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  1. Das Awkfesht Fescht Car Show Pictures Part 3

    Thank you for taking the time to Take & Post the Nice Pictures ......:)

    Happy Birthday Dale...a milestone for sure, something to be proud of, I'm from Alpena Michigan, considered a Troll, (live below the Bridge), according to the Up per's. I sure hope I can see that milestone you have accomplished, keep on plugging away....:)
  3. How old was your car when you bought it?

    My 1956 Chevrolet 3100 was 45 years old when I purchased in 2001, it was easier to find Nos parts back then, its now 61 years old, 3 years older than me, glad I brought it back to NEW. Steve M
  4. eastern spring meet, wv?

    It was nice talking with you also Terry at the table, Especially about our (antique & Automotive Stuff) picking adventures. Steve 👍
  5. eastern spring meet, wv?

    Just got back home yesterday, Here are some pictures that my Wife Terri took at the Huntington WV Eastern Spring Meet Saturday....Enjoyed our time there....Great people...Great Cars & Trucks...STEVE M....
  6. eastern spring meet, wv?

    Great show...A Little hot...But No Rain....👍
  7. eastern spring meet, wv?

    I'm Hoping, Wishing and Praying also for Nice weather on Saturday, I did that for Auburn and it worked....We have about a 635 mile drive south from Northern Michigan..........Just don't step on any SPIDERS and it won't Rain......
  8. AACA / CCCA Central Spring Meet 2017 Questions

    My mirror pass came today also...😁
  9. AACA / CCCA Central Spring Meet 2017 Questions

    A great Show for sure.......Plenty of stuff to see ........Can't wait......:)
  10. GMC Brake Cable NOS

    Your item 1382429 is for a 1968 -72 Chevelle rear brake cable measures 36 23/32" long also for 1968 -72 oldsmobile F-85 rear brake cable same length
  11. NOS 1964 Chevrolet Malibu El Camino LF Fender Moulding

    No outer wrapping left, just the Bag with part #3845627, that was attached with 7 original screws to affix the moulding to the front fender
  12. I have a NOS #3845627 Left Front Fender Moulding for a 1964 Chevy Mailbu & El Camino....$50.00 plus shipping.. email .....Thanks STEVE M
  13. 2017 Ocala Fl. Car Show

    Very Nice photos.......Thanks For Taking them and Posting them.....:)

    I found this Old Lamp in my old car parts and I was wondering if anyone can help Identify it and what car or truck this could have been from.....Looks to have a brass body, painted black, Glass lenses, and a 1 wire socket....this will end up in my collection....THANKS STEVE M
  15. AACA Museum & AACA, What is Going On

    I AGREE with ChazA, That's the point I was getting at a few posts back on this page.....Build a building large enough for a Museum, Library & Headquarters....If it's Affordable & Possible, then this won't happen again.........:)