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  1. If it would work for your coupe I'd already be using it for my roadster. The sedan has a bracket that bolts to the rear of the body whereas the coupe/roadster version bolts to an arm sticking out from the rear. I can send a pic if you want. Jay
  2. Heat raiser and headlights for '31 Buick

    Don't know if these are correct or still available but maybe you can contact the seller. Jay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-1930-Headlight-Assembly-039-s-Tiltray-Lot-Of-Four-Rat-Rod-/292415747912?hash=item4415563748%3Ag%3AWhQAAOSwUwFaMS~b&vxp=mtr&nma=true&si=om%2Fev%2FC8ILeB6CamJxXWsJMFLrI%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  3. Moose - What I have shown there are the brackets that mount on the rear valance. I do have a rear spare tire bracket that came off a sedan. It's for disc wheels as it has studs to mount the wheel. I doubt you could make that work for a pickup. Jay
  4. Check the Model A suppliers.
  5. Fuel Pump application help

    Thanks so much for the effort. I went to the web site and printed the fuel pump section. I will digest what you've given me but I think you've narrowed things down for me. I was also misreading the numbers. 5598 instead of 5898. That makes a big difference. Thanks again, Jay
  6. Fuel Pump application help

    Thanks for all of the info so far. Some more pics. There is the number 5598 stamped in the bottom. Nothing on the mounting flange. Theres something in a circle but don't know what it is. Maybe you can tell from the pics. Also provided a pic of the arm. Is that Buick?
  7. There's a graphite rope used to seal the shaft. You don't seem to have much room to back off the packing nut in order to install new rope.
  8. Fuel Pump application help

    Dave - That's the number. Jay
  9. Fuel Pump application help

    I bought if for a 31 series 90. It's not the correct inlet configuration for that. The base appears to be Buick but the top seems to be circa 36 Dodge. But Dodge pumps had the arm whereas this one uses the push rod action. My Buick Master parts book only goes up to 32 so I was wondering if anyone knows if maybe 33 - 35 Buicks might have this top configuration. Again the top # is 1522996.
  10. I just picked up a fuel pump and I'm pretty sure it's buick but not sure what year and series. The bottom cover number is AC855228 which is for 1930 6 cal, 1931 8 cyl and 1932 series 50. The body only has AC 6 Model-8 and 5598 numbers on it. The top has 1522996. My books don't show this number. Anybody with a Hollanders that can look that # up? Thanks, Jay
  11. These came off of a 31 series 50 with stock motor that is rated at 77HP if that was your question. Not really sure why you're asking.
  12. Sorry - mid 20's DB motors had no dipstick. Never hurts to ask.
  13. Yes - Still available.