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  1. Long Term Interest

    Very cool Bernie. That's one of the reasons I never throw things out/ and when I do I usually regret it
  2. NC Riv- those lites look awesome- especially the foot wells
  3. Just buy one in good running order; they're out there. Mine is a 67 and most of the major components have been replaced or rebuilt. When I sell it I'll ask around $18-21,000. Ready to go. No (major) issues and unless you're a glutton for punishment in my opinion you'd be much better off. And that's before you take into account shipping and hunting for parts. But if you look, I bet you find a decent driver for under $7,500. Then you can spruce it up as you like . I don't know how many of these cars are in Europe but I would suggest you find one with intact sheet metal , glass, and bumpers. They would be expensive to ship. As long as the major engine components are good you wouldn't be setting yourself up for disaster. Also, what is the situation where you are re bumpers? To get them re-chromed in the US depends a lot on which state you're in but due to environmental rules those guys are getting hard to find. Finding a radio is one thing/ shipping a bumper to God knows where and hoping it comes back right would be pretty chancy, in my opinion. Good luck!!
  4. thanks guys- sounds like a fun project!
  5. Was reading interesting thread about replacing bulbs in misc dashboard applications; does anyone have info like this for a 67? I might be doing some work in there soon. Mucho thanks
  6. Really nice car, and a bargain at that! If Star Wars air cleaner was stock, it would be a Grand Sport, but I don't see anything saying it is
  7. Something looks wierd n the pulley of the AC compressor
  8. I agree re "suspicious" phrasing." my husband signed a contract for 5 years in Italy, Europe". Seriously?
  9. On my second gen ( 67) my muffler was rotted at the bottom. They are hard if not impossible to find so I took it to the blacksmith. He cut off the bottom 3" and re-welded it. Have seen no problems since.
  10. Tim Hope this pix help. I sent MC to White Post for rebuild, sent Vac booster to Booster Dewey for same. Dewey is good- I told him I wanted vac booster done in same (gold) finish as original. He said "Don't forget the hood latch- that was gold too". I also sent him the MC cover so that they all matched. Am very happy with how they came out. I hate those re=plated MC covers- they look wrong to me. The process of how he re-coated them can best be explained by Dewey of Dewey Boosters - see his ad in the Review.
  11. Jan- why would it matter if the car cranks only, vs just starting it and while the engine running and the car in park, turning the wheel back and forth, lock to lock, with the res cap off?
  12. youth movement

    That's a really good picture; 'Showdown At The gas Station"?
  13. 60 degrees in North Jersey in February/ time to get out the soap!!!
  14. Cars and TV shows

    Good points from all 3 members; Bernie makes a good point re Rolls Royce owners- now I'm thinking about the Dusenburgs. Seems a lot of them survived, but they didn't make a ton of them either.
  15. Just watched a few episodes of "Americarna"/ pretty good, not too much b.s. They did a special on the Corvette Museum sinkhole collapse; what a tragedy. Narrator said " since the beginning, approx 1,600,000 Vettes have been made, and approx 800,000 are still registered, making it the most collected car in the country ( and probably the world too). Interesting statistic/ wonder how many Riv's are still registered? Are there services that track such things as State by State registrations?