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  1. Not Mine
  2. I know in Canada in the 1970's they were using Japanese steel to make steel rebar for construction . I was told then that they had to use more steel rebar to get the same results in the poured concrete slab as it was not as good quality as the domestic steel . Tensile strength ? ? What I do not understand is why were they were importing the steel when in the article below all this was going on ? Yet, the steel industry’s rejuvenation was not a straightforward story of success. The reality of the US steel industry’s reinvention was that employment and production were slashed dramatically. In total, nearly 300,000 steelworkers lost their jobs between 1976 and 1986. In places like Youngstown, and Gary, Indiana, whole communities were left devastated by plant closures. As such, while the US steel industry did survive the crises of the 1970s and 1980s it did not do so unscathed.
  3. Maybe the information in this posting Items 9 and 10 can help you . I would try and contact Bud as he seems to know a lot about the manufactures .
  4. Up here in Canada they are toying with the idea to shoot a sticky GPS dart from the grill of a Police car . On to the back of the Felon speeding car . Then call off the high speed chase and follow the Dart with GPS so another Police car can follow it . Then I assume arrest the felon ? ?
  5. Does anyone know who can repair this 1920's Reo Steering wheel for a friend on mine . thanks
  6. According to Jay Leno - The reason they brought out the KIA was so the Hyundai owners had something to laugh at .
  7. I guess this is why Phil Edmonton Lemon Aid Car books took off . In 1968 he founded the Automobile Protection Association (APA), which uncovered and disseminated information about automobile defects and successfully pressured the auto industry for several recalls. Edmonston was president of the APA until 1987. In that role, he worked on thousands of consumer claims against automobile manufacturers and won million-dollar settlements and hundreds of lawsuits for consumers.[2] His work with the association led to the Lemon-Aid series of car manuals, issued annually since the 1970s. Edmonston has served as a pro bono witness on automobile defects and safety before numerous courts and government committees. In 1982, he testified on inadequate automobile quality and rust protection before the United States Senate Subcommittee on Technology and successfully pressured Ford to become the first automaker to provide a corrosion compensation warranty. He is the author of over 100 best-selling books on consumer rights and the automobile industry.[2]
  8. Not Mine
  9. Not Mine - 60 days left before they close .
  10. i worked at the Brampton AMC factory in the early 1970's building the Gremlins and Hornets . We had car doors shipped in from Kenosha that were banged all in the same spot and they would run a grinder on them to smooth them out . I assume that was the first place for rust . We ran out of the proper colour dashes for the car and they would paint as an example a blue one beige to match the rest of the car . Before the windshields were installed . I always wondered how the owner would react if the paint came off when he was cleaning his car . My father had a 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood and it too rotted out everywhere . I heard they were using Japanse steel ? True or False ? This whole topic bothers me as all the incompetence helped to destroy a good industry here in North America .
  11. Not Mine
  12. Here is an excellent article on the Second Chance garage about horn repair .
  13. Not Mine Looks like Parts
  14. Not Mine Looks like Parts
  15. Not Mine