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  1. Porcelain Exhaust manifolds

    A very good friend had the manifolds re porcelain coated on his 1930 Cadillac two years ago. He had to show them off so he drove the car to my place for my opinion. When he opened the hood the porcelain was coming off in large pieces. His chin hit the fender seeing he only got the car back an Hr. before that.
  2. Trailers

    Auto related but how many of the club members are into camper trailers. Is there a strong following. By the way the frame looks rotten even though he says the floor is solid. Not mine.
  3. Carburetor Identification and Value

    They did not use the Schebler S until 1926 and on. Johnson and Holley was pre 1925 back to 1912. From the Carb King data and no obscure makes I could find.
  4. Carburetor Identification and Value

    1920 to 25 Reo 6 Cyl. As for price???????????
  5. Carburetor Identification and Value

    I have brass carbs and have the perfect spot for them as bookends. The very first one I did I posted here and got a response that it fit his 1917 Olds. It is now gone and on someone else's car.
  6. whiteglovecollection Auction Anyone Going???????

    Are all the other cars sold?
  7. Just Wondering

    I thought the same thing when I seen the Metz the first thing I thought was it being a shot from the new lobby. Sorry Steve I may have jumped the gun.
  8. Just Wondering

    Wondering how the new library is coming along with the move / relocation? Did I miss something here? It is it finished? Any pictures of progress? Under construction? Missed the grand opening party . I would think it will be a while before it is completely done but just queries of the progress. Anyone?
  9. Ford 32 B400
  10. 1913 Buick model 25

    That is all correct I worked in CKD in Oshawa when it was in the old parts building back in the day. The car was built on the main assembly line then sent to CKD next building to the north by the rail lines. Where it was disassembled and packed in crates. But my question was did they ship Buicks to Australia without the McLaughlin badge on it.
  11. 1913 Buick model 25

    Would they have shipped new USA made Buicks to a Commonwealth Country or only McLaughlin Buicks made in Canada?
  12. I am still not sure of the year either.
  13. They had several hoods from 09 to 14
  14. The T is now sold and coming to Ontario soon. Thanks for the tip Modeleh
  15. I have had many projects and restored cars over the years. Being one to do their own work on mine and friends cars when I was home not traveling for work. First restoration was a 1961 VW van for $50. in 76 then graduated to a model A. Have had from a military jeep to a 71 Vet 454 convertible now all gone but one. I bought a 1930 Cadillac Victoria in 1984 that was disassembled in the mid 60s that had passed hands a couple of times. Has all original metal and wood. I worked on it a couple of years then put it away in the corner of my barn for 25 years. Over the years had many offers to sell by strangers and one major museum so I would put on a ridicules price for them to go away. Pulled it out after I retired and finished it off driving it on tours both sides of the boarder. Should have it in Mississippi this year on the Sentimental tour. The first two is how it was when I got it except for the painted firewall then how it looks today. The dog in the picture is Whiskey best dog I ever had. I had a 13 T roadster back then and he would have his rear paws on the running board and front paws on the front fenders when we went out for a ride. You did not dare touch the car when he was in it. More stories about that dog and the T he owned.