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  1. Rivieras have a small market, not many people WANT a Riviera. They are heavier than most cars of the error and were a luxury car not a muscle car. The value of a car while these guides produce a starting point for pricing, having just sold my car and had it appraised, car value is set between buyer and seller. You can build a car all day and ask $60K for it, but if no one wants to buy a Riviera for $60K it wont sell. How many times have you seen a car for sale for under $20K and it doesnt move? Quality of the car, condition, colors, chrome, glass, wheels all affect their value. Now you can spend the time of putting a 4 Speed in, easy or not. You just reduced your sales market by that much more. You have hundreds of car buyers in the world, a handful want a Riviera and even less than that would want it with a four speed. If you are doing it for yoursel, by all means good luck and cant wait to see it. If you are doing it to try and increase the sales value of a the money. Put it into brakes, paint, interior, redo the chrome, those are the things people see and will sell a car for more money I have yet to see a Four speed in a RIv personally but I believe someone had. You can put anything in a car with enough work and budget Im working on putting a Hemi in a PT Cruiser right now
  2. I took a closer look, they are the same pieces just assembled differently, so you need to flip the it over. Better to get parts from a loaner car
  3. If the rear windows are working with their switches your breaker is fine. If the passenger window is moving its possible the short is still in the drivers door but the wires from the drivers switch to that side is part of your problem too. I would disconnect your battery, remove the door skin on the drivers side and check the wiring. Im suspecting its rubbed against the window track over time and is now shorting out.
  4. #1 you said a window quit working....which one. If its one of the rear windows or passenger window did that work with the switch at that location and just the drivers switch isnt working?? #2 if the seat still moved its not the breaker The seat motor/transmission is pretty easy to disassemble and clean contacts. The grease gets gummed up, so good cleaning should make it work much better. The seat switch is pretty weak and wears out over time, maybe check it as well for proper travel and continuity. Dont be afraid to take the door skin off and check your harness. With the remote mirror watch the cable and disconnect it from the door panel before you start. If you dont have the remote mirror just pull the panel PS the windows work all the time, so if you do have a bad contact its going to drain your battery
  5. Guess that's where my old car is. At midnight hot rods. New owner is gonna get some things changed. They had an open house yesterday just wondering if anyone was there
  6. I did a two inch drop with coil spring specialties springs. With stock exhaust I had about 3 3/4 inches of clearance but my exhaust could be tweaked a bit and could have 4 inches of clearance. I only scraped on high speed bumps
  7. The crank system for a power window and manual window are exactly the same. You just need to remove the manual shaft which is riveted in and the motors bolt to it But you have to wire the car for it
  8. And don't be afraid to apply a little bend here or there at the mounting tabs or along the track . Just don't muscle it that you kink it. The adjustment studs aren't very long so it's tricky
  9. If it's binding now with the interior panel off it's really gonna bind with the door panel back in Do you have the exterior molding and fuzzy in place? mount the exterior molding and with the window full up adjust the upper most forward points so the bottom of the glass touches the fuzzy. Then adjust the rear to set your angle without up. Then slowly incrementally lower the glass adjusting the lowest point of the track
  10. The gauge itself has three connections. A power from the circuit card a ground thru the circuit card and the wire to the sending unit. You can disconnect the sending unit as a point behind the license plate and ground it. The gauge should move. With it the wire disconnected the gauge should read full with it grounded it goes to E. if it swings at all the gauge is right it's the sending unit that's bad
  11. Mine wasnt that far off on fitment, I was able to tweak the angle of the tube enough to get the holes to line up. But the armature needs to be adjusted to get it more accurate. With the tank out and the new sending unit in place, you can see the float for the sending unit. I would using a yard stick or some long rod push the float as high as you can and check the resistance. Then try to get it as low as possible and see where it hits zero (if at all) tweak the rod the float sits on until you get a happy medium.....then bolt it all back together and hang the tank Had I know this before I put it back together I would have spent the time but once it was back togehter and I saw the flaw I decided to live with it....especially knowing everyone else had the same issue
  12. The sending units that are available typically from eBay are not manufactured well. They fit poorly and even with the correct ohms you need to adjust the way the float sits in the tank. I put mine in and it never read full. It would show about 7/8 full and when I was near E I still had about 5 gallons left. So the float would sit at the top of the tank but the way the contacts were in the actual sending unit it wasn't maxed out.
  13. I'm confused about your bumps. Are the protruding into the wheel well so the tire could run against or are they protruding into the trunk as of something flew off the tire or the tire hit? Are you saying outboard so not visibile on the quarter panel?
  14. Can you post a pic, having a hard time picturing any bump in that area