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  1. You are very welcome sir! Enjoy your Buick!
  2. Not really a theory but human nature. We all know we go for a lower selling price then what was asked. It never hurts to look, ask questions and make an offer. The worst the owner can say is no. Normally cars are advertised at $XXXX or best offer. Who knows if your offer is the best or not. Everyone has their limit. It may be the worst offer of the bunch but the seller believes you are the correct person to sell the car too. Deal is done. Once and only once did I pay the asking price. That was for my 54. The 60 Electra I purchased was advertised for $12k. I'm sure that price pushed some buyers away. Were these buyers truly interested? We can only guess. The seller was looking for the right person to sell the 60 too. Much like Wooly here. Doing my diligence in researching and getting a real interest in buying the Buick I settled on my final price and not go higher. The seller, after talking in person and looking over the car said he asked for $12k but really wanted $10k. We settled at $9500.00. Drove it home. For the seller, I was the right person at the right time. Seller was thrilled to see it go to me even at $500 less the $10k he wanted. The right person at the right time will be along for Wooly's Buick.
  3. Guessing it is the Dynaflow. Not that it matters. Great car to restore.
  4. Looks like the real McCoy. Dynaflow(hydromatic?)
  5. Exact reason I posted the 60 Electra that belong to a man in Altoona. Could not see it go to parts, drag races or donk. There were over 500 views of the post here on the forum. No takers. I eventually started talking to the gentleman via email. At that point he hoped I would buy it. I was the right guy at the right time. You will find your right guy at the right time. Just may take some time. You have your boundaries with the sale of your Buick. Stick to them!
  6. Hmmmm...thinking about it one can get a "feel" for a prospective buyer. Ask the right questions. Age of the purchaser? First classic? Know all of this before price is stated. Perhaps it is best to put a higher purchase price to weed out the bunch that just want to rag on it?
  7. I understand completely. Both Buicks I purchased, each previous owner hoped both would stay the way they were when each left their barn. The one fella who I purchased the 60 Electra from said he was hoping and praying I would purchase the 60 Electra because it would not be hot rodded. I feel the same way with mine. If sold...leave them alone and enjoy.
  8. I do not have camshaft specifics but it was found that my 54 has 56 cam/lifters/push rods. The entire engine was rebuilt in 2006 by the previous owner. I'm certain that rebuild kits available on the market are for the 56 nailheads. When I was have what I thought a lifter issue I ordered lifters for a 54. I received 56 lifters. I then found I had 56 push rods. Anyway, let me know how it goes with finding heads. I have a set of 54 264 heads ready to go.
  9. That's great! Looking forward to this adventure!
  10. This is a sweet ride!
  11. I drove 30 miles to the West Friendship Car Show hosted by the Howard County Living Farm Museum. Received a Top 40 of 150 or so cars participating.
  12. cut and peal like a banana
  13. 1. Use a hone stone for a drill to remove the shoulder in the cylinder. 2. Removing from the bottom is probably tough. Not to mention the piston rings should be installed with the piston from the top. It would be hell from the bottom with crank in . This on a drill will remove the ridge at the top of the cylinder. Need it to cross hatch the cylinder when ready to install the new rings. Good tool you need for this job. Plenty of youtube videos on how to use it.