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  1. As I get older the more I envision myself finding a place similar! Tired of the rat race and continual building to the point of overcrowding.
  2. Stock car/NASCAR ended for me about 30 years ago when it really was stock cars. Win on Sunday and sell them on Monday. By and large, it is a very expensive ticket to attend a 4 hour roundy round of same cars with same everything.
  3. In my neighborhood the HOA has a rule for commercial trucks. Only to be in the neighborhood if a contractor is working on a home. Other than that, if you own the home and have a panel van with commercial business on the side and associated tools handing off it can not be parked in the neighborhood.
  4. If it came with Jessica Rabbit you might have something.
  5. Best tool you will ever need.
  6. Took the missus out for ice cream.
  7. Every man his is vice. I can not think of none better.
  8. Looking forward to the videos of the front end work. Will be helpful for many!
  9. Thanks for the picture Bernie. Now I know exactly what is getting the lube. I
  10. Thinking about you still being married after an acquisition such as this perhaps Rita is thinking the same as my wife and the purchase of the 60 a week ago. She said, "You have not bankrupt us in 22 years of marriage. Buy away!" Looking at the lot of cars the 38 is to die for. Beautiful lines. And like me who loves the 54's has found love in my heart for a 60. It appears you have room in yours for a 38. Keep it. You will be glad you did.
  11. Wow Lamar. Leap of faith! I can see why you love the 38!
  12. Glad it worked out. Sometimes I believe we over think a solution when the solution is to just get in there and do it. Enjoy your Buick!
  13. Changed the oil. Pulled off a clean Frame filter with a hand written date of 4/6/08. This car sat A LOT. Installed a Hastings filter and filled with Lucas Classic Car 10/W30. Lubed the front end. Had a bit of trouble understanding the zerk fitting for the propeller shaft. Posted in the other forum for clarification. While under there noticed the shocks are original. Makes sense on a car with 30k. No doubt this Buick was a garage queen that spent a good part of it's life sitting.
  14. Yes sir. Just completed the task. It all made sense with the zerk fitting post. So that's done. Thanks for the help.
  15. Yes, I pulled the rubber plug expecting to see a grease fitting. All I had seen was the shaft. Went to the manual and read "A quick shot.". So I went for a Bourbon. I was certain that is not what the instructions meant but Bourbon was good anyway. Thanks for clearing that up!