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  1. SES light on.

    To be sure, if you can get the Chilton's trouble shooting guide with flow charts for testing components then do so. Digital volt/ohm meter is a must.
  2. SES light on.

    Code 12 flashed means your in to get codes. Codes should flash. The code 12 will flash again indicating code reading is complete. If O2 sensor is indicated 99% of the fault code is anything but the O2 sensor. Check for vacuum leaks and the ignition. Also, old car with old vacuum lines. Check each will the engine is running. Sometimes the old hoses get soft and collapse from vacuum.
  3. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    She looks great!
  4. 1960 Buick Electra

    I thought about using air. It was easier to hook to the core and test.
  5. 1960 Buick Electra

    I picked up my new 1960 Buick Electra today. They Dynaflow is a curiously cool transmission. Just keeps pulling. The previous owner kept records and receipts. Had the Dynaflow serviced quite a bit. I'm guessing this is what keeps it working as design.
  6. 1960 Buick Electra

    Had a hearter core leaking issue. Not a large leak but some fog on the windows in cool weather and smell of antifreeze. I pulled the heater core assemble. When taking the assembly apart I found that the assembly had been removed at one time as the tell tale signs were evident. The core was found to be in good shape. It appears the control valve was leaking some. Upon removing the control valve...which should take no less than 30 seconds was a bit more for me. The one stud of the three spun as the nut was turned for removal. Dremel tool to the rescue. The core had quite a bit of scale. I used a dilute potion of muriatic acid and water. Passages free flowed much batter after a short sit of a few minutes. I rinsed and rinsed to assure the acid was gone and then added a solution of baking soda. Rinsed and repeated with the rinse. The next task was locating a valve ready to go or send in my valve plus $$$$$$$ to have it repaired. Good old Harrison: I was able to find a Harrison for a 60 Chevy. It is one and the same with exception of the replacement had the smaller diameter tube and I had to move my copper thermal coil to the replacement. I cut my own gasket for the valve as well as a gasket for the area between the firewall and core assembly. Once assembled it made sense to me to hook up the valve/core assemble and let the 401 fill it with hot water/antifreeze and check for leaks. I don't have a radiator pressure tester. It was found to be leak free, got hot and ready for install after my test. Reassembly took about 45 minutes. Job done.
  7. '53 Skylark -why so cheap?

    Taking a look at the pictures it appears to have quite a few areas needing attention.
  8. 1954, 1957 1958 Buick Barn Finds on the HAMB

    It appears he has taken a liking to the 54 c-dan. Can't say I blame him!
  9. Vacuum advance

    Tastes better this way than the alternative presented by Father Buick . lol
  10. 322 valve cover stud and spark plug cover

    This is a question best left to an engineer.
  11. 322 valve cover stud and spark plug cover

    Its Buick. Rounded corners at the top.
  12. 1953 Special - Smoke from crank case ventilation tube

    Glad it is sorted for you! Enjoy your hard efforts.
  13. 322 valve cover stud and spark plug cover

    The flat side towards the covers. I believe the flat side helps even the pressure over a wider area than opposed to the cone shape of the nut going into the depression in the cover.
  14. 322 valve cover stud and spark plug cover

    I use a washer under the nuts that secure the valve cover. This helps even the pressure on the rubber gasket.
  15. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    It appears to me the entire casting nose has bent towards the tension of the belt. Whatever the case, this pump is scrap.
  16. 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette for sale. Not mine

    Waiting on a guy named Arnie Cunningham.
  17. 1953 Special - Smoke from crank case ventilation tube

    If I was in this situation I would drain the oil and replace the filter. Refill oil. Check antifreeze level. Run the engine and see if antifreeze gets into the pan again after running the engine for the exact amount of time you did prior to finding antifreeze in oil.
  18. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    This is the icing on the cake!
  19. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Nice. Hope it pans out for you.
  20. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    That good old goo helps from parts from rusting!
  21. Please Identify This

    It's a car part. I'll get my hat....
  22. 1956 Century - rough ride

    Concur. Replaced a very old set of Denman bias ply. The ride of the Buick completely changed for the better. I find as well that lower tire pressure helps smooth the ride.
  23. 1956 Century - rough ride

    At least 11 years if they were manufactured to 2006. Not sure how supple the rubber is after 11 years.
  24. 322 Cylinder Head Flow Specs

    I do not see a need to have multiple sensors for this set up. But that is neither here nor there as you want to do something different. Perhaps individual coils and injectors for each cylinder as seen today. It would take some engineering. Crank trigger and all sensors hooked to the correct ECM. Would certainly be different and a lot of modifications to the existing intake! Maybe just a throttle body with two injectors as seen on some 80's vehicles.