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  1. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Body and commission numbers are important, but these cars are known and tracked primarily by chassis number. From your posts it does not appear your list has chassis numbers. I am still confused about what your list is. You mention a 1947 list of 596 (or 528 depending which of your posts one reads) of the 761 500K and 540K cars in possession of the Soviet government, and 689 cars in your own list when auction information is added (since 1991 or 2000, again depending which of your posts one reads). I find it difficult to believe that 70-78% of all 500K and 540K cars were in USSR in 1947. Perhaps you would like to share your list. It would be a big help to the community if there is reliable information about 500K and 540K cars in USSR and former Soviet countries. The list above does not add up to either 528 or 596. This information did not come from auction catalogs or a 1947 list. What is the source of these numbers? We would love for you to share the information.
  2. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    I am curious what information your list has about 105179.
  3. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    What I meant was, you mentioned the list was created in 1947; where did you find a copy of this list so that others might also see it? Is it in a library? If people cannot see the list from the same source you found it, what are your plans for this list so that the information isn't lost if something were to happen to your copy? By the way, it did not appear from the posts above that you are familiar with Melin's books. I have an extra copy of Volume One for sale if you want it.
  4. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    So you have a list by chassis number of almost 600 500K and 540K cars that were in Soviet Union after the war? Where can we see this 1947 list? Very interesting.
  5. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Buickliner: I am happy to see someone else compiling information on the 500K and 540K cars. Are you willing to share this information to help prevent fake cars? As you have said the information should be public. Information about real cars still in Eastern Europe and Russia is not very comprehensive.
  6. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Painted rims and chrome wires - interesting idea that is just wrong.
  7. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    The WorldWide 380 looks odd with unpainted hub caps.
  8. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Isn't that a one-off, though? The auction description says only 4 540K's survive of the 16.
  9. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    With some exceptions, the tourenwagens had very rectangular bodies with a bobbed backside. Americans and English would call them phaetons or open tourers. They were a little less expensive than most of the other M-B body styles. Melin says: 11 380's, 16 500K's, 12 540K's, plus about 120 of the Grosser, armored and G4 3-axel cars combined. Some had three rows of seats. Of the non-parade, non-armored cars, the tourenwagens were made in very small numbers, but of course not as popular as roadsters or Cab A's. IMO, even though they made them into the war years, they looked like a late-20's - early 30's style.
  10. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Tourenwagen and Cab A announced for RM's Monterey sale. The latter has been passed at it's last three auctions, though there was a post-block sale the first time to the current owner. Worldwide will auction a 380 Cab C. Bonham's will auction a 540K Cab B from 1941.
  11. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Meaning at the concours, or in the auctions?
  12. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Other than a roadster in Arizona and a Cab B at Amelia, no other 500K or 540K cars have been auctioned this year? There are a number of cars listed for sale privately, but I'm not aware of any other sales this year. Have I missed anything?? Maybe as the Monterey and fall auctions are published we will see some transactions.
  13. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Other than a few cars in the special classes, I've never seen a list of cars prior to the day of the show, but I've only been going since 2011.
  14. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Would have had a good chance for BOS at Concours of Texas last Sunday.
  15. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    And no %$#@# whitewalls!!!!