithbrass

    Help Me ID These Traction Bars

    46 woodie. If you were starting to make some good power and high rpm launches they did there job. However most were not installed properly as you alluded to.