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    Maybe they should start a Stolen or Missing Car section ? ? As there has quite a few cars stolen in the last few years . No one seems to know if they were ever recovered . As we loose touch with the thread .
  2. Up here in Ontario, Canada Tesla purchasers are to receive quite a rebate from the government . Warren Buffet has money in BYD . Does the USA offer an equal incentive ? ? It seems that "Ice Road Truckers" will look cooler but sound a lot less dramatic in the future, thanks to electric semis. Canada's most populated province announced that it will offer purchasers of electric semi trucks a rebate on 60 percent of their purchase price up to CA$75,000 as part of the new Green Commercial Vehicle Program. Since Tesla's debut of its fully electric semi truck in November, the company has received hundreds of orders from large companies here in the US. This Canadian incentive plan could see many more electric semis, including ones from Chinese company BYD, convoying across the frozen North. Enlarge Ima
  3. Not Mine
  4. Rolls Royce Meteor V12 Merlin Spitfire Engine

    I contacted the Warplane Museum in Hamilton , Canada to see if they were any use to them .They said they can only be ONE or the other Merlin or Meteor not both . Not very interested at all they figure they are for a tank . I asked if he could use any parts . You think WW2 was raging for the amount of time he gave me ?
  5. 1942 Mack Truck

    Not Mine Looks Good
  6. Not Mine Here is something you do not see all the time .
  7. Not Mine
  8. Not Mine
  9. source for window regulator springs

    I am still working on this problem . As I have 2 different styles on my 1931 Reo Royale Victoria . One style on the one front suicide door and one style on the rear quarter windows . I am trying to confirm with other Royale ones what is the correct spring . As it looks like the 4 door suicide front door used a different style also . Here is my post with some very good information from a very helpful AACA group as usual .
  10. 1923 Franklin

    Not Mine What does that exposed light bulb do on the dash ? ?
  11. This is not mine . But why did people have these ? Was it for emergencies or been able to park anywhere ? This one is for a Pharmacist . It must of just sold it was very colour co - ordinated .
  12. Interesting museum in Texas Anyone ever visit it?
  13. 1916 Reo 6 cylinder motor for sale

    There is no response from the seller . Is it sold ? ?
  14. Joe , GM must be more customer friendly than Ford Motor . We lived in Oakville and my father wanted to pick up his 1965 Ford Country Squire which was 4 miles from our house to the Ford Plant to save the $100. shipping . Kennedy Ford the local dealer said you cannot do that . So we had to pay the $100. shipping cost to the dealer .
  15. NOS Door Latch Springs for most makes 1928-1952

    Chuck how do you go about identifying which spring goes on what car ? Or are they standard ? I need some for a 1931 Reo Royale With suicide doors if that changes anything ?
  16. Not Mine
  17. 4,000th post - A "Thank You" to our forum members

    Marty congratulations . I will never forget the time you posted the car's previous owner and the the future owner with you the present owner . I agree about the humour it keeps the Forum going posts by 60 Flat Top comes to mind right away .
  18. 1929 Olds R/S Roadster $4,000 C/L MN

    sligermachine I am completely rebuilding the wood in a 1931 Reo Royale Victoria . I make the new piece from either tracing the original or starting from scratch and designing my own piece . I trace the new pieces on craft wrapping paper 3 ft X 6 ft and then go to a Blue Printing shop who copies them for $5 a piece . I then mail them from Toronto to a fellow Royale owner in Flint . I do not have to spend time making and storing the wood product . Just a thought . By the way I would never do a wood car again just too much work and the time factor . I can see why they went to wrecking yards when they were damaged or the newer cars came out .
  19. 200 Old School Cars + 1929 Reo Sedan

    Bryan you might be right about the ad been very vague . Last year I saw a similar vague ad for a Mitutoya Combination set for $25 . I went to see the woman and her husband a machinist had died . The set was in mint shape as used it for a living . Her grandson had posted the ad for sale for her not knowing the value . Up here in Canada it goes for around $300 for the new model .
  20. 1929 Reo Flying Cloud Sedan

    Not Mine
  21. 1926 reo

    Here is the link to previous post I made it shows Juha's red Reo with the hubcaps I spoke about .
  22. I bought my 1931 Reo Royale Victoria a few years ago in S.C. and brought it up to Toronto . I used the complete garage to rebuild my wood structure and I am still doing more work now . After many complaints on a regular daily basis from my dear wife . She wants me to move the car to one side of the double garage . So she place her car in the garage . The trouble is the car was completely stripped of paint to bare metal by the previous owner . Toronto gets very cold moist days in the winter . So when I bring the daily driver in the garage it is going to be cold and wet . Beside my unprimed Reo . Should I rub a light oil on the metal or cover it with a tarp to keep the moisture out ? Some suggested I use a Krown product but I am worried , as it might affect the painting down the road .
  23. 1926 reo

    You are very ambitious to work on these Reo's . I used to own a 1926 Reo T 6 in 1976 they are a very durable car and well engineered . The 6 cylinder motor was very dependable . I am not sure exactly what you have there as one hubcap has a chrome strip around the perimeter . I have requested some help for you at the Reo Club of America . Maybe a Reo Member can give you some detailed information . Here are some pictures of Reo's from Reo meets that you might like .
  24. Someone on this Forum a few years ago suggested using Rubbing Alcohol to remove a musty smell from books and boxes ? ? ? I think it was enclose it in a plastic bag with a dish of Alcohol for a few days ? What was the Type of Alcohol ? Thanks I was given this and it has a Musty smell . I would have died to own this in 1963 .
  25. 1934 Hupmobile

    Not Mine - Sharp looking Car