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    Love to restore cars for myself and others . We do the Glidden tour most years . Belong to Gettysburg Region Also do tours with our 66 Plymouth.

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  1. How warm is it where you are?

    I also am a retired Firefighter , when it get this cold it makes me think of the times we worked large fires and had to clean up thaw out and turn around and fight again . To all my brothers I am thinking of you all in this weather . Kings32
  2. Thanks and Happy New Year

    Yes Thanks to all the staff and supporters of the AACA, We will have agreat year ahead . King32
  3. Very Old 2 Speed Rear Car Axle?

    Looks alot like the one in the 1916 Overland I am restoring in the shop . It is a transaxle , the same brake set up. Kings 32

    Merry Christmas from Howard and Chris King here in Maryland . Hope everyone has a good year ahead . Howard
  5. All Christmas Days are good when you have the family around ! When I was in Vietman A town in the mid west made up large containers with our Christmas dinner , shipped it to us [about 1500 GI s } . I often think about that town some where that did that for use and didn't even know us . I still have the menu that they Printed up for the meal . Merry Christmas to all. to our service MEN AND WOMEN serving around the world Thank You Kings32
  6. 1930 Okland parts

    I guess no one out there is working on a 1930 Oakland Kings32
  7. RARE Barrett Brake Dokter for sale on Craigslist

    I have a brake machine in my shop . It is a good machine . Use it along with a good brake seating tool for the shoes and you will see a big change in the way your brakes work Kings32
  8. 1932 Chevrolet New Valves and Headlight Lenses

    Check is in the mail . What else do you have for 32 chevy ? kings32
  9. 1932 Chevrolet New Valves and Headlight Lenses

    Thank You Howard King 2535 Braddock Rd Mt. Airy 21771 cell 410404 4968
  10. Generator 917

    Thanks Wayne I did that . I am not going into that . I needed one end plate to finish up Waynes 26 Chrysler . Kings32
  11. 917 Generator

    I have made the first run on the end cap for the 917 generator . It was machined from alumium stock . They turn out great . The price is $ 500 apiece . you have to install your own brush holders and any other parts . I had 2 extras made at this time king32
  12. 1930 Okland parts

    I bought runnig gear from a 1930 Oakland V8 . I have the engine the heads where left off 6 of the piston are out , the crank looks good . also the trans is complete still bolted up to the engine generator , starter are on the the engine , rear axle complete . this car had wire wheels .The guy backed out on the wheels after the deal ,he is going to cut to fit new drums ? Let me know what you may need Didn't want it to go to junk .Kings 32
  13. Generator 917

    I finally finished the end plates or should I say the machine shop did . They really did agreat job . The fit good . Machined from a solid alum . any one that needs one let me know , I had them made for a 1926 Chrsyler 70 that Idid some work on for Wayne . I believe other cars use this same generator ,it took alot of looking to find the right shop that was willing to do this for a resonable price kings32 ps I guess I could take a picture !
  14. 1932 Chevrolet New Valves and Headlight Lenses

    I will take them , how do you want payment . How many do you have ? kings32
  15. 1932 Chevrolet New Valves

    Chuck I will take them , How many do you have ? Kings 32