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  1. An Antique Vanity Plate?

    Only thing is they are not historical plates on that car and is licensed as an every day vehicle and not as an antique. Year of manufacture or personalized plates in Ontario are priced as every day vehicles. Where the price goes from $18. for historic plates to $120. per year for year of manufacture, personalized or every day plates. Another tax grab.
  2. Hershey car show

    It just came to mind I seen this car on the Glidden last year.
  3. 1917 Haynes at Hershey

    Is this what you are looking for????? I posted this shot in the Hershey car show thread. Ray also has a couple Model A
  4. 1927 Caddy Victoria??

    As for this car I would buy it as a parts car and put it in the far corner of my barn. That is only if it is real cheap. The biggest problem is there is no wood patterns I can see in the picture. As for the Fisher Body book it is only a guide. Sorry the brutal truth as there are many many cars sitting abandoned in peoples garages that end up in an estate sale never finished.
  5. Out from long team storage

    Did someone say Newcastle. I am on the outskirt's of Newcastle. .
  6. **FOR SALE** Touring Car Top **FOR SALE**

    Any reason you could cut the sockets down two inches? Or would that interfere with the depth.
  7. What did you buy at Hershey?

    Grease alemite covers for the 1930 and a trany band for the T. Not a whole lot of parts but also tie down straps for the trailer. Oh I also got some period clothing to go with the hat I got two years ago. I was also informed about some very good news at Hershey that will include AACA members but I will keep you in suspense just a little longer until the timing is right.
  8. Prewar car values

    If you look at eBay Motors pre 1925 cars that some have been posted there for over a year now. That either they are loosing their popularity or are they overpriced at todays value. For cars between 1916 to 1930 is kind of a less desirable era so they will hurt first.
  9. Cigarette Company Car Collection in Canada

    I believe the literature went to the Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa that displays mainly autos built in Canada. They have a room filled with boxes of literature from different donations over the past 50 years or so. Only in the past year they got a grant to hire a librarian to catalog it all. If you want to know about McLaughlin Buick they have the info but it will be buried in the pile somewhere.
  10. The bus has left the building...

    Larger than a Pacific or a Hayes???
  11. Timer

    What do most people use as a timer on their model T. There is such an variety what one is the most reliable??? Must be some experienced T folks here that have an opinion on this.
  12. Tire dressing? (Do or Don'ts)

    I fully agree with that statement. But what is a nice touch is a photo album showing the restoration. Back in the 80s I was at the Hershey car corral with a friend looking at an album with the owner explaining all the work he did to restore his car. Only problem was Walter that I was with actually restored the car and this fellow was the second owner after restoration. There was a very red face when we were leaving.
  13. I came across these barn finds past spring and they are still there. The last one is an Essex boat tail speedster and one of the others is supercharged. They are actually in a barn also.
  14. Bringing a car to the states from canada

    You are lucky they did not make you have the car in fumigated. I seen a fellow have to wash farm machinery and when we were there he was going for his third time. He may have not been polite to the officers the first time. When we were headed to Pa. for the vintage tour in July we watched the occupants in a NY plated car being lead from the checkpoint cuffed and an officer drove their car away. Their was uniforms and dogs every where when this happened.