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  1. Sportwagon from hell

    Oh that wagon is long gone. So was the timing chain!
  2. I run the premium to account for the high compression. I ran some cleaner in the tank twice. I no longer do that. The system is clean. Other than that, I do not put anything in the tank such as Lucas or Marvels. It does not appear to be necessary.
  3. Wiper Motor, Horn Pad Needed for 1960 Invicta

    This contains a list of other manufactures that used the same motor. Help broaden the search. https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hmn/2014/08/GM-Electric-Wiper-Motors/3741311.html Classic Industries. Check part# https://www.classicindustries.com/shop/all-years/chevrolet/impala/parts/body-components/wiper-motors/
  4. Wiper Motor, Horn Pad Needed for 1960 Invicta

    What is wrong with the wiper motor you have? Many times the motor does not work or take forever to start as a result of the hardened grease in the gears. The grease can be cleaned up and replaced. My wiper motor works but...it take about a minute to two for it actually start. I hit the switch and nothing. About a minute later off the go swooshing away. Stranger yet, when I turn them off it takes a minute or two for them to park!!! Once it is warmed up from use they work like new. When it is cold again same old story. Takes a few minutes to start swooshing away. I guess the grease is easier to move around and the on/off mechanism can function a bit quicker. Eventually I'll get it cleaned up inside.
  5. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    For drums this is a good as it gets.
  6. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    A long as she is in the normal all is normal. Normally. Heater /defroster is not sharing the hot coolant with the under seat heater. I have not fooled with the heater cores on mine as yet but I would say the under seat core is the easier to R and R. Once piece at a time brother. One piece at a time. Eventually all is in great shape and all you do is drive it.
  7. 263 oil filter

    Rock Auto online: FRAM C4P Hastings P26 I use Hastings for my Buicks.
  8. Purchased a 54 Buick with a V8 and 12 volt as they came. But I understanding what you are saying! From my watching and reading on the cars it appears the muscle cars are getting the lions share of attention.
  9. Wiper Motor, Horn Pad Needed for 1960 Invicta

    A lot of times if not all the time a car sitting is not the best. They are designed to be driven. The things I have replaced are parts that would normally suffer degradation from use and or sitting for a long period of time. Generally the rubber products. The carb was just overdue for a rebuild. It had the original leather accelerator pump. The least expensive switch I could find is located at Rock Auto. Same place I purchased mine. The repair manual has the instruction for removal and replacing. You can always remove what you have and clean it up. Save a few dollars. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=445204&cc=1319790&jsn=457 Concerning the labor of love and money etc, one does finally reach a point were the vehicle requires nothing but drive time and a wash when needed. That is were I am with my 54. I just drive it. Drove the 54 yesterday. It has sat for 2 weeks. Started second crank. Off I went. Let us know if we can help with any questions!
  10. I drove 2 Buicks this weekend. The easier to access 1960 Electra. (performed a transmission service last weekend. Put her through her paces). Then drove the 54 Special for 15 miles. Let her stretch her legs. She is driven much less as the 60 is simply easier to pull out of the garage without musical cars I perform with the daily drivers in the driveway.
  11. Wiper Motor, Horn Pad Needed for 1960 Invicta

    Google search for the headlight switch. Many vendors have them. It was a widely used switch for years. I believe I purchased mine from rock auto. The dash is brighter as their is less resistance in the new switch where as the older switch has corrosion similar to what you see at a battery terminal end. My 60 has under 33k. The only parts I have replaced are those with rubber. Sway bar link and shocks. The entire brake system was replaced by the previous owner. However the power brake booster went bad on my watch. Booster Dewey set me straight. Rear coil springs replaced. I rebuilt the 4GC Rochester. New fuel pump and related rubber fuel hoses. Complete tune up. Found a excellent working clock on eBay. Paid near nothing. The original worked after some cleaning but not for long. Kept blowing the fuse. All of these parts are from vendors and eBay. Dash pads do show up on eBay from time to time. I see clocks for sale quite a bit.
  12. Oil Bath Air Cleaner - '40 Buick

    Oil as the filter medium for the intake/carb could also have gone the way of the dinosaur as a result of the environment concerns. However, there are performance air filters on the market today that are paper and sprayed with oil(K&N) . I would think the oil would play a part in keeping particulate matter out of the engine and with some efficiency. I run the oil filter on top of my Carter carb. I keep it this way as it works as designed and well from my experience. The little miles I drive each year it does not require cleaning but once every two years. As a side note, when I shut down my engine on my 1960 paper filter set up I always have a strong gas odor as the gas vapor finds its way to the snorkel on the air cleaner housing. I do not experience this with the oil filled air cleaner housing without snorkel/paper filter.
  13. Wiper Motor, Horn Pad Needed for 1960 Invicta

    The headlight switch can be purchased new. It is a direct fit. As Bill stated, probably the rheostat is corroded. Mine was but since I had it out I replaced with a new switch. It did help with brightness of the dash lights.
  14. 1962 Buick Electra Brake Problem

    The description of the brakes completely locking, having to crack the line to release pressure and sometimes letting it sit for awhile the brakes release on their own is attributed to a faulty power brake booster. Each of these conditions and releasing of pressure is exactly what I experienced with my booster. Further, I removed the vacuum to the booster and drove. Brakes that would simply lock backing out of my garage no longer locked when vacuum source was removed. Concerning new brake linings, I have not experienced any problems. Knocking on wood.
  15. Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Sorry to hear Ben. I been there myself. It just a pit in the stomach feeling.