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  1. Front end shake

    Looks like king pin assembly shared with all other CCptn, and tie rod ends and intermediate rods (which catalog says must be installed together) shared with Chry and Plymouth, so those parts should be available if needed...and probably holds true for other front end parts...
  2. Front end shake

    You overlooked advising whether this showed up on a car that'd been recently driven with no problems or one that;d been setting for some time and newly taken out, to experience the shaking, by which I assume you mean shimmying (discernible, excessive or violent shaking of car and steering wheel from front wheel failure to track)......... Didn't by any chance just give it a good lubing??? Accumulated crud can take up a lot of slack; squirting full of nice, slick new grease can push crud out, resulting in discovery of considerable wear in king pins, tie rod ends, ad nauseum All the above are possibilities; jack up one wheel at a time,. jiggle for any slack anywhere......
  3. Testing a generator 1923 Moon

    You didn't say what the problem was (lo charge, no charge, singing, etc) but if that's an inspection strap you might pop that off and eyeball the brushes, commutator etc... If your brushes are down something probably can be mickey-moused in if originals NLA;---weak brush springs might be more problematical---if commutator darkened might just need a little careful cleaning......
  4. Starter for an early GMC Truck?

    Was your friend, by any chance, the one looking for a C2 engine?? This certainly sounds familiar, but I don't keep logs of replies... Whatever the case, he needs to definitely ID his engine, and expand his search inquiries to starters on that engine (or engine series, if his engine is a variation in a series, if he's desperate)...it's also possible his truck might've been repowered sometime in it's life with whatever Cont'l could be dropped in... If ex-miltary, he also needs to research if there were "Military Standard" engines in those day (military spec versions of an existing off-the-shelf engine that sometimes had different innards and/or accessories, like starters, than the "civilian " versions... You didn't say if a ring gear flywheel was fixed, or whether he also needs the ring gear/ring gear flywheel too.... The GMC club should know about MS engines, if any existed then, and should be able to positively ID his engine......
  5. Graham Paige Valve Mystery

    Well, FWIW 1930 valve catalog shows all listed Grahams (1929-29 only) all have different Int/Exh valves...but no breakdown for 612... 1932/36 catalogs starts with 1930, so no direct help, but also shows different Int'Exh valves for various 30 up models,and these do sow different size heads, such as 15/8 Int with 19/16 Exh, and 19/16 Int with 115/32 Exh... Catatogs don't have anything on degrees of seats...
  6. Electric Car Bursts into Flames while Charging

    MIKE6024: Of course it doesn't say anything (important); it was carefully crafted NOT to.... .MARRSCARS:Your news clip---lovely, just lovely!! A tip 'o my hat to the group that wrote it. Couldn't've done a better job myself, altho my obfuscation talents've probably rusted since retirement... a classic example of listen to what I say and don't worry about anything else Prominently accentuates the automatic/programmed "put your hands on the wheel" warnings issued by the programming, directly blaming the driver for everything that happened, And completely ignores the fact that those automated clear-road warnings had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fact that the vehicle was utterly oblivious of he fact that it was driving headlong into a solid object... Maybe buried in those 500 pages is a description of Tesla's front sensors and why they failed, but I doubt it....Tesla knows why it/they failed, and probably NHTSA...but NHTSA, like the FAA, is an agency at war with itself---charged with both oversight/regulation of equipment safety, while at the same time supporting their respective industries---mutually incompatible missions---which all too often come out on the end of industry support.....
  7. Electric Car Bursts into Flames while Charging

    Admittedly, I didn't read NHTSA's prelim report above, nor their final; what I did see was a Journal piece (a small piece) a few days ago re' their final report, absolving Tesla of ANY responsibility for the accident/death... Should I read it, I'm sure it'll be the typical governmental masterpiece of dancing all around the elephant in the room without recognizing it's existence, namely, that the car drove into a solid object as big as a barn without making any effort to slow/srop/avoid. Actually, I',m not surprised or disappointed; I remember all those FAA airline crash reports, where, unless some obviously evident mechanical failure could not be ignored, cause was automatically put down to "pilot failure"... (FAA=Federal Autopsy Admin)
  8. 1909 Hupmobile

    The whistle---oh, yes---in the early motorcar days many municipalities required motorists to have, and use, "warning devices". to warn pedestrians, horsebackers and horse propelled vehicle operators that a noisy, backfiring, frightening motorcar was in the vicinity...horses sometimes blindly ran away, and a runaway horse was something to avoid...
  9. Dept of inconsequential questions... Re' a question of the color of an original Cont'l engine in a particular car, Cont'l was famous/infamous for tweaking existing engines for new customers... Does anyone here know of a particular Cont'l engine being different original colors in different makes, or if any particular engine was the same color whatever it went into??? Don't have access to the Cont'l book, so don't know if this covered; some Cont'l car engines were virtually single-make models, while the 6Y, for example, went into at least 8 and probably more.. Any comments appreciated,and, yes, I'll try to get a life!
  10. Restoring cracked/broken cast manifolds?

