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  1. Finishing wood wheels

    I had my wheels done by an Amish guy in Ohio. I refinished the metal parts then sent him the parts and a couple of the old spokes. He replicated the originals perfectly and assembled them. I put a very light stain on them then marine varnished them.
  2. Finishing wood wheels

    Not sure what to fill the grain with but recommend using a marine varnish for the finish topcoat. It has the durability and flex that the wheels will need.
  3. For Sale - A 1926 - 1928 Buick 6 cyl spark plug cover. I was told it was from a 26 Master but you have to be the judge. If it is for the larger motor it will fit a 26 Master and 27 and 28 series 120-128. If it's for the smaller motor it will fit a 26 Standard and 17 and 28 series 115. There are no numbers on it and I don't know what the difference would be. It measures 28 3/4 long and 3 3/4 tall. The attaching nuts are 20 1/2 on center. It is in nice shape and could be installed as is on an unrestored car. Or refinish it. $200 plus shipping from CT.
  4. I have a really nice 1931 50 series transmission. It is the later syncro/torque tube tranny. Part number 1252072-1. It's in great condition both out and inside. No signs of breakage or pitting. The shift rod was cut off by a previous owner but that can be replaced. The tranny itself is nice. Located in CT. $350
  5. Still looking for a new home
  6. Would like to move this. Taking up space. $125
  7. If you remove the valve covers you'll see another similar piece that fits up against the cylinders. Th air tube goes into this opening. The bolt would go through this one and there is a wing nut on the valve cover side. It is probably sitting in the valve chamber.
  8. overheating

    Are you sure the water pump is ok? I had the same problem with my 25 and I finally pulled the pump apart. The impeller keyway had sheared and it was spinning freely on the shaft.
  9. Antique Trunk For Sale

    This ad is in the Cars For Sale section. It's a large automobile trunk. Jay
  10. Both inner and outer linings are split. Page 100 of the DB Book of Information shows them both clearly split. Mine are assemble so no pics but I recall them being split too.
  11. Price lowered. Anyone looking for decent fenders?
  12. Any interest? Price reduced to $200.
  13. I have 2 really nice (not perfect) restorable front fenders that were on my 25 roadster. I know these will go on 24 - 27's and possibly earlier ones. They are not rusted out or weak in any areas. They have a little bond in them near the running boards and some minor dings and waves. I tried to take pics that will show the condition. They could go on a vehicle as is or spend some time to restore them. I'd like $500 for the pair. I do go to Hershey but only on Wednesday (weather providing). They are located in CT.
  14. IT RUNS ! 1925 Buick coupe back to life !

    Check all connections in the fuel lines. Any small leak will cause issue with the vacuum tank. It may not show up as a gas leak but it may be drawing air.