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  1. Rooney3100

    Auburn meet

    I received my parking pass in the mail Saturday....
  2. Rooney3100

    Auburn (Quality Inn)

    I would gladly trade rooms with you if I was on the lower floor but I'm staying at the Super 8 in Auburn on those day's.....STEVE M
  3. Rooney3100

    Show me your Foliage!

    Victorialynn2, I bought my 1956 chevy truck from a couple in Hillsboro just west of Portland back in 2001, I had it shipped to michigan, the truck lived most of its life in that area. Some day we will get out that way, I here it is nice. Steve M
  4. Rooney3100

    Show me your Foliage!

    The Cedar trees here in Northeastern Lower Michigan are shedding now....:)
  5. Rooney3100

    Fordomatic Dealership Display "VALUE"

    I decided not to buy the ford display....the display was just to big for my area in my garage collection, I really did want it thou kinda unique, so I will share where it's at if any one would like it, it did light up and work, it does need some adjusting where the shifter is, it's also missing a small piece of trim which could be duplicated, I even got the guy down to $350.00 out the door.... Here is the address and phone number: Antiques mall of Alpena Michigan 207 N second ave Phone 989-354-6036 John Henry It measures 48 wide by 50 inches in height....not very deep, I don't have that measurement...I hope someone can use it, there may not be to may out there...STEVE M
  6. Rooney3100

    Fordomatic Dealership Display "VALUE"

    Thanks Terry for the advise, your a 100% right, I was told they will take 10% off, I will do some measuring and see if it works in my collection, I don't have much ford stuff, but this is kinda unique.
  7. Rooney3100

    Fordomatic Dealership Display "VALUE"

    Just wondering if $395.00 is worth it, I like to collect but don't want to highly over pay on stuff.
  8. Rooney3100

    Fordomatic Dealership Display "VALUE"

    Terry, I was just wondering if anyone might know what its worth or have seen one sell before, there is a price tag on it. Its one of those items I'm not sure if they are to high with the price. He is pretty firm on the it....Steve m
  9. I Have a chance to buy for my collection a Pretty cool OLD Fordomatic Drive Dealership Display From the early 50's and I was wondering what the Ford People on here think it's worth and if anyone has ever seen this before. At this point I don't know if it works or lights up, I still have to check that out, it was found in an old 30's ford dealerships's in pretty good condition, has some wear on a few of the cardboard pictures, the wiring looks to be good shape also, any help on this would be appreciated...THANKS STEVE M
  10. Rooney3100

    Picking Up Women Using My Desoto

    That was CoooooL Video.....A Great Laugh for sure over my coffee this morning....Thumbs up...:)
  11. Rooney3100

    I got sick last night

    I think this Resto-Mod thing is that people want the look of the older cars but want to be able to drive in the MODERN AGE in keeping up with the MODERN CARS, I have not Driven my Restored Original 1956 Chevrolet 3100 on the roads where I live yet, I just take it to shows, I could see where driving with our local traffic would be problem, (would they have the patience to wait for me to get up to speed talking on there cell phones?), I drove a friend of mines 55 Chevy truck a few years back that had a S-10 conversion, It was nice, It seemed like a everyday driver, lots of pep, handled nice, it was just flat black, seemed like people looked at the truck some, but I thought it just fit in with the rest of the traffic, when I see a real original car cruising down the road, it stands out like a sore thumb, very noticeable, the styles compared to the modern cars (No Comparison), just to think that they where all over the roads back then, so I believe a lot of this MOD stuff has to do with the modern day traffic pushing you around and the styles no matter how much they Mod these cars out does not Compare I believe to the Original Auto's of the day, Sure I used to have 60's on my cars back in the 70's but the cars where still original from the factory, I will someday venture out with my 56 Truck and get the experience of driving it and getting the feeling of Original Factory again, I had a 1967 3/4 ton Chevy several years ago with a 6 cylinder 4 speed and it was fun to drive, I know the 56 will be not as good as the 67 in handling, But I just hope I can maintain it in today's traffic, (I'm sure it will get the LOOKS), I'm not a huge fan of the Resto-Mods, But they do handle better when driving around Modern Cars....:)
  12. Rooney3100

    Das Awkfesht Fescht Car Show Pictures Part 3

    Thank you for taking the time to Take & Post the Nice Pictures ......:)
  13. Rooney3100


    Happy Birthday Dale...a milestone for sure, something to be proud of, I'm from Alpena Michigan, considered a Troll, (live below the Bridge), according to the Up per's. I sure hope I can see that milestone you have accomplished, keep on plugging away....:)
  14. Rooney3100

    How old was your car when you bought it?

    My 1956 Chevrolet 3100 was 45 years old when I purchased in 2001, it was easier to find Nos parts back then, its now 61 years old, 3 years older than me, glad I brought it back to NEW. Steve M
  15. Rooney3100

    eastern spring meet, wv?

    It was nice talking with you also Terry at the table, Especially about our (antique & Automotive Stuff) picking adventures. Steve 👍