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  1. Joe in Canada

    1929 Packard Coupe is it worth anything ?

    The actual reason there are not to many Full Classics or good collectable cars in Canada is they generally make their way to the US or EU seeing the Canadian $$ is so low. I would hate to think how many cars are sold at Hershey over the years for US $$. There are a few people in Canada that will buy a car in the US and put out the extra 30% but not many. So once they have left the country they are gone. A few years ago I was buying a new GMC pickup every 6 months with employee discount and make money on the trade in. They all went to the US for the $$ exchange. For example do a search on used Chevy 2500 and see how many you can find for sale.
  2. Joe in Canada

    Bring a Battery......and Maybe Some Gas.

    Original barn find with original paint, has not run since parked. Could use a freshening up. Sorry I cannot send pictures seeing I am presently stationed off shore on a drilling platform. Please send money through Western Union to Nigeria. I am female of noble blood so you can trust me.
  3. I also would love to see a picture of an example of what was considered scrap back then of a car like this. Great story sounds like another Barney Pollard.
  4. Joe in Canada

    Need advice on buying custom enclosed trailer

    I went with Wells Cargo and happy with it. Make sure the metal frame work has a barrier to help insulate the outside aluminum walls from electrolysis. You ever see an Airstream with corroded aluminum sides? 16 inch roof bow centres for a better snow load is a must in the northern climate. Torsion suspension, Dexter axles, dual braking with a name brand tires as you do not want Chinese stuff underneath. Do not like screw less sides again electrolyses. Ask what kind of studs on the walls. There is Z studs what you do not want, top hat the most common and the best is square tubing. The aluminum sides come in different gauges and the heavier the better for obvious reasons. Drop down jacks at the rear for better load and unloading. Locking mechanism, hinges and door hardware should be aluminum or stainless so 5 years down the road you will not have rust running down the sides. Look at the hitch on a Wells Cargo that you can adjust up and down plus the length of the tongue. If you buy a new trailer that was a much lower price you got a much cheaper built trailer. You pay for what you get.
  5. Joe in Canada

    Just drill a hole and mount

    Is this one of Dr. Ho's inventions. You see his adds on TV with different products and I was thinking he may have branched out. One of his many products
  6. Joe in Canada

    You never know what you will see.

    There is a weekend run in Renfrew just south of Ottawa next weekend for 1942 and earlier cars. That is less than an Hr. north of the boarder. The tour is hosted by the Vintage Group a wing of ACCCC and open to any one that belongs to a major car club. If interested send me a message and I will give you the contact info.
  7. Joe in Canada

    Loyd Young auction

    some better shots from the auctioneer web site
  8. Joe in Canada

    1909 Model T Timing Gear Cover

    A couple of them sold this past spring on that site in the 700 to 800 each range. The old repro are very expensive also.
  9. Joe in Canada

    Mecum Auction Harrisburg PA Aug 2-4th

    Here is day three encase you missed it.
  10. Joe in Canada


    There was also Billy Durant the founder of GM. After the second time he was ousted he started the Durant Motor Co. In the early years of the auto industry there was a fair bit of movement in jobs and ownerships with the movers and shakers I believe.
  11. Joe in Canada


    There was also the E-M-F auto manufacturer from 1909 to 1912 that became part of Studebaker. With slang names like "Every Morning Fix-it", "Every Mechanical Fault", and "Every Miss Fire." Actual name was Everett Metzger and Flanders.
  12. Joe in Canada

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Not a Duesenberg but a 1930 Cadillac 16 cyl Fleetwood roadster sitting in pieces in a boat house up here. The car came out of California many years ago with good intensions of restoring it. Body and frame in colour, motor and chrome done before it was left to collect dust. NO it is not for sale like many cars out there being held onto not being able to let go.
  13. Joe in Canada

    What happened to the video ?

    Here is a video of Market St. 1906. I may have posted it before but worth the effort seeing all the early brass cars. Surprising there were so many cars in one place back then when you consider how many years cars were being produced by 1906 .
  14. Joe in Canada

    1915 Hudson kingpins needed - who would have these?

    Marty send me a picture of one if you can. Joe
  15. The last fellow that I know that USE to do weddings quit. After the bride took him to court for a $3,000. wedding dress that she supposedly got grease on from the antique car. She lost but it still cost John legal fees.