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  1. Has anyone Rebuilt a 1930's Car Wood Framed Door

    Thanks for all the replies . John thanks for posting the pictures . Mike from what i can gather there is no steel plate there . Like I mentioned before the previous owner took it apart and did some repairs . Bloo never in a million years would I have though that the door was manufactured in the way you mentioned .I thought Murray bodies had the wood parts made and slipped it inside the skin and angles . One good point is there was some wood glue still attaching the frame together and it was still in good shape after 86 years . Even with all that rain and snow running down on top of it . I am going to study the construction of the door a little more before I cut or take anything apart . I am hesitant to meddle with the door skin crimping .Thanks for the leads of the Fisher Body books also .
  2. I am starting to work on my front doors on my Reo Royale Victoria . I guess where ever this car was stored . The water liked to rot off the bottom 10 inches of wood around the complete car . So I have two doors I am trying to take a part to replace the wood . Any suggestions on how this was assembled . As all the wood screws come from behind the door skin . I can not access the wood screws because of this installation . The door wood frame is tucked under the angled - rolled door skin . So something has to be cut out to get one piece of wood to be removable . Any pointers appreciated . The previous owner did some wood repair but it is not properly done . I want to redo the work .
  3. '29 Engine rebuild

    I know that Steele Rubber sells the engine mounts for the 1931 Reo Royale's . It would be a good idea to call Steele and ask them as they are very friendly .
  4. Pacific Rim Tool

    Not Mine
  5. 1927 Reo Fender ?

    Not Mine Pictures are fantastic ? ?
  6. 1930 Reo Flying Cloud

    I have sent 2 emails asking for pictures and no response . Anyone else try contacting the seller ?
  7. For sure this is not mine .
  8. For Sale 1931 Speedwagon

  9. Karr Rubber Manufacturing - California.

    If this is the car that Craig owned it was sold in 2013 I believe . Long before his passing .
  10. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Excellent point you have pointed out to other car owners . I have heard some Firemen where trying to put out a car fire and the person died because of the poor extinguishers ?
  11. Valves

  12. For Sale 1922 Paige 6-66 7 passenger sedan

    The price of this car has been reduced I think . By around $50,000 If you look at the ad on the HCCA
  13. Salesman you ain't brother

    Here is a good advertisement showing a 1962 Triumph . He could probably get a job for TIME magazine with the attention to detail .
  14. What Model of Motor is this ?

    I was lucky to get this one picture . For me to go take a picture it is a 16 hour round trip . Not counting stopping along the way . I was just trying to keep the parts and motor out of a scrap yard . Thanks for everyone's input . Mark
  15. Chrome Window Channel Wanted

    Anyone have any leads ? I can find metal but not chromed channels .