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  1. Look at some of the major auction houses that list estimate selling price. But then on the real high end cars at times they will say inquire.
  2. If it were not for the copper in the wire harness I think it would fall apart without it.
  3. Not mine but up the road from me.
  4. Best to say so am I doing government environment compliance inspections on all platforms which one are you on so I can schedule it and we can meet and talk old cars.
  5. A fellow retired early and opened a small new GM car dealership. He was doing very well after a couple of years but the bank still recalled his loan. Not having the money to pay the bank they took the mans house, furnishings and personal cars seeing the sale of the dealership did not cover the outstanding loan. The dealership is still in the family of the banker.
  6. Fellow took in his one week old Buick Grand National for a warranty R & R on a bad engine at a Toronto dealership. When engine was being pulled mechanic dropped it damaging front end and fire wall. Mechanic jumped back knocking over the hood now needing a hood also. Car was moved to the compound to wait for body shop repair when the next day the backend was hit by the yard truck doing extensive damage. When the owners new car came in he dropped off the free loaner keys he told them it was in Montreal and had been in an accident (written off). The fellow drove off in his new Buick leaving the dealer to pay for everything but the engine that was no longer required. A good friend and club member was the GM warranty adjuster for 25 years and could wright a book of his exploits.
  7. A few years ago I would pass one every day on my way to work. The front windows were curved glass making the front almost round. Always thought about doing the same thing as you are considering with this building. I was even considering just buying the windows and doors and building a new one with the original parts I saved seeing it was a block building and pricy to move. Then one Monday morning driving into work there was only fresh dirt on the spot it sat with a for sale sign.
  8. Here is a fellow that is selling a car with a very different approach to the customers after trying to sell a car that was a family members. This tactic was used on the second day of the add being posted. The car doesn't leave the property for anything less than $15,000.00 CASH, No Checks, No Money Orders. CASH ONLY. I am going to give it one more day here, after that, I'm going elsewhere. With an attitude like this it makes you wonder if you will be ever seen again after showing up with cash. I guess he thinks people are beating down doors to buy an antique car. I have seen cars for sale for a couple of years so hopefully for his sake it sells fast or he may run out of forums to post it.
  9. Add about 10,000 on what one of our posters spent on his Packard's chrome and we are just talking prep with a wet coat of color for a seven passenger touring.
  10. A good friend is having a one off 1914 Buick restored at the present. The basic body has just been finished except for final paint. It took no wood work and it is an aluminum body so only a crack on both sides below the rear door and no metal determination. The shop did a show quality job on the body and extremely nice work not a ripple to be seen anywhere. The cost for the work was about $10,000. less than value of this car finished. Still has to do the fenders, interior, paint and not to mention the chassis. So I can see why projects are plummeting.
  11. There was also the Barny Pollard collection of unrestored cars that was also auctioned you see popping up now and again.
  12. In 20 years you will not need stacks of money to buy old stuff. Or even 10 years maybe.
  13. Mike Butters is making a base for my 1930 Cadillac and can make a base for your car if you have one to copy from. 905-372-6926
  14. The Rolls would be a different car to have but may be difficult to unload if the did not suit your taste.
  15. Theses glasses were a nice giveaway years ago and we still have some. From Pioneer Gas company that became Pioneer Energy.