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  1. Radiator, possibly British '30s-'50s?

    There is no Harrison (or any other) tag. It is a honey comb so GM makes sense. Next time I see a '28 Chev, , I'll take out my tape measure. Thanks for help.
  2. Radiator, possibly British '30s-'50s?

    Still not identified. Please help. Henry F.
  3. FS 1947 Plymouth convertible

    When we lived in Munster, IN, we owned the twin to it. Apparently a fraternal twin as ours had a cloth & vinyl interior. Great cars those '46 to '48 Chrysler products. Good luck selling it Joe, Regards, Hank
  4. Not a '35 or a '37, but a good '36 convertible sedan. In a Lincoln/Mercury Dealers Collection for many years and we bought it when Mercury and the dealership died. It moved to FL with us a few years ago. Last driven this morning to breakfast! Let me know if you're interested. Hank Email: oldcars1959atgmaildotcom
  5. For Sale 1929 LaSalle Landau Cabriolet (not mine)

    Also been on Craigslist in Florida. Palm trees here, yes, mountains, no.
  6. Combined 120 Years In The O C Hobby

    Old Rolls-Royce and Bentley stuff, too.
  7. Hank Feinberg and Dale Powers will be at Hershey, Chocolate Field, C2F 51-53. We'll have lots of stuff there to looking for new homes. Come by, say hi, and don't be bashful, buy some of our British, European, US parts, books, bulbs, and whatever else we find to bring along. Your buying will make us happy and our wives happier. PS Being a "Junior Member" makes my day.
  8. CAR PARTS for sale in TRI-STATE AREA

    Tri-State Tollway, Indiana-Illinois-Wisconsin.
  9. Unable to get photos on the recent listings. Using a MacBookPro running latest updates. Are other Mac users or PC users having this problem? Hank
  10. Found in my barn -- what is it.

    Certainly a "T" Ford axle but an interesting rumble seat roadster body with a really square looking back-side. The frame that it's sitting on is interesting, too. Could it be original or a later marriage? I'm guessing 1918 to 1920 era. More photos would be great. Regards, Henry F.
  11. 1935 Lincoln Town Car C/L Denver $8,000

    Someone did a lot of work making the bottom-hinged door that covered the compartment where the soft top over the chauffeur was stored. It's very similar to a Brewster bodied Springfield P-I Rolls-Royce that we owned for several years. I'm not convinced from what I see in the photo that it isn't a custom built body, or a coach builders modification to a factory body. Hank Feinberg
  12. Pierce-Arrow: year & model?

    I found and bought a 1924 Dodge touring with a California top in my home town. That was circa 1960 and I did the only sensible thing as a 16 year-old, took the darned thing off so I had an open car to drive around. I still have b/w photos of it including showing it at the Illinois State Fair Antique Car Show, top off, of course.
  13. Model T or Hudson????

    Some Willys-Knight have WK script lenses.. Springfield, Mass. built Rolls-Royces have RR on the cowl light lenses. I recently threw out a "HUDSON" lock key that was not Hudson Automobile. Hank
  14. Ever seen one of these ?

    More like a Cadillac SDV with an A-body station wagon top clip. Hank
  15. Tool What is it?

    I had a complete, or so I thought United Motors Service key cutting kit from the early 1930's but nothing like your tool shown. No question that it has something to do with automotive locks and keys. Hank