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  1. Ok, I watched a video on how to change ignition switches. Seemed pretty complicated. Is it best to have a mechanic do that?
  2. I can't let it sit for more than a week because the battery drains petty quickly. I leave it disconnected
  3. I did disconnect and reconnect the battery. I usually have it unconnected because the glove compartment will not stay closed due to the broken plastic connector.
  4. When the car is off, I can remove the key. In run, the crt shows radio controls and the dash shows the usual red and yellow lights, but the speedometer part is dark.
  5. No, I cannot pull the key out when running. I do have to manually turn the key back towards me one position when I start it though. When I turn the key to Start, the CRT is blank. When I start the car, it then shows the usually controls. I never see the word Reatta.
  6. Yes, the car runs - let me go check what you mentioned.
  7. Could it be the ECM?
  8. The key feels not quite right - maybe the ignition is not in the right slot.
  9. All the fuses from the fuse box by the passengers feet are OK.
  10. It is a 1988 Reatta.
  11. When I connected the battery, the dash lights and air conditioner stopped working. Is there anything I can do to get it to work again?
  12. Trey

    Front bumper question

    Sorry NCReatta, but I ordered ACDelco 509255 from Rockauto before I saw you message. I am crossing my fingers that I got the right part because it did not specify if it was for the front or rear bumper. If I have trouble with it, I will contact you for the part. Thanks!
  13. Trey

    Front bumper question

    Is that an easy part to find?
  14. Trey

    Front bumper question

    My front bumper got tapped by my wife's car, but now the drivers side of the bumper has retracted about two inches compared to the passenger's side of the bumper. Was the bumper designed to retract when hit? If so, how do I get it to come back out?
  15. Trey

    What is this box in the trunk

    The light has been on consistently. I have another thread going related to my current brake issues, so I will update there as my brakes are now partially fixed due to replacing of fuses.