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  1. Mark Gregory

    Clearance Sale of all New Mechanical Parts

    Please contact GRAVES AUTO at 705 721 7875 For any information .
  2. NOT MINE This ad was in the Old Autos May 21 2018 page 25 B GRAVES AUTO Midhurst Ontario 705 721 7875 Cadillac , Olds , White , Reo , Nash , International , Willys , Kaiser , Henry J , Whippet , Hillman , Wolseley , Buick , Mack , Packard , Hudson , Essex , The list goes on , all sorts of makes not listed here .
  3. Mark Gregory

    1928 Hupmobile Doors

    Not Mine
  4. Mark Gregory

    1928 Hupmobile Doors

    Not Mine
  5. Mark Gregory

    The decline of Sears

    I was working for a company that renovated a Sears store at Square One in Toronto around 2003 . They had hired some hot shot who was changing everything and he ended up been let go . Sears used to keep clothes in a draw under the clothes on display . So if you needed a different size or colour the clerk would just reach down and get what you wanted . He eliminated the drawers so when you wanted something different the stock boy would have to bring it up from storage by that time the customer was gone . I was told the appliance salesman was on a salary / commission per sale and it was changed to salary . He did not care at all if he sold anything anymore he just sat there . They reduced the glory of the Tool department to a small area losing most of the big wood tables the tools sat on and the signage . They said the perfume and make up department accounted for most of the store revenue . Sears bought out was left of the Eaton brand stores and lost a fortune they ended up closing the Eaton's stores . Just for interest sake the store was built around 1972 ? and the original escalator was sold to a South American department store . I guess they did not have all the safety requirements we have now ?
  6. Mark Gregory

    1936 Reo Sedan For Sale

    Not Mine Seems pricey to me ?
  7. Mark Gregory

    1926 Reo Coupe

    Not Mine
  8. Mark Gregory

    The decline of Sears

    This TIME article I think describes what has happened to America . I feel for your country and Canada . How my Generation broke America . ITEM 4
  9. Mark Gregory

    Ignition parts for 1912 REO the fifth raceabout

    These people offer parts and a rebuild service . There is also Also the Reo Club of America yahoo group who might help you .
  10. I was reading about compression and it stated that the fuel in the Uk was of poor quality . Why ? Because of the poor quality of the petrol (gasoline) in the UK at the time, British car and motorcycle manufacturers alike produced engines with relative low compression ratios.
  11. Well you have to give her points for effort . At least she tried to flee first in the Corolla then on foot from the crash .
  12. Mark Gregory

    1928 Olds Roadster

    Not Mine
  13. Mark Gregory

    Identify car from picture

    Does anyone see the Policeman's hand on the left side of the car and his polished shoes ?
  14. Mark Gregory

    1928 REO Speedwagon Distibutor Plate

    I do not know if this helps .