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  1. Letter from the "aaca" museum

    There was a museum up here that closed years ago and will not name. When it did close a very few were able to buy cars at a very reasonable price. I seen some of them being resold at Hershey the next year.
  2. Letter from the "aaca" museum

    They have in access of $18,000,000.00 with an annual income of $1,500,00.00 and so they have a lot to protect. It came from the club members who make up the club so who are they protecting from? Several years ago the Canadian Automobile Museum located in Oshawa comprising of mainly cars built in Canada went to court. They elected a new president who intern brought in a some new directors. They then proceeded to take over the museum and move it to a new location. Do not remember what happened to the new executives but they lost and the museum is still it the same location.
  3. 1932 Chevrolet Ashtray

    Only way to get around that extremely high price is to quit smoking. Then you would not need the ashtray.
  4. Famous Car

    I guess you have never worked on an Cadillac Allante then. As for the price of that car I would pay $75. a ton.
  5. Palm Canyon Drive 1934 & 1939

    Notice Greg's picture #2 and this one has the same wind wings. What are the odds?
  6. Are the Post WWII to mid 1950s Cars In Again?

    Myself I have no interest in cars from mid 30s up so I do not know the market. I have been watching the market of pre 1916 and have bought two cars at decent prices. Missed out on a 1910 REO 4 cyl. while looking for transportation for it and that will not happen again. What I have noticed about this vintage of cars is that a family member has inherited it and does not want it in many cases. So then it goes up for sale and at times at a good price. Now I would think the same is going to happen to the car market 50s and up also in time.
  7. Palm Canyon Drive 1934 & 1939

    I took this on the Vintage tour last year in PA. A real nice original car and then I seen it at Hershey also in the fall.
  8. No I have been outside in below freezing weather putting new brakes my enclosed trailer freezing my butt. The 12 T I bought from the original family on Vancouver Island is being delivered 1st of April. Has not been driven since 1949 and I am hoping to have it on the road asap so trying to get ahead.
  9. cleaning out warehouse

    I made the phone call to see about an MG. Nice fellow has a pile of cars to sell off. He has a 1939 LaSalle for sale for a paltry sum of $1,000,000.00 if anyone wants to snap it up. The 18 Olds would be nice except the colour. Here is his web site. Facebook
  10. 1931 Cadillac Rolling Chassis with Engine and Trans.

    I am also interested in your leftovers. Let me no when selling.
  11. transport

    I am having a car moved from Vancouver Island to east of Toronto scheduled for pick up on the 27 by Atlas Van lines. The big haulers only charge one way and if I went and got it myself I would not save a penny. Not sure how the cost would work out for a short haul like yours but I would check it out.
  12. We are planning to participate in the Sentimental tour in Mississippi in November coming all the way from outside of Toronto. My 2500 GMC gas will get me between 8 to 10 mi. to the gallon depending of the terrain and if I take the enclosed or open trailer. Plus my car for the event gets about 8 miles to the gallon that I will be bringing. For as much as I drive the truck or old cars gas is not an issue seeing they all sit most of the time. The $$$ exchange does bother me at times especially when buying a car in the US.
  13. short history on Kissel
  14. I am with 1937hd45 we are not board I may get side tract on occasion and it will not happen again. As mentioned earlier that hoping he kept the port holes. I think if the car was mine I would have them put back in making it more distinct. If you ever need pictures or details about the Golden Bug in Oshawa send me a message I can help you out.
  15. Here are two pictures of a very nice Golden Bug I took in 2013 at Hershey. Very interesting cars being so different I had to go back and look at it again the reason for the two pictures.