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  1. Click on the EBay store and it does not exist.
  2. Not long ago my agent told me of a husband that was in a car wreck and sued for minor injuries. The wife also sued even though she was not in the car but was stressed out over the accident her husband was in. The mother-in-law also sued because her son and daughter in law were no longer intimate from all the turmoil from the accident. So she was stressed of a possible failed marriage. Never heard the results.
  3. Welcome you do castings then?
  4. A friend was building a very nice hauler for himself after he retired and closed his small restoration shop. Tom had a 51 Mercury cab over that was an airport fuel truck that he made into a four door crew cab out of two cabs. Was fitted on a modern Ford diesel chassis . Extensive metal work was done to center the wheels in the fender wells then flowing into the running boards trying to balance it all out. The tilt front end was done and the modern dash was in when he passed away never finishing his project after two years of work on it. It now sits in the garage collecting dust I understand. Last time I saw it the cab was in bare metal and the rest of the body was on the second floor storage in colour. Would like to see this one finished and on the road.
  5. See Mike Butters on that. I would not waste my time on original handles after having to replace the original ones I had plated. Then they broke after a couple of years. or 905-372-6926
  6. I believe the first MacLauchlan was made in 1908 in Oshawa that now has a Costco store on the spot. Enniskillen is where the MacLauchlan Carriage factory was and now has a glassed in lean-to with a couple of carriages for show in the location of the factory. How times have changed over the past 100 years as the land is now a dairy farm out in the middle of know where the carriage factory was. Buy the way if you ever happen to tour through Enniskillen there is an unbelievable ice-cream parlor on the corner. On a hot day there can be a double line all the way out the door on to the street. I will probably take the wife out for a cone their tomorrow.
  7. I believe it may be an Oshawa built car being a MacLauchlan Buick. A friend has the first 6 cyl. built there in 1914 with only 4 digits # 2000. You can try him at name is Laurence Bell he can probably help you out. He is also a Buick club member.
  8. Well I am in now. Thanks
  9. Another issue is the insurance company wanting their money back from a claim. There was a 15 year old girl that was baby sitting and one of the kids set the house on fire. The girl was called a hero by the mayor of the town and got recognition in all the local papers. BUT the insurance company did not see it that way and started litigation against the girls parents. Saying the girl as an incompetent sitter and wanted their money back for replacing the house from her parents. The best thing is to not do any mechanical inspection that involves tools. Only verbal advise.
  10. I tried and the forum was closed at the time
  11. The key for my trunk is a blank that has not been cut.
  12. They call it a touring inspection for the exact reason Terry. The VMCCA that held the Glidden last year sent in their registration package that all cars were required for an inspection. It was a basic inspection and just a quick visual such as lights. Yes I thought it was well done and appreciated. I am just curious what other members thoughts are on the subject.
  13. Chris what do you have that is similar? I also did not know that there was an original and a repro system. Is it also possible to fix the reverse problem on the new set?
  14. Anyone had experience in Rockey Mountain brakes on a T. I bought a T touring this past spring with a Ruxtle rear end. As I remember the T I had a few years ago the brakes were nothing to wright home about. A fellow offered me a new set of R M that he never used for $500. so I was thinking they might make a difference when at a higher speed. Anyone ever tried them out??
  15. It is a car trunk and you should measure how high it is. It could be for a car with a trunk or rumble seat averaging around 19" for a 30 / 31 car. Closed cars had a taller trunk with a lower value but this one looks like a lowboy. Very similar to a Cadillac trunk with different locks and trim where the lid joins the bottom section. Is it wood lined or cardboard. Also the handles are missing but no big deal.