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    What is it. Non Auto

    How about an awning crank of some sort?
  2. Mark Wetherbee

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

    If I had the money to make a fair offer on that 29 I would in a heartbeat, I love original cars and that one is beyond beautiful...
  3. Mark Wetherbee

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    A challenging restoration, but that is a great looking and unique car to save! I am truly looking forward to reading about its resurrection. Thank you for sharing that with us!
  4. Mark Wetherbee

    Dodge Brothers business coupe ID tag

    Purely speculation, but is it possible that whoever made the wood for the body tagged it to keep it separated from regular coupe wood? It may explain why it’s not a commonly known tag.
  5. Mark Wetherbee

    Any one looking for deal on a car..

    I think you will find it’s an on site auction and you cannot bid until the lot comes up on the block on the day of the sale...
  6. Mark Wetherbee

    Indian Sidecar is this Expensive ? ?

    Compare it to an original Mullins Trailer or a 20’s camper trailer and that is a very good price IMHO
  7. Mark Wetherbee

    Indian Sidecar is this Expensive ? ?

    That is especially true for INDIAN and HARLEY items where I think the collectors are the most passionate about their rides.
  8. Mark Wetherbee

    What do I have?

    They also could have been winter tire saver stands and from a set of four – those always look a bit taller than a service jack to me.
  9. Mark Wetherbee

    SCORE!!! I will take two!

    You can flag it as a scammer before someone gets bit...
  10. Mark Wetherbee

    Grand Page!

    Are you sure that SOB... I mean OSB is spruce? Time to tune the Paige guys, the puns are just going to continue to get worse.
  11. Mark Wetherbee


    If it was listed with “reserve not met” and had no bids at $14k it tells me that it should be that low... I would have thought it would have more interest than 5 different bidders ending at $7100 but there you have it
  12. Mark Wetherbee

    Looking for ID of side lamps, Buick???

    These were in a flea market pile that my father marked but he was never sure if it was right. Can anyone ID these lamps for me?? Thank you in advance, Mark
  13. Mark Wetherbee

    Looking for ID of side lamps, Buick???

    I think they match up with the lights on a 1929 Oakland currently listed on eBay and at least the GM connects to the original Buick ID. Thanks for the replies!
  14. Mark Wetherbee

    Looking for ID of side lamps, Buick???

    Anyone else have any idea on these? Thank you.
  15. Mark Wetherbee

    Cowl lights

    With the raised shape on the rim, it’s not Ford. The shape most likely is similar to the radiator emblem shield shape like Nash Ajax, Oakland, Maxwell, and many other cars have. I do not know if this is much help... I still have a pair that I can’t ID either.
  16. Mark Wetherbee

    1920s 1930s Cadillac upholstery buttons???

    Another possibility is from a uniform worn at The Cadillac hotel. Their China, silverware, and every door knob had the Cadillac emblem incorporated in them.
  17. Mark Wetherbee

    Gas cap identification

    For some reason AMC came to mind...
  18. Mark Wetherbee

    1920s closed car

    I think that there are two different cars pictured. In the first you can plainly see the winged radiator cap of a Chrysler and the front fenders support. Leif, in the second picture the rear fender does not look like a match for the Chrysler’s and it plus the third picture shows an aftermarket radiator cap instead of the winged one. In the third picture the radiator shell does not look like it has the Chrysler shape but it could be the odd angle... I still think that there are two different cars pictured, the first being a '25 Chrysler.
  19. Mark Wetherbee

    More early suspension parts

    The ones you call spring bolts (2nd picture down) are Model A Ford bolts that come out of the bell housing to hold the wishbone cap in place. There is a long pin that goes thru the slotted heads to keep them from spinning.
  20. Mark Wetherbee


    I watched with more interest than was warranted as this car was bid to $15590 on eBay and did not meet its reserve. I really think the seller should have taken that bid, but not being mine I have no say in the matter. An interesting car but I still agree with most of the opinions above. Good of luck to the seller...
  21. Mark Wetherbee

    Looking for ID of side lamps, Buick???

    One more try, I would like to get these to someone who has a use for them. Thank you.
  22. Mark Wetherbee

    cleaning out warehouse

    That is a pile of MGA’s!
  23. Mark Wetherbee

    Staunton Virginia antique car dealer/collector

    Wow does his name bring back old memories! I remember Bruce back in the late 70’s early 80’s setting up at the local New England fleas driving an old hearse and sleeping in the back at night. Dad and I were a few spaces away using the front and back seats of an LTD wagon... the good old days of the hobby when we would buy more than we sold and come home with parts in our laps... The last time I saw Bruce was at Hershey sometime in the late 90’s when he talked me into buying a very well detailed French nude hood ornament which is still getting used on occasion on tour. I might just call myself just to reminisce.
  24. Mark Wetherbee

    Miscellaneous parts to ID

    Here’s some more items from the flea market pile I would like to ID or sell if anyone is interested. Thank you again, Mark
  25. Mark Wetherbee

    Define replica

    Good god, I didn’t look that far into the ad but now I really have to wonder WHY???