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  1. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    The driver from the transport company was kind enough to send me a photo today after he loaded it.He is leaving Indy at 6 am to bring my baby home. I feel like a teenager tonight !
  2. Question about salt

    Thank you Rw/R for your encouraging words. I wish that I could say that Owl is my artwork but there is an interesting story with Owl's and myself ........ when I was a little boy I would occasionally spend the night at my Grandmaws house and would sleep in my Uncles bedroom as he was off to war( over 50 years ago ) well , he had a stuffed Owl perched up in the corner and that suckers eyes would follow me anywhere I went in the room ! Haha . and that wall hanging you are referring to was painted by my late Uncle that I found at a garage sale a few years ago , isn't that cool ?, yes it is. I have been fascinated with Owls now for some time. They certainly prove that God has a sense of humor. P.S , I'm glad my Uncle didn't have a stuffed Billy Goat on the wall !
  3. Question about salt

    Well , I did send the check and the way I look at it is #1 it's only 2500.00 and how bad could I get burned ?. We did a facetime that was very thorough and about a half hour long. #2 what could be the worst ? a bad motor at 102000 miles , it runs good and revs good so I'm not worried about the motor. The interior is very clean , trunk clean , new tires and wheels ( the owner owns a tire store in Indy with a 4 1/2 star rating so I trust he's a good person. I go back to it's only 2500.00 even if I only had a shell . Bottom line , I miss me some Reatta ! Thank you for the advice , I really do appreciate that. If it does turn out to be a bad deal , it wouldn't be the first time and I'm still here
  4. Question about salt

    WoW Barney , very good information. I had no idea that they dipped the car. That makes me love these cars even more. Thank you
  5. Question about salt

    After a two week wait on title transfer the title came to the seller of the Reatta I am buying. I did a Carfax on this car and it was in Florida ( St. Petersburg ) for 23 years. Of course now my concern is the possibility of any salt damage, or , do I need to be concerned ?. There is no rust on the body although the sunroof has some bubbling on the edges . I have not sent the seller a bank check until tomorrow morning but I would like some advise before I do please. Thank you
  6. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    Hmmm Yeller , so was it possible to change the tube and what is the tube made of ?
  7. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    One thing I noticed about most of your photos Ronnie is the choices of background. You definitely think outside of the box. You have challenged me to consider the background when I shoot again. Thanks for the insight .
  8. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    Thank you Walt. Should I blow compressed air into the drain ?
  9. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    Thank you Barney , good info . The top does need to come off because the paint is bubbling in one spot so I will repaint it. That will be when I clean / replace what may need replaced. Where does the water drain to ?
  10. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    Good. The car will be delivered this week sometime and I will check it's seal condition. If I need " NOS " one , I know now where to get one. Thank you NC, OMJ
  11. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    Definition of " NOS " ? , ( oops , I just showed my ignorance ! ) . When I committed to this Reatta , Because I didn't want to drive to Indy , we did a facetime walk around and they did a very thorough walk around.When it came to the sunroof I asked her not to open it because I didn't want the seal interrupted not knowing when the last time it was opened. The headliner showed no stain and I pre determined that in my OCD mind I will take out the headliner myself and manually , yet equally , open it ( perhaps pre lube it with some Tri-Flow ). Thank you for reminding me that there is a drain. I'll get out the Roto rooter and ream that sucker out ... Ha. Thank you NC ( Man , " NOS , OCD and NC" ) I'm confused
  12. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    This new Reatta I bought is going to need a new moonroof / sunroof seal and I can't for the life of me find one as of yet. Perhaps my option is going to be a universal seal ?
  13. Chip for audio enhansment & 140 MPH ?

    Very good explanation K. You know what , I vaguely remember having a car back in the day that the speedo did that but I don't remember what it was , I do remember how it annoyed me to the max though.... ha
  14. Chip for audio enhansment & 140 MPH ?

    Well , when I had it , it did not have factory tires and wheels on it. It actually had True Spoke wheels and high performance tires on it. I do not know the internal upgrades that were made and when I started this question , I had said that in my mind I remember 140 mph ( in my mind ). I guess a new question is ......... would the Reatta speedo even register 140 ?. That is the question
  15. Question pertaining to govener

    You are absolutely right John although it makes a good discussion .I suppose I brought it up because it's natural for me to object when something is restricting me that I did not request. I'm a rebellious old fart. Thus the handle " Old Man Jimbo "