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  1. Joe in Canada

    The decline of Sears

    I was at Lowes yesterday and they are now the home for Craftsmen. Seeing Sears went belly up I am told Lowes bought the Craftsmen label up here.
  2. Joe in Canada

    trailer weight question

    Thanks Paul for the input on the wider tow vehicle. I learned something but still unsure of the tongue weight.
  3. Joe in Canada

    trailer weight question

    I have an open and an enclosed trailers for the past 35 years. My 2500 GMC tow vehicle that I has 130,000 miles on has never had a sway bar on it. I have hauled from above Lake Ontario as far as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico more than 30 times over the years. Have hauled my 30 Cadillac to different events on the eastern seaboard. Going to Mississippi in Nov. for the AACA Sentimental tour hauling an open trailer down there. Will take four days driving there and back and will not have a sway bar on. I hauled to the Glidden tour to New Hampshire 2 years ago where they have serious hills and no sway bar . If you are not sure of how you load your trailer by all means put one on. You may need if your tongue weight is light and your trailer is trying to pass you when going down hill. An old picture coming home from Texas and notice the hitch. That is a nice scale that could come in handy.
  4. Joe in Canada

    trailer weight question

    But with a longer tongue does it increase the tongue weight is my question. You see trailers with different tongue lengths.
  5. Joe in Canada

    trailer weight question

    A went to a 3 day vintage touring event up here and had my Wells Cargo car hauler there. A fellow was looking at it and asked me if the tongue weight was heavy seeing it is 56 in. long tongue. I was thinking it would be lighter when thinking of leverage. If you position the car with the motor in front of the axle for proper balance you should not need sway bars as I never use them and I do not use load levelers on the hitch. I have 10,400 lb. cap. torsion suspension that is an overkill. But after bending an axle with 7500 lb. cap. of my open trailer a few years ago on 81 in PA coming home from the Vintage Tour I go heavier now. Do the heavier capacity trailers have a longer tongue to help balance and is it a heavier tongue weight because of the longer length?
  6. Joe in Canada

    Pre war cars insane prices

    My two grandsons have no interest in old cars! They are 10 and 11 and snow board free style competitively. As for what they would buy is a wakeboard boat.
  7. Joe in Canada

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Here is an auction where you may be able to pick up an Auburn real cheap about 2 hr, from you. Or about 1 hr from the US boarder where someone from the US could snap it up 30% cheaper.
  8. Joe in Canada

    Pre war cars insane prices

    If you wait until the bottom of the market falls out on antique cars what is your plan. Car clubs will be a thing of the past. Private car museums will close their doors. Restoration shops will close for lack of customers. Cruise nights you will be sitting there alone being asked to move along. Swap meets will be extremely small or non-existent. If you by a T or A places like Snyder's and Lang's will have closed for not enough sales. All of the least desirable cars will be scraped for $125. a ton. The storage bill may have greater value than your old car. Yes you bought a 1931 Packard roadster for the bargain price of $5,000. and it just sits there. Having no advocates fighting for the old car hobby and the government passed a pollution law that you can not drive it. Now you can not even get your $5,000. back. After waiting all these years to get a good deal on a pre war car that you can no longer drive. People do not realise the whole picture if antique car prices tank. So do it now while you can enjoy it along with the hobby.
  9. Joe in Canada

    Pre war cars insane prices

    What is an outrageous price in todays antique car market? Will this category of cars prices fall also? What is a reasonable price to drop to and a scary thought if they do fall from favor?
  10. Joe in Canada

    Pre war cars insane prices

    I will be in Cobourg starting Friday with a kickoff barbeque for a 3 day pre war 1942 vintage touring event. As for looking for a good deal on a car I bought a 1912 T touring from the original family through this forum in Feb. here in Canada. I also missed out on a 1910 REO 4 cyl. restored + spare engine for 20 ,000 past winter for dragging my feet. Next day it was sold my fault. There was also a complete 13 Cadillac touring basket case for 10,000 that I spoke to the owner about. Decided I did not want another project and it sold in two days. These were all in the AACA forum in the past six months. As for finished ready to go cars Mat is offering you some very nice introduction cars to get you in the hobby. As for buying an antique car and loosing money 10 years from now the same goes for a new car. Another topic is changing the name from calling tours and cars as pre war cars 1942 here in Canada. I take a lot of flack over that name from the older members and non members. Will have to bring it up at our AGM in Oct. Everything today has to be so politically correct. My three topic rant for the day.
  11. Joe in Canada

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    I had big plans also to build a new home with attached garage when I retired but things just did not work out. The wife and I are at a stand off at the present time. I was hoping to make the kitchen smaller by eliminating the double sink to save on the floor space. There is just no reasoning with her.
  12. Joe in Canada

    Working visible gas pump anywhere?

    Here is the Shell that must be the most photographed station in the world I would think. I had to sit in line to get a shot in front of it. The Ford pumps are at the other end of the grounds and no lineup there. Just museum displays not operating. But the dinner is operating and serves cold beer to ice cream.
  13. Joe in Canada

    Classic car auction reports

    I was commenting that it sold $100,000. almost 25% less than 3 years. Than there was another car at the same auction that also took a beating as this one did.
  14. Joe in Canada

    Classic car auction reports

    Seems the Full Classics are taking a beating. One example. Lot # 1133 1932 Packard Twin Six Individual Custom Sport Phaeton, Body by after Dietrich; S/N 900362; Engine # 900353; Beige, Brown accent, Red coachline/Brown leather; Beige cloth top; Estimate $375,000 – $425,000; Rebodied or re-created, 2+ condition; With Reserve; Hammered Sold at $340,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $374,000. – Chrome wire wheels, wide whitewalls, Pilot-Rays, dual enclosed sidemounts with mirrors, rollup rear windshield with wings, dual taillights, trunk rack. – Reproduction body by California Metal Shapers for Dave Tobin in 1986. Excellent paint, chrome, interior and top. Chassis and underbody are better than new without going overboard. – Sold by RM at Hershey in 2015 for $440,000 and now showing just 25 more miles than it did then. It has obviously been kept in a benign environment and looked after even if it hasn’t been driven and represents full value for money in this transaction.
  15. Joe in Canada

    Daytona Olds?

    Here is a very early Packard racer I photographed at the Gilmore a few years ago. Notice the radiator how it surrounds the frame. Must be the same era as the Olds but has a hood.