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  3. I worked at the AMC plant in Brampton , Ontario in 1972 - 1974 assembling the Gremlin , etc . All they would do is run the car through a car wash at the end before it left the factory . I do not know if there was wax in the wash ? ?
  4. I had a brand new 1977 Olds Cutlass Salon it cost $8,000 new . After 6 months all the silver paint fell off from the back of the front doors where the door handles are across the complete trunk and rear fenders . The front fenders , doors and hood were like brand new . I had to go see the GM claims adjuster . He told me it was normal wear and tear from stone chips from driving along the highway . I responded that is fine but I do not drive along the highway backwards . They ended up painting the car for free . About 4 years later I had the whole car repainted and the body man said to me . I can see you had the hood , doors and front fenders replaced as they are like brand new . He said the rear fenders and trunk metal were completely perforated . I told him the story and he said GM had tremendous quality control problems with the cars made in their Sainte Therese , Quebec assembly plant . The plant is now closed down but the poor work ethic effected GM sales .
  5. This was for sale . I do not know what it fits . Maybe a Business Coupe ? ? · #1 Posted Saturday at 12:09 PM · Report post Not Mine
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  8. Thanks very much for the work Bud you did solving this problem . Mark Gregory 1931 Reo Royale Victoria 8 - 31
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  10. Could someone tell me the Model motor Continental Motor supplied to the Reo Company for their 8 cylinder Flying Cloud . i heard that the Reo Wolverine used a 15E 6 cylinder motor . The Reo Mate used a 16E 6 cylinder motor . I found this list of Car Manufacturers that used them but not the Models of cars . Thanks Bud for the answer to the problem .
  11. Hello Frank , The Wolverine used a 6 cylinder Continental 15E motor and the Mate used a 6 cylinder Continental 16E motor . The Flying Cloud also used a 8 cylinder Continental motor . I do not know the model number . The Royale had a 8 cylinder Reo motor made from chrome - nickel . 125 hp and 358 cu inch .
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  13. There is a company in Oakville , Ontario called Special Interest Cars 905 844 8063 they have quite a selection of Ford and other car NOS parts .
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