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  1. Please see my post re' this question in the technical forum here. Many thxx!!
  2. Anyone out there with a Speedway car (1907-14 Std Cat) or truck (1907-15 Mroz) ) with their 5x5 engine?? or know Speedwell history?? Speedwell started with 4 and 6 Rutenbers, but in 1910 went to a 50HP 4Cyl 5x5 engine, reportedly built themselves (Std Cat)...... Speedway reportedly used the Cont'l J near end of production (firm experienced a rotary valve engine fiasco and a flood per Std Cat).. Cont'l announced their 5x5 "J" in 1911---article, pix, specs in Automobile Trade Journal Jan 1911 pg 264...a desc of Speedwells 5x5 is in a truck announcement in same Journal November 1911 pg 174 (2, 4 and 6Ton, the 2T apparently using a 41/2x5)... Parts of the two engine desc match, but I'm not familiar enough with the then construction or terminology to tell if there's something obvious (to more experienced hands) showing they're different engines... I'm wondering if Speedwells 5x5 was actually built by Cont'l, possibly to Speedwells specs, and then later marketed by Cont'l as their "new "J"... Any comments appreciated...my apologies for never learning to link. The ATJ is easily available thru hathitrust.com...
  3. Bud Tierney

    Teens-20s?? Continental 6V, 7V, 9V,10V Motors

    (Sigh)---I should live so long as to become familiar with ANYTHING like that...so, regretfully (deeply regretfully) no... If you were curious about the engine, I have three catalogs that list the 6 (nothing on the 8)... 24 piston says model I 1922 had 7R, 1923 had 8R... 24 wrist pin agrees... 30 Valve says 22-24 (no model listed) had 8R... That's not as contradictory as it sounds---the 7R and 8R, while often listed by themselves, are sometimes listed as "7R-8R" for a particular make/model, as if the 8R succeeded the 7R, or was possibly an option...
  4. Bud Tierney

    Cont'l 6V, 7V, 9V, 10V Engines (Teens-20s??)

    Sheesh!!!---senior moment (forgot I put this note in, and replied in the Cont'l forum)--- To summarize, if engines have no Cont'l tag, I have no idea... Did do quick Google for engines (6V and 9V returns were hilarious) but found nothing; altho serious search might turn up trade journal article when they were introduced...there is such a piece on the "light car" "U" engine in Horseless Age circa 1912 (I have exact date and page # in another email if doesn't Google)...
  5. Bud Tierney

    Teens-20s?? Continental 6V, 7V, 9V,10V Motors

    JAN: My apologies: -I should've set it out----it's not a forum as such, but in a slowly continuing discussion of Cont'ls in a Hemmings site. If you google "Cont'l engines in makes Hemmings" it should come up; It's a Jan Norbye ? (memory) piece with 120+ comments; the Moon is at the end of the comments. POVERTYCOVE: Odd---got your comment on email transfer, but it doesn't show here??? To answer your question, if there's no Cont'l tag, I have absolutely no idea...I did do a simple quick googling, finding nothing, but a more serious effort might turn up an article in one of the trade journals when the engine line was introduced...there's such a piece on the "light Car" "U" engine in Horseless Age circa 1912 (I have date and page # in another email; if it doesn't Google)...
  6. If any Saxon owner here has (A) the 1916-1920 or so 19-20 HP motor (a Cont'l 7V per my old catalogs) could you please advise if you have the 6V, 9V or 10V ('companion" ) engines instead (all 27/8 x41/4).. (B) if you have any knowledge of which engine was installed in EXPORT models, esp. UK/Euro, could you advise?? For details see my post in the Continental engine forum here re' these engines...... Many thanks!!
  7. These are smaller motors for the period, all 27/8x41/4, and show up very little in my old catalogs 7V lists in 1917 or so 6-36 Moon and 1918-19 or so Y-18-T Saxons...I only found one 6V listing, I believe a misprint, and NO 9V-10V listings... In the 1912-15 or so period Cyclecars were all the rage, being generally 2-person little runabouts, with motorcycle engines, but some did sport 4 cyl water cooled engines...thereabouts there were also "light cars': more than CycleCars but smaller ?? than "standard? cars... Continental built their model "U" engine specifically for this "light car" segment; also a smaller motor, it's too early for most of my old catalogs...... A question came up on another forum re' a 1917 Moon 6-36, in New Zealand, having a 9V engine rather than the listed 7V., possibly installed as a replacement..... The New Zealand location brought up a question: Since UK/Euro auto ownership was rigidly controlled via high fuel etc taxes, I wondered if Cont'l might've had a practice of fitting some of their export cars, that here in the US used larger engines, with some of these smaller engines, to make them more salable overseas?? If anyone here has the Continental History book, I wonder if that's mentioned...
  8. You might also consider the old IH tractor/Ag Eqpmt sites----some of the tractor etc collectors/restorers/hobbyists also have/know of old trucks/parts around...
  9. Bud Tierney

