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  1. avgwarhawk

    Dynaflow reliability

    I just keep it floored until the red and blue lights can be seen. Always had a lead foot. Never blown a transmission in the 15 some odd cars I have owned. Not try to either. 😁
  2. avgwarhawk

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    From some reading I have done concerning E85, this was on the table for quite some time. Recently brought up again with the current administration. The underlying issue is a lot of vehicles on the road today can not handle the E85. Further, quite a few if not all gas stations would need to install a new tank for E85. An expense they don't want. And, the fuel pumps would need to be changed or new pumps added for the E85. Another expense. I also heard the grade of ethanol will be selectable at the pump just was we can select the octane rating currently. I don't see the current 10%(average) ethanol gas going away any time soon. As far as rubber products and ethanol, I have little doubt rubber products designed before ethanol suffer some deterioration. I have not had any such experiences with said rubber products however. Particularly on my 60 and the rubber hose from frame to pump. I replaced it with a newer fuel injection ethanol happy hose. Upon the inspection of the original rubber fuel hose I did not detect deterioration internally. The outside rubber surface was getting hard as expected for an original rubber hose.
  3. avgwarhawk

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    The worst they can say is "no". Never now until you ask! Keep the faith!
  4. avgwarhawk

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Our, take the $5300.00. Buy it back and not for what they are asking. Sell the parts. Search for the next Buick using the $5300.00+ to purchase. It's out there...you will find it...you are always posting cars for sale! Maybe time to find a big fin Buick! Big finned girls need loving too!
  5. avgwarhawk

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Sucks for sure. Maybe accept the $5300.00. Tell them buy back for $1.00. Start parting the car out for additional cash. Use this money for better upgrades on the purple passion 48D. You know...ease in a 455! Sorry this happened. Simply sucks when another destroys one's ride for simply not driving alert.
  6. avgwarhawk

    1972 Buick Riviera For Sale, Paris KY

    Super nice! Hope it finds a good home!
  7. avgwarhawk

    56 idle speed, ignition timing, etc.

    Seems odd the idle mixture screws make no change when adjusted. Are the idles mixture screws in good shape?
  8. avgwarhawk

    Dynaflow reliability

    Fun stuff!
  9. avgwarhawk

    Dynaflow reliability

    Some fine rubber product from a tire manufacturer. 😉
  10. avgwarhawk

    Dynaflow reliability

    Yesterday sitting at a stop light I slipped the Dynaflow into L. It engaged with resounding authority. I have very little doubt a bias ply would leave a long black strip with trailing white smoke.
  11. avgwarhawk

    Dynaflow reliability

    Always afraid to see a trail of parts appearing in the rear view mirror!!!
  12. avgwarhawk

    Dynaflow reliability

    The Dynaflow is a curiously cool piece of engineering. Of the 5000 miles I have put on the Dynaflow in my 60, it has been nothing short of smooth. As far as the line take off...it is sufficient for my tastes. I have yet to drop it in L for any reason as I have no reason. Maybe one day so I can smell a Coker bias ply burning off the rim. Maybe not. As far as looking to pass when cruising at 60 MPH...hang on for when the secondary on the Rochester open, say "Bye bye'". The 401 hp/torque coupled to the Dynaflow is quite something when at speed. This combination stuffed inside a 2 ton makes for some what of a sleeper on the highway. At any rate, as for the leaking...the 1960 has just turned 35000 miles. She leaks very little from the Dynaflow. Of the many forum posts I expected gallons of transmission fluid on the floor daily. In the 5000 some odd miles I have driven perhaps a 1/4 pint had to be added. In short, there is no worry of trans fluid checking to any degree. No need. I think the Dynaflow simply gets a bad rap because of the less than stellar take off. It certainly will not catch second gear resulting in a screech of tire. What it does do is provide smooth power from stand still to cruise. Further....it just keeps pulling...it don't run out of gears cause she ain't got none.
  13. avgwarhawk

    transmission shop - dc/maryland/virginia area

    Dorsey Transmission. Ask for Jack. https://www.dorseytransmission.com Jack overhauled my brothers 60 Imperial Torqueflite. Jack said he has rebuilt Dynaflows but it has been a while.
  14. avgwarhawk

    53 Differential Fill Plug

    My 54 does not have the vent in the axle. If remember correctly the plug was solid and did not look like the plug pictured above.
  15. avgwarhawk

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    My 54 with 264 V8 I run the lower octane without any issues. My 60 401 V8 I run the premium. She'll clickity clack with anything other then premium.