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  1. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Try Rolf Wagner in Germany.
  2. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Post-auction news reports are that the high bid was in fact $7M, but wasn't enough for the seller.
  3. Just thought I would update now that I have the lift installed and have used it a few times. No big problems with the Direct Lift, but two things they should definitely change. First, the connecting rods used to release the locks are very easy to bend. One of them is 94" long, and if someone cranks the lever too hard or in the wrong direction, they will bend and stop working. I bought an extra set of rods just so I don't get caught with a car I can't get down. Second, they need to offer a 220v option for the motor. Overall, the 9-Plus works just fine and I would recommend it unless you need it to move faster. The caster set works easily. It would be easier to move with 2 people, but I've moved it around by myself without much trouble and in close quarters.
  4. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Said to be one of 5 surviving 770K OT's. One of 4 of Hitler's main cars. A pair of his socks sold for $20,000. There will be at least two people who really want it and can afford it. Is there a more infamous car in history (Kennedy's motorcade car)? If being sold by RM, Gooding or Bonham's in Monterey, I'd say the car goes for $7-10 million, but I'm not sure Worldwide in Arizona will see max dollars.
  5. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Alsancle knows a heck of a lot more than I do about 290's and 320's. Looks like there may be an original engine buried under a bunch of nonoriginal components; can't see enough detail of the radiator; top and wheels are definitely wrong. I really don't see mucn on the exterior that looks good. Didn't the 2 and 3 series cars only have 3 major gauges (not 7)? Did DBAG really cut holes in a frame like that other than the SSKL's? I thought most of those cars had suicide doors. Looks like a hatchet job to me - almost like a kit.
  6. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    1937 Cab A going to auction at Coys next month. They have been asking 2.5M Euros.
  7. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    540K Cab B not sold. 380 roadster sold 560,240 Euro.
  8. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    540K Cab A won Best of Show, European, in Atlanta. Owned and restored by Evergreen Co.
  9. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    540K Cab B and 380 roadster coming up at Artcurial's M-B sale.
  10. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    This description from a Bentley FB page: "Outside the Rembrandt Hotel Kensington, December 2, 1945. The Bentley behind the Mercedes 540K looks like Woolf Barnato's Speed Six Coupe CJ3811. The Mercedes was also owned by Barnato apparently." vintageracecar.com July 1, 2015 has an article about this. I don't have a subscription to see what it says. If anyone knows who the photographer was, where this was originally published or knows where a high resolution image can be found, please let me know.
  11. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    One more shot of the Pebble Beach BoS car. The trunk is a nice item, but ruins the look of the car. Also the "refreshing" shot of the 380, the Mayfair roadster that was red is now green, and the '29 SS by Castagna.
  12. Thanks again to everyone. I've just about decided on the Direct Lift Pro-Park 9 Plus. I might have gone with the Pro-Park 8 Plus Long, but the 9 isn't that much more $ and I can probably put the pickup on it when I need to (would have been handy when I was putting those running boards on). Haven't found anything negative about it from actual users. $3500 including lift, casters, drip trays, jack tray, delivery and installed with oil. Dealer only 30 miles away. I can't see $1800 more value in the Rotary for my puny needs. To the extent anyone cares, I ruled out: Bendpak - requires air compressor, a little more expensive, but the best warranty. Advantage - more expensive, less warranty, not certified. Rotary - less clearance, lots more money, less warranty Backyard Buddy - important specs not on their website, lots more expensive, not certified. I did not look at Challenger, Revolution, etc., but would have if I had any qualms about Direct Lift. Could have researched more companies for weeks, but have found enough forums with comments on Bendpak, Direct Lift, Rotary, BYB to draw the line. For the most part, people like what they bought, whatever the brand, and if they have experience with more than one brand, both were okay. At some point it comes down to dimensions and cost rather than brand.
  13. I noticed that noise on the video of the Direct Lift, but I figured a nice ca-chunk isn't a bad thing to know the safeties are engaged. Thanks for the lever tip. I'm still leaning towards Direct Lift, though I have moved up in size in case I ever want to put my truck on it. Maybe I shouldn't say "leaning" when talking about lifts!
  14. I've been told I can squeeze six pennies out of a nickel, but, as you know, I'll pay up when it's important - particularly for safety. So far I have compared the specs on Rotary, Bendpak, Advantage, Backyard Buddy and Direct Lift. I have some questions to ask when businesses open on Monday, but at the moment I'm leaning towards Direct Lift. Partly because there's a dealer/installer within 30 miles. The Rotary is the second choice but it just seems like overkill for a 14K# lift, which is apparently their lowest rated lift now. One thing I've noticed so far is a lack of any significant negative reports on any brand. I'm not sure I can go too far wrong given my needs. Thanks for all the responses and advice! I'll keep digging. Anyone with Direct Lift experience, let me know.
  15. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    I have no doubt the Soviets and Americans took whatever was convenient, but I haven't seen any evidence such a huge percentage (70-78% according to Buickliner) was in the Soviet Union by 1947. Without some evidence to prove those statistics, it is all just speculation that cannot be relied upon.