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  1. Joe in Canada


    Here I will make it easy for you with only one click.
  2. Joe in Canada


    I know John Irish from up here took a first for his 33 Ford Cabriolet Canadian car. He and his father restored the car themselves except for paint. Terry the father already has a Seniors on his 34 phaeton a couple of years ago. Terry now has his grandson interested in old cars and nice to see 3 generations in a family with old cars. One proud father.
  3. Joe in Canada

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    A set of tiers and numerous parts for the 12 from Langs. But I found an aluminum intake for it also at a real good price. A brass chimney for the 15. The other car does not need a thing so just kicked tires for it. The wife did well also with the purchase of two coffee mugs and a case of jam. But that was at Intercourse on rainy Thursday and was able to give my leg a rest the same time.
  4. Joe in Canada

    RM auction at Hershey

    Nice mixture of cars covering different periods from brass to performance. Always interested in this auction of cars as most are down to earth price range with even a few Ford Ts. Here are the results.
  5. Joe in Canada

    looking around Hershey this year

    I do not think I photographed a car newer than prewar. If it does not have wire or wood wheels I generally keep on walking. Now that is just me and very thankful for the post war being so much more popular. There would not be enough pre war cars to go around and would be at a higher price at that. Supply and demand dictates the price.
  6. Joe in Canada

    looking around Hershey this year

    Out and about. I like the double decker trailer.
  7. Joe in Canada

    looking around Hershey this year

  8. Joe in Canada

    looking around Hershey this year

    these were at the RM auction
  9. I believe Mike Butters from up north here did all the castings for that car.
  10. Joe in Canada

    Single, center post, in ground garage lift

    Up north here if they find your in ground hoist has a leak hope you have deep pockets.
  11. There are different ways of looking at selling an antique car. The market today is very different than 30 years ago . Take in consideration the number of 32 Chevys being restored in present day. Then take in consideration the amount of parts you will sell fast to those that you will be stuck with for years to come that you cannot sell.
  12. Joe in Canada

    Help identifying a part

    I do not think it is automotive.
  13. Joe in Canada

    Getting old I guess

    Thanks Bob greatly appreciated. Would save loading and unloading every day.
  14. Joe in Canada

    Getting old I guess

    Thanks for all the advise on the process greatly appreciated. I will not use the scooter and leave it in the truck if things are better but I want to be prepared if I have to. I would find it such an inconvenience getting through the vending stalls looking through boxes having to park it somewhere and even getting in the thick of things with the crowd will be a pain on a scooter. Thanks again Joe
  15. Joe in Canada

    Getting old I guess

    Yes an electric 4 wheel scooter. We bought it at the Pate swap meet and a long story..