    There're several very good manifold repairers/rebuilders/fabricators mentioned in the the old-tractor/ag machinery sites... Seems those manifolds are particularly affected by the on=off seasonal usage and the highly corrosive effects of mouse urine---they love to nest in manifolds... Don't recall any speeific names but a batch should come up Googling vintage manifold repair or similar...
  11. Need an old Thompson reference or help with ID

    Have old Thompson, your numbers listed, but no time to two-finger type reply until later PM; will advise then in not ID'd in meantime
  12. Canadian Police Using GPS Darts to Track Speeding Cars

    I've read comments that m'f'r's track warranty vehicles 24/7 ti determine if warranty claims result of abusive operating... And same for rental outfits to determine rental operated within normal guidelines.... Same for insurance companies ...don't know if any or all of this is correct or just conspiracy theory stuff...
  13. Was quality really this bad in the 1970s?

    Might as well add a couple more... My brother worked for a GM dealer, maybe Pontiac, as a mechanic late 60s/early 70s?? When shipment came in (RR then) ALL the mechanics went down to the yards with the drivers, because they had to work on, sometimes add parts in back seat or trunk, to get them running... Even worse was when living in Riverside, 60s, wife went to work for co that'd gotten a military contract to build one of the early AA rockets. Put her in assembly section where off-the-street people were "assembling": finely machined parts with whatever force necessary...transferred her to another section where people painting greyish round things black. Had no idea what they were (all hush-hush, need to know, no instruction other than told her put this on that etc) until one rolled off table and everyone freaked...she quit the next day.
  14. Buyer's Dilemma

    I know the decisions been made, and on a dollar invested basis the Stude was simply too good a deal to pass up...all or pretty well done versus a lot of probably expensive unknowns....... And yet...my heart says Kaiser... I wouldn't care if it didn't blitz away from stoplights, didn't have superb factory air and AT, didn't feel like driving your living room down the freeways (all of which I've enjoyed)...it just has, to me, such beautiful lines... PS: Yes, beauty is, often, in the eye of the beholder....and, when acquired, often expensive to maintain...
  15. Found the following listing in a 1950 Fitzgerald gasket catalog: "LA FAYETTE (SEE NASH) 4...........REFER LEROI 2C (FITZ NO. 96)". The "4" in this catalog would be 4cyl (correct for the 2C); the "refer" is used in this catalog when the vehicle has an "industrial" engine (Buda, Cont, Herc etc). The "96" is the correct head gskt for the 2C per it's listing in the LeRoi section of that catalog. This engine is NOT listed in the Nash engine section in that catalog. Std Cat shows Nash's LaFayette 1921-24 was only an 8, and would've been too large/heavy for the 2C; my catalogs show the resurrected LaFayette 1934 etc to've been all 6s. The several other LaFayetts mentioned were either too early or never in production. None of my catalogs show a 4cyl 31/8 under Nash. The LeRoi 2C was a highly popular Ag/Ind'l engine used in cars, trucks, tractors and all kinds of Ag/Ind'l installations; it doesn't show in a 1917 ring catalog but I have listings as early as 1915 models (Denby 3/4 Ton 1915-16). It was Wendels "...ever popular LeRoi..." mentioned in his Ency of US farm tractors. Does anyone here have a Nash history that mentions this or any LeRoi engine, or know if this engine was considered/used by Nash in anything??? Any comments appreciated; many thxx!!! Bud
  16. Well, that's as likely an explanation as any...while the two gaskets are similar there're also considerable differences, but nothing else has come up any closer... While that catalog (the only one of mine that has such a listing) does cover the LaFayette V8 period, it has no listing for the LaFayette 8; it has the questionable listing, plus listings for the later mid-30s Nash LaFayette, which would seem to agree with wrong-gasket fore the V8 theory... After using these old catalogs for engine ID I've gained a great deal more sympathy for the parts counter people accused of bringing out the wrong parts...
  17. 1929 Nash standard 6 engine

    I guess the Nash people are all on vacation... Mitchell doesn't qualify; CCDB shows a 288.6 l-head... allpar.com Nash engine piece strongly implies completely new Nash's own design, but doesn't state why switched to side valve...reportedly cheaper than OHV, but Ajax supposedly wasn't pinched on quality otherwise... Maybe quicker to get into prod if Ajax project was a priority??? Was Nash already looking into L-heads for their straight 8s etc that came on in 31 or so??
  18. Continental engine

    Generally speaking, for parts, advice, help and/or sympathy, depending upon your particular engine, the place to start is Montes in--oops--NW of Chicago Try Garrad (Jerry/Gerry/Gerald) Moon---garradmoom@montes@flash.net or monteseuipment.com
  19. 1929 Nash standard 6 engine

