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  1. Hood insultion

    Your link to Bob's shows yellow with gray face. Thinking Willie has all yellow from the supplier. The insulation under the headliner in my 54 was and still is all yellow. As it appearss in the picture above that looks like headliner insulation. The insulation under the hood that I replaced was gray throughout if I remember correctly. More than likely yellow at one time with gray face. Yellow got dirty over time.
  2. Hood insultion

    Ebay has the grayish black. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hood-Insulation-Pad-For-Buick-Century-Roadmaster-Special-1955-56-Made-in-USA/222829255738?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20150817211856%26meid%3Dac89440b45d6419e9766bf28389ca394%26pid%3D100508%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D222829255738&_trksid=p2045573.c100508.m3226
  3. Well, Lamar has sold me something. I'm covered there. I will work for beer. I have my limits!
  4. Could not wait for the weekend. Still plying the roads like it is 1960.
  5. Finishing my Buick Shop

    Cool machine!
  6. Lamar, What you are creating here is truly awesome. Reusing old doors, wood, and such. Truthfully, I'm astonished as to the thought and time you have put into this building with Rita's touch here and there. I have half a mind to drive the 54 there just for a shot of it outside the building! My other half of mind keeps saying.."You crazy?" Keep posting! Love the ambition behind this project!

    It's Latin for big car.
  8. 56 Buick - Why do springs sag driver's side

    Always a use for the old springs:
  9. 1955 Buick Century Part ID

    Looks very similar to what I have seen on Dodge/Chrysler products.
  10. The mission was a success in the urban assault vehicle.
  11. Two weekends ago. Going to Mission BBQ. My wife and I were on a mission for vittles.
  12. 56 Buick - Why do springs sag driver's side

    Drew, It is quite possible the rear spring(s) are allowing the driver side to sag. I always replace rear springs first and check the ride height at all 4 corners. Yes, there are spring helpers but over the long haul it only prolongs the inevitable of spring replacement.
  13. 1960 Electra 225 "flat-top", TX. car since new

    Concur. The 60 I purchased, with just over 32k on the ticker, I replaced the heater core/valve. Was good when I picked it up. Started leaking soon after. Rubber bushings/shocks/coil springs required replacing. Carb rebuilt. It is inevitable for sure. But I expected it so having to make the repairs was anticipated.
  14. 1956 322 Harmonic Balancer Pulley Rubber Ring

    Yes sir on the balancers. Pulleys are silver in color. I used Rustoleum silver heat paint(for grills). There are two kinds. Glossy and a more flat tone. I used the flat tone. https://www.1954buick.com/topic/3565-oil-burning-when-warming/?do=findComment&comment=26222
  15. 1960 Electra 225 "flat-top", TX. car since new

    I did see that 59 Electra go for insane cash. I would say it went to someone who really, really, really wanted the 59. The price of this 60 I think is on par. History is good. Care looks even better. Appears fully loaded(for what fully loaded was at the time). If I had a bigger garage and larger checkbook......sigh......
  16. 1947 transmission service manual

    Different set up than mine from the looks of it. I have two synchro drums for 2 and 3. At the bottom sump/drain plug area , is there bits of metal from a snap ring or the like that has failed?
  17. 1947 transmission service manual

    It appears to me the synchro is missing? This is my 54 3 speed. The transmission are basically the same. Minus maybe a synchro set up and gear ratios. I took mine apart as 2nd was grinding. Found a broken synchro drum. Sourced one on ebay. Is the 47 manual synchro for 2nd and 3rd?
  18. I signed onto the AACA Buick site to learn how to repair a Buick. I instead learned how to frame a door!!! This site has it all!!!! God love it.
  19. 1956 322 Harmonic Balancer Pulley Rubber Ring

    Yes sir, outside rubber ring that appears to do much of nothing. I had a balancer on a 455 that spun. Engine was thumping. I agree with you and Willie's experience confirms the rubber insert(I guess is the best way to describe it) is of little use.
  20. Hmmmmm, constructs buildings and handles interior design!
  21. 1954 Century model 66-R, in AZ., not mine

    Interesting PCV system he designed.
  22. 1956 322 Harmonic Balancer Pulley Rubber Ring

    That is what I have seen as well. A rubber ring in a groove. I guess it does deaden vibrations but to what extent is it necessary? I have seen balancers with the metal outer weight with rubber insulating it from the main hub. This rubber ring getting old, shrinks and allows the outer metal ring to spin making the crank out of balance. From you real world data of driving 100k miles sans the rubber ring in a groove, all is well. I would surmise it is not necessary as well. Yes, my 264 is a solid one piece pulley. For me, I would juice in the groove black RTV and be happy.
  23. 1956 322 Harmonic Balancer Pulley Rubber Ring

    I wondered myself as pictures I have seen of balancer the rubber does not appear to run from the front of the balancer to the back. I believe Steele Rubber Products services balancers.
  24. 54-56 muffler length

    Beemon, Sound of the new larger Goliath of a muffler. I like the sound. Appears to run better(back pressure):
  25. 54-56 muffler length

    Installed the new muffler and tailpipe. I had to reuse the pipe between the crossover and muffler. The new pipe was not bent in the correct angle. Could be mine is a manual and routes differently than a Dynaflow. Any, it is quieter than the Walker. Engine appears to run a bit better. Perhaps back pressure is greater. The muffler takes up the enter section where it's located! I'll post a video with sound later.