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  1. A great Show for sure.......Plenty of stuff to see ........Can't wait......:)
  2. Your item 1382429 is for a 1968 -72 Chevelle rear brake cable measures 36 23/32" long also for 1968 -72 oldsmobile F-85 rear brake cable same length
  3. No outer wrapping left, just the Bag with part #3845627, that was attached with 7 original screws to affix the moulding to the front fender
  4. I have a NOS #3845627 Left Front Fender Moulding for a 1964 Chevy Mailbu & El Camino....$50.00 plus shipping.. email .....Thanks STEVE M
  5. Very Nice photos.......Thanks For Taking them and Posting them.....:)
  6. I found this Old Lamp in my old car parts and I was wondering if anyone can help Identify it and what car or truck this could have been from.....Looks to have a brass body, painted black, Glass lenses, and a 1 wire socket....this will end up in my collection....THANKS STEVE M
  7. I AGREE with ChazA, That's the point I was getting at a few posts back on this page.....Build a building large enough for a Museum, Library & Headquarters....If it's Affordable & Possible, then this won't happen again.........:)
  8. That answers my question....Thanks Matthew
  9. In other words a Club Headquarters and a Library would be Satisfactory? I was thinking in the future that if I couldn't leave my truck to a family member I would like to donate it to a museum....Preferably to the AACA Club Museum...:)
  10. AACA's library was also a separate 501 C 3 just like the museum. However, after the club got its 501 C 3 in 2004 it only took a year 1/2 to finalize and get approval for a merger and we stand together today. I hope some of this helps your understanding of the situation we find ourselves in today and why our board acting in the best interest of AACA and its members HAD to make the decision they did. How about if the AACA Club moves on with it's 501 C 3 and the Library's 501 C 3 Build a New building on different land and forget about the original Museum....Once the Library is built on separate land can the AACA club have it's own Museum with a 501 C 3 ? Just asking....STEVE M
  11. I hear what you are saying Bernie, I asked good questions about the truck, such as: Does the truck run and go down the road ok? He said yes it does and I explained how I wanted to get the truck back to Michigan, either drive it or tow it, I also asked other questions in general about the truck and it was like pulling teeth, the year and color of truck I was looking for either GMC or Chevrolet, after I got to this small town I realized he had a car museum and sold cars & trucks on the side, He definetly came across as a real Shiester, thinking that if he got me all the way out there I would buy the truck...I was afraid to even KICK the TIRES....It was a piece of junk.....
  12. I was on the opposite end of a deal, I found this 1956 GMC in a trader book that I was interested in buying before I found my 56 Chevy pickup back in 2000, I phoned the Man out in Colorado and ask him the condition and to send me pictures, he (SAID VERY LITTLE AND SENT ME A PICTURE OF THE TRUCK), said the truck ran and drove good, the picture looked like it came from a Polaroid instamatic camera, very blurry, the one in the book was blurry also.... Well I was so in tune on getting a 56 Pickup that I made the journey from Michigan to Colorado Straight thru, 24 hours with my wife, with a Tow hitch setup (Just in case) only to Meet this Man that (seem to own the whole small town) and to discover that the truck was wrecked at one time in the front (that did not show up in the picture) (Bumper and frame bent) and when I drove the truck the front end shook so bad that I couldn't even tow it home, That Man sat there with a straight face (Didn't care if we drove lots of miles) and said if you don't want it don't buy it............I said you (LIEING SOB),We were in total shock that He didn't care one bit,( Lied about most things I asked him on the phone which He said very little, I have never ran into a person that sells so quite, (it was hard to get him to say anything) .....The picture showed no Damage on that front end at all................We spent a lot of wasted Time & money on that trip.....Even my wife CHEWED the GUY out......:) So the Moral of my story is: When you ask questions about a Truck or Car you are wanting to purchase and the seller Doesn't say much and sends very few Pictures, I would Definetly stay away from Buying the Car or truck.......Seems the complete opposite of what Dynaflash8 is saying.....Thought I would share the experience....STEVE M
  13. Now that's a tool I need I can finally fix my Muffler Bearing and the Canuten valve on my truck....LOL...:)
  14. Thanks Marty for the info, I hope to make it to 2- AACA shows next year, one will be at Auburn IN, Will I see you there? Enjoy the South, We have winter here in Michigan.... STEVE
  15. I'm sure it can be restored by some company that specializes in that, It does look good in my display case, I wonder where the rest of the car is, probrably got crushed during WWII....