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  1. avgwarhawk

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    Good the charging system/battery are up to the task. I do believe it is an electrical issue as Willie is thinking. Keep us posted!
  2. avgwarhawk

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    Sound like the issue is the generator that is not up to the task when under load from the lights or when rpm are very low. The battery is in good shape? What is the charge like for the generator?
  3. avgwarhawk

    Turn signal sockets

    Socket with crusty innards. The contacts worn. The channels that hold the bulb in place needed a tap or two to close thus holding the bulb. Purchased new innards from NAPA. Worked like a charm. And my fun meme of the day. Some will get it. Others may not!
  4. That is awesome! Also good information for others who might run into the same problem. Enjoy the ride!
  5. avgwarhawk

    Ziebart Undercoating - Good or Bad idea?

    Ziebart is good rustproofing IMO. We had many cars sent through Ziebart. All rust free for many years and beyond.
  6. Do you mean the drip tube on the fire wall near where the heater hoses and defroster/heater core are located under the dash? If so, check the heater control valve. Hose clamps are tight.
  7. Good to hear. Did you have a hard time finding new mounts?
  8. Revolting development! May need a shoe adjustment at all four wheels. No auto adjusting as found in later drum setup.
  9. avgwarhawk

    Turn signal sockets

    Attempted a new bulb, etc. No joy. I removed the socket assembly. Ordered a new socket but will use the new guts in replacement of the old worn guts. The housing itself is in good shape. Needed to tap in the channels to hold the bulb securely. Will post photos later.
  10. avgwarhawk

    Dash board lights

    Concur on the rheostat.
  11. avgwarhawk

    Sagging Rear Springs-1959 Electra 4 Door

    I have not had to work on restoring a dash pad. The 54 is a metal dash and skull crusher in an accident. The 60 is padded but in great shape as she was garage kept her entire life.
  12. avgwarhawk

    Sagging Rear Springs-1959 Electra 4 Door

    As a note, I used Eaton on my 54 Special. Cost more than others. Same progressive coil as the others.
  13. avgwarhawk

    Sagging Rear Springs-1959 Electra 4 Door

    Springs and Things in PA. Rockauto has them I believe. Moog are just fine. Make sure you get the spring type you want. I went progressive coil. http://www.springsnthings.com
  14. avgwarhawk

    Sagging Rear Springs-1959 Electra 4 Door

    Replace the coil springs. They are available new. I used progressive springs on my 60 Electra. I did not need to replace my front springs. Car sat level once the saggy rear springs were replaced. Ride height is good.