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  1. Thanks guys . Just dropped it at the shop that did my motor. No charge Yahoo. Thanks for the tip if there is a " next time" !
  2. So I just read the string again. Looks like I need to have the sleeves pressed out. Thanks KongaMan
  3. OK. So the bushings arrived today ( energy 37111g) and they are too big. Upon further inspection of the track bar it looks like there is a pressed in metal sleeve making the inside diameter just small enough that the bushings don't fit. Inside dia. is about 44.4mm. Bushings are 48.5mm. Is there really a metal sleeve in the track rod or do my eyes deceive me? Track rod out of another year? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. Thank you. Just read the thread on the Monroe shocks from Rock auto. Thanks for the info. Interesting the thread turned into suspension discussion and rear track bushings. Cool. Ordered the 37111's from Summit.
  5. Hello Folks.I'm looking to replace the rear track bar bushings on my 64'. No luck at Cars Inc. or Clarks. OPGI has them listed for 65-70. Summit Racing is a maybe. Do any of you have a source for the correct bushings? Thanks so much. John # 13594.
  6. TallJohn

    Upholstery Needed

    I just had my seats done on my 64' by Bruce at Triple C auto upholstery. He is a one man show with years of experience. Great job , on time as promised, excellent work, price was consistant with other shops. See his YELP reviews also. Highly recommend. He is in the South area off of Quinta ct.
  7. I'm at my limit of mechanical skill. Although I have pulled motors for and exchange before, I have never gotten into the guts of a motor. I have my car at a reputable local shop who have done the diagnosis. #2 and # 8 cylinders low compression (85). According to them, not heads/valves. They are not pressuring me as they would not be doing the motor work. I have found two local shops thanks to recommendations from ROA members. So I will move forward on it next week. Thanks all.
  8. Thanks Telriv and Kongaman. Pondering my options....Bottomline... it will be done
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will contact Tom Telesco for a third quote and go from there . Thanks again.
  10. Hello folks. Good to meet some of you at the Reno meet. I really enjoyed it. I was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable shop that has experience with nailheads. Preferably western states, California even better. I had a quote for a re-build from a local shop for 10k, $6700.00 from a shop in Indiana. First quote seems high, but maybe that's the going rate. any suggestions would help. Thanks
  11. Ok. Thanks guys. I will leave it alone for now. Get a 64 drum later....
  12. Has anyone changed out the reverse threads on a 64 left front wheel? If so what is the best method to punch back the studs if in fact it is possible? The aluminium wheel seems kind of fragile to be whacking on it. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the info and photos Bill. going to pick up some 64' centers hopefully on Monday.
  14. Great. Thanks for the info guys. Black they will stay.