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  1. Cargirls New Car

    Congratulations! It looks like new and almost inspires me to get mine wife says, "Almost?!?!" I better get cleaning.
  2. Btw, this one went empty. I'll post again for a possible trip in December.
  3. I of 7. Haven't looked carefully enough to see if I can edit the subject.
  4. This is interesting as another potential pile of Reattas: Another one: The sat image shows a nice bunch of cars there and even what appear to be school buses holding parts. Could be a salvage yard of some sort, but I have seen private ones like that many many times.
  5. Reatta Convertible $8500 - 19,000 miles

    Very interesting one. It could be hard to track down if the seller isn't monitoring their ads. They posted another ad without details in another section:
  6. I've been watching this one for a while as a possible driver, but hard to say if it's sold because sometimes people don't take down their ad. It's probably very clean.
  7. That's cool! I know the humidity there isn't much more than here in Santa Fe. We dipped to 4% at times back in June and my spray paint jobs dried in a minute or less.
  8. Salvage yard cars in CO are remarkably clean imo although that definition can vary. They historically haven't used a lot of CaCl2 on their roads, but probably started to use more of it over the years. Cars in the cities will fare worse. I can sometimes put 700 mi on a car in one day so the mileage isn't as much a factor to me. It gets more interesting...this seller seems to have several more besides the blue one seen over the conv, but in different locations maybe. Those two are in a double deep garage. Per some simple research the owner, Chris, likely has a 1928 Durant 8-80 chassis in his stable. Maybe he's on the forums someplace. One thing is for certain. If it had been kept outside instead of on those casters in a garage, it would be in far worse shape.
  9. I apologize if this was posted before...seems like a potential driver for someone. Some years back I would have been driving up there, but my white Reatta Conv is also sitting on some casters in the back of the garage!
  10. We'll be pulling an open 18' car hauler from Watertown WI to Santa Fe NM at the end of July If interested in sharing costs to haul your medium sized car or ? please let me know by calling me (area code five zero five) 49O.thirty eight sixty eight. You may also be able to use the trailer yourself depending on the circumstances, references etc. as long as it's delivered to a reasonable distance from Santa Fe. Thanks, Joel
  11. Thanks, I just started looking. My timetable is long so the more info I get on what's out there the better.
  12. I agree. I was just noticing a pile of LeMans models and GTOs on a few searches.
  13. If you happen to be selling one of these and it's a decent driver, please let me know. My budget isn't in show car territory, but one never knows. Preference is Catalina and I'll consider any body style. I'm in NM, but travel to WI. Thanks!
  14. I sold the car 30 minutes ago. If anyone wants it from the new owner, I can probably put you in contact with him. It's going to be a daily driver again I believe.