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  1. Frank gave me encouraging words during my car restoration . Spelling out little details to watch for . Get Well soon Frank .
  2. A person asked me about a Reo M35 Where could you find a group of other M35 owners or more information about M35 .
  3. Egge Pistons supplies a lot of old car pistons from what I have been told . There are other AACA Members who can also recommend them .
  4. Not Mine
  5. Not Mine
  6. Not Mine Good Price
  7. Not Mine I do not know if this junk or valuable ?
  8. JV Puleo I heard that all the radiation from the 1950's tests fell all over the place and in the iron ore mines . Know they can tell by the amount of radiation in the steel when it was made for example 1950's , less in the 1970's . I did know about the steel under the water protecting it from radiation .
  9. I saw an article where they are removing steel from sunken Battleships in the South Pacific . I always thought the salt and a Marine growth would make the steel worthless . The biggest insult is that I always thought this was untouchable as it was war related . I had an Uncle go down on a Corvette in WW2 and I would not want someone touching his ship .
  10. Not Mine
  11. Not Mine
  12. Not Mine Stored inside since the 1950 's .
  13. Not Mine
  14. Not Mine - Cool