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  1. I am collecting aaa and scca items for a special automobile I own. Also very interested in any old patches, badges, program brochures, SCCA national magazines, racing flags striped track official shirts, advertising, trophy's >>>>>> I WILL CONSIDER ALL. Watkins Glen, Elkhart or road America, Michigan tracks, Ohio and more. Please respond to; motorcarinvestments@gmail.com Thanks in advance John
  2. I have been working on the history of the AAA and SCCA organizations. By chance, whether it be as trade or whatever, do you have any 1950's items from the above. Thanks in advance, John
  3. harris speedster

    57 ford brake drums

    Will do. Regards, John
  4. I have, in real rough shape; complete side folding assembly for the cab top. Also has the big S hinge as I call it. Rough, but you will probably never find another. Takes 1500. Regards, John email motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  5. harris speedster

    Startix wanted

    Need a startix for a project car. Thanks in advance, John email motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  6. harris speedster

    57 ford brake drums

    Need a set of 57 ford brake drums, front and rear. P steering, need control valve, hyd assist shock, steering pump, and the three brackets that hold to engine. Please email motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  7. I need everything that hot rodders throw away. Axle beam, transverse spring, spindles, hubs, brakes, wish bones, sterr box and column. Need all. located in Central illinois motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  8. harris speedster

    Early Ford V8 Club

    I am in need of parts hot rodders throw away. FOR 1933-34 ford Need a complete stock front axle, transvers spring, spindles, hubs, brakes, wishbones, steering box, steering column. In essence a complete drop out assembly please send email motorcarinvestments@gmail.com Thanks in advance John
  9. harris speedster

    Question on Harmonic Balancer

    If you did not find the parts needed, feel free to email me motorcarinvestments@gmail.com Timing case cover, oil pan, oil pick up tube, water p spacer, wp pully, ex manifolds, air cleaner, distr, bell crank, water housing inlet. balancer There are more, but that's the basics you need.
  10. harris speedster

    wtd 55-57 t bird engine

    I am in central Illinois. Have a complete engine and or everything you need to put one together. BE careful, as valve covers may say T Bird special, most of the time it is an engineout of a pass car, WHICH will not drop in. I do have all the special parts need to do that. Regards, john email if interested motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  11. harris speedster

    factory FE Thunderbird 3 duece set

    3 deuce set; Built special for the 61-63 thunderbirds. Matched working carbs, all cross over and progressive linkage, perfect intake, no welds, no striped threads, Oval alum air cleaner base and top that looks like a cobra one.. More original parts attached, 1900. obo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Another 3 duece set with one non match carb, $1650. John motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  12. Crazy me, wanting to buy some Miata's Have cash, and I am serious. Prefer low miles. LE,SE, M editions and R models 1989-1997 only. Headlights pop up and down. Serious, Thanks in advance, john email motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  13. Guys, a fully restored Norton. Even the gauges were sent out for freshening and re-facing. Café bars with all bells and whistles. All chrome, aluminum, engine, trans etc, finished in grand style. I saw an ad with Tom Cruise, he has a bike which is a twin to this one. Can't buy one and restore one for the asking price, 7500. Located in central Illinois. John motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  14. harris speedster

    1936 zephyr taillights, parts needed

    I need a clear license plate lens. A stainless ring that locks the glass lens to the taillight housing OR, would buy and entire light assembly. Thanks John please email; motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  15. 1967-68 conv door, clear, v nice, 200.00 1968 fastback pass side door glass, clear, v nice, 325.00 68 Gt original styled wheel hubcap, nice, 25.00 1965-1968 factory ford clutch type 8 inch posi section, 375.00 1968 4 speed shift box, 120.00 1965-1966 mustang horn cores, 40. Each 1965-1967 Mustang 4 speed trans, one at 450. the other at 900. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FE’ 1967-1968 FE 4 speed Transmission cross member, 8-A, 125.00 C80E- B fan blade, 428 cj, 215.00 C80E-E clutch for fan, 428 cj, has some resistance, no breaks, 220. 428 balancer, 85.00 428 Bell housing spacer plate, 40.00 3- 1968-1970 snorkel pieces, all straight, with flappers etc, 45.00 FE Accel, 1960’s complete with dual points and cap, has external tach drive option. 55.00 FE water pump cores, C8, 7-6-7,>> 9-1-12, >> O-I-3 1967-1970 FE motor mounts and engine brackets, w/ bolts, nice, 350.00 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1968 Lucas fog light inner reflector, not rusted, 45.00 1967-68 hood vents, with lights, socket, wires and wire clamps, pair, 200. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FE three deuce set, all linkage intact, correct # carbs, correct alum air cleaner and base, oil tube, no pulled threads no welds, 1900.00 C7AF- AF, stock ford mustang 4 barrel, 4300 series. 200.00 Koni shock, 82- 1388 and rear Koni’s 82-1346 Thanks Please email for info mortorcarinvestments@gmail.com