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  1. I don't have fear of anything breaking. My problem is the comfort. The car is great for cruising and doing the highway speed. It's my ears and my back that can't handle it. The engine noise coming into the cabin just because it's a 65 not for any other reason and the seats while comfortable aren't the best for 8 hours of driving
  2. I found my VINs. Can tell you right where to look drivers side about even with the area the brake cable goes they the frame. And drivers side near the rear most exhaust hanger. Bother are on the top of the frame and can be seen with a mirror
  3. Everyone with a view of the top surround pieces is a Deluxe interior though
  4. This is how my 65 is. The upper pieces were all painted. Just the a pillar isn't. I have head a deluxe interior is chrome all around. It is chrome not polished stainless
  5. I completely agree, as long as you know the car go for it. I was just taken back by guys who wanna come buy a car and jump in and take that kinda trip. Mind you my car is running great and handles the highway fine. I've debated about going to Reno if I still have it then, and at this rate it looks like I will. BTW the sales fell out because they never came to town like they said they were, not because of anything to do with the car.
  6. Looking for the opinions of guys with 1st and 2nd gen mostly. Anything later is designed for more modern highway speeds. Throwing the gas mileage discussion to the side. Do you think the car mechanically would handle a cross country journey at current highway speeds? Would you change your driving to more 'period correct' to keep engine wear down or is it really safe hitting the road at 65 for hours on end?? I have had two guys offering to buy the car wanting to make cross country jaunts after they bought the car. Of course the deals feel through and I still have my car but it made me wonder, would I want to drive a 65 across the country.
  7. The hose isn't 'Bulging' or ballooned, I can just tell there is alot of pressure in the system and wondered what size cap Im supposed to be using.
  8. I always remove mine mounted to the filler panel and seperate them off the car. its alot less risk of scratching the paint since you can come straight down with it
  9. Thanks, I saw the 300 ci engine called for 15 in the service manual but the 401/425 section doesnt specify a pressure
  10. I bought an off the shelf listed radiator cap. It's rated at 16 psi. What pressure are we supposed to have? Noticed my upper hose seems to blow up abit after driving. No water loss No overheating. Just weird pressure in the hose
  11. I have the power antenna in my 65, it works and only retracts with about 6-8 inches still sticking out. But I have seen a few other 63-65s now locally and they ALL have flush mounted. Am I missing something??? I now I have seen post about car covers and how they dont take it sticking up into account.
  12. Due to the fact the lower part of the dash is all part of the cluster and without looking right now I would say you would be best to pull the gauge cluster. You might be able to do it thru the fuse across hole bit why fight it
  13. Just making sure, the seal in the pic is 'upside down' so that widest patch fits in the groove. The peak should be outward of the opening. I found I had to really slam mine down to get it to compress it. Once you let it sit a few hours shut it will settle in and not be a problem
  14. You should have one washer under the bolt already if not the bolt may be bottomed out in the hole
  15. Last I heard he has it scheduled for body shop in a few weeks