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  1. avgwarhawk

    1973 Riviera Barn Find Car (Pole Barn)

    Any particular reason you need a PM in both threads you have started concerning rusty Buicks covered in dirt and droppings?
  2. avgwarhawk

    '64 401 Nailhead Questions

    Definitely check the points and timing. I use the old tune up tools. Fortunately these can be had on ebay. Digital meter works as well. I recall the first experience with points. 1973 Estate Wagon with 455. Sputtering and no power. Opened the door on the dist cap and turned the adjustment for the points. Shazam! The engine picked up, power restored and off I went to the auto parts store for a feeler gauge/meter tool. Need to set it properly. Keep us posted!
  3. avgwarhawk

    '64 401 Nailhead Questions

    Did you check the gap for the points? You have a dwell meter? A gap that is off can ruin an entire day. The distributor cap should have a door(metal that slides up.) to the point adjustment(hex key).
  4. avgwarhawk

    '64 401 Nailhead Questions

    Another thing to consider as it has sat for a bit. Old gas may be flowing through fuel system. I think you did drive it a few weeks ago though correct? As far as plugs, I run R45 A/C Delco in my 401. Also ran Autolite plugs that cross referenced the 44S. Worked find as well.
  5. avgwarhawk

    Will the new wagon survive?

    I'm a wagon guy. I like this Buick and would purchase if in the market.
  6. avgwarhawk

    1962 Electra - $1800 on CL

    Good old Chevy 454 big block! Other than that...2 door and could be a good car.
  7. On my way to a Father's Day car show. Up and over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
  8. avgwarhawk

    1964 Skylark Oil Pan Removal

    Can you rent a engine hoist for the day? Only need to take the mounts loose and hoist the motor but a few inches.
  9. avgwarhawk

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    The Honda and Chevy look like appliances. Still loving the poverty cap and trim ring with black wall look!
  10. avgwarhawk

    New Classic Buick Owner

    Back in the day these Buicks with the nailheads were affectionately called "The Banker's hot rod" as they were fast for the time. In the 1950s and 1960s, Buick was known for its combination of tasteful styling and high performance. Its buyers were doctors, lawyers, local bank presidents and other professionals who weren’t earning quite enough money to buy Cadillacs. Back then, Buick was called “the banker’s hot rod” for its deceptive power under the hood. Now that yours has a 401 it should cook the pavement at the rear tires. http://www.mlive.com/auto/index.ssf/2011/09/rick_haglund_buick_isnt_just_f.html
  11. avgwarhawk

    New Classic Buick Owner

    It looks like the "Banker's" hot rod. Bet she is with the 401 lurking under the hood. Nice car. Enjoy!
  12. The Pontiac I believe is a 64-65. The owner, who is an EMT, purchased the car from a city in NJ where it was put into service. He had all the medical devices (paddles, gurney, etc) for the time period. Overall it was in great shape with all the original equipment, medical or otherwise. Being a EMT he also had a retired fire truck and two police cars. A lot of spectators got a kick out of the car. Much talk of Adam 12 and Emergency that featured these types of ambulances. He also wore his EMT uniform to make the scene. Super nice guy. Take a close look at the red emergency lights on the top. They look like the taillights of a 59 Caddy! Only bigger!
  13. avgwarhawk

    1953 Convertibles project

    The French exhaust locks on the exhaust manifold bolts, are the tabs bent down to lock the bolt in place? I can not tell from the picture.
  14. avgwarhawk

    Which engine oil grade to use with 56

    The manual states what viscosity and air temps of the region the engine will operate. I use 10w-30 and sometimes 20W-50. These I purchase from Lucas Oil(classic car).
  15. Middletown MD car show. First show for this little town. It as fun!