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  1. I made both brackets out of sheet steel,gauge ?Be careful not to break top pivot ball (plastic),l did and had to make one out of a kids jack.
  2. I use tremco demonic fc caulk,its used on commercial buildings around windows.polyurethane sealant,its heavy bodied and paintable. I get it at concrete supply businesses.$5-6. a tube
  3. 425 repair

    I lost #1 piston that left a hole in the cylinder wall,had it sleeved with total rebuild,over 3000 miles with no problems
  4. Your Riv looks alto like my 63,diplomat blue,silver custom interior with real walnut inserts,2x4,wheel inserts painted silver gray blue pearl,lowered 1 inch with 225 70r15 tires
  5. I put a 2 1/16th autometer tach in my 63,fit was good,easy spot to read.
  6. Bob Seager-Roll Me Away.Comander Cody-Hot Rod Lincohn
  7. 1959 olds 98 2door holiday

  8. 64 Riv instrument cluster

    I used a 2 1/16 teach,fit good in clock hole.
  9. Cruise missing on firewall
  10. Thought the same thing Ed when I saw the extra metallic in the Color
  11. Distributor

    Thanks Jason,its a 63.Ill post what I find out.T.N...