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  1. Not Mine
  2. Mark Gregory

    1930 Harley

    Not Mine
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  5. Mark Gregory

    1931 Graham

  6. Mark Gregory

    Car Parts - Reo Hood

    Not Mine
  7. Mark Gregory

    1914 Reo Runabout

    Not Mine What would it be worth ?
  8. Mark Gregory

    Car Trunk

    Not Mine
  9. Mark Gregory

    Who makes Vintage Bakelite Shift Knobs

    Good thought Rusty and Fitz we need the ivory colour . Terry B thanks for the safety tip - Asbestos
  10. Mark Gregory

    1927 Reo Milk Truck

    Not Mine
  11. Mark Gregory

    1927 Reo Milk Truck

    Not Mine Contact as for Phil > 1927 REO was a milk truck. > Engine is rebuilt never run> Frame was sandblasted and undercoated> Radiator was done> New brakes> New tires> Have the original wood for the instrument panel (some of the gauges are missing).> Have the windshield glass is broken> Have one complete cab door the other is just the metal wood frame is gone> Have gas tank, transmission, driveline and rear end> Have the round REO medallan that goes on the radiator shroud.> Most of the metal has been primed> I don't know much about pricing something like this but am asking 4,000.00 dollars.> Most of the metal that was the milk box on the truck is there it does have some rust.> The back door for the milk box is there.> > Thank you again for your help.
  12. Mark Gregory

    Who makes Vintage Bakelite Shift Knobs

    I usually mention the Reo Royale I did not this time 46 woodie . Mark if you turn them in a lathe what material could you use ? I was thinking of a Billard or Snooker Cue ball ? ?
  13. Does anyone know a company that reproduces Shift Knobs . I saw some Shift Knobs on eBay but the wrong style but the ad stated Bakelite I assume this was used in the 1930's . I require about a dozen for 1931 Reo Royale's They were white .
  14. Mark Gregory

    1926 Reo Sedan

    Not Mine Car seems in good shape . Pictures are coming . Thanks for noticing I missed the contact information John . Contact Linda
  15. How do you soften leather universal joint covers that are close to 90 years old . We want to use the original leather covers as patterns to make new covers . Or does someone know if they sell the leather covers already made for the Detroit Ball and Trunnion joints ? Used on the 1931 Reo Royale's ?