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  1. Here's a good reference. Mitch http://canadianponcho.activeboard.com/t52070477/restoring-a-60s-vintage-gm-6-way-power-seat-unit/
  2. Ken, is that a digital clock in the '73? Did you add that? I know they are in 4th gen cars, but never seen one in a boat tail (unless I never paid attention).
  3. Seen this on a GP website.
  4. autotraderclassics.com, americandreamcars.com.
  5. I bought the same NOS mirror from the Buick Farm about 200 years ago for a 68 that I had. Sold the car and never put the mirror on. I have since installed it on my 70, which to my pleasant surprise, had the holes already in the visor as Paul described. I too located them with a sewing pin. Mitch
  6. Schmiddy, I seen this car this past Friday at our local car show here in Illinois. It is really something.
  7. This thread got me thinking......back in the day, buckets were somewhat of a novelty option. Now days, I'll bet you couldn't find a new car, or truck for that matter that doesn't have buckets. Owned 3 '68 Rivs, 2 with bench and 1 with buckets. I like the look of the buckets, but like Mr. Mooney, prefer the bench with the armrest. I need something to do with my right arm.
  8. Looks like the Hot Wheels Deora.
  9. I don't have this, but was thinking about it. https://rediscoveradio.com/
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/jul/25/britain-to-ban-sale-of-all-diesel-and-petrol-cars-and-vans-from-2040
  11. Tom, funny you should mention that, I had just changed the oil a few days prior to noticing the leak (it always dripped a small amount). It was noticeably faster just after I changed the oil.
  12. Thanks everyone. It's a 70, 455, 74k. Since the leak is not bad, rather than lifting the engine I'll live with it until at least I have the engine rebuilt. Not fiscally prudent to replace the seals if it's just a minor leak. The oil level never seems to go down anyway. Funny thing is, it only drips when it's on an incline. It doesn't drip when the car is running or not when it's on a level plane. Mitch
  13. Thanks. Any reason why I would be leaking motor oil out of the notch punched in the center (white box in picture)? It is definitely motor oil and not trans fluid. It does not leak when the car is on a level surface, only on an incline. I suspect the oil pan gasket is faulty causing oil to leak into the bell housing, then exiting through the hole. (this is not my car but a stock picture I found on the internet)
  14. Contrary to "There is no thing as a stupid question", here's one.....what is this? (in the circle). More stupid questions to follow once I find out. Thanks, Mitch
  15. http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/restoration/restoration-tips/putting_the_ticktock_back_in_your_old_car_clock