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  1. Tesla Truck Purchasers to receive $75,000 from Government

    Yes invest in technology. But you are investing in Chinese or Mexico production that will be getting the incentive benefits on the new vehicles. Where are all the batteries being made as they will need replacements also? I would think off shore because of environment regulations. Where are all the batteries going to be disposed of seeing we will be talking a lot of batteries and how many cars on the road. It is going to be like cordless power tools where they keep upgrading to a new voltage so you need a new car.
  2. Tesla Truck Purchasers to receive $75,000 from Government

    So is this going to match our hydro bill that pays for the privately owned solar green incentives. Let big business pay for there own trucks and not my taxes. Sorry but this is a soar spot of mine where government pays 6x the nuclear hydro rate to solar and windmill farms and now trucks. Sorry for getting political.
  3. Brass Era Mystery

    The body is wrong to me seeing the indented area for the rear fenders for an 05. Rear fenders were hung on forged Irons below the rear seat level . Also it would not probably have front doors to be an 05 era. Looks like it has been made up with that notch in the sill and then it appears to have been made smaller. If you look at the bottom of the cowl in the front. Where the large squared corner area has been cut out. If that cut out was factory they would have done a nicer job than that. The two vertical cuts are different and enlarge you can see the saw marks. I think it was a transplant of some type onto a different chassis that was never finished and was stuck in the corner forgotten about.
  4. Brass Era Mystery

    What year did taxi cabs first appear? 1905 sounds very early to have a new custom made for this purpose.
  5. Brass Era Mystery

    It also has the dash vents like reo does in the top outside corners. But these are rectangular rather than round.
  6. Winter Driving Stories

    Had my mothers new 66 Olds out with the boys on a Sat. night about 60 miles to Toronto for the evening. Heavy snow on the way home and did a spin in the medium and regained control getting out. Parked the car in the garage when I got home but was woken up in the morning by an upset father. I guess I left the exhaust in the medium that night.
  7. Can you identify these items? (More will be added)

    At the swap meets you see them for sale and the vender never knows if they are good or not. I shake them to hear if there is any fluid in them and most often they do not. But still have to test to see how far they move. They cost $225. to rebuild with a new brass winding and a refill. I have NOS 1930 -31 ones still in the cylindered blue tube with the Cadillac crest on it and still good so the will keep for some time.


    There now Marty I am now a staggering 20 Hp. I can take a hint LOL.

    But Dave will you not miss scraping frost off your windshield, cleaning snow off your car, getting the road salt out of your carpet, your windshield fogging up from your breath, shoveling your driveway then the snow plow leaving a 4 foot bank, your battery going dead from the cold the time you are late, windshield washer fluid freezing on your windshield, your wipers breaking from the wet heavy snow, your mitts freezing to the door handle , your locking gas cap freezing and your out of gas, black ice, whiteouts to name a few. Dave how can you leave all that behind.
  11. Canadian shipping

    Not exactly right on shipping as you pay taxes and broker fees either way when crossing the boarder. As for the price of homes we are sitting on a bubble that will break when interest rates rise and folks can not afford remortgage. As for BC offshore money drove the prices up until the government taxed offshore investors and slowed sales right down. I really do not think this affected our hobby that much.
  12. Canadian shipping

    If he is in Hamilton an 1 1/4 Hr. to the boarder would be a world of difference if he mailed it from Buffalo.

    I bought my US currency last week encase I am able to go. I tell you the exchange works a lot better if you come up here.
  14. I would ask John Smith about EMF. Very much into EMF.