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  1. "F" aluminum cap

    Agree with Keiser that it’s an aftermarket for the Model T Ford cars.
  2. Lot of Scams Right Now

    The thing that gets me is that if these people put half as much effort into a legitimate enterprise as they do in their scams they would probably be doing well... I never look at anything on Craig’s List that I cannot go see, touch, feel, or drive because of these scams, although I really wish the 442 Olds Convertable for $9500 had been legitimate!
  3. Jack Handle - Early Model A Ford

    You have a PM
  4. Can Anyone Identify This Car?

    Looks like a 26 Nash to me...
  5. Roamer?

    Whenever I see step plates and drop off fenders like those I think of a Kissel...
  6. 1928 Peerless Coupe

    I hope that I’m not over stepping here, but this is the link to Mil*mans beautiful new car
  7. 1928 Peerless Coupe

    I was watching that car on eBay, what a unique and beautiful car! Congratulations are definitely in order.
  8. Mystery king pins

    I can’t help with the ID, but being straight pins you might be able to find a machine shop that could run them through a centerless grinder taking only as much material off to clean the pins and then have custom bushings made from a good quality bronze.
  9. For Sale: Concours Quality 1937 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe

    What a beautiful car, I wish I had the money for that! Dad had an unrestored coupe just like that in the early to mid 1970’s that he sold around 1976-77 and it was one of my favorite “toys” at the time. I would sit in it and play like I was driving the Hot Rod Lincoln and in my version that Caddy was trying to catch up. Now I have to wonder if I sat in that exact car when I was around 10 years old... can’t be too many around. Thank you for the memories.
  10. Stewert speedometers - what do they fit please?

    All three have that Model T Ford aftermarket look to them, especially the far right one.
  11. What happened to the thread about it 1921 Stephens Roadster??

    I read the thread but had not posted. The Roadster was on eBay with poor pictures and I was hoping to find the better ones out here but the entire thread disappeared. The pictures were so bad that the car didn’t get any interest and I passed on bidding thinking it could have been a scam with poorly scalped pictures.
  12. I saw a 1921 Stephens on eBay that was a discussion thread within the last couple of months here, but I cannot find that thread. I was hoping to see better pictures as the ones on eBay stink for selling it... another possibility I was concerned about was whether the sale was fraudulent or not? I could see someone scalping pictures and “selling” it there (seller has a zero rating) Thanks!
  13. Unknown antique car emblem? Please help!

    There was one of those on eBay for some time and I exhausted every reference I had with absolutely nothing similar related to automobiles... could be from a truck or something foreign (not likely with the Auld markings) but I believe nzcarnerd is right to suggest non-automotive application. Please let us know if you find out differently!
  14. What happened to the thread about it 1921 Stephens Roadster??

    I must not have been the only person not to trust that eBay sale as the car only bid to $10101.00 not meeting the reserve. I still don’t know if it was a scam or just another case where the sellers didn’t think good pictures would matter on selling such an unusual and rare car...
  15. unknow engine need help

    I have seen several engines made for marine use that used Model T parts because of the availability of spare parts around the world. It appears to have the Model T main bearing caps as well, and could even use the same cam as they could play with the rocker arm ratio. It is a very interesting engine and hope someone can identify it. I also question the spark plug location, it looks like the piston would be nearly touching them.
  16. 1918 Trailmobile Trailer Semi

    I know where the remnants of one is in mid-coast Maine. It looks like someone cut just the suspension and wheels from each end and saved them for a farmers project (fishermen’s project in this area) but I don’t think it’s in a condition to be salvaged, and I have never tried to approach the property owner. If anyone is interested I can get you a physical location and you can try to contact them yourself so long as you understand that old Mainers can be cantankerous on a good day...
  17. Rolls Royce Statue forsale

    But you still won’t add pictures of the signature and foundry marks?
  18. Rolls Royce Statue forsale

    Several variations available: and a somewhat larger original showing that it’s SIGNED I could be wrong, but one of the scum artists pictures was from eBay and it looks really cheaply done.
  19. Rolls Royce Statue forsale

    Never mind, I think I know where you bought it...
  20. Rolls Royce Statue forsale

    Can you please add a picture of the signature and foundry markings which are also necessary to provide authenticity. Thank you, Mark
  21. Pierce Arrow Hood Ornament

    Similar ones have sold on eBay in the $250 to $300 range, they show up at least once a month if not more often (not including the fake ones). A slightly better one than yours with the cap sold for around $365 within the last couple of weeks and if you search by sold listings you will find several to judge values with.
  22. Engine to identify

    A good friend of mine has this engine in his Barn and would like to identify it so he can sell it. Thank you for any help in advance, and have a great Christmas!
  23. Engine to identify

    Thank you all again, I have passed this information on to the owner.
  24. 1937 115c Convertible Coupe for sale...

    I am 100% sure it is out of my price range (high teens). Now if it was in the rough and not running maybe but not a car that beautiful.
  25. 1937 115c Convertible Coupe for sale...

    Beautiful car, wish I had the $$$