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  1. Price lowered. Anyone looking for decent fenders?
  2. Antique Auto Trunk 20's 30's Large

    Any interest? Price reduced to $200.
  3. I have 2 really nice (not perfect) restorable front fenders that were on my 25 roadster. I know these will go on 24 - 27's and possibly earlier ones. They are not rusted out or weak in any areas. They have a little bond in them near the running boards and some minor dings and waves. I tried to take pics that will show the condition. They could go on a vehicle as is or spend some time to restore them. I'd like $500 for the pair. I do go to Hershey but only on Wednesday (weather providing). They are located in CT.
  4. IT RUNS ! 1925 Buick coupe back to life !

    Check all connections in the fuel lines. Any small leak will cause issue with the vacuum tank. It may not show up as a gas leak but it may be drawing air.
  5. Price reduced. Thanks to all for the input. I didn't realize these were so widely used back in the day.
  6. IT RUNS ! 1925 Buick coupe back to life !

    Beautiful. And I love the color. I've been looking for something that deep for my DB roadster. Do you know the name or have a formula? Jay
  7. I'm selling a vintage Dobbins Manufacturing Co. exhaust cutout. It's for a 2" pipe. I took it off of my 25 DB roadster. Works fine. No issues. Not quite sure what purpose these serve except to make noise but.... $75 plus shipping from CT.
  8. I have 4 real nice 18" wire wheels. They came off of a 1931 straight spokes and nice rings. They are located in CT. $800 for all. I also have the hubs and drums if you're thinking about replacing wood spokes with wires. Series 50. Solid with
  9. '24 Dodge oil level

    Good info. I knew the flats were there but had no idea they were level indicators.
  10. 1924 Dodge headlight tightening

    If you mean that it swivels then tighten the nut on the back of the rod that connects the 2 headlights. By tightening that you clamp the headlight in place on the stand.
  11. The cutout is separate from the exhaust pipe. It should have a u-bolt on both sides but the one on the engine side is missing and the pipe is pretty solidly in place.
  12. My 25 Roadster came with this accessory heater setup. I'm restoring the car and have decided not to reinstall this item. It's a 3 part system. The heat collector that bolts to the manifold, the exhaust bypass control and the floor vent. Before throwing this on eBay I thought I'd ask here if there's any interest. Not sure of value but I have yet to see another like it. I'm thinking $200 plus shipping. I'm in CT. I would remove the control from the exhaust pipe.
  13. Help with a 1925 Trans Rebuild

    If you look closely at your diagram there is a thrust washer showing just over the universal joint. There's an oil slinger and thrust washer in the rear of the tranny. Jay
  14. Two Lester 6.50 x 19" tires for sale

    Alan - PM sent. Jay
  15. Speedometer rebuild

    I can't say whether or not this will hurt the numbers but I would try one of the the wax and grease removers that auto body shops use to wipe surfaces clean before painting. They do not eat into painted surfaces.