    Uber Tempe Crash Timeline??

    Does anyone know of a published timeline re' the above, tying the safety (??) drivers reactions to the actual impact time etc??? To me, it appears he might've been nodding off, a real danger per other safety drivers, and i wondered if he looked up just before the impact, or if the impact woke him up...
  10. If anyone here has the Continental history book, would you see if it mentions the "Single Sleeve Valve" engine (Argyll patent) announced in 1926 (Comm'l Car Jnl 4-15-26 pg 17 has nice article announcing)... Later squib showed up that engine ready for shipping, but nothing more in the trade magazines I was checking... I'm assuming that, like their early V8, not enough interest was evidenced by the trade to actually get into production...
  11. Bud Tierney

    Continental in 1913 Marmon???

    Many thxx for clarifications---just another of the little errors that creep into publications, altho it would probably be more accurate to comment that with the amount of auto makers etc then existing that the old trade magazines published so few errors...
  12. Bud Tierney

    Continental in 1913 Marmon???

    On one of those"ask the Editors" pages in American Chauffeur, Vol 3, page 280 (full view on hathitrust) someone asked what motor was in a 1913 Marmon (didn't say 4 or 6) and the reply was "Continental'... I'd always assumed Marmon built their own engines; anything to this???
  13. Bud Tierney

    Vintage Oneida Truck

    ONEIDATRUCKLADY: My apologies for late reply, and also if this all old news: Mroz and Motor Worlds 1927 stats show after 1924 reorganization the line was A9---omitted by Mroz, 11/4T on 27 Ststs, 36x5 rears...Mroz states earlier As 1T, implies 130WB B9---2T per Mroz, 13/4T in 27 stats, 144WB, 36x6 rears C9---21/2T, 160 WB, 36x7 rears D9---3`1/2T, 170 WB, 36x10 rears E9---5T, 180WB, 40x illeg rears...once we have the model, original engine info may be available. One must always remember these assembled truck makers often offered engine etc options, or would install whatever the customer insisted upon...combined with the temptation to repower an old truck with something handy, it complicates restoring originality... The various online stats (Automobile, Motor truck etc) will give maker of various components but no specific model; but info can sometimes be found in old parts catalogs so you know whether your piece likely to still be around... I generally didn't put trim etc on my parts list 9most of which is now sadly dated) but do have oldcarlenses.com for lenses... My 16-26 New Departure catalog only shows Oneida up to 1924??; don't know if a later catalog might include the rest... justoldtrucks.com has a list of suppliers on their Vendors and Restoration Services section...with sympathy, Bud
  14. Bud Tierney

    Vintage Oneida Truck

    ONEIDATRUCKLADY: Would you be kind enough to advise what you know of your year-model?? I find an array of 4cyl Wauks in Oneidas in my old catalogs, but no XA..a classic illustration of how spotty and incomplete these parts catalogs are...
  15. Bud Tierney

    Vintage Oneida Truck

    As already mentioned above, Oneidas were "assembled" (as were a lot of period cars)...the Coachwork entry is incomplete, as old catalogs show Wauks in the later years (the Coachwork site is a veritable mine of information)... OneidaTruckLady--that Wauk series (X,,XA,,XAH, ) are all listed in old catalogs for early IH trucks, in case you're not already aware, and were extensively used as free standing power units as well as in gensets, pumpsets, combines etc...there's also a lesser popular XAK... The online car and truck specs list the the various vendors, but you have to go to old catalogs etc to find actual model numbers to learn if your engine, transmission etc was a then popular model or bad news as a low production unit... Cont'ls, Hercs and Wauks are bad enough, but Hinkleys...altho Diamond T used them, so it's not hopeless...