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  1. 1908 maxwell 2 cyl carburetor

    Look up the carburetor king in the forum here. Good fellow to deal with.
  2. T Head Maxwell Roadsters

    Yes I know an old post but the fellow still has the car for sale. If you do the math by the dates posted above it has been for sale now a minimum of 18 years. He is still around at the age of 80 years old as I spoke to him on the phone a few days ago. Still asking a big big dollar for the Gar like the rest of his cars. He is telling me it would cost under $2,000. to get the Gar back on the road. I told him the tires will cost more than that. It looks to be in sad condition needing everything now but would make a nice car when finished. I think if it ever sells it will be in an estate sale.
  3. gear cutters

    Try Gear Vender and you will have the best of both worlds.
  4. Saturn

    This is for a friend that needs a drivers seatbelt motor for a 1994 Saturn two door coup. Thanks Joe
  5. WTB Opera Coupe or Victoria RF Seat

    Hope this helps you but this is a 1930 Cadillac and may be different than your car but same principle. I just noticed the bolts are coming loose from moving the seat and will have to get out the light grade lock tight. I have the original front castings and can arrange for Mike Butters to make you new ones if they fit your car . The bolt goes through the bracket and screws into the bottom of your seat so they have to be the same bolt pattern. Your car may be missing the rod that runs along the side of the seat that folds the back legs when in the raised position. The casting at the front of the seat is the weak point and the side rod may have may have broken off as my original did. As for doing better than you I think not. I went through the trouble of emailing him the info two times plus calling the secretary long distance to confirm the pictures were ok and talked to the shop fellow confirming that the info was what they needed. But then having to call back and then being told they could not open the trunk to give me my info. I do not think I would use them for any work restoration work if they are not capable of opening a trunk. I would rather have not got a response from them also like you.
  6. WTB Opera Coupe or Victoria RF Seat

    Cadillac continued into the 1930s with those type of seats also. Dick Shappy was restoring a 1931 Cadillac 12 cyl same body style. He was also missing the front seats for his car and I had all of my parts and seats. We made a deal I sent him photos of the brackets for the tilting mechanism and his shop was to sent me pictures of the trunk lock striker. After waiting a couple of weeks after sending my pictures a second time as the first set would not open they said. I asked where the striker picture was coming. Their reply was the trunk was locked and they could not open it. I know where a set of seats are so if interested pm me as I will not post an answer here.
  7. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    Your all forgetting EBay's hand in the buyers pocked for their absorbent middleman handling fee called a Global Shipping Program. When that came out I quit EBay.
  8. Swap Meet Food - Any Stand-Outs?

    Not flee market but the best burritos were off a truck across from the u pick it yard in Albuquerque. Would go there after our pilgrimage to the swap meet at Los Lunas.
  9. Does this sound familiar? (Humor)

    I have light bulbs in my headlight pots and 5 to say they are not light bulbs.
  10. Does anyone here own a celebrity vehicle?

    Does that include the 1921 Oldsmobile you see in the opening of every show???
  11. Finally put the Hudson into service!

    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Does anyone here own a celebrity vehicle?

    Seeing I had my 15 minute of fame on the Vintage Tour being interviewed about my car for TV. Anyone want to buy a 1915 T touring for 100,000 grand with a letter of authenticity that I once owned it???????
  13. 1913 Reo

    Or lights
  14. 1913 Reo

    Has no title so that leaves me out.
  15. 1913 Reo

    He had that car posted elsewhere and was to sell it to the highest bidder that was $7,500. at the time. That add has been deleted and posting it on Craigslist now. I hate when people try and be so dramatic when trying to sell an item.