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  1. Mark Gregory

    Reo Royale Clock

    Trying to help a fellow 1931 Reo Royale 8 - 35 owner looking for a car clock . Any help or leads wanted thanks in advance . Picture below .
  2. Not Mine Dnepr MT 10 I looked up the company and it is interesting how many companies took German technology after the war back to their own countries . I guess it has some BMW designs ?
  3. Mark Gregory

    1928 Olds Roadster

    Not Mine
  4. Mark Gregory

    Identify car from picture

    Does anyone see the Policeman's hand on the left side of the car and his polished shoes ?
  5. Mark Gregory

    1928 REO Speedwagon Distibutor Plate

    I do not know if this helps .
  6. Not Mine Look at his other ads as he has Indian and Harley early parts .
  7. Mark Gregory

    Pancake Oil Filter for a Reo Royale

  8. Mark Gregory

    Pancake Oil Filter for a Reo Royale

    A fellow 1931 Royale owner is looking a pancake oil filter used by Reo on the Flying Cloud and the Royale . It is about 6 inches in diameter and 3 inches in depth . Any leads welcomed thanks .
  9. Mark Gregory

    1926 Reo Coupe

    Not Mine
  10. Mark Gregory

    My neighbor's new/old truck....

    I guessing you could see/find an old car brushing your teeth in the morning. They must grow old cars where you live. That is funny Xander . There must be a Bermuda Triangle out there in Oregon . As I live in a city with a population of 200,000 and I never see as many cars as Keiser 31 does in his home Town .
  11. Mark Gregory

    1926 Reo Coupe

    Not Mine
  12. Mark Gregory

    1955 Chrylser Windsor

    Flat Top has a point about looking for the engine in a garage . I know someone who was the new owner restoring a car after the original owner died . The new owner found most of the missing rebuilt parts which the original owner had sent out for repair in a 50 mile radius of where the car the car was . He assembled the car with the found parts .
  13. Seems like a lot of cars going through this Auction .
  14. Mark Gregory

    Lucky Collector Car Auction RESULTS ? ?

    Has anyone heard what items sold for ?
  15. Mark Gregory

    Northeast Generator Parts any Leads ?

  16. This fellow posted on the Reo Section and is looking for some Generator parts . Any leads ?
  17. Mark Gregory

    1929 Studebaker flat Head 8 Or a motor

    Not trying to take over this thread but Gary Ash you mentioned that the spark plug holes are changed to Metric . Why did they change to Metric ? Also on my 1931 Reo Royale all the oil seals and bearings where a Metric size and not a Standard size . Was there a change to Metric in the industry for some reason ?
  18. Mark Gregory

    Early Generator - Brass Era ? ?

    Came across this . I have never heard of this manufacturer before .
  19. Mark Gregory

    1934 Reo

    Not Mine located near Toronto
  20. Not mine but the seller wants $6,000 . To me it seems a steep price .
  21. Mark Gregory

    Indian Sidecar also Fender

    Not Mine
  22. Mark Gregory

    WTB '31 REO Steering Wheel

    Hello Pat , If you come up with a source for steering wheels please let us know . I am trying to restore a 1931 Reo Royale along with other Royale owners who are in need of the steering wheels . Thanks , Mark
  23. Mark Gregory

    1929 Reo Truck

    Not Mine
  24. Mark Gregory

    1922 Lincoln Touring

    Not Mine