    This is interesting, altho I'm sure there's a Nash history (or several) that cover this... Cursory Googling brings up Nash bought bkrpt Mitchell, who reportedly built own engines, and LaFayette, who I'm unfamiliar with... The first 26 Ajax came with your 169.9 L hd (classiccardatabase, Wiki) but I didn't think to compare with Mitchell (the Ajax/Nash Light Six was built in Mitchells Racine plant)..next time I'm in classiscardatabase I'll see what engine Mitchell had when it died... Ajax reportedly was a Nash-quality product, so it's possible an entirely new engine was designed; seven mains is quality production. Hopefully some of the Nash historians will relieve our curiosity...
  20. 1929 Nash standard 6 engine

    Interesting question---checked a 1930 McCord gasket catalog, and found no match of the Nash/Ajax head gasket with any Cont'l therein---did note the flathead part numbers were different from the OHV part numbers---much lower 5-number sets---you'd think if a new Nash engine the part numbers'd be higher, but... Also checked Grahams out of curiosity; again found no matches, but Graham supposedly used own heads..
  21. Color of engine??

    One of Cont'ls recipes for success was happily tweaking an off-the-shelf engine for a customer, or making up a new one---I don't know if the tweaking included colors, but why not??? Hence your inquiry might get more accurate answers from existing Peerless owners by also posting in the Peerless forum here... Sheesh!! I hate these forums---now I'm wondering if Cont'l actually did paint the same engine different colors for different m'f'r's...now I have to see what else, if anything, got the 17S...
  22. 1921 Stevens

    Didn't know about the R&V-Moline Plow connection when I posted earlier--reading up a little on Stephens found thumbnail in oldcarweekly site saying all the 20s 6s were Molines own design...sounds like this engine was designed for, and might've been solely used in the car...
  23. Info on Hudson Commodore

    No real help, but can't resist remembering the 50 Commodore 8 my gone-to-his-reward-if-any brother had; I was in southern NM, he was in El Paso, and we spent many sweet hours in that thing on the open roads. A lovely, comfortable road car, they were quite popular in the wide-open-spaces states. It's a car you sit in, rather (driving position) sit on---but the seat can always be picked up if that seems claustrophobic. If you have a long commute on the freeway they love to get out and run!
  24. What year is this REO engine, and what model was it in?

    OK, uou'll need to prostrate yourself before the font of all wisdom re' obsolete Cont'ls---Garrad (Gerry/Jerry/Gerald) Moon at Monte's Eqpmt NW of Chicago, obsolete Cont'l dealers. Seriously, he's always helpful or sympathetic... A 36 engine parts catalog lists the R800 as using the same piston ass/bly as the Cont'ls 14S, 15S, 16S, 18S and 21S, and that set of specs perfectly matches specs for same ass/bly for Reo 8-21, 8-25 31-32... R800 valves are by themselves but match the Reo valves perfectly... Unfortunately no bearings are listed for Cont'l R800 I don't doubt that 977 is actual serial #... So take off all other stamped/embossed letters, numbers and email with tag info garradmoom@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com...but don't expect any parts to be available; those 8Cyl Ss were in stuff like upscale Jordans, Moons (no relation) Stuts, etc, desperatety sought after by restorers......
  25. Online Continental Mtr Mfg Co (Muskegon/Detroit) histories say their first engine, shown by the founders, Judson and Tobin, at the 1903 Chicago Auto Show was 2 Cyl---but don't mention if hor-opp or vertical, air or water cooled...and that they got numerous orders (for the 2 Cyl or 4s under development??)...this 2 Cyl was reportedly based on a (the?) Mercedes of the period, but don't say if it was flat or vertical... Going thru some 1903 car desc's I was surprised to see more 2 Cyl verticals than opposed, at least in those that described motors, along with several 4 cyl verticals from 37/8x4 to 4x6... Those histories say Judson and Tobin decided to concentrate on engines in 1904, naming the business Autocar Eqpmt Co... In December 04 (and perhaps earlier) Autocar Eqpmt Co, 240-244 Lake, Chicago, was advertising "Continental" 4 Cyl verticals in "power equipments" consisting of their 4 Cyl, their thansmission, clutch and carb with the note to "beware of imitations" (a reference to Continental Engine Co of the Fisher Bldg, Chicago, works at Dallas City,IL. approx 1899??-1913/14?? which was ALSO advertising "Continental" engines, including inline 4s) Their (Autocars) first fours must've been good size, as a later account of Cont'ls new "Baby Cont'l 31/2x5" states it was the smallest Cont'l built... The ads I've been able to bring up 1904-05 had no size info, simply becoming Cont'l Mtr Mfg Co, fmly Autocar Eqpmt Co ads... Does anyone here know of a better online history that might have this info, or if you have the Continental Book are these engines mentioned or described??? I knoe the Lakeside Museum probably has this info, but it doesn't appear to be online... Any comments appreciated... Bud T ...