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  1. Appears to be nice

    A few more:
  2. Appears to be nice

    My sister found this in PA. I do have a number to the owner. I will PM if anyone requests. I do not know the exact location or any other particulars of the Buick. Let me know if anyone would like the owners number. Has a BCA sticker. Not sure why the Buick was not posted here.
  3. Chavis garage

    Looks good man.
  4. Wags and Wheels Car Show. County Animal Control free adoption day. 15 cats, 2 dogs and 1 ferret found a home!
  5. Nailhead rear main seal -- Help.

    The rope will serve you well.
  6. 5w 30??

    Not that I have detected. Many run todays brands without issue. I purchase Lucas Classic Car oil. Cost about the same as other brands.
  7. 5w 30??

    Concur on all Willie has posted.
  8. 5w 30??

    You should be fine with 5w-30. I would not go lower. However, the manual recommends 10w-30.
  9. Magic Potions

    I love all the models of the P-40. Not a superior aircraft compared to the Hellcat or Corsair. But for me, the overall look of the aircraft is magic to my eye. Plus, when I was a kid we had a Cox P-40 fly by string. It was really cool for a kid like me. I do have a little spot in my heart for the Wildcat.
  10. Magic Potions

    My not perk me up due to the alcohol content!
  11. 1950 Bias White Walls

  12. 1950 Bias White Walls

    Artist renderings were not always what was driven off the assembly line. Changes made at the dealer etc. But by and large I do believe the wider WW is correct for 50.
  13. Magic Potions

    I dumped some KL100 in the lawn mower. Took care of a odd unsteady rpm. In short, surge up and down on a Briggs and Stratton with a governed carb. Hmmmm....what else can I try?
  14. Magic Potions

    You will now sleep better knowing this has been cleared up. 😀
  15. Magic Potions

    P-40 Warhawk is my favorite. This my forum name I have used for 20 years on the net. AVG (American Volunteer Group)who flew the Warhawk.