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    Presently---which US proprietary engines (Buda, Cont, Erd/Chief, Herc, Milwaukee, etc) ...got into which US car/truck makes
  1. Vintage Oneida Truck

    ONEIDATRUCKLADY: Would you be kind enough to advise what you know of your year-model?? I find an array of 4cyl Wauks in Oneidas in my old catalogs, but no XA..a classic illustration of how spotty and incomplete these parts catalogs are...
  2. Vintage Oneida Truck

    As already mentioned above, Oneidas were "assembled" (as were a lot of period cars)...the Coachwork entry is incomplete, as old catalogs show Wauks in the later years (the Coachwork site is a veritable mine of information)... OneidaTruckLady--that Wauk series (X,,XA,,XAH, ) are all listed in old catalogs for early IH trucks, in case you're not already aware, and were extensively used as free standing power units as well as in gensets, pumpsets, combines etc...there's also a lesser popular XAK... The online car and truck specs list the the various vendors, but you have to go to old catalogs etc to find actual model numbers to learn if your engine, transmission etc was a then popular model or bad news as a low production unit... Cont'ls, Hercs and Wauks are bad enough, but Hinkleys...altho Diamond T used them, so it's not hopeless...
  3. Sorry, never learned to link...the engine illus is on EBay #351583344467; it's an AutoLit sale, reduced from their own website.. It's just my own idle curiosity; piqued when I saw a 20s or so Cont'l MMCo Muskegon ad saying their engines were in 120 makes... Just for fun, started a Cont'l list some time back, limited to pre-war cars, trucks and a few commercil vehicles (cabs, hearses, etc.).. .With my limited resources and time, I'm up to around 400 or so, with twenty or so still unsourced (realized after a bit the names were useless unless sourced somewhere)...subject, of course, to catalog errors, misprints etc, AND the 1895?1905? or so to 1913/14 or so life of Pfeiffers Contl Eng Co, the "imitation" Cont'l...
  4. Please see my post in the Horseless Carraige forum here. Any comments appreciated...
  5. Somehow the 1908-09 Bendix got onto my Continental MMCo engine list; googling around for a verification just confused things... I found one site that appeared to describe three Bendix models with 2Cyl opposed engines, mentioning, almost as an afterthought, another model with a 4Cyl water cooled engine... Then, on EBay, is a Bendix brochure (which at one time had come thru Autolit) several pages of which are on the Ebay listing, one showing a 4Cyl inline AIR Cooled engine... Does anyone here have a book that mentions the Bendix and/or whether that 4Cyl was water or air cooled, and mentions the engine builder?? Cont;l Engine Co, Chicago and Dallas City IL, advertised 4 inlines, either water or air cooled; it might be theirs... Any comments appreciated...
  6. How To Soften Rubber?????

    50 yrs or so ago they used to sell a thin black liquid they called "rubber lubricant" for drying out/dried out rubber bushings etc..you brushed it on, it was supposed to be absorbed... 'I know I used it, but don't recall if any good...you might google rubber lubricant and see if anything comes up...
  7. Old solid rubber tire 34 x 6

    If no takers here, you mi8ght try the Nash Club or the Nash forum here---per an Aug 1918 Power Wagon spec list, , the 1918 Nash model 3018 2Ton wore 34x6 on the rear, and probably the same for close years.. That was not the Jeffery/Nash Quad (model 4017) that, per the same reference, wore 36x5s all around, but a "civilian" truck Nash also built... 34x6 doesn't appear to've been a very popular size...
  8. First, many thxx to all for replies... LARRY---that was "vertical" (upright?) as opposed to "opposed" or horiz-opposed (flat) engines...most of the old ads specified whether engines were opposed or vertical, (often building/selling both types) with verticals gradually replacing flats.. Yes, the Dyke's are good references; originally thought about acquiring a set, but the exchequer wouldn't cover it...I'll look for some with full text online... The earlier, the less info, as 1912S set out above; my old catalogs pretty well cover mid-20s up, The Automobile lists show engine maker from about 1916 up, so the prior period is the ghostly era... DH---That Motor list seems to be basically the same as published by The Automobile in a slightly different format, and may contain other info (i didn't try to compare a set as I was only interested in engine make).. I'll try to bring up some earlier sets, if any exist... Lou Philips book Cars has some engine maker info, and I believe some is in The Brass Era book;...I haven't found any of the Annual Handbooks online so don't know about them... 1912S---only too true...and complicated by firms like Milwaukee Auto Engine & Supply Co, later Milwaukee Auto Engine Supply Co, which first advertised a (singular) 4 cyl vertical, as if the builder, and then a few months later advertised 1-12 cyls, 12-130HP, implying being an engine seller, or possibly both .. So many questions, so little time.....
  9. While not quite everyone in the 1900s-teens etc were building 4 cylinder verticals, a large number were, at least per old ads in the trade magazines of the period (Automobile Trade Journals and Directories, the various Motors, etc).. Does anyone know of a Reference work covering early 4cyl auto/truck engines, or covering early auto'truck engines that includes the early 4 verticals, or an Early Car or Truck book that includes a lot of engine ID info ( maker; engine model's too much to hope for)??? (I have Std Cat US Cars and Mroz's Truck/Comm'l Ency...I can't afford Georgano's).. Automotive Industries' The Automobile began publishing yearly lists including engine maker around 1916-17 or so,available online ( prior years omitted engine builder) were there any such lists published, available online, for earlier years by other periodicals?? I found one, can't recall magazine, but its tables are up-down on my screen, and rotating my image is apparently complicated, and rotating my head painful......
  10. 31 Nash 6-60 engine pistons

    It's probably not much help---a 36 parts catalog lists that piston for the 30--32 Single 6, 450. 660. 960 and the 1932 Big Six 1060, if you're considering used...
  11. Ahrens Fox Help Needed

    Just noticed this old post---spaamfaa.org is another old fire apparatus site that might be helpful...
  12. Just noticed this old post... You said "the" Lyc 8... If that meant you thought they used only one Lyc 8 29-32, a 36 parts catalog lists five---GR and GS 27/8 bore, MD and MDH 31/4 bore, and HF and HFB 33/8 bore... My apologies if you meant any Henney chassis using any of the above...
  13. 1936 Cord

    Don't jump to conclusions re' the west coast climate---while I've only been thru Walla Walla once (that was enough) I do believe it's generally in the dry part of the state...(I'm in Portland, OR)... The eastern 2/3 of both OR and WA are generally dry; get out an atlas and you'll see lots of miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles...hard to develop without water
  14. Anybody know what ~1907 car this is?

    Both the illus and the circa 06 Olds pic are fascinating--- Leyendeckers chauffeur?? looks uniformed, but his cap at a rakish angle implies some kind of closer relationship to?? If her car, a no-no; people were always talking about attractive women and their attractive chauffeurs...,more likely his car.... Obviously looking at something/somethings off in the distance or he wouldn't've had to point something out; both their expressions are more somber, intent than amused or excited. hers possibly because she and the chauffeur seem to be looking in a different direction than he's pointing... Many of these upscale illustrators magazine cover illus's were titled; if you have the mag look on the page with all the publisher/publication data for a credit...Leyendecker did do beautiful work; personally, I prefer Coles Phillips... If it was 1917 instead of 07 I'd guess she was one of the swells that used to tun out to watch the gories--oops--glories of war... The circa 06 Olds has what appears to be businessmen in the back, one somewhat casually dressed (an engineer?) ; the beefy type behind the wheel looks like he's pretending to be the period Barney Oldfield, gong down the road as if the finance company was chasing him, all dressed in the latest "automobiling" styles, while the military looking goggled type looks more like a professional driver...(everyone's eyes are on the camera, but not Beefy; he's off in his own world)... Out doing some performance demos for the brass, and Beefy couldn't resist getting a picture of hiimself fulfilling a fantasy???
  15. 1929 reo speedwagon

    reoclub.org website says it includes cars and trucks...