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  1. Stainless Steel Window Run Channel Found

    This has been quite a challenge but after a lot of research I found the exact extrusion as it was made 90 years ago. The rolled polished SS bead is rolled inside and not on the out side as item 9 above . I found this at C R Laurence this is made for buses and boats Y58296 Thanks for everyone's responses and help . Jeff I will buy the replacement Schlegel for the remaining formed front door windows as you suggested .
  2. Reo Radiator 1914 - 1917

    Not Mine
  3. Reo Gold Comet Motor

    Not Mine
  4. Reo Radiator 1914 - 1917

    Not mine
  5. Not Mine - beautiful pictures just to look at .
  6. Biggest Industrial Fire in History @ GM

    That is about 1/2 Billion dollars today . The amazing part is that they had a new plant up and working in 9 weeks ? ? The specialized tooling and machinery and no computers to do it .
  7. Biggest Industrial Fire in History I was there Media 1953 Hydramatic Fire Livonia, Michigan I was there... Tell us your story > The biggest industrial fire in history took place in a General Motors plant on August 12, 1953 - a fifty million dollar loss. I was working there at that time. This was the Hydramatic plant on Plymouth Road, in Livonia, Michigan. Ternstedt Division, for whom I was working, was using the eastern portion of the building for two government contracts - one contract was for a state-of-the-art guidance system, for the U.S. Air Force; and the other contract was for a range finder system to be used on Army tanks. One afternoon, numerous alarm signals sounded. The story was that an oily rag had been accidentally ignited by a welder's torch and was caught on a parts conveyor line, thus carrying the flame down the line and igniting other materials as it traveled. Six people died in the fire: three members of the Ternstedt in-plant fire brigade were trapped and killed and a member of the Livonia Fire Department suffered a fatal heart attack. Several days later, two construction workers were electrocuted while clearing debris. The plant building was completely destroyed. This August 12th fire left the corporation and the three divisions that used this transmission plant scrambling for other sources of automatic transmissions to complete that year's model year production. As a result, Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs, during the downtime, were assembled with Buick's Dynaflow transmission, while Pontiacs used Chevrolet's Powerglide, both two-speed torque-converter units. Non-GM makes, that bought Hydramatics from the corporation, ended up looking for other sources of automatic transmissions during the downtime. About nine weeks after the Livonia fire, GM opened up a new source for Hydramatic production at Willow Run, Michigan. GM obtained the giant World War II bomber plant at Willow Run from Kaiser-Frazer and completely revamped it for Hydra-Matic production. This is not the Willow Run Auto Assembly Plant, which was built right outside the Willow Run Transmission Plant. By the time the 1954 models debuted in late 1953, Hydramatic production had returned to normal levels and all '54 model Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs with automatic transmissions were once again equipped with Hydramatics.
  8. Latch Manufacturer Anyone Know ? ?

    Thought I would ask again
  9. 1926 Graham Brothers Project

    If I was you i would go back through old postings for Graham trucks in all the sections For Sale , Discussion and Parts needed and for sale and see what you can find . Here is a 1927 Graham truck with some pictures .
  10. 1926 Graham Brothers Project

    Someone in New Zealand had a Graham truck what year ? Maybe some parts ?
  11. 1923 Hupmobile Motor

    Not Mine
  12. 1923 Hupmobile Motor

    not mine
  13. Not Mine
  14. Reo Firestone Rim

    Not Mine
  15. 1934 Reo Parts

    Not Mine