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  1. ID please

    A friend says this looks like a 1932 Reo Flying Cloud Model 6 - 25 . Any chance you can get some pictures of the motor and where is it located ? As he is looking to buy some Reo parts if they are for sale . Thanks . Mark
  2. 29 reo speedwagon parts

  3. Chrome Window Channel Wanted

    Would anyone know a supplier for Chrome window channels about 5/8 X 5/8 Needed for a wood bodied 1931 Reo Royale on the side of the windows . I tried looking at Mac's Ford they seem to only sell complete sets if I am looking correctly . They did not state if they where chromed . Thanks
  4. Valves

    Not Mine
  5. John Lewis Collection For Sale

    I have never heard of this fellow but he has quite a collection with Orphan cars and trucks .
  6. Not Mine
  7. Could someone explain these Head Lights on this Reo .

    I received a message that these were called Gentleman's Lights . So that on coming cars would not be affected by the bright lights . Thanks for everyone's help .
  8. This car is for sale not mine and has unusual Head Light covers . I have never seen anything like this before . Are they for fog ? to better high light the road ? , after market for sure ? etc .
  9. For Sale 1925 Reo Parts

  10. For Sale 1925 Reo Parts

    Not Mine
  11. For Sale 1926 Franklin

    Not Mine - nice looking

    Excellent work your are doing on your car . The engine compartment is perfect . Quite an interesting story on how you came into possession on your car . You wonder how some of these cars survived .
  13. I know a fellow trying to rebuild a 1970's Norton . Is there a place that has these old parts or is it like looking for old car parts ? ? Thanks
  14. For sale 1932 REO Royale what should I offer

    Here is an idea . Since you could get the car reasonably priced .
  15. For sale 1932 REO Royale what should I offer

    Do you have the original motor and transmission ? What about the interior parts ? If you want to restore the car here is a link to the Reo Royale Forum .
  16. Where would someone find the the original colours on a 1967 M35 ? I received this message today asking for help . Thanks I want to keep it as original as I can . So I am trying to find his original color and finish . Could you help me to find original color ink ? I want to keep original olive grab green US 1967 . Could you help me ? And finish . Is semi polish? Ink is PU ? Some info are not clear to me . Tks in advance Best wishes Marco
  17. I know a fellow with a Military Vechicle someone suggested Brent Mullins for parts . Does anyone know anyone else for parts or information ?
  18. Now I'm a (mini) Used Car Dealer

    They look in great condition . What I do not understand is how do you play with them ? ? There is no buttons or flashing lights and a screen . Could you use your imagination ? I remember drooling over these toys in a local hardware store when I was a kid in the 1950's . Who could afford them . I am glad they went to a good home .
  19. Does anyone know the Original Colours on a M35 ? ?

    Anyone have any leads ?
  20. For Sale 1925 Reo T6 Parts

    Not Mine
  21. For Sale 1931 Speedwagon

    Not Mine - Trying to help out this fellow . Comments : My dad has a 1931 Speedwagon that is mostly restored. He's lost the ability to continue the project as he's gotten older. He was a member of the REO Club several years ago. He's asked me to assist in finding a buyer for the truck, and so I thought I'd reach out here first. The truck is fully mechanically (and beautifully) restored, and just needs the remainder of the coachwork and possibly some metal fab to be complete. Any assistance, or information would be helpful. Thank you for your time. Blessings, Tim Ashley (502) 472-2177
  22. For Sale 1923 Chevrolet Touring

    Not Mine

    I am glad you posted the boat bullrun . It gives variety and someone might be just looking for a neat accessory . A few years ago all assorts of members posted very interesting items from special drill bits that you could not get in stores , how to keep mice off your antique car , homemade penetrating oil , etc . That seems to be missing lately with the site been watched to make sure everything is 100% car related .
  24. Then and Now Automotive - Anyone used them before ? ?

    Thanks everyone
  25. Then and Now Automotive was recommended to the Reo Royale Club for fuel pump rebuilding on 1930's cars . Has anyone used them and are they satisfied with their work ?