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  1. ANTENNA ADVICE NEEDED - 1956 Dodge D-500

    Marty, Mike Petersen, who owns a beautiful '56 Dodge, would be best to ask. Cheers, Roger
  2. I'm helping restore a '28 Victory Six sedan and the upholsterer needs to know what the door panels look like. They had a bad redo in vinyl years ago, and there's no trace of the original to go by. Anyone have pictures to share? Roger
  3. Center Console

    i believe that's early 60's Buick.
  4. Duesenberg Concept

    I've lusted after this car since I first read the article in Car and Driver magazine in 1966. I finally saw the car in the flesh at the ACD Museum in Auburn a number of years ago. I'm glad that some of you don't like it as it's less competition for me. I can't quite swing the rent they're asking....
  5. WTB 1928 Dodge Victory Six shop manual

    Thanks. I'll get the CD. Roger
  6. Looking to buy the shop manual for a 28 Dodge Victory Six. I'm helping a friend restore this car. I've checked all of the literature vendors I can think of to no avail. Is anyone selling repros of same? Cheers, Roger Phoenix
  7. Need your help

    That's 1955 Chrysler Windsor.
  8. who would have a 1928 standard 6 Dodge

    I'm helping a friend who wants to restore a 1928 Victory Six sedan. It's had an older "restoration", so we need to do research to determine what's correct. The radiator shell was painted the body color which I don't think is correct. Also, the headlights should be the drum-type.
  9. Looking to ID

    That's an upside down 1955 Chrysler instrument panel... Roger
  10. DPC Questions from a newbe

    The National Awards judges do not nominate cars for the DPC or the HPOF awards. Those nominations are up to the DPC team and the HPOF team. Usually, there are too many good choices to make the nominations an easy task. Speaking from my HPOF experience, Roger Irland immediate past HPOF chair
  11. 1928 Dodge Victory Six info needed

    Thanks for the leads--they're all helpful. Cheers, Roger
  12. Thanks, John. We met at the Airflow meet in Tacoma a few years back. I actually don't know anything about the trans or overdrive, good or bad as I've not had the old girl running since she's been in my care. Just want to be sure she'll transmit all that Spitfire power to the rear wheel when I get the engine back from the machine shop. Cheers, Roger Irland
  13. At long last, I've pulled the engine from my C-17 and taken it to the machine shop for refurbishment. While everything's all apart, I'd like to take my transmission/overdrive to an expert to be gone through. Would anyone know of a expert in Phoenix? I'm open to other possibilities. Cheers, Roger Irland Phoenix
  14. 1928 Dodge Victory Six info needed

    Thanks, sounds like it's worth a try. Roger
  15. Judging HPOF Original

    With regard to the Buick woodie, does not the owners manual specify that the wood be refinished on a regular basis? That would be normal maintenance. To replace badly rotted pieces could be justified as preserving the structural integrity of the body, though it borders on restoration. I think I would opt for preservation of the structure. That alone wouldn't preclude its HPOF certification, if the rest of the car measures up. For the Oakland, a careful repair of the original material or a replacement with a good match would fall closer to maintenance/preservation than restoration. That shouldn't hurt its evaluation in the context of the car as a whole. Cheers, Roger Irland HPOF Chair