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  1. Rockauto! check!

    I bought both front brake hoses last year. They were cheeeepp. Manufacturer Raybestos. The hoses were in old looking boxes. The name on the boxes, Raymold. The stickers on the boxes and hoses say made in China. I called them about it, I know they were cheep, but I thought I was getting Raybestos. The person I talked to said Raybestos said Raymold was a company they had acquired years ago, and was the same as Raybestos.
  2. AC Compressor

    No, no cover for the a/c compressor pulley.
  3. Fuel Hose(s) Replacement Problem

    Looks like the hose running above the ps pump needs to be shortened. Also at the end of the hose that is folding, the hose could be twisted about 90 to get a different angle.
  4. Hood almost impossible to open

    Screw the hood stops out,until they will lift the hood.
  5. 5 speed stiffness

    My 89 8V was built 11/88 and has the old block. The timing belt, and the cam and crank gears are square cut teeth. The common block has the rounded teeth on the timing belt and gears. If you order a timing belt for an 89, you will get one for the common block. If you need the square cut of the older style, order one for an 88 or earlier 2.2 Chrysler/Dodge. Is this the same case for the 16V ?
  6. Something Died in my Heater

    I have had many a/c evaps with plugged drains, and the reason for checking for a plugged drain , was that the car owner was complaining about the stink when they turned the a/c on. My guess would be a plugged drain.
  7. Chrysler TC by Maserati VIN's Update

    The V6 is also a SOHC.
  8. Car wont accelerate well! Any ideas?

    I've had cats that were rattling, and the car would drive ok around town, but drive up the highway and it wouldn't get over 50 mph. The cat had come apart inside, and a lot of the pieces had gone into the muffler and plugged it up.
  9. Most times when I've had weird things happening with the electrical system, the problem was found to be a poor, or no ground. I would check all grounds, at the engine and body.
  10. The drain hose for the evaporator is probably plugged. It's located on the passengers side lower cowl behind the power steering pump. Looks like a short rubber hose coming out of the cowl.
  11. 16V A/C compresser

    The a/c compressor in the 16v looks like the R4 that GM used in the 1980s & 1990s.
  12. Best dashmat options (?)

    A couple years ago I installed a DashMat in my 89 8v. Didn't want to stick anything to the leather, so I used carpet thread that I attached to the mat and ran down through any crack or opening I could find, then attached the thread to what ever I could, and pulled it snug. Also attached a cloth strap about 6" long to the mat by the glove box, and ran the strap down and attached it inside the glove box. The mat moves a little when it gets some really hard wind, but not a problem. The mat is black, the two reasons I installed it, one of course to keep the ( Ariz.) sun off of it, and two, and the reason I got black, to keep the reflection of the dash off the inside of the windshield. The sunlight reflection off the ( tan ) dash, for me was unacceptable, and the black cloth mat has completely eliminated it.
  13. Dim Taillights, Rapid Turn Signals

    Most times I've had either or both of these problems, it was a poor ground.
  14. 1989 Maserati TC vacuum hose help

    My 87 Shelby Charger did not have a BOV.
  15. Thermostat

    I always thought the hole in the thermostat of the 3.0 was a vent hole, and it made it easier to fill with coolant. The 2.2 has a plug above the thermostat, and when removed, creates a vent. When the Service Manual calls for a 195 degree, that is what I would use. Any of the sending units and control modules are set to operate at the higher temp. Also when the engines run hotter, they stay cleaner inside.