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  1. Mark Gregory

    New eBay issue - Advice on fraudulent activity

    Did something like this happen about a year ago ? Some guy got the parts from the United States Postal Service because it was not delivered . Then there was an exchange here on the AACA Forum about who's part it was . Some how the the fellow was getting undelivered parts . I know this is eBay this time .
  2. Mark Gregory

    1918 - 1924 Three Dip Oil Pan Model T Ford

    Thanks everyone
  3. Not Mine
  4. Could someone give me an idea of the year and model please .
  5. Mark Gregory

    Horse Tricycle

    Thanks for informing me about this Mark . I am not into antiques just the car end of antiques . I came across this and thought someone might be looking for this item . Buyer beware .
  6. Not Mine
  7. Mark Gregory

    Unsung inventors

    I cannot remember her name but Chrysler had a woman designer in the 1930's ? who designed the interiors of their cars . Great post by the way JFranklin
  8. Mark Gregory

    Identify this REO hood

    I asked on the Reo Club your question here is the answer . " Right. It looks like the '41 Speed Wagon in the picture. Now here's the answer to your question "Are you committing a capital crime if you want to cut it up?" You Bet! Don't cut it up! If you really want to put it or something like it on your Chevy very simply copy it in fiber glass=problem solved. But do not cut it up. Do it in fiber glass & keep this one in the family for a much better use. That's my candid advice.
  9. Mark Gregory

    1927 Willys Whippet Roadster

    Not Mine I guess the body is the only original piece on this car .
  10. Not Mine Go through the lists on View Sellers other Listings on top right side of ad . There is all sorts of parts .
  11. Mark Gregory

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    TexRiv_63 excellent point about the windshield so I checked the information printed on the windshield . It says Toyota 262 Pilkington 43R - 001398 I assume it is a new from the factory windshield ? Thanks everyone for your input I will suggest them all to the dealership . Matt I checked my Purchase Papers from the dealership I bought the Luxury Protection for Paint Protection - Interior Protection - Rip Tear Burn - Electronic - Corrosion Module - Surface Rust I wonder when they sprayed the seats for Protection if they got it on the windshield ? Thanks everyone
  12. This is a new Toyota car question . For the first time I purchased a brand new 2016 Toyota Highlander . Instead of a big three product which I have purchased over my life time . The car mechanically is fantastic but since I purchased the car . There has been a haze on the the windshield like it has not been cleaned . Also the outline of suction cups from the manufacturing process . I do not smoke or vape so I did not put any fumes into the car . The only thing I can think of is the heater core is leaking for the haze to appear ? Lacquer over spray from the factory ? I had the cars paint sealed at the dealership . Maybe the the attendant had the windows down listening to the radio while he was spraying the car and it ended up on the windshield ? When the car was new I had the dealership clean the windows but the marks and haze kept reappearing . I cleaned it with Windex and vinegar and water with no success . Last time I was at the dealership for the 32,000 km checkup they took a very powerful cleaner to the windshield and the marks and haze still appear . I got a little upset when I was told the windshield is only guaranteed for 20,000 km I said you cannot clean the windshield and yet you want me to do it now . I looked on the internet and these suction cup marks are common . But the haze ? ? Thanks
  13. In 1976 I found in my 1926 Reo T6 Sedan an empty flask of Old Plaid Whiskey that was probably from the WW2 . I gave it away but think of it often on how it survived in that old car for so long .
  14. Mark Gregory

    6 volt battery maintainer

    A friend suggested this Intelligent Charger to me . He keeps his batteries going on this .
  15. Mark Gregory

    Reo Wooden Spoked Wheels

    Not Mine