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  1. Thanks guys; job done this morning, took 15 minutes. Big help on mechanic's lift. Jason predicted it would take 6-7 pumps. It took eight. Not bad, friend!!
  2. Much thanks Jason/ off we go!
  3. That's what I was thinking- the car has to be in neutral while on the lift. But I'm wondering if I need a special kind of grease fitting. I don't want to tie up the guy's lift only to have to come back again.
  4. I want to grease the U-joints, but in the manual they show a third point that should be greased every 24k; a "spline"joint. Apparently there's a cap that must be removed, a grease fitting temporarily installed, and the cap replaced. Anyone have any comments on this?
  5. On Leno's latest show he goes for a ride in G.M.'s futuristic "FireBird" from the mid-50's. GM's engineers had actually produced a self driving car 60 years ago; also, a turbine car that could run on anything that mixed with Oxygen. When they took the car to Mexico it ran on tequila/ in France it ran on perfume. 60 years ago. Anyway, in the first picture, of the engine, what do those 2 black things remind you of? In the second pic, does that warbird ring a bell?
  6. On the pix of my 67, posted a while back but they're in this thread, Dewey did indeed re=coat ) if that's the proper term) my vac booster. He sends them out, and he asked me if I had anything else that I wanted re-done to match. I sent him the cap from the resevoir, and then he reminded me that the hood latch should be done too. Don't remember how much but I know it was really reasonable. Like, really reasonable.
  7. Mine loses about a tablespoon a month but if I push it hard, it slows down to next to nothing. Nothing that 25 cents of kitty litter can;t handle. When we had th trans out, this is what we saw; can't say the effort to pull the engine, or chance breaking the exhaust manifold bolts, is worth it. Let;s hear what the experts have to say.
  8. headlight motor issue

    Thanks again Jason
  9. headlight motor issue

    Ok; I checked the motor by jumping it and it runs smoothly in both directions. Luckily I have a spare, which I practiced on first. I did notice that my spare has a really thin wire that seems to connect two "terminals" but on the motor in the car, that wire is broken off. Please see pix
  10. headlight motor issue

    Thanks Jason/ will keep you posted
  11. headlight motor issue

    Follow up/ before I read any of the responses ( thanks guys) I started her up to put it back in the garage and I heard the noise again. With the engine running (car in park, of course) I looked at the front and the lights were kind of "fluttering", struggling to retract. They were about half-way retracted but kind of stuck, or as I said, fluttering. I touched the headlight and the noise stopped but the lights just froze, half retracted. I turned the car off, then on again. and they went back to the open position. The noise reminded me of gears not meshing properly. Assuming there are gears inside the motor, are the plastic or nylon? I tried to tap on the aux relay earlier but nothing happened. I'll try again tomorrow. At least they are in the open position so I can drive at night. One more thing; so I wouldn't have any more problems with them sticking, I shut the car off with the headlight switch still on; then, I turned the headlight switch off, so they wouldn't try to close on their own.
  12. The other day I noticed the headlights had not rotated closed. I can turn them on and off alright, with the headlight switch. I removed the connections from the relay, cleaned them, and also checked the connections to the electric motor. I tried to get a continuity reading from the relay, but couldn't. Not sure if I did it correctly, though. All this took place while the car was basically stationary, or moved maybe 20' out of the garage. Today I took her out for a run and gassed up. As I pulled into the station I heard a "grinding " sound. I shut it down, filled up., and turned it back on. Again I heard the sound, which was pretty constant and not connected to the engine speed. It stopped in a few seconds and when I looked, I saw that the headlights indeed had rotated shut.When I got home I lubed everything I could, but now they still remain open. What am I looking for? A bad relay? A bad motor?A bad ignition switch? Can the relay be part bad? the grinding sounded like teeth. Motor going bad? thanks, Sam in North Jersey
  13. As if these cars weren't pretty enough, the setting with Lake George, the bright sun, all seems to amplify their beauty. Nicely done, you guys!
  14. Thanks Jason. Makes sense. That IS a pretty car though, isn't it?
  15. Wish I was not 3000 miles away; I love that color combo!