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  1. Norton Gas Tank Metal

    Not Mine
  2. For Sale Model A Seats!!!!!!!!

    Could you explain in the second picture from the top . How those two metal brackets work . I assume they hold the setback cushion to the wooden frame ? Thanks
  3. Someone requested information about his grandfather's Reo and maybe Terraplane Dealership in Tiffin , Ohio in the 1920's - 1930's . The owner was Nicholas Reinhart and his brother . Any leads would be helpful . Thanks
  4. Reo Dealership in Tiffin Ohio any Information ?

    Anyone have some tips on how to research this Car Dealership history ?
  5. Might fit a Franklin Olympic ?
  6. On this date, March 17, 1966, ...

    When I worked at AMC in Brampton in the 1970's They say the AMC assembly line came from the Studebaker plant in Hamilton . I bet they do not recycle like that any more ?
  7. Not Mine
  8. I know this site is supposed to be be about Antique cars . There will be a few who will remind me about this . Here is a video of the new Tesla plant unbelievable Having worked at a AMC assembly plant in Brampton in the early 1970's This is quite a shock to see a robot installing the windshield compared to 2 men doing it . Also seeing the whole dash been installed in one shot . We used to install the dash then all the AC components , radio , etc . Body parts coming in from Kenosha , men spray painting the cars , etc .
  9. 1934 Reo Front Left Fender

    Please contact me $85 .
  10. 1934 Reo Front Left Fender

    Please contact me $85 .
  11. 1931 Cadillac Rolling Chassis with Engine and Trans.

    Here is a 1931 Cadillac frame if you need one . Sad to see the original cut up .
  12. 1928 Essex

    Not Mine - Canadian Money
  13. Chevrolet 6 Cylinder Motor

    Not Mine
  14. Chevrolet 6 Cylinder Motor

    Not Mine
  15. 1928 Essex

    Not Mine - Canadian Money
  16. Ignition Switch Question and Source to Buy

    That's a very good idea. I never would of thought of that approach at all . That is not my dash it is a fellow Royale owners in Flint who sent me a picture of it . Thanks Mark
  17. I have a 1931 Reo Royale Victoria 8 - 31 . The ignition switch is missing I looked at Mac's Ford and found a few but the switch FACE does not look the original . Does anyone know sources for a ignition switch where I can buy one . Thanks
  18. Saskatchewan hoard

    They mention a car with a T Eaton motor . Eaton's was a Department store did they supply motors?
  19. Car Collection in London Canada

    Not Mine Car Collection *1918 Buick original shape *1924 Buick McLaughlin original shape *1930 Model A excellent shape *1940 Hupmobile *1947 Buick Sedanette (+another spare for parts) Here is the "scoop" on the cars that we are offering. 1918 Buick Touring E35 4 dr. 4 Cyl Overhead Valves. Body is original and solid, doors fit well and are tight. Paint, we believe, is original except for fenders that were repainted. Top has been changed and is in good shape, original seats need to be redone. Car was imported to Ontario, Canada from Concord Mass. Around 2000 and driven into dry storage and kept there ever since. Car starts and drives with no issues. Asking Price $10,000. 1924 McLaughlin Buick Touring Model 23. Original 4 Cyl engine w 3 Sp Transmission. Low mileage car, body is very solid and the doors fit almost perfectly. It was repainted once many many years ago and was done in Laquer which has cracked but still shines and looks amazing. The interior looks great and is the original leather. The Top was replaced once and is excellent. Engine and Transmission work amazingly good and the Front End steering is almost perfect. Wheels are good too. It has been preserved and cared for and was used in few Weddings. It just needs a good cleaning and be driven and enjoyed. Asking price is $22000.00
  20. BSA Parts and Bikes

    Not Mine
  21. 1930 Hupmobile Model S

    Not Mine
  22. 1930 Hupmobile Model S

    Not Mine
  23. I bought this carburetor about 40 years ago off a 1920's Reo motor . I had it rebuilt for $100 in 1984 by a Mr Evans in Akron , Ohio . It has sat ever since sealed in a bag in a box . I would like to sell it and someone has shown interested in buying it . Where the steel is I think it says RAYFIELD there is other numbers as shown in different places . Thanks LL 3P 314 - 1 740365 B Who is the manufacturer and what would be a fair price for it ? Thanks
  24. Carburetor Identification and Value

    Thanks for everyone's help .
  25. Shurhit Ignition Parts

    Not Mine