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  1. i see all sorts of 1930's Reo cars for sale for a few thousand dollars as their bodies are rotted . I was wondering if it would be feasible to convert a car to this picture of a Reo Sedan Delivery . The motor would have to be in good shape to start with . I assume the sheet metal work would be the most expensive part .
  2. I had a message also from this guy also .
  3. Absolutely Not Mine
  4. Yes Rusty I posted that Wolverine under the For Sale on the AACA a while ago . I have seen some 1930's Reo Flying Clouds with the same work done on them . I assume no one restores these cars any more and they are going to scrap ? ? So instead of just having a picture from a magazine ad . There would be a car Sedan - Special Delivery sitting there you can touch . I appreciate what you are saying about the work and cost involved in doing the project . I guess I am stuck on 1930's cars . Mark
  5. Not Mine . This car is for sale near where I live . Price is $375,00 US
  6. This fellow has all sorts of gauges for sale . Click on link and go to See Other Items .
  7. The price was there when it was sent to me of $375,000 US . Then it disappeared .
  8. Rusty I am just dreaming now . This all started while I was restoring my 1931 Reo Royale Victoria . As I look for parts I come across some rotted out Reo cars . Liking Antique cars I say to myself I would sure hate to see these nice but poor condition cars go to the scrap yard . So I came across this advertisement and thought about converting a car to a Sedan - Smart Delivery . A 1930 Flying Cloud has the same windshield as the advertisement . F&J thanks for all the tips , mercer09 I did not know that Ford people are doing all these things now as I usually stick to original built cars . Thanks everyone else for the encouragement and comments . Mark
  9. Not Mine
  10. Not Mine
  11. Not Mine You do not see pictures like this often .
  12. Not Mine
  13. I am curious did England and Europe have the same radio warning systems ? Also did they have videos about hiding under your school desk in case of nuclear attack?
  14. Not Mine
  15. BTT
  16. Not Mine . Looks like a good deal to me . A lot of money laid out on rebuilding . American money VS Canadian money .
  17. BTT
  18. I was told this by a 1931 Reo Royale owner who's clock will only work for 4 days . Not 8 days . I believe the cock is an Jaeger clock ? I could be wrong .
  19. I was told that the main spring in 8 day clocks is actually 2 springs 4 days for each spring . Thanks for the contact MCHinson I spoke with Bob Spillers the clock repair man . He says that some car clocks had 2 springs . Mark--Some, but very few, of the old clocks had 2 mainsprings. I have not worked on a Jaeger double spring clock before but I have worked on Sandoz clocks from the early '30's,.some of which have 2 mainsprings. Does that answer your question? Bob..
  20. Not Mine
  21. This any good ? ?
  22. I came across this propaganda poster of how 18 Tons of Farm scrap will build a Medium Tank . Know wonder a lot of old cars disappeared . They also say in other posters they can build a ship with so many tons of scrap .
  23. Not Mine
  24. Special Interest Cars   5.01 Google review Auto parts store in Oakville, Ontario Address: 2410 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 5M2 Phone: (905) 844-8063 Province: Ontario Suggest an edit · Own this business? They have parts for FORD , FALCON , FAIRLANE , TORINO , COMET , MONTAGE , MUSTANG II , ECONOLINE , COURIER , FORD TRUCK , BOBCAT , PINTO , METEOR , T - BIRD THEY HAVE SUSPENSION , STEERING , BRAKES , IGNITION ETC. THEY FIT FORD - GM - CHRYCO - AMC - ETC . I took this information from the Old Autos newspaper HERE IS THEIR EMAIL
  25. Just to let you know Victoria Lynn the owner of Special Interest Cars passed away . So all his NOS parts are going to be sold off if anyone needs parts . Special Interest Cars 905 844 8063 Oakville Ontario Canada