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  1. For Sale 1932 Reo Flying Cloud

    Not Mine
  2. 1913 REO

    There is the Reo Club of America where it's members might also be able to help you .
  3. Does anyone have any information or parts for a 1936 Fargo pickup truck . I live in Canada and a friend is having a tough time finding anything about this truck . Thanks
  4. 1921 REO T-6 Touring

    I sat in this car when the second owner lived near Buffalo in the late 1970's . I can not remember his name but he worked for a metal foundry and had some Reo parts made at the factory .
  5. For Sale 1931 Reo Flying Cloud Coupe

    Not Mine
  6. For Sale 1931 Reo Flying Cloud Coupe

    Not Mine
  7. For Sale

    John you have a great memory . Here is the two fellows looking for the seats .
  8. 1930 LaSalle - Cadillac side mount casting needed

    If your castings are the same for driver and passenger side . Greg Coleman does excellent work . He has made handles and dash knobs for Reo Royale owners . Chevi Shop Custom Casting   Directions Antique store in Milledgeville, Illinois Address: 9 E 4th St, Milledgeville, IL 61051 Phone: (815) 225-7565
  9. WTB Opera Coupe or Victoria RF Seat

    Hello Jim , This is not exactly like your seat but could you use one of these ? Thanks , Mark
  10. Chrysler products delivery convoy

    I wonder if the tarps are protecting the glass ? ? The way they fit . Years ago the Ford plant in Oakville , Ontario shipped their cars out on trains and people used to drop rocks on the cars from bridges . Before the enclosed rail transporters .
  11. I guess they will never end with the ideas against the gasoline powered car . In the United Kingdom they have been experimenting with barriers and tunnels to cut down pollution . I do not know how they will handle a a big snow fall or high winds like we get in North America ?
  12. For Sale 1932 Reo Coupe

    Not Mine <>
  13. Anyone Wreck a New Car Shortly After Purchasing It ?

    Here is another driver crashing a $300,000 car . I guess these rich drivers can not drive ? ?
  14. Here is a fellow who had a car one hour and destroyed his brand new $340,000 Ferrari car .
  15. I did not know there was such a push into the trucking business to go electric from mail trucks , to garbage trucks in the USA . QUOTE The International Energy Agency (IEA) believes that keeping global temperature rises below 2C by the end of the century will in part depend on the electrification of some 600 million vehicles worldwide.
  16. For Sale 1925 Reo Parts

    Not Mine
  17. For Sale 1925 Reo Parts

    Not Mine
  18. Trunk Article

    Thank you for the article on how to do the trunk . I have do a trunk on a 1931 Reo Royale Victoria and this information will be very valuable for my project .
  19. The UK, and other countries, to ban ICE engines.

    It looks like there is going to 12 Electric Models to choose from as of now . Quote As of 2040, conventional petrol and diesel cars will no longer be sold - that's the government's plan anyway. At the moment, this seems like an eternity away. Not just because of the 23-year wait but also the limitations of today's electric vehicles. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  20. Anyone Wreck a New Car Shortly After Purchasing It ?

    The 1970 Norton 750 Commando had 60 Hp at 6,880 . What was so different with the Japanese bikes everyone flipped them ? I heard the Norton was the fastest then the Honda Helcat ? beat them in speed with less cc . If my memory is right we are talking nearly 50 years ago guys . They are still rebuilding the Norton cores and bikes with modern components in Colorado .
  21. Anyone Wreck a New Car Shortly After Purchasing It ?

    Padgett you probably remember the 1970's 750 Norton Commando it was around that time .
  22. The UK, and other countries, to ban ICE engines.

    Even Rolls Royce is getting to the act of gasoline been banned in some areas .
  23. Out of gas

    Bernie the comment about the refrigerants ties in with the fridges from the 1980's . My brother in law fixes appliances he says those old units last long about 20 years on average than the new ones about 8 years . If you calculate all the energy making the new appliances off shore loading them on to trucks and boats then doing the same thing on the west coast and shipping them across the USA how much energy did you really save ? Compared to an new appliance that is only going to last a few years .
  24. The UK, and other countries, to ban ICE engines.

    According to an news article that in Quebec , Canada the province ( state ) is demanding quotas on the car dealerships to sell electric